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Sweet Indiscretion by ShaniceXLola

Trapped in a new city, I found myself alone.

He was my home away from home—a worthy gentleman who pitched an invocation to rule my heart.



Secret Heir Seduction (Texas Cattleman’s Club: Inheritance Book 4) by Reese Ryan

Can he tell her the truth…this time?

Will he risk everything for a reunion?Will she give him the chance?

Discovering he’s a long-lost heir isn’t the only surprise awaiting Darius Taylor-Pratt in Royal, Texas. He’s next door to his ex after five long years. Darius broke off his red-hot relationship with designer Audra Covington without explanation. He still has regrets…and truths he’s hiding. Rekindling their flame may cost him…especially when new secrets surface to threaten their second shot at seduction.



The Makings of You: A Paranormal Novella by Wynta Tyme

Sometimes, the past comes back to haunt us. Sometimes, it comes back to teach us the lessons we didn’t learn the first time.

Ayana may not have been aware of her mother’s mistakes, but she was determined to create her own path and destiny. She loved being a Caster but pledging her college sorority and becoming a Professor was higher on the list. So was her first love – Pane. Pane and Ayana were high school sweethearts, and nothing could keep them apart… until one very bad accident.
Ayana received support from her mother and best friend, Danica, but that was short-lived when someone else close to her vanished.

Now, Ayana is thrust into the world of unexpected guests and they all have one item on the menu—her—until she meets the handsome and daring Hosea who will stop at nothing to help. Even if that means risking his life and going against the will of his king. Unfortunately for Ayana, Hosea isn’t who he portrays to be. 
When cerium features on his body don’t quite match the anatomy of normal humans, Ayana is left puzzled and quite curious. Hosea is hiding a terrible secret and it is one that could make or break his relationship with Ayana.

Will Ayana support his truth once she finds out… even if Hosea isn’t quite as normal as she thought?



Mutual Wishes (The Miller Sisters Book 2) by Kat Cole

After Serenity’s secret gets out, things quickly hit the fan. The drama she’s been trying to avoid comes at her full force. Dazi finds herself in a dangerous situation at the hands of Kamari’s past lover, and Faith is hit with some news that turns her world upside down.
Join these sisters as they battle with life with their men right by their side.



A Sweet Heart: A Hale Girls Novella by AshleyNicole

Showing up to a meeting late is the easiest way to get on her hit list. Insulting his masculinity is the quickest way to get on his. They both come out swinging, but get hit with something neither was anticipating: Love




Show Me Savage Love by Lex C.

At twenty-five years old, Milan Aziya Givens winds up being a powerful man’s most profitable possession. She finds herself taking a look in the mirror, missing the dreams of being an aspiring model and actress that filled the heart of the woman she used to be. Surrounded by the lavish life, she wants for nothing but…freedom. The cost of what she thought would be fame, was everything she had, including her name.

When Cairo Clark gets an unexpected call from his sister, he has to make a pivotal decision. Tasked with the responsibility of being an under the table detective by trade and a hitman by choice, he’s faced with a case that just might require his all. His intelligence, precision, perfect shot…and maybe even his heart.

There are two sides to every story. From the outside looking in, Cairo has nothing to work with but a photo of a missing woman that he can’t seem to shake, and enough evidence to assume she doesn’t want to be found. When Cairo decides to find out for himself, assumptions are assassinated, and a connection is made so strong it just might hold the power to bring the powerful man who trapped Milan to his downfall.



If It’s Meant to Be by Bre’youn

If the love was meant for you to receive and keep, let it go, and if it comes back to you then embrace it like never before. And that’s exactly what Mason Ruthers did. He and his college sweetheart, Wynter Chaney, were in the prime of their college careers as well as their relationship, before things took a turn for the worse. The one thing that Wynter never wanted to happen to she and Mason came to pass, and she was left with picking up the pieces of her broken heart. Left with so many questions that only one person could answer.

Eight years later, Valentine’s Day of all days, caused some unlikely events to happen that caused the two to be back in each other’s presence. While one person was prepared to do whatever it took to win the love of their life back, the other was still on the fence about their old flame’s newfound presence. Eight years is a long time to be without someone, especially the love of your life, but the heart can never deny what it wants.

The heart and the mind are always in a constant battle, and ultimately it’s always left up to the person to decide on which one they will listen to. The heart can never deny its true soulmate, but the mind, the mind is something that has the potential to overthink itself and keep true soul mates apart. What happens when one Valentine’s night changes the course of what happened between the couple eight years ago? It is true when they say, if it’s meant to be, let it be?



