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Hold Me While You Wait by Kimberly Brown

Somya Hilton has known nothing but a life of ultimatums. From a young age, it was her and her sister Eliza against the world. When both of them find love and start families of their own, Somya finally feels like she has the life she deserves. Then tragedy strikes, leaving both her sister and brother-in-law dead and Somya to care for her niece Jazlynn who is ten at the time. For Somya there is no question that Jazzlyn should be with her. Her husband, however, has a difference of opinion. 

Xander Tripp has always taken care of business. The product of a drug addicted mother and a felon for a father, all he knows is hustling to survive. After the birth of his daughter left him a single father, Xander pulls himself together to be the parent she deserves. Twelve years later they have a beautiful life, but Xander is lonely… until he meets the beautiful Somya, the recently divorced mother of his daughter’s new best friend.

What starts as a friendly exchange, quickly turns into a beautiful, unexpected love. Trauma bonded them, but is their bond strong enough to withstand the tests of a jealous ex and the return of Xander’s baby mama? Will Somya and Xander thrive under pressure or fold under the weight the world on their shoulders?


When You Fell In Love (Kendrick+Yandi Book 2) by Aubree Pynn

After a not so happy Thanksgiving, Yandi Williams is forced to finally do something that makes her soul happy. Four years of ignoring herself and her heart’s desires, she’s looking for anything that isn’t Kendrick Saxon. But the issue with playing the game is that someone is always better.

Kendrick returns to his day to day activity, but nothing smells, tastes, or looks the same without Yandi in her rightful place. Determined to have her, he spares no expense or plan to make right, all that’s wrong in their worlds.

With Kendrick showing Yandi he’s the MVP of petty games, will the truth finally set them free?


Something Missing: A Love Story (Is This Love? Book 2) by J. Nichole

When she took the time to appreciate being single, it wasn’t that bad. 

Fresh out of college, a new city to explore, she was enjoying life.

The thought of rushing down the aisle no longer plagued her. Instead she thought of all the different restaurants and places she could explore.

But for everyone around her, they knew exactly the right person to hook her up with. A person who would be a perfect match for her. The random guy at the convenience store, a boyfriend’s best friend, or her manager’s nephew.

But with every single one, something was missing. He wasn’t the right one.

Or was he?


Kings Proposition (King Dynasty Series Book 2) by Iesha Bree

“When you’re ready to listen, let me know.” – Khyri Hamilton

Sarai King has the answer to a problem that has landed right on the King family’s doorstep. All it will take to fix it is just one proposition: an illicit affair with cocky resort CEO Khyri Hamilton. Their resorts may compete in business, but only Sarai knows how explosive their attraction burns.

When Khyri sabotages her mother’s deal to force Sarai back into his bed, she refuses to surrender control. Instead, Sarai makes a proposition: an alternating week of pleasure and fantasy orchestrated according to each other’s deepest desires.

As CEO by day and possessive lover by night, Khyri promises to show Sarai they’re perfect partners without commitments. But behind her bedroom eyes, Sarai has other plans.

Soon, the walls between rivals blur, and loyalties are tested as their intimacy unravels secrets that could bring down empires. Sarai is playing with fire. But will she get burned, or can what started as a mere proposition turn into a lifetime of trust?


Girls Need Luvin’ by Belleza

“I’ve been waiting so long on a love like this.”

Reese never wouldn’t thought a hurtful situation would land her in a winning position with Bernard “Boss” Wayde, a retired NBA star from her city.
She’s a good girl just trying to live her dreams.
He’s a rich man trying to chase the woman of his.
Of course, no love story is perfect…
Between their ex’s, media, family, and doubt, will Boss and Reese be able to obtain the love they’ve been waiting for?


Flaws And All: Elijah & Kehlani by Talena Tillman

After two long years in jail awaiting trial, Elijah Porter is finally released. When he steps outside those concrete walls, he has only one thing on his mind—Kehlani Washington. Unfortunately for him, he’s her former client, and she is determined not to mix business with pleasure. However, Elijah has never been the kind of man to not get what he wants. As he sets out to pursue her, time reveals their deeply flawed yet compelling natures. Against the backdrop of Sauvage Heights, their romance unfolds, weaving a tale of passion, redemption, and deception. Admittedly, they are far from perfect, but are they perfect for one another?


