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Check out these new releases from February 26th-March 3rd.

Accidental Vows (The Accidental Series Book 4) by Tina Martin

Donovan Sharper takes a five-day cruise, seeking solace from a shattered heart. He wants to let his guard down and enjoy himself – something he hadn’t done in quite some time hoping it will be the new start he desires.

Kamila Jenkins didn’t want to vacation. She preferred working, but her best friend convinced her to go on a cruise to get over her cheating ex-boyfriend. Kamila wasn’t expecting to meet anyone but she soon meets Donovan. The two have a rocky first encounter, but will this five-day cruise end up being the makings of what could be a love match?


Still Made For You by Kami

The Grahams are BACK!

Ciyani & Justice are ready to tie the knot and what better way to celebrate than with the whole family. Nobody said love was easy, but when it’s with the right one, it feels as if that person has been perfectly crafted just for you.

Through trials and tribulations, this family has proven that love truly does conquer all. New love blossoms and old love is reignited in this finale installment. When love is real, it has the power to change everything in its path.

“Everything in my life begins and ends with you. You are God’s promise personified and I’ll spend my life thanking Him for sending you to me.”



A Promising Remedy (Love’s Infusion Book 1) by Mya

He was fire, and she was ice. 
He was the coffee shop barista, and she was the neonatal surgeon. 
He knew the moment he laid eyes on her she was the one he wanted to spend forever with. She, on the other hand, wasn’t so sure he was her forever. 

Promise Price mapped out her entire life. She graduated high school at fifteen, graduated college at eighteen, and graduated medical school at twenty-two. She was an overachiever and wanted to be the best surgeon in the state of Texas. The only thing she cared about was her career… Until she met him. 

Nathan Bowers was as cool as a cucumber. He was the middle child of three boys and always went with the flow. He didn’t expect anything from anyone because it saved him the disappointment of being let down. 

When the two meet, coffee isn’t the only thing hot between them. Sparks fly and emotions run rampant as they navigate through life with seemingly nothing in common. Will their opposites attract to create a beautiful connection, or will their sweet romance run stale?


Crowned Maddens: Prelude (The Dark Trinity) by Sherelle Green

Every family has secrets. Even the families you least expect. Years ago, the leaders of two prominent families agreed on a treaty that would cloak the forbidden shadows of desire with darkness, hiding a romance that was never supposed to happen. An ultimate betrayal momentarily broke the organization apart. Now, the group has reformed with new rules, new values, and new ruthless ways of silencing their enemies.

In a world where decadence and decay merge seamlessly, the Crownes and Maddens must deal with the consequences of their illicit liaison as dark secrets and evil forces converge, threatening to unravel the fragile threads of their new reign over society. As the clock ticks towards an inevitable reckoning, some will succumb to the shadows that bind them, while others battle the treacherous path between desire and damnation.

Although it’s not necessary to read my To Marry a Madden and/or Crowne Legacy series first, if you have read those stories and couldn’t get enough, this prelude into The Dark Trinity series sets up the stage and brings you deeper into that world as the next chapter begins to unfold.


Charlene’s Consortium : The Lies Series by Mariah Kingsley

I followed the rules to the letter since I was in elementary school, going to the best schools, and making the right connections. But the one person I want to spend the rest of my life with is all wrong on paper; however, she is perfect for me. Charlene’s past as an exotic dancer causes concern for my political career, but standing by her side is all I have ever wanted.

I haven’t had an interest in love, but the business of marriage is just that – a business. And I understand business better than most. Taking my talents to the stripper pole and becoming one of the richest women in the country, I haven’t had the softness of love in my life. From childhood, everything I learned about love taught me I didn’t want it. But Chancellor was a friend with a plan, and that plan was marrying me and becoming President. I have never seen myself as the marrying type, but the thought of being the first lady would change anyone’s mind.

Love is a tricky business, and politics is a beast of its own, but add in the pressures of a mysterious government agency, and life and death are in the balance.


Until I Found You by Shanel

Love doesn’t care when it comes or who it latches onto. For Roman, it snatched his heart away the first time he laid eyes on Kelly. Although he knew what he wanted, playing it safe seemed like the best thing to do until it wasn’t.

While Kelly has her reservations about becoming involved with someone she works so closely with, there is just something about Roman that she cannot deny.

But it isn’t just work that makes things complicated. How will two people navigate something that they cannot control and find their way to happiness?