SA’ID: A Novelette (An Illicit Love Book 2) by L’ Amour Coulture

The reality of real love—passionate love—finds its way into the hearts and minds of people, differently, throughout one’s lifetime. On another note, sometimes what some may think is real love for so long, really isn’t.

In book two of SA’ID: An Illicit Love, Sa’id goes to Yalina’s aid at the hospital, after hearing the unexpected, shocking news that she had been hurt by the hands of Ubah. When Yalina confesses her love to him through sedation, with reason, Sa’id finds it challenging to reciprocate.

As the connection between Sa’id and Blythe grows stronger, he is there for her at one of her darkest hours; the two discover they are noticeably becoming each other’s peace. When Blythe mentions how Ramsey is steadily taunting her for things in the past, Sa’id calls up an old, close friend for assistance.

Life at the mansion on a hill gradually falls apart as Sa’id’s four oldest children come up with an illegitimate way to invest in their futures. Meanwhile, in the midnight hours, an unspoken and longevity of betrayal spews under the mansion’s foundation while Sa’id is away, claiming his mark with Blythe. The wheels of Yalina’s mind spins as she comes to the conclusion her husband is seeing a new woman. With the help of her sharp, quick-witted twins, Yalina’s assumptions are confirmed, as well as, her coming up with the perfect idea of revenge on Ubah.
*ATTENTION: This book contains a cliffhanger*



Love’s Sweet Kiss (Sassy Seasoned Sisters Book 1) by Sheryl Lister

Nzinga Carlyle has finally gotten her life together after her divorce and is happily single. However, the moment she sees her teen crush at her high school reunion, old feelings start to rise. Nzinga isn’t sure she’s ready to move forward, although she can’t deny the attraction between them. And after one sweet kiss, she has to decide how far she wants the relationship to go.

Byron Walker can’t believe his good fortune when he runs into the woman who stole his teenage heart. Once he realizes their chemistry is still explosive, he vows not to let Nzinga get away a second time. Circumstances forced them apart over thirty years ago, but Byron intends to show her they were always meant to be.



The Perfect Sin: The Selfish Heart (The Heartbreak Diaries Book 4) by The Blakk Dahlia

The Selfish Heart… Forbidden Love Will Cost You!

Jennifer’s life was on the brink of gaining full control in all areas until a series of losses, (job, livelihood, love, independence) threw her into a downward spiral. Climbing her way back up, she meets “him”. Darren appears to have his eye on career and family only, but Jennifer wants his focus on her. It was innocent in the beginning, but a sinister force draws her to a man that is not available. He doesn’t resist, equally giving into the force, slowly pulling them into a love that was not supposed to happen.

She helps him to realize what he’s been missing. And that’s simply living life. They have no intention of hurting anyone, but it feels too good to let go. Going back and forth about right and wrong, Jennifer soon falls into self-centered ways rationalizing Darren’s affection and love (the sin) as deserving. Pursuing it causes them to break the heart of an innocent bystander, Darren’s wife. The sin comes with a high cost as a result of the broken pieces. Is Jennifer willing to pay?

The Perfect Sin is a first-hand account of a young woman falling for a lover who belongs to another woman. In this tale, The Blakk Dahlia explores an unpopular concept of infidelity, forbidden love, and the destruction that may come.



Whatever, Whenever (Power Sisters Series Book 1) by Virgo Girl


Rashida Powers is newly single and not ready to mingle, or so she thinks. After finding out her husband of twelve years has been leading a double life, she’s over love and definitely over relationships. She’s focusing on adjusting to her new life and raising her ten-year-old son, whom she adores. But…will a chance meeting with her handsome new neighbor make her reconsider? Will she give love another try? Or has the experience with her philandering ex-husband ruined any chances of her trusting again?


Bryce Walker Jr had his heartbroken years ago and has yet to fully recover. Raising his daughter, who is the love of his life, alone, hasn’t been easy, but it’s been the most fulfilling experience in his thirty years on earth. Dating has been a struggle for this single father and he’s almost given up on the idea of ever having a successful relationship. But being the gentleman that he is, his offer the help his jaw droppingly beautiful new neighbor could be the start of something new, if he doesn’t sabotage it before it can happen.

Take the journey with Rashida and Bryce and find out if these two unlucky in love souls unite or crash and burn.



