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A Song for You: Book Two in the Lake Series by Chicki Brown

Breelyn Jarrett is known for being a wild child in the small town of Eufaula, Alabama. Now that she’s celebrated her thirtieth birthday, she spends her days enjoying the single life and her nights singing karaoke at clubs in nearby Dothan. Though she has a beautiful voice, she has never attempted to go further than karaoke clubs. When her best friend’s husband records her performance and sends it to a friend who works at an Atlanta record company, her life takes a turn she never could have expected.

When it comes to business, Pierce Devereaux enjoys the good life as the Chief Financial Officer of an Atlanta record company, but when it comes to life after hours, he’s tired of dating and meaningless sex. When he meets the beautiful and talented Breelyn at her contract signing, and he is mesmerized. Her freewheeling spirit and outlook on life are the complete opposite of his conservative professional image. Realizing the last thing Bree wants is a serious relationship with any man, Pierce accepts the challenge, determined to change her mind, pursuing her with the same focused intention he applies to his career.

Will Breelyn and Pierce’s attraction overcome their differences?



Agave by TruFiyah

Who decides to go vegan on Thanksgiving Day? Charlotte Bryant’s impulsive baby sister, Toni, that’s who. And true to her form, Charlotte is right by her sister’s side to support her latest fly by night decision. In the midst of frenzied holiday meal prep, and trying to be a good sibling, Charlotte is also consumed with thoughts of how to recapture the passion that once filled her now, lackluster marriage. Before her lawyer-husband Darnell started his own firm, they’d had a solid, almost storybook romance. But as Darnell sets out to prove his worth as a business owner after leaving his post as a senior partner at a prestigious firm, the energy he once put into their relationship gets overshadowed by his personal ambition. Charlotte has voiced her concerns to her husband numerous times but has only received empty promises and lots of lonely nights.
While running around a crowded grocery store on Thanksgiving morning to find vegan alternatives to their traditional holiday fare, Charlotte and Toni bump into a handsome stranger. Vincent, a gorgeous restauranteur, who just so happens to own a vegan friendly bistro uptown called Agave, overhears their conversation, and interjects to help the ladies with a few tips on how to bring Toni’s dishes to life. Both sisters are impressed with Vincent’s culinary expertise, charm and good looks, but Charlotte feels something deeper. Propelled by her intrigue and the constant rejection from her husband, Charlotte makes a solo trip to the thriving bistro and gets more than just the little lunch she bargained for. Vincent is even more charming than she first thought, and the more she stops by the stronger their attraction becomes. Charlotte is fiercely devoted to her husband but can’t deny the growing attraction she feels to Vincent, especially as Darnell continues to put her on hold. She’s tempted beyond anything she has ever felt before but can’t seem to help playing with fire. Will her good sense eventually kick in? Or will she risk everything to fill the void that her husband’s neglect has created?



Singing The Blues (The Lofton Family Series) by Toye Lawson Brown

My name is Heavenly Rae Lofton. I have money, fame, a penthouse in the sky, and a pesky stalker to add the cherry on top. Local police won’t help because of lack of evidence, so I turn to my family. Isaac sends Agent Preston Morris to handle the job; he’s efficient and by the book. The only problem is we mix like oil and water most of the time.

I’m an FBI agent, and the military trained me to handle dangerous situations. Isaac briefed me about the stalker, but did not prepare me for Ms. Lofton; she is temperamental, hardheaded, beautiful, and testing my strength. I need to find her stalker and move on before I lose every ounce of self-control I have.

Rae Lofton: He’s arrogant, bossy, and the sexiest man I’ve ever seen.

Preston Morris: She has a smart mouth, asks too many questions, and is breaking down my walls with her womanly ways.

Both: How will we work together to catch the stalker without killing each other first?





Tokyo (Brotherhood Series Book 6) by Vivian Rose Lee

Monica “Monte” Johnson knew it was a mistake to even think about Quinn “Tokyo” Valentine, let alone believe she had a chance at any kind of love connection with him.  She had too much baggage from past hurts and poor decisions that were logged deep-down in her soul. So, she had no choice but to put a stop to all the feelings that he could invoked in her with just one look.

At first sight, Tokyo knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Monte was “the one.” He could feel his heart beating her name. She had him in turmoil because she believed that she was not ready for a man like him and all of the love he promised. Tokyo had literally fought through hell and come out victorious. But it appears, love wanted him to also fight for his chosen woman. Therefore, when Monte pushes him away, will he relent, or will he pursue her with a love so strong that she has no alternative but to accept that he is the one and only man for her?



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New Release Round-Up February 19th-25th

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