A Justified Hall Pass by Denise Essex

Brielle “Bree” Thomas is a phenomenal product marketing guru. She is a selfless woman who gives more than she receives. Her husband hasn’t made love to her in over a year. Although her best friend thinks it’s spousal abuse, Bree believes if she prays and is loyal in her marriage, things will turn around in her favor.

Walter “Walt” Simmons is a captivating nonconformist. He has very little faith in marriage, religion, or school. He utilizes his popular blog to vent his frustrations which earns him additional revenue on top of his already lucrative position as an advertising executive where he works alongside Bree, his good friend since college. Walt dates, but becomes bored when they nag him about marriage.

When Walt overhears Bree saying she hasn’t had sex in fourteen months, he suggests that she indulge in a Hall Pass. Bree initially dismisses the idea because of her strong Christian background. What happens when Bree gets fed up with her husband’s unresponsiveness to her? How will Walt deal with his newfound attraction to Bree and her consideration of the Hall Pass? Will he make his intentions known? Or will he get stuck on the sidelines while Bree indulges in a weekend of guilt-free pleasure with someone other than her husband?


Heaven Sent: A Marriage of Convenience Romance by Shon

Heaven St. Claire
Heaven’s life is starting (again) at twenty-five. Within a span of six months, she’s lost the two people who mean the most to her, which means she’s left to navigate the world on her own. Something she’s never had to do. A chance encounter leads to a proposition she didn’t see coming, but maybe it’s exactly what she needs. 

Nicolai Wyatt
Nicolai is thirty and has it all. Except the thing he’s craved his entire life. Nothing has turned out the way he predicted. No one can see or begin to understand the loneliness that runs bone deep. He’s never known what it was like to navigate the world with the right one by his side. Until a chance encounter leads to an impulsive proposition. He never expects her to agree, but maybe she’s exactly what he needs.


You’re All I Ever Needed (Holiday Series 2) by Aja Cornish

Valentine’s Day may be reserved for lovers, but for Reno and Tamesia, love is a perpetual affair. Theirs is not just a love story; where every day is an opportunity to demonstrate their unwavering affection. As a couple seasoned by time, their love radiates so intensely that it leaves an indelible mark on all who encounter them. Love as a verb, demanding constant acts of devotion. Reno and Tamesia embark on a journey brimming with surprises, expressing their boundless love. So grab a glass of wine, a few chocolates, and your favorite blanket, and delve into a short love story that will undeniably fill your heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day !!!!


Tainted Emotions by Malay Reneé

Gavin Winston has spent the vast part of her twenties being everything to everyone. From being supermom to being the perfect wife, she spends her time nurturing the family she has created. When she accepts a new job at King Capital Advisors, she gets more than she anticipates. With her now having a life outside her housewife role, she falls in love with the idea of moving freely. Her life is in for a heated change when she catches the eye of the company’s CEO in training— Syair King.

Syair is next in line for his father’s place as the company’s CEO. He’s been trained for this exact moment for as long as he can remember. So there’s no surprise in him following his father’s footsteps with work, but with extra activities as well… Activities like occasionally screwing his secretary. But she becomes a thing of the past when Syair’s innocent fascination with Gavin wins him a few minutes of her time.

As a little game of flirting becomes a chance for someone to play get-back, these two unlock a level they won’t be able to come back from. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, but who wins in a web of lies and deceit?


He’s My Next Mistake by Jahquel J.

Imagine matching on a dating app with the guy of your dreams.
Tall – check.
Handsome – check.
Career driven – check.
Financially responsible – check check.
And he happens to have moved to your city.

That’s what happens when Jru Ambers matches with Cre Tims. They both know they’re the perfect match on paper, but both of them are far too busy to see if the connection is real in person.
That is until they both end up on the same flight at the exact same time, going on vacation.


Finesse Season by Rosè Dior

What happens when you encounter someone who pushes your buttons so right, to the point of distraction? Pure Waters never thought she’d be in the position to answer that since her quest in fulfilling her father’s wishes on a dream deferred, has her finessing the rich and gullible into achieving her goals by any means necessary. The beauty with the art of the finesse has money to get, men to prey on, and a goal to reach. However, she only has a small window of opportunity to beat the shot clock or lose her father’s business forever.

Saleem St. James knows what he wants and gets it by any means. Finally breaking free of his father’s stronghold, he’s now obtained his own company and has big plans of becoming the number one contractor in the country.