Cupid’s Quest by Amber Monroe

Amberina “Rina” McCoy is going through her adulting phase, and at twenty-five years old, she decides to take control of her life finally and live. Every year that passes, she hopes things will be different and want to accomplish as much as possible. Now don’t get her wrong; she knows that everything takes time. However, she’s tired of using time and money as her excuse as to why she’s still in the same place. She wants something different, new, and exciting to awaken her, but doesn’t want it to be love. For the past seven years, she’s been single and figured her Mr.Right would come whenever he’s ready. However, she’s not looking for him because she’s so “anti-love.” She has no problem telling people she’s anti-love, but her friends find that hard to believe. Her best friend, Saber, is hoping that her new dating app will be the hope that Rina needs to believe in love again. The problem is, although Rina is interested in getting back on the dating scene, she wants to put her career first. It wasn’t until a newly single, Alexander Nash comes into her job and ignites something in Rina she has been avoiding for a long time.

Alexander “Alex” Nash knows he can pull any woman he wants, but he has always been a monogamous kind of guy. After being married before, he’s not interested in jumping back into a relationship so soon. Alex would rather casually date and hook-up until he’s ready to give love another chance. He and Rina develop a friendship after stepping into the bar she works at, and nearly two years later, he considers himself her regular. Alex finds Rina attractive but keeps things platonic. He doesn’t feel like he’s the man she needs in her life because of the trust issues he developed in his past relationship. Is it possible for these two to overcome their fears of being in love and end up being everything they need for each other? Or is it meant for them to be friends and possibly repair each other for someone else? Find out in this short love story, called Cupid’s Quest!



Lessons in Passion (Bantu Academy Series Book 2) by D. Camille

Two stories…One book…

A Lesson in Desire
Tariq Wilson has a new position as Program Manager at the Bantu Academy. With a new job and outlook, the King is on a mission to add a goddess to his life. However, his chosen goddess is not quite with the plan, so he has to prove to her that he’s the only man who can provide everything that she desires…

A Lesson in Devotion
Malik Thompson has been chasing Khai Sawyer for a while, and just when he’s ready to give up the game, Khai needs his assistance for a program she’s running at the Bantu Academy. And being in the presence of Khai’s ethereal essence again, Malik soon learns that you can never give up on love and devotion…



The Aftermath (The Escape Trilogy Book 3) by Tiye Love

Fantasy has finally become reality for Skye Baptiste, a corporate trainer from New Orleans. Jordan Mathews, the hot superstar actor, with whom she had a passionate affair, is now committed to a relationship with her. When Jordan wants her to move with him to Los Angeles, Skye couldn’t be happier. Until she is thrust into the spotlight, because of his scorned ex, a popular actress determined to get him back. As Skye grapples with what it means to be Jordan’s woman, trust issues and insecurities threaten their happily ever after. In so doing, she discovers self-truths, that endings aren’t always neat, and that true love is always worth the risk.

Can be read as a standalone or the third and final story of The Escape Trilogy.

Jordan walked up behind me and placed his arms around my waist. He loved to embrace me like this. I could be washing my face, brushing my teeth, cooking, walking, talking on phone, or simply standing and he would approach me from behind, wrap his arms around my waist, and hug me to him. When he was horny, he would place both hands on my breasts, Janet Jackson style, as he held me. I would feel instantly loved by him no matter what was happening between us whenever he did. Now, he watched me through the mirror, his strong arms encircled tight around me. “You take my breath away. How did I ever get so lucky to find you? Don’t ever leave me.”
I leaned into him. “Are you kidding me? I’m the lucky one. Don’t ever leave me.”
He replied, “Then it’s simple. We’ll never leave each other.”
We both smiled and looked at each other through the mirror. Maybe we should have directly said it to each other instead of through our reflections…



Longing for Your Love: A Novella by Bree Wright

Approaching thirty, Kelsey’s life is on a timer. She has accomplished some goals, except for marriage and having kids of her own. Even with numerous dating apps and blind dates, Kelsey can’t seem to find the right one. With time ticking away, Kelsey needs help to beat the clock.

LaToya Jr., also known as TJ, is missing out on love. Her commitment issues from her past have shaped the way she deals with love. Fear of commitment is holding her back from allowing the only man who has ever loved her to love her the right way. TJ knows that if she doesn’t get her act together, she will end up missing out on the only true commitment she has experienced in her life.

