Alright friends, I have some January, February reviews I think you will enjoy…

Loving Sydnee Jones by A.C. Taylor – Everyone knows how much I enjoy sweet titles, and Loving Sydnee Jones was the whole kit and kaboodle. In the story, Sydnee Jones met her soulmate when they were young. Troy caught Sydnee listening to old school fabulous music and was smitten instantly. They bonded with the music, and the multi-layers of love exploded from there. The backstories with Troy’s Gram G, Laith, Dani, and Melody added so many dimensions to this marvelous story. 4.5 Stars.

Annabelle and Lee by Danielle Allen – Who would imagine a classic Poe poem would magically turn into this amazing story? In the poem, the same as this novel, Annabelle and Lee were childhood friends smitten by young love. Their parents did not think they should throw their lives away at a young age, thinking about love when they had their full lives to live. That was not what Lee and Annabelle wanted, and much to their dismay, their relationship went south with a little help from outside sources. Years later, the best thing happened. A beautiful contemporary romance. 5.0 Stars.

Just Wanna Mean the Most to You by Grey Huffington – Author Grey does it again with a fantastic short story with a lot of zings. 4.5 Stars

My Heart is Your Secret by Chelsea Maria –  I will admit, I was not expecting the story to take the direction this one did. The author’s way of describing some of her beliefs about some subjects had me shaking my head and chiming amen. I highly recommend this love story; it was a worthy read. 4.5 Stars.

A Kiss at Midnight by J. Nichole – The story was a beautiful sweet tale about a leading lady who’d spent many holidays without a date, until the night she had a kiss at midnight that would change the next events and the course of the season. 4.8 Stars.

I Didn’t Mean to Fall in Love by AshleyNicole – Wow! This author has been on a roll over the past few months with some great offerings. The title was my first must-read turn on, and the story fulfilled the need for a good romance story. The couple’s relationship was perfect for fuzzy socks and sips of your beverage choice, while book binging.  5.0 Stars

When’s the Last Time? By Monica Walters – Readers, this author is amassing a collection of marvelous stories about some of the most exciting characters I’ve read in a while. In this story, the author introduced another strong couple in strife for a short while, and then they made a transition to blissdom. 4.8 Stars.

Teach Me by Alexandria House – A student and teacher relationship is an excellent theme many authors have previously undertaken. The difference in the way this story flowed gave off an air of freshness and had me wanting to find sexy Mr. G., my college professor, to say hello. Before you get all politically correct, yes, they were consenting adults, and yes, the chemistry was razor-sharpened by their desire and utter splendor every chance they came together. The author keeps delivering hit after hit.  5.0 stars.  

Just Another Senful Holiday (A Senful Holiday Book 3) by BriAnn Danae – Sen and the crew made an appearance in their crazy as sin style tale. The crew had another trial to go through once again, but the resilient family always comes out on top. Another revisit was a good thing. 4.0 Stars

Nobody But You by Skye Moon & Bella Jay – The wedding and a fiasco is the best way to describe this story. The rendition moved at a nice pace and kept me connected to the plot as the authors were yelling at the top of their lungs, “this story is doper than dope.” The story was a page-turner and will have you hooked from the first few pages. Although the story ends with a conclusion to follow, it was so good, I will be back for the ending to see how Eric and Ivy fair in the end. 5.0 Stars

The Promise of a Kiss by Synithia Williams – I liked the premise of this couple being in a relationship, because I hoped it would happen. They seemed to fit like a perfect pair. Both Dominic and Jeanette provided private investigation services for a lot of high-profile clients. They occasionally worked more robust cases together. When a senatorial candidate hired Dominic to find a person of interest, Dominic enlisted the help of fellow PI and his secret crush to help him crack the case. The dialogue in the tale was humorous and the pacing for the scenes was great. You will enjoy this one. 4.5 Stars.

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