What happens when these two cross paths isn’t your average boy meets girl and falls in love—the alchemy between these opposites seems to never attract. Both ambitious in their pursuits to fulfill their dreams, has them colliding at every turn. Will these two go from enemies to lovers? Or will the insatiable taste to out-finesse the other leave them in a topsy-turvy whirlwind that could either be beautiful or a beautiful disaster?


The Soul of a Cupid by Blake Moore

Step into the heart of Atlanta, where love’s a business and Emery Emmanuel’s the boss. She’s got the gift for pairing hearts but keeps her own locked tight.

Then there’s Zohn Alexander, rebel son turned family lawyer. But there’s more to him than meets the eye—he’s a cupid with doubts about the duty he was born to uphold.

When fate throws them together, sparks fly. But can they handle the heat? Secrets, passion, and a dash of deception spice up their affair, bringing them together as much as it tries to break them apart.

Will love win or lose when Cupid’s arrow finally strikes this couple? Join Emery and Zohn on a rollercoaster ride through Atlanta’s secret supernatural scene, where forbidden love, magic, overprotective big brothers, and cheating fathers tests them to their core. Can they beat the odds and find their happy ending?


Love Redeemed by T. Whyte

Ruby has experienced a life full of trials and tribulations. With heartbreak on her heels she’s bracing for life anew. But with every step forward there’s two steps back.

Beaux is charming, wealthy and overall a good man. A man that Ruby wasn’t looking for. As God will have it he’s the one she’ll need to see her through. When everything is lost, love is redeemed.


Let Go by Rose Walker

Joshua Walker is falling hard. The one woman who steals his heart is the woman he claims for years he cannot stand. He and Alexandra Cunningham always make it clear that they dislike each other. Alexandra feels he is too much of a player who does not care about anything but his business. Whereas Joshua thinks Alexandra is too stuck up and a control freak. That all changes when they have a one-night stand. They hook up when Tamara Walker-St. John, Alexandra’s best friend and Joshua’s sister, is going through drama with her now husband, Michael St. John, II. They sleep together that one time, and no matter how many times their paths cross, they never sleep with each other again. His interactions with Alexandra while going through the family drama are as if they are a couple. But what he does at his sister’s wedding shows Alexandra they will never have a future together.

Now, months after the wedding, Joshua realizes she is the one and tries to win her back. Alexandra does not want anything to do with him, and at a family function, she tells him it will be a cold day in hell before she is with him again.

When Joshua has a family crisis, Alexandra sticks by his side, and he thinks they are back on track. Tamara’s comment while at dinner makes Alexandra panic because she feels he is just using her, and she does what her two best friends, Tamara and Dianna Wright-Thomas, do. She disappears.

Joshua’s life falls apart after Alexandra disappears, and his business slips away from him. Joshua faces losing everything, and Alexandra has something happen to her that no one expects. The families must reunite again to save Joshua and Alexandra. But can they save him from losing his business and help him win over the one woman he loves?


Anchored: A Tale of Broken Souls by Crystal Collier

Brave McFarley, a strong-willed woman with a heart full of dreams, finds her life turned upside down when she discovers her father’s health is declining. Returning to her hometown in Miami to support her family, she’s faced with a past she left behind, including her ex, James, whose reemergence threatens to unearth buried secrets.

Amid the turmoil, Brave encounters Piston Hart, a successful entrepreneur who runs a medical supply company. Their paths unexpectedly cross, igniting a connection that challenges Brave’s guarded heart. Piston’s persistence and thoughtful gestures begin to chip away at her walls, making her reconsider her fears of commitment and love.

As Brave navigates her family’s challenges and confronts her own emotional barriers, she discovers the true meaning of resilience and the power of opening her heart to new possibilities. With the support of her friends and the growing affection from Piston, Brave learns that being anchored doesn’t mean being tied down but finding strength in someone who helps you weather life’s storms.


Office Whispers: African American Urban Romance (Cleveland Hearts) by Jazmyne Jackson

Can a Single Mother Find Love with the Office Player…

…Who’s also a Secret Billionaire?

In Cleveland, a single mother working as an office cleaner gets swept up in a forbidden romance with the wealthy CEO concealing his true identity. Meet Keisha, struggling to provide for her daughter, and Darnell, the powerful but jaded executive who is known as the office playboy with a past.

Though from opposite worlds, their undeniable chemistry leads to stolen moments and a steamy office affair. As rumors spread through the grapevine, Keisha and Darnell’s budding relationship is threatened from all sides.

Past heartbreaks make them guarded, but their passions can’t be contained. When Darnell’s secrets are finally revealed, Keisha must decide if their unconventional office love can survive the spotlight.

