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When Love Calls (Jenkins Family & Friends Novella) by Sharon C. Cooper

Mona Lisa Gregory is ready to live her best life. She’s moving on after thirty-five years of dating one man. Scrapping the holy matrimony fantasy, a carefree and no-strings-attached passion is her new obsession. But her perfect plan has one hiccup. Dexter Jenkins.

Dex is an old-school guy who believes in falling in love with one woman and living happily-ever-after. He once had it all. A great job. Money in the bank. A happy, thirty-year marriage. He lost everything he held dear after one unfortunate accident. Guilt plagued him for years, but he has finally forgiven himself. Now he’s ready to give love a try again.

Mona is not looking for long-term. But Dexter is unwilling to ignore the fierce passion they share whenever he holds her in his arms. He will do whatever it takes to make her the next Mrs. Jenkins. But will secrets from his past and her former lover keep them from having the life they deserve? Or will their love be strong enough to withstand every obstacle placed in their way?



The Games We Play by Alexandra Warren*

Chance Washington only has a few things on his mind when he embarks on a trip back to his hometown. Completing the assignment for work that’s sending him there in the first place, helping his mom make progress on her fixer-upper home, and catching up with some of his best friends who he doesn’t get to see often enough. What is not a part of those plans is hooking up with one of his best friend’s little sister. But it doesn’t take long for him to realize that just because you walk into a game with a strategy, doesn’t always mean things are going to go as planned.

Londyn Miller isn’t looking for a relationship; a casual fling more her thing after blowing through the limited dating options in her hometown. But when a handsome – familiar – face returns to town for an extended stay, the decision to pursue him for a little fun is an easy one; as long as she’s sure not to let that fun turn into real feelings while also managing to keep it all from her overprotective big brother.

Just like Chance, Londyn quickly learns that plans and strategy can only get you so far before you’re forced to make in-game adjustments. And when those in-game adjustments evolve into something neither expected, it becomes a race for the finish line that Chance nor Londyn saw coming…



In Due Time by B. Love*

“You and these lies. I’ve never known you to be a liar until you started fighting your feelings for me. You’ll be mine in due time, Mackenzie. In due time.” – Rahim Frank

They met ten years earlier, and she was approached by someone else. Out of a need to keep her close, Rahim settled for friendship with Mackenzie even though he’s always wanted more. After a New Year’s Eve kiss takes things to a deeper level, Rahim is determined to claim Mackenzie… even if she’s his biggest obstacle to overcome.



Broken Clocks by Danielle Allen*

According to my grandma, a broken clock being right twice a day meant that in any given situation, perfect timing only happens twice.

I fell for William Grayson in a matter of minutes. The connection between us was undeniable, but our timing was off. I was dating someone and by the time I was single again, he was taken. And a year later, when we finally got together, it was clear that we were soulmates. But circumstances out of our control cut our time short.

We were a little older, a little wiser, when our paths crossed again. I was entering a new phase of independence in both my career and my life. He was growing professionally and moving to a new city. And even though our timing was off, it was still clear that we were soulmates. But for the second time, circumstances out of our control cut our time short.

My grandma was a wise woman, but my love life taught me that there’s no such thing as perfect timing.

There’s just timing… Because nothing is perfect.
There’s just right now… Because tomorrow isn’t promised.

For as long as we’d known each other, William and I just wanted to be together. It was as simple and as complicated as that.



A Seductive Arrangement (The Fortune Brothers Book 2) by Dara Girard

Flashy playboy Jackson Fortune never expected to wake up with a wife. But when she arrives at his apartment one morning he can’t ignore her.
Toyin Jacobs planned to quietly annul her secret Vegas wedding to Jackson. But when her nosy sister discovers the truth and posts it online, Toyin rushes to warn him.
In danger of losing his position in the family business because of his reckless ways, Jackson can’t afford a scandal. He quickly offers Toyin a special arrangement.
One too irresistible to resist…
A fun novel for readers who first met Jackson in “A Tempting Proposal”



His Diamond: Simone’s Story (The Uncut Series Book 5) by D. Camille


Simone Jenkins spent years as an Uncut Diamond working undercover. During a routine mission, her life changed when she was forced to confront her traumatic past. In a new location, Simone discovers her true self, her true mission in life, and her true love…

Note: Simone’s story is a stand-alone complement to the Uncut Series AND Book 5. All the books in the Uncut Series, should be read in numerical order including the Annex (Goddess Getaway), between Book 1 (Her Shield) and Book 2 (Her Guardian).