Anywhere Under The Moon by Kayelle Gee

A medical conference brings anesthesiologist Luna Ray and plastic surgeon Yasin Barkley into the same hotel in downtown Chicago. A conversation at the bar leads to a weekend of exploration together, and as the two get to know one another, they begin to rediscover aspects of self. Luna tries to maintain a cagey disposition in hopes of keeping a safe distance from Yasin, but as time lapses, he removes layers, inching closer to her heart.

What starts off as an uneventful work trip morphs into a carefree and captivating rendezvous, but it comes to a screeching halt when reality sets in. Luna must return home to her daughter in Georgia while Yasin gets back to his sons in Arizona, putting a wedge of space and time between the kismet pair.

What happens when two strangers meet, and they relinquish the traditional rules of time? Are there unwritten words that need to be captured to complete their celestial chronicles. Or is one weekend in the city the full story of Luna and Yasin?


Stuck On You: A Picture Worth A Thousand Words by Meah S.

Avery and Beau, once inseparable high school sweethearts, experience a heart-wrenching breakup.

Devastated, Avery discovers something but is forced to keep it a secret from Beau due to those around him.
Years later, fate reunites them, forcing them to confront their past and Avery is finally able to come clean about secrets Beau was never able to know about.

Will Avery & Beau be able to get past the secrets or will it be to little to late for the reunited couple.


Reclaiming His Jewel by Tatum James

In an instant, what was supposed to be a private intimate encounter cost Naoma her dreams of becoming an Olympic swimmer. It wasn’t the couple’s age gap that caused such a stir about the viral video. It was the world class swimmer being dressed in the school’s logo that sent Naoma on a spiral of guilt and shame.

After being caught on video in a compromising position with one of her professors, feeling cursed Naoma is banished back to her family’s island of Munfuni to complete her degree online. Five years later, Naoma divides her time between running her family’s museum and teaching swimming and surfing lessons to children and adults. 

Years later, Dr. Maui Howard can’t keep the one who got away off of his mind. Knowing how much she must resent him for letting her take the fall on her own has kept him away from the woman he once loved. When her family’s legacy is threatened, Maui can’t resist the urge to step in and save the one that got away once and for all. Follow the enchanting story of Maui and Naoma as he finally claims his jewel.


True as it Can Be (BLP Fairytales Book 15) by Malay Reneé

Love has always been a tale as old as time, and many find it in the most peculiar way. This particular love is coming with a price attached to it.

Venture capitalist, Princeton Adams, has always been the type of man to have whatever he wants. Whether it was gaining clients trust, or seducing women in his bedroom, he was no stranger to getting his way. Princeton had everything a successful man could want in life, all except a love to call his own. When Princeton accepts a meeting with technology inventor Maurice Belle, he finds that he is interested in more than just Maurice’s invention— he wants his daughter.

Allure Belle’s life consisted of her being the doting girlfriend and the perfect daughter. She enjoyed nothing more than getting lost between the pages of modern black romance. When life seemed to be too much, her perfect escape was fiction. Her life couldn’t have gotten more complicated with the off request of a self-entitled man she didn’t know from a can of paint.

As these two strangers meet due to Princeton’s need to have his way, they both quickly realize love doesn’t always start with a hello. Sometimes it takes for someone to get knocked to their knees so the other could truly see them.

In this retelling of a classic tale, come along with this modern-day beauty and see what it takes for her to tame this unruly beast.


Whispers of Deceit (BLP Fairytales Book 16) by Bree Wright

In the heart of Cherryville, secrets lurk in the shadows and alliances are forged in deceit. A modern-day Cinderella, Cindy, finds herself thrust into that world.

Cindy’s life takes a dark turn when her father dies under mysterious circumstances. Left alone in the world, she is visited by her fairy godmother, who urges her to unveil the truth behind her father’s demise by any means. She dives into the underbelly of Cherryville and discovers that her father’s closest friends are not the allies they once seemed to be.

Meanwhile, Chance Charming, a charismatic figure vying for the mayoral seat, is on a quest of his own. Haunted by the death of his brother, whose political ambitions were cut short by a tragic end in the woods… Chance steps into the race for mayor, determined to expose the hidden secrets that Cherryville conceals and who is responsible for his brother’s death.

Fate intertwines the lives of Cindy and Chance when Chance hosts a masquerade ball to solidify his mayoral campaign to the town people of Cherryville. There, he catches Cindy in a compromising position that threatens to expose the very secrets she seeks to unravel. Intrigued by Cindy’s strength and resilience, Chance discovers a shared pain—the loss of their loved ones, and the realization that those closest to them may be responsible for the tragedies that befell their families.