With magnetic characters and forbidden desire, Office Whispers is a steamy contemporary romance that asks how far we’ll go to find connection. Can an unlikely office romance flourish or will reality get in the way?

Office Whispers is a contemporary romantic tale that will have your heart beating and body moving to the finale. With captivating characters and a look at life in Cleveland, this exhilarating novel by author Jasmyne Jackson is guaranteed to have you hooked from page one to the end.


Forsaking All Others: Addan & Nicole by Darrell and Nakesha White

After years of turmoil in their previous relationships, Addan and Nicole find new hope in each other. But the moment they say, “I do,” life begins to crumble before their eyes.

Addan’s ex-wife suddenly strips away his children, while Nicole’s abusive ex boyfriend begins tormenting her. As the newlyweds work to heal old wounds, new challenges emerge—and they seem to be coming from all directions.

Addan and Nicole find themselves fighting to protect the love and stability they found in each other. But as ghosts from the past resurface, will they surrender to bitterness, or find strength through forgiveness?


Brothers Unholy (A Deadly Brothers Paranormal Romance Book 1) by Author Nastee

Syncere(Syn), Tyrian(Tyrant), and Malicio(Malice) are brothers who escaped slavery in the 1700’s. Determined to steer clear of trouble, they lived in the woods, tending to only one another, until Syncere stumbled upon what he thought was a holy miracle—a man by the name of Jasper Rich…

Jasper promised Syncere a new life, vengeance upon those who kept him and his brothers prisoner, and a life that he could not have imagined.

He only wanted one thing in return—their souls.

They traded their souls for unholy powers, and when angered, they loosed their wicked nature upon the earth. For centuries, they’ve wrought justice upon the unjustly, until Syncere was stabbed in the heart, rendering him powerless.

His brothers buried him, hoping that with enough rest, his immortal soul would repair itself. 100 years later, Syncere has returned because someone woke him from his slumber, and he’s desperate to find the woman who would disturb his grave and wake him with her blood.

He will not rest until he rids himself of the incessant thoughts of his savioress, but what will a modern woman who knows about his secret thing?

Amionette was running for her life when she stumbled upon Syncere’s grave. She took a tumble, and bled nearly to death in the cemetery until a mysterious stranger saves her life, giving her a second chance. Amionette is carrying a secret, that she hoped to quite literally take with her to her grave, and if she isn’t careful, she’ll be 6 feet under ground before her time. While Amionette runs from one threat, she faces the truth of another.

Amionette is caught between life and death, and she has no idea where her path will lead. But, if it’s up to Syncere, he will have her, claim her, and even drain her…

Brothers Unholy is the 1st book in the Deadly Brothers Paranormal Romance book series.


Letting Go (Small Town Charm Book 1)  by Nycole S. Bailey

“Sometimes the hardest part isn’t letting go, but rather learning to start over.” 
-Nicole Sobon

Five years after the sudden loss of her husband, Elizabeth ‘Eli’ Brown-Pylon found herself in perpetual mourning. When the memories of their time together seemed to haunt every corner of their once-shared home, Eli decided she needed a fresh start. Leaving behind the familiarity of her old town, she settled in Madison, Arkansas with hopes of finding comfort and perhaps a glimpse of happiness once again.

As she settled into her new life in Madison, Eli befriended her neighbor Jackson James. Despite her initial reluctance about the possibility of love again, Eli found herself drawn to Jackson in ways she never thought possible. Could she reconcile the guilt she felt about moving on and allow herself to be happy again?


Hopeless Obsession by T.K. Walker

Autumn Pete didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in her mouth. She had to struggle for everything she wanted in life. So why would love be any different? Growing up without her father has left her with serious daddy issues, and has led her directly into the arms of the wrong men. She didn’t know she was looking for love when she began to fall hard for her unhappily married friend, Landon. When she finally opens up and tells him how she feels, he is not as receptive as she’d hoped he’d be, and it nearly costs her everything.

Landon Mitchell’s marriage of nearly twenty years is all but over. He finds that it’s hard for him to let go of something so familiar. He loves all the attention that he’s getting from Autumn, but he has a secret; He is a confused man struggling to remain straight. When a new man enters the picture, he is forced to choose between his wife, his friend, or his potential new lover. But will it cost him his friendship? Will his marriage survive? Or will he finally live his life as a gay man?