All I Need Is Patience (Harris Family Values Book 1) by Kyra Gates

Justin’s mind was made up and he was sick and tired of his father trying to live out his life through him. He’d had it and wanted out! He had his own goals and dreams and only wanted his father’s respect and approval. Justin’s dream was to take over his cousins’ record label, it was what he’d dreamt of since he was a teenager. Dear ole dad had other plans, none of which included music. He never cared that music was Justin’s passion and spent years letting him know as such.
If he couldn’t have the approval of his father he’d out him for the type of man he was; a selfish, uncaring, bastard that wanted things his way or else.
But one look at the gorgeous waitress in a small town in Ohio had derailed those plans. She was none like any other woman he’d ever met and knew that she was special if even in an annoying, pestering kind of way. She wasn’t a socialite and had no idea of his family status or even that he was his own self-made millionaire. She wasn’t looking for the next meal ticket but would his status keep them apart?
Patience was simple small-town girl who wanted three things out of life, to see her mother happy, her brother to get his life together, and her own little piece of happiness. She didn’t ask for much, didn’t believe in fairy-tales and certainly didn’t expect to fall in love with the mysterious gorgeous new guy at work. But she was falling hard and fast. The electric current sweeping through her had her mind short-circuiting whenever they came within ten feet of each other. Would his secrets tear them apart? Or would she be strong and confident enough to live life right by his side.



All I Want: A Beaumont Novella (The Beaumonts Book 11) by Angie Daniels

Childhood sweethearts Jace and Sheyna Beaumont have been married twelve years. They have everything they could ever want—an adorable son, wonderful careers, and explosive chemistry that hasn’t diminished over the years. When Sheyna is attacked in a parking lot, at first they thinks it’s an isolated incident, but now she’s not so sure. In fact, she’s certain someone is watching her. As her fears escalates, Jace will stop at nothing to find out who’s stalking his wife. However, danger moves in closer until he’s in a race against time to save the woman he loves.



Man of Her Dreams: A Standalone, Happily Ever After Romance by Tina Martin

A Standalone, Happily Ever After Romance

I’m one of those shy, introverted types, but my dream man is the exact opposite. He’s outgoing. Straightforward. A businessman. But he’s just a ‘dream man’ because I know he’s not attainable. Not real. Just a product of thoughts on my pillow at night. But that all changes when I lay eyes on the exact man I want.

Trevor Myerson is the man of my dreams.

He’s one of those guys who has the whole package. One that you’d be shocked to learn is SINGLE. His interest in me is surprising since, in the words of my bestie, Priscilla, I’m boring and drab (yeah, she really said I was ‘drab’, whatever the freak that means…). But Trevor likes me. Don’t know why, but he does. He says we’re friends and he wants to ‘draw me out’. Have me try new things. I’m cool with it, but it would be nice if he was more than just a friend. I wanted the man of my dreams to actually be ‘my’ man.

When I finally get my chance, it all comes dwindling down just as easily as dreams end when you wake up. But I can’t deny my need for him. I long for him. And dreaming about him just will no longer suffice.



If Only For One Night by Victoria Christopher Murray and ReShonda Tate Billingsley

Can they be soulmates if they’re married to other people?

From the outside, Angelique has the perfect life – a rich husband who adores her and gives her the world, except for what she craves most – his attention. A workaholic, more concerned with his family’s financial situation than emotional stability, Preston doesn’t understand why his wife is so unhappy. Not one to stray, Angelique seeks comfort in the online game, Words With Friends.

Blu has been living a life of loneliness since his wife settled into a depression she has no desire to shake. Frustrated and fed up, he loses himself in his favorite game – and the woman that has proven to be a formidable opponent.

It’s not long before their online connection turns flirtatious and troubles at home lead them to a face-to-face meeting. And eventually an addictive connection that will have them questioning if they’re truly soulmates or if they were destined for only one night.



Backslide 2 by Keith Thomas Walker

Kole blacks out when a good friend is murdered. He returns to the helm of The Organization and will stop at nothing to exact revenge. His unraveling threatens to undo all of the progress he and Dana have made. When his enemies set their sights on the woman he loves, Kole becomes even more dangerous.



On Pointe: MacLaine Girls novella 1 (The MacLaine Girls) by Shelly Ellis

In this new series, meet the women of the MacLaine Academy of Performing Arts, where the school walls are full dance, music, and sexy drama . . .

Bina MacLaine is having a rough time. Still haunted by an ugly breakup that meant walking away from her fiancé and her high-rise apartment, now the dance teacher faces the possibility of losing her job, too, if her performance academy closes. When Maurice Hewett, one of her old students, arrives in town, Bina sees he’s not the goofy boy she once knew–but a very handsome, very sexy grown man. She wonders if he can weave a spell that can help her forget all her woes. But can Bina let her desire take the lead without feeling like she’s robbing the cradle–and making a huge mistake?



Wait, You Did What? by T.A. Moorman

Justine had the job of her dreams, the best parents in the world, and a brother she more than just tolerated. The one thing she gave up on was finding love. She didn’t need that to be happy, right? In helping her brother pull off his own last-minute wedding, Justine may be in for a surprise of her own, and find love has been right in front of her the entire time.



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New Release Round-Up January 15th-21st

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