Frosted Kisses and Christmas Wishes: A Cozy Holiday Romance (A Touch of Holiday Love Book 1) by Madelyn Fischer

A second chance at love, small town Christmas romance.

A girl that has a fear of abandonment who wears her heart on her sleeve, and a guy who is understanding and as sweet as they come. A life changing event and fears of abandonment might just keep them apart.

In a small cozy town called Frostwood Falls, at a small bookstore called Solstice Books, two strangers discover a shared interest for the same book. As they talk more they realize that they were neighbors when they were younger before circumstances in Joel’s life caused him to move away.

Now suddenly finding themselves in the same small town, feelings come rushing back, despite the walls that Maya had put up over the years.

Through the connection of literature and the magic of Christmas they might just get a love story of their own. Or will Maya’s doubts, fear of abandonment, and a life changing event keep them apart?


Pressure: A Best Friend Brother’s Workplace Romance (Pierce Motors Book 2) by Chiquita Dennie

Pressure is a hot, enemies-to-lovers romance, contemporary romance…..

Falling for her best friend’s brother was the worst and best thing Sarai could’ve done….

Malik Pierce is next in line to become the next CEO for a billion-dollar racing company. His family has groomed him for this position and their high expectations come with the privilege. He should be over the moon but instead the weight of a cheating scandal weighs heavy on his mind and his reputation.

Sarai Lambert left her home town to pursue her career and her dream of finding the right man. Now she’s been handed both. Malik is everything she’s ever wanted, minus the scandalthat is slandering his name and threatening her dreams. 

Can Malik and Sarai find a way to make it work, or will Malik’s problems tear them further apart?


Under His Stars by Jen Elle

Rhea has it all, a blossoming career, beautiful friendships and an amazing bond with her sister. The only thing missing is the love that everyone in her close circle keeps raving about.

Rhea decides it’s time to take charge of her love life and plans a trip to a singles retreat where she hopes to find a promising prospect.

Her first encounter with a handsome, yet intriguing man, gives Rhea hope that she too will be raving about love and happy endings, but her blissful state feels short lived the minute she returns home and her world is turned upside down.

Rhea has lost someone close to her and she soon finds out that the new connections she made, might have played a role in the tragedy that has shifted her world in ways she may never recover from.

There’s a thin line between lovers and enemies and Rhea has to decide if she’s fallen for a killer or if she should follow her killer instincts and protect her heart.


94′ Eyan (The Kendall Family Book 4) by Alicia Weathers-Grey

How far are you willing to go to secure your happiness? Nothing is off limits when it comes to me.


At Last, Ivy by Inita Callaway

At Last, Ivy” is a captivating tale following Ivy Graham, a 39-year-old writer grappling with the aftermath of her divorce from Nate, her toxic ex-husband. The story unfolds against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, mirroring Ivy’s internal struggles with past traumas she has kept hidden. With her burden of immeasurable drama paired with her desire for self-discovery and healing, Ivy embarks on a courageous journey, utilizing therapy, writing, and faith to confront her deepest wounds and break free from her destructive patterns. Ultimately, Ivy’s transformative voyage leads her to find love and personal growth, marking a pivotal moment in her life.


Nothing is Free: An Omegaverse Novel (Smooth Pack Duet) by Dreia Wells

I was finally free. Or so I thought.

New city and a new job with my best friend Mercy. We’d both overcome the odds and came out stronger. I have a pack of adoring Alphas and an obsessive male Omega, my true mate. Everything I never thought I would have.
I was no longer just a Beta who hid in the shadows away from a family who disowned me.
I had finally found my place in this world. My designation didn’t define who I was, I knew my worth.
Until suddenly, it was all snatched away.
Someone didn’t want to let me go.
Forced to face the demons of my past, truths and lies are revealed that threaten to chase away the happiness I found. Now it’s my turn to pay the price or I stand to lose it all, even my life.

I should have known. Nothing is ever easy. 
In my life, nothing is free.

Nothing is Free is a stand-alone Omegaverse novel where the main character is mated to four men. Throw in a stalker to make things more interesting and you have yourself one hell of a story. This book contains adult content and is not suitable for readers under the age of 18.