Trevor McCoy, also known as Tre, is newly single and ready to mingle. When he accepts a new management position, he thinks he’s finally escaped all the drama of his past. But he’ll soon learn, some things you just can’t run from.
In a desperate ploy for Landon’s attention, Autumn agrees to have a threesome when she learns a tough lesson on something that she’d been taught all her life; Be careful what you wish for.

When the three worlds collide, lies will be told, promises will be broken, bullets will fly and friendships will be tested. When the smoke clears, only the strong will survive.

Brace yourself. This jaw-dropping, page-turning, twisted love triangle will leave you emotionally drained and your world spinning on its axis.


Love’s Redemption by ShaRhonda L. Sharp

Noelle Morgan is a young woman, who, after divorcing her high school sweetheart, rebranded herself as a fierce entrepreneur in the face of opposition and uncertainty. Having been betrayed and blindsided by infidelity, she was determined to regain control of her life by returning to her roots in Houston and starting over from scratch. Now with a thriving career in the beauty industry, and glowing in self-rediscovery, she’s fully open to the possibility of giving romance another chance…and one sexy firefighter is more than happy to stoke all her flames of desire…

Jackson Howard chose to become a firefighter because he always had a strong desire to help people in need…to save them. Little did he know that the day he walked into a particular hair salon, he’d find the one person who was meant to save him. Jackson had never been so instantly drawn to someone before, but the very second he laid eyes on Noelle Morgan, his soul would not rest. It burned for her… 

After leaving these two hopeful romantics beaten, battered and betrayed in the worst ways, is it possible for Love to redeem itself? Only time will tell…  

CONTENT WARNING: This story features depictions of or references to the following: Divorce, Infidelity, Profanity, Feuding Families, Strong Sexual Content


95′ Eva (The Kendall Family Book 5) by Alicia Weathers-Grey

It’s never goodbye once we’ve begun.

Never will I allow pain to break me. 

I am self made and no one can destroy that.


Erotic Fetishes by C.K. Tarver

Dillan Parker, a businessman with a healthy appetite for sex, convinces his wife, Delilah Parker to become a member of an elite swinger’s club called the Love’s Den. The couple, along with their friends, Alexis, Alizah, Baxter, and Selena form an alliance at the club that include sex, drugs, and partying.

Dillan comes up with the bright idea to Sex Dash their services which involves taken their sexual endeavors door-to-door to accommodate partygoers with erotic fetishes who’s willing to pay a fee for convenience and privacy. Driven by money, most of the team agrees to the new venture and is ready to make money.

Delilah Parker, a stay-at-home wife, only wants a big family and to make Dillan happy. The guilt of not being able to give Dillan what he want shatters her self-esteem and she allows him to manipulate her into situations she doesn’t want to be in.
Life is good and money is great until the three things that brought them together tears them apart.


The Doctor’s Bride: A Historical Clean and Wholesome Inspirational Christian Romance Novella (The Romance Bride Series Book 2) by Cecelia Dowdy

Pennsylvania, 1870
Deborah was in love with Timothy years ago, but he married her sister Eve instead. Now Deborah is a schoolteacher and widower Timothy is back as the town’s doctor. As he helps her to study for a college entrance exam, her feelings for him are rekindled. Will Timothy return her affections?


Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You by Simone Sims

When Teague Rowe recommended his best friend’s sister move into his building, he never imagined the distraction she would become. It seems everywhere he looks, there’s little Van Hamilton, all grown up and eager to flirt. He discovers just how much she’s matured when he comes across her in the last place he expected — a strip club.

Unable to deny their magnetic attraction, the two endeavor to get it out of their systems with a holiday weekend fling. But something tells Teague and Van that three days might not be enough after all …


Sweetest Surrender by Nadine Frye

Delve into the intricate dance of love through the eyes of Pure and Justice, two souls whose intertwining paths lead them on a mesmerizing odyssey of passion, pain, and profound revelation.

Pure, a woman of unwavering determination and quiet strength, dares to defy conventional wisdom and steadfastly clings to her unique perspective, embracing love with a fervor that defies all expectations. Her past has left a bad taste in her mouth that has her swearing off love in order to focus on family. That’s until an opportunity has her coming face to face with the demons of her past.

In stark contrast, Justice, a magnetic and astute businessman, exudes an enigmatic allure that belies the scars of a past heartache, rendering him cautious to surrender to love’s siren call once more. Yet, fate conspires to draw them together, weaving a tapestry of emotions that transcends the ordinary and propels them into a world where truth, betrayal, and ultimate redemption await.

