Sapphire Jones, a woman of beauty, intellect, and success, finds herself at a crossroads in life. After a heart-wrenching two-year relationship, she embraces the single life, only to realize the void left by the absence of a family of her own. Determined to find a perfect match, her journey through the unpredictable realm of dating proves futile, pushing her to consider abandoning the pursuit altogether. However, an unexpected encounter reignites the flames of desire within her, compelling her to reconsider her decision.
Damon Cross was a successful business owner who thought he had the perfect marriage. The illusion shatters when he unveils his wife’s secret, plunging him into a world of disconnection and neglect. Amidst the emotional wreckage, his wife proposes a “Free Weekend Pass,” throwing Damon into a whirlwind of uncertainty about revisiting the past. When he contemplates the offer, destiny intervenes, bringing him face to face with the captivating Sapphire. Awakening feelings that he has only ever felt for his wife.
Sapphire and Damon’s attraction left them both longing for more. Will Damon indulge in his free pass or will he allow this opportunity to slip past him?


New Release Spotlight – One Night of Comfort, by Tychelle Coleman

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