Foul For Me by Diamond Cotton

Chosen Green doesn’t need anyone. With the exception of her furry companion, her outspoken best friend, and the unstoppable passion she has for her career, Chosen refuses to believe she needs anything more than what she’s maintained these past few years. And the same goes for dating. Especially when it comes down to starting up flings with basketball players.

Koa Hendrix walks the fine line of co-parenting her young daughter while also keeping up with her career in the WNBA. But after last year’s injury, she’s between two painstaking decisions: quit her pro lifestyle of basketball to be a full-time mom, or stay the course. Koa isn’t sure of much, except that she loves her family. She’s passionate about her career. And she wants to know more about the woman behind the crown of dark coils.

When the two women meet for the first time at Koa’s basketball game, neither one of them expects to fall for the other. But with heat building low in bellies, starved eyes lingering over bodies, and words not yet spoken, Chosen and Koa are charged with the duty of contemplating their future on love’s behalf.


Elevate My Soul: An Away to Africa Wedding by Unoma Nwankwor

Arinze Kalu and Jasmine Bowman from Rent A Bae, are back to where it all started: Montego Bay.
With the family and other special guests arriving for a week full of activities, can the couple make it down the aisle without a hitch?

PS: This novella features characters from the Away to Africa series. It can be read as a standalone, but it is NOT advisable. You however must have at least read Rent A Bae to enjoy this novella.


Bow Down: When A Bbw Submits by Authoress Masterpiece

She never thought that she would beg or even bow…

Markela aka Bossi is in a league of her own. She has written off love based off of her past and what was displayed to her as a child. She is a beautiful full-figured woman thriving and maintaining her rehab clinics that were passed down to her from her mother. Trauma keeps her locked into a world of her own until the universe speaks and sends her him…

He never thought he would change up the way he operated as an Alpha male….

Symere aka Dinero has a million ways to give a woman what she needs sexually. Romantic intimacy is the one thing that he is void of. During the day he is a Financial Advisor and the CEO of Fugotti Enterprise. At night, he collects bloody debts on behalf of his uncle Timothy Fugotti Sr. Symere never thought that a woman could have him so smitten. Markela literally came crashing into him, making him question his way of doing things.

This book will warm you up like a warm summer day. It will drive you fast around a cliff, and just when you thought you would fall off from all of its twist and turns. It brings you back to a world full of comfort while making intrusive thoughts pop into your head guiding you right back to a world with no boundaries. Symere will have you questioning all of your darkest desires when it comes to a man making a woman bow down and surrender to his dominant nature.

The authentic and unexpected love between Symere and Markela builds throughout this book. Is the kind of love we look for in real life but only seem to find within the pages of a book.


Bound By Magic: Monster Paranormal Romance Short Story collection by Melody Lynch

What happens when a misguided woman tries to use ancient magic to scam lonely hearts out of their money? She releases creatures and energy into the world that she never expected. Will her sister be able to save her, or will karma come back, demanding its debts to be repaid?”

In Bound to the Monster: Tabitha is a young woman suffering from agoraphobia. When she comes across an ad that promises to bring true love into her life, she haphazardly says the spell, conjuring a handsome demon into her apartment in the process.

In Bound to the Angel: A painter discovers her fiancé is cheating, and in a bout of anger, she recants a spell that summons a wayward angel into her life. This angel harbors cruel intentions for mankind.
Will she be able to heal his broken heart, or will he use her pain to destroy the world?


Satisfaction by Toylanda Holland

Introducing Satisfaction by Toylanda Holland, a gripping novel that will take you on an emotional journey filled with love, loss, and unexpected turns.

Meet Dawn, a single mother of twins Tristan and Trish, who have just finished college and are trying to navigate life without their father. Feeling lonely and unfulfilled, Dawn seeks out a new relationship and finds herself in the throes of a passionate romance.

As her relationship with her new beau blossoms, Tristan struggles with self-pity, and Trish desperately needs guidance. With deception, sex, desire, and shocking twists, this novel will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

Satisfaction is a powerful exploration of the human experience and the lengths we go to find happiness and fulfillment. Toylanda Holland’s masterful storytelling will keep you captivated and leave you pondering the themes of love, loss, and redemption long after you’ve turned the final page.

Get your copy of Satisfaction today and experience the rollercoaster of emotions this novel offers.


Collision of Destinies by Kesha P.

“Collision of Destinies” is a captivating, contemporary romance novel that explores the delicate balance between love and ambition in the bustling city of Detroit.