As their friendship blossoms into a love that defies categorization, Pure and Justice navigate the corridors of their hearts, unearthing hidden truths and confronting the daunting specter of heartbreak. Their journey, an exquisite symphony of raw emotion and unyielding passion, unfolds as a poignant testament to the enduring power of love, leaving an indelible imprint on the soul and igniting a fervent longing in the hearts of all who bear witness to their captivating story.


Playing to Win (A Chandler Billionaire Romance Book 1) by Lynn Mapp

Every male in the family has scaled the marriage mountain only to take catastrophic tumbles.
They’ve dubbed their issue The Chandler Curse.

Angelina Harris has been sitting on the sidelines since her husband’s death three years ago. Her long-held dream of having a family of her own is slipping away because grief has left her frozen in time.

Winston Chandler will do anything for his friend and business partner’s widow, even a pretend romance. By helping her move forward, perhaps the guilt he suffers because of his friend’s death will ease. He believes a makeover will show both Angel and others an external transformation has taken place

Trouble is, he’s too good at the job. Win is drawn to Angel 2.0. When these friends becomes lovers they cross the fake dating line and real complications begin. Win isn’t the man to complete the perfect life she envisions. Chandlers and romance are a volatile mix that end in one way. Disaster.

Can Win overcome his family’s legacy of romantic failure and conquer The Chandler Curse?


Real 1 by Latoya Garrett

Recently paroled Asia Murphy is on a mission to take advantage of the second chance God has graciously given her. She knows it’s going to take faith, work and a whole lot of prayer to rebuild her life and stay out of trouble. To remain on the straight and narrow, she’s made the decision that love is a luxury she can’t afford until Christian Reston’s southern charm, handsome face, deep voice and laidback demeanor causes her to yearn for real love.

Christian is smitten at first sight. Asia’s past doesn’t matter to him, and he is adamant about getting to know her- even if he has to jump the friendship hurdle first. The two develop an undeniable bond, but there’s trouble lurking in the background, ready to sever the bond between them.

Will real love prevail?


Brooklyn by Tracy Brown

Tracy Brown crafts a tale about a master manipulator and serial survivor, who will scorch earth to get what she wants. The question isn’t who murdered her; the question is who wouldn’t?

Brooklyn Melody James has finally gotten the punishment she deserves after leaving a web of lies, heartache, and betrayal behind her. As her life slips away, Brooklyn remembers the events that shaped her into the cold, calculating creature she became.

Brooklyn learned the art of hustling from her parents who used the church to get money. Idolizing her father and despising her mother, Brooklyn’s determined to be the type of woman who makes her own rules. When her back’s up against the wall, she sacrifices her family, takes the burnt offering that remains, and runs away. In NYC, young Brooklyn charms her way into the inner circle of hustlers and stick-up kids, learning tricks along the way. She catches the eye of a major player in the drug game, Hassan, and they have a breathless love affair. Brooklyn becomes integrated into his operation, earning the trust of Hassan and his associates. But when she gets the keys to the kingdom, driven by unfettered ambition and a ruthless desire to survive, Brooklyn snatches the pot of gold, leaving bitter retribution promises behind her.

From DC to Maryland, Brooklyn burns bridges and breaks hearts. What she doesn’t realize is that someone is prepared to end her reign of terror. As she faces her killer and her fate, Brooklyn’s stunned that justice comes from the least likely place.


The Partner Plot by Kristina Forest

Two former high school sweethearts get a second chance in this marriage of convenience romance by Kristina Forest, author of The Neighbor Favor.

To Violet Greene, fashion is everything. As a successful celebrity stylist, she travels all over the world, living out her dreams. Professionally, she’s thriving, but her personal life is in shambles. After surviving a very public breakup with her ex-fiancé six months ago, Violet is now determined to focus on her career. But life hands her something—or rather, someone—that might derail everything…

Xavier Wright did not expect to run into his high school girlfriend Violet—the girl he once thought he’d marry—on a birthday trip to Vegas. As a high school teacher and basketball coach, he rarely leaves his New Jersey hometown, so what were the chances? But when the initial shock wears off, they decide to celebrate together. They feel young and reckless as they party the night away—and reckless they clearly were when the following morning, they wake up beside each other with rings on their fingers.

Their impulsive nuptials might be a blessing in disguise, though, when they realize that both of their careers could benefit from the marriage. So they play the part of a blissfully wedded couple. Yet when their passion comes hurling back, they realize their feelings are just as real as they were back when they were teens. But are their lives too different to stick it through or will they finally get a happy ending?


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up February 26th-March 3rd

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