Porsha has always been satisfied with her relationship. She always keeps positive energy around her to avoid any bad energy resurfacing back into her life. When a dark memory resurfaces and a shift in her relationship transpires, can Porsha walk away with her sanity? Or will she lose it all?

Alex was the life of the party. Her personality attracted many men and made them fall for her. But Alex was no sap. No one could imagine her being crazy in love, until she meets someone that sweeps her off her feet.

Kelsey, TJ, Porsha, and Alex are a group of best friends that are figuring out love. Porsha suggests that the group take a couples’ trip and things get crazy for the four friends. In the end, will they walk away with love or will they find themselves still longing for love?



Then There Was You (Precious Moments Book 3) by Candace Shaw

She promised herself not to give into temptation but some promises were meant to be broken.

Brooklyn Vincent is burned out from dealing with annoying bridezillas, bridal parties, and other celebratory occasions. As the head photographer of Precious Moments Events, she’s ready to branch out after helping her friends achieve their dreams but has yet to fulfill her own. When the irresistible Chase Arrington reappears in her life, she decides starting a new relationship at the moment wouldn’t be wise considering she’s at a crossroads. However, one night together turns into more.

After a year sabbatical, Chase is ready to take over his family’s Memphis law firm, but a detour to St. Simons Island has him falling for the beautiful woman he’s always adored from afar. While he understands Brooklyn’s fears of starting a new relationship, at the same time he knows they are meant to be ever since their eyes met. Can he convince her home is truly where the heart is?



My Cherie a’Moore (All That & Moore Book 8) by Celeste Granger

She was somewhat of a free spirit, yet, she felt rightly guided to his.

Trinity Moore, burgeoning entrepreneur and youngest of the Moore sisters, does what she will. Whether business or pleasure, Trinity does it on her own terms, unapologetically.

But he touched her in a way Trinity couldn’t deny; assuaging unknown pains and awakening a transcendental energy that spoke to her soul. She realized she wanted more of that touch. Esau Knight was right there to fulfill her every desire.

All books in the All That & Moore series are standalone connected in a series with HEA’s.



Jaded By Love by Mari .jW

What happens when a woman is fed up?
When a woman is tired of her love being taken advantage of?
When the betrayal and hurt turns to resentment?

Like most women, Jade invested all that she had to give into Zion.
Only to be left with nothing in return. Aside from a broken heart and a few war wounds.
Fed up with the double standards, the other women, and the disrespect, Jade has decided that it is time to call it quits.

But is it ever that easy to walk away from love?



A Cowboy to Remember (Cowboys of California Book 1) by Rebekah Weatherspoon

In this brand-new series from award-winning author Rebekah Weatherspoon, a charming cowboy and his sleeping beauty find their modern-day happily ever after . . .
With a headline spot on a hit morning show and truly mouth-watering culinary skills, chef Evie Buchanan is perched on the edge of stardom. But at an industry party, a fall lands Evie in the hospital—with no memory of who she is. Scrambling to help, Evie’s assistant contacts the only “family” Evie has left, close friends who run the luxury dude ranch in California where Evie grew up. Evie has no recollection of them—until former rodeo champion Zach Pleasant walks into her hospital room, and she realizes his handsome face has been haunting her dreams . . .

Zach hasn’t seen Evie in years—not since their families conducted a campaign to make sure their childhood friendship never turned into anything more. When the young cowboy refused to admit the feelings between them were real, Evie left California, making it clear she never wanted to see Zach again. Now he refuses to make the same mistake twice. Starting fresh is a risk when they have a history she can’t recall, but Zach can’t bear to let go of her now. Can he awaken the sleeping beauty inside her who might still love him?



Forbidden Promises (Jackson Falls) by Synithia Williams

What do you do when you want the one person you can never have?

Get in and get out. That was India Robidoux’s plan for this family visit. But when her brother needs her help with his high-profile political campaign, India has no choice but to stay and face the one man she’s been running from for years—Travis, her sister’s ex-husband. One hot summer night when Travis was still free, they celebrated her birthday with whiskey and an unforgettable kiss. The memory is as strong as ever—and so are the feelings she’s tried so hard to forget.

Travis Strickland owes everything to the Robidoux family. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for them—his divorce could never change that. Still, he has one regret. Impulsive and passionate, India always understood him better than anyone else. And the longer they work together on the campaign, the more torn he is. Coming between her and her sister is out of the question. But how can he let love pass him by a second time?



