The Festival – Aliya Harper is a newly minted empty-nester at the ripe young age of thirty-nine. emboldened by her closest girlfriends, she finds herself embarking on a “summer of adventure”, armed with a bucket list of experiences and exploits that lead to an opportunity to finally do something about the long-standing crush she’s always harbored for her best friend’s big brother. 

The Getaway – seeing his lady in desperate need for respite, Yvette Adams’s long-term boyfriend Deon plans a little trip to give his lady some r&r at an exclusive resort and a little bit more…

The Holiday –  stuck in complacency, Charmaine Burrell receives a fortuitous invitation that leads to her having a very happy HOliday!

The Wedding – a fortuitous and, quite literal, run-in places Krystin Murphy on the path to her future and beyond…

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Series Spotlight – The Ave 4 Shorts, by Nicole Falls

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