The third book in this urban series was just as compelling as the first two. BriAnn honestly has this reviewer as a fan. I like the way she tells her story and forces us to follow the characters with bated breath.  It was impossible for me to leave this story without finding out how Greigh and Esmin’s relationship unfolded.  At the end of the last story, they were dealing with Griegh’s ambivalence with Esmin continuing to be in the street game.  The same issues were the focal point in the telling of their story in part three.

Greigh was pregnant at the start of this story with Esmin’s baby. The two of them were on cloud nine. The passion they shared for one another ramped up three times as much this time around. I did not think there was any way to get any steamier than before the baby. Was I ever wrong with that assertion! Lena and Amir were back to put the final touches on their story and to move into marriageville. The way this author describes both men in this story is appetizing. I have a clear vision of each man’s fineness, and the eye candy I imagine is pleasing.

A short while into the account, the drama that would surround Esmin and Greigh for much of the story took root and began to flourish.  Although Greigh loved Esmin and wanted to be a part of his life forever, something in her spirit had her pulling back to reevaluate their situation when drama nearly caused Greigh her livelihood. The street life was never appealing to Greigh; after the incident, it was downright ugly.

Later in the story when a tragic event pulled them apart, I wasn’t for sure how they would resolve the emotional wall they had built between them and encompassed each other’s heart. Esmin’s issues with his father bubbled over into his relationship between him and Greigh as well as with his mother. At one point during his sorrow, Esmin pulled away from Greigh and his family at a time when she needed him most. That problem exacerbated by his self-imposed circumstance causing their relationship to sting even more from his actions.  By the time they were able to come to an understanding and make their way back to one another, both their hearts were fools for thinking they would be able to move on without the other.  The story had many moments of strife and emotional issues. The love between the couple was evident with every breathe breathed as one body and soul.  4.5 Stars.

Review – My Heart Was A Fool: Esmin & Greigh’s Story, by BriAnn Danae

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