How to Love Me by Tina Martin

I’m a woman who thought I had it all – the renaissance man, a career I’m passionate about and a loving home. But rumors have distanced me from the man who said he’d love me forever.

He says they’re lies.

My intuition tells me they’re not although my heart wants me to believe otherwise. I struggle in this regard because I’ve noticed the change in him. He’s not the same man who said ‘I do’ and therefore I’m leaning toward ‘I don’t’. In life, you can’t predict how anything will turn out. Love is that way, too – a mystery – and sometimes, the person you thought you’d spend forever with is not the person you married.


Her Goon, His Eden by Aubree Pynn

Zola is a rebellious soul filled to the brim with sheer determination to make it. After she defies the path that her father wants her to take, she ends up at Paradise, a strip club in the heart of New York City. Paradise fuels the city and is bound to tempt her until she breaks.
Rich is a ruthless ruler running New York and has no plans of stopping. With his father ready to step down, Rich is trying to secure all the resources he can while weeding out the weak links in his team.
After what appears to be an accidental moment between Zola and Rich, she becomes a marked woman. Rich willing becomes a man captivated with her. With Rich reacting on impulse, Zola is trying to navigate through life and keep Rich at bay. But can budding feelings and an offer of a lifetime finally put them exactly where they’re fated to be?
Find out in Her Goon, His Eden.



Wasn’t I Good Enough? by Niyah Moore

“The worst feeling in the world is knowing you did the best you could, and it still wasn’t good enough.”

Silas Ali, Mecahd Williams, and Sergiano Pierre are young, sexy, and have ambitions of living their lives to the fullest. Their love lives are in disarray as heartbreak and drama plague them.

Silas discovers his girlfriend is married with a child. Heartbroken, he vows to never love again until he meets Stace. Stace has a reputation for sleeping around, but it doesn’t matter until he finds out she’s sleeping with someone in his circle.

Mecahd’s relationship with his long-time college girlfriend, Tanya, is under pressure because she wants to get married, but he’s not ready yet. Suddenly, her ex-boyfriend comes into town and shakes up everything.

Sergiano is a rich single father who never thought he could find true love, that is until an older curvy stewardess named Honey takes him on a wild ride that has him re-thinking being a player anymore.



Because I Love You by Avalon Scott

Torren fell in love with Azari at a young age and thought they were going to be together forever. That was until he left her in the middle of the night, taking his heart with her. After that, Torren refused to move on with her life, holding on to the love the two of them once shared.

Azari loved Torren, but even that couldn’t make him stay. Dealing with a complicated family, he could have any attachments, any distractions, and that’s what Torren is in his life. However, when fate brings the two of them back together it isn’t the happy reunion that either is expecting.

Azari isn’t the same person he once was and Torren has a secret that could be detrimental to their relationship. Can the two move past their issues and have a successful relationship? Or, are the wounds too deep for them to heal?



All to Myself: Love, Power, and Respect by Aubree Pynn

“Blessed be the Lord that teaches my hands to war and my fingers to fight.”
I’m riding – that’s the promise Nina Jefferson made to Shaun that she will never regret. Not taking this promise lightly, Nina has broken down every door associated with him to let everyone know that she is in charge. While taking over the business, she experiences hurdles and an unexpected surprise that changes the course of everything.
While Shaun is away, his biggest worry is Nina’s safety. Doing everything in his power to refuse Nina from taking over the business, he realizes there is no way to stop her. Instead, Shaun beckons the help of Raheem and his lawyers to get him out, somehow, someway. That is the only way he can protect his family.
What Shaun doesn’t know is that he has a ram in the bush. But will it show up too late or right on time? Find out in All to Myself: Love, Power, and Respect.
Please note: This is book two for All to Myself: An Urban Romance Novella



Twisted Intentions by B.M. Hardin

We all want something. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get it?
Ms. Merci Miller is.
And after surviving her worst nightmare, finally, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.
She sees something she isn’t supposed to see; a crime. But she finds a way to use pain to her advantage this time.
Her intentions are pure. And just a little bit twisted. And for a while, things are just as sweet as forehead kisses.
And then, suddenly, Merci is reminded of her past, and forced to face her biggest fear.
“He’s back, Merci. Your worst nightmare is here.”
But the man who hurt her is supposed to be dead.
Or is it all in Merci’s head?



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New Release Round-Up February 24th-March 1st

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