Meet Cynthia and Ethan, two ambitious individuals whose paths cross at a networking event. Sparks fly immediately, leading to coffee shop dates and late-night walks through the neon-lit city streets. But when business intertwines with pleasure, their newfound romance encounters its first test.

Ethan, smitten by Cynthia’s passion, proposes an investment in her business. However, this professional crossover strains their personal relationship, leading to a heart-wrenching split. As the lovers part ways, they embark on separate journeys of self-discovery. Cynthia, through interactions with fellow entrepreneurs, learns to stand her ground without sacrificing personal relationships. On the other hand, Ethan confronts his fear of vulnerability, realizing that true love requires risk and openness.


The Matchmaker’s Match & Other Stories – a Collection of Valentine’s Day Love Stories by Adesuwa O’man Nwokedi 

A collection of short stories about finding…and renewing…love on Valentine’s Day.


Candice’s Choice: Only The Heart May Know-Series-Book 2 by Carol Styron

Candice Foster, a successful psychiatric nurse, is in love with two men and she must make a choice!

Candice believed that Kent Darby was the love of her life before he disappeared while waiting for a plane at a Boston, Massachusetts Airport three years prior. Kent’s disappearance broke Candice’s heart. She thought that she wouldn’t love another man until she began dating, Dr. Shawn Prince.

She opened her heart to Shawn and fell in love. Mysteriously, Kent re-enters Candice’s life and her world turns upside down. Will Candice’s heart lead her to the correct choice, or will unforeseen circumstances lead her down a different road?


The Love That Remains by Tasha L. Harrison

Grief changes you, and no one is more aware of that inescapable fact than Carlotta Mercier. 

It’s been four years since her husband, John Paul, passed, but moving on feels impossible. She feels like a shell of the woman she once was, but what else is there? Better to just lose herself in work. Better to fill her days to the brim so she doesn’t have time to wallow. Never mind that she’s so lonely for his company that she’d rather be alone if she can’t have him. Never mind that she’s so starved for his touch that her dreams of him border on hallucinations. Never mind because her heart will always be broken after losing the soul mate she waited most of her life meet. How can anyone move on from that? 

Apparently, her late husband, John Paul, knew. 

In a letter, written the year before he passed, Carlotta’s husband, who loved to celebrate his wife and the day they married, guides her through a tenth-anniversary trip he planned before he got sick. A trip that will take her to his hometown of New Orleans, where she will finally get to know the man he was before he left that city. Will this trip down memory lane help Carlotta discover who she is now that he’s gone? Can a young man who idolized her husband introduce her to the woman born from the love that remains?

Content Warnings:

  • Death of a spouse
  • Cancer
  • IVF (but not infertility)
  • Unprotected sex


Welcome to Brookwood by Jahquel J.

Madison Shaw is the new teacher at Brookwood middle school. She moved from New York to Brookwood, North Carolina after ending a three-year relationship. New to town, she spends her days teaching and nights snuggled up with wine and her favorite book.
During parent teacher conference she meets Parker Woods, her favorite student’s father. It takes one look for Angel to see that his father is smitten by his teacher.
Parker Woods is a newly divorced single dad. His divorce from Angel’s mom was tough on him. He’s not interested in dating, though his ex has remarried. When he meets Madison Shaw, he feels his heart beating again.
The idea of dating and love scares both Parker and Madison. However, the heart always knows what’s best. Will these two end up together? Or will their broken hearts remain broken?

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. That term could not be truer for Lara Greene. She’s been to more weddings than she can count. At this point, she knows what comes with being a bridesmaid better than herself. While she watches all her friends get married, she can’t help but want that same thing for herself. The idea of marrying Prince Charming has always excited her.
Except, she keeps kissing frogs.
When her brother’s best friend asks her to be his date for his ex-girlfriend’s wedding, Lara accepts under one condition – he posts her bakery on his social media account.
Cason Bloom is widely known for his food and travel blog. He has made a living out of exploring the world and its cuisine. Traveling comes with its own problems, including losing his longtime girlfriend. When he receives a wedding invitation to his ex’s wedding, Cason is determined not to show up without a plus one.
In comes his best friend’s little sister, Lara Greene.
Cason has always had a crush on Lara. Her baked goods aren’t the only thing that’s sweet to him. In return for giving her new bakery exposure, these two decide to fake a relationship to help Cason look good for his ex’s wedding. What is supposed to be a deal, turns into far more than the two of them can handle.


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up January 15th-21st

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