This story was the second part of the much-anticipated conclusion to Reign’s story. We’ve been waiting with bated breath to find out what happened with Fabian on the night Reign discovered he was an a-hole with no redeeming character. I was happy with the outcome he received in return* No spoiler comments will reveal the crux of the story from these lips*

I enjoyed the way Mercy started with the last chapter as a reminder so that we would be up to date on the action from the start of part two.  There was something about the Plug; he kept calling me, I wanted Reign to choose him. He saw her during the worst time in her life, and he still wanted her. 1822 proved to be a pivotal part of the story in relations to Reign’s marriage. I was happy when Fabian was not the primary focus in this story, as he sickened me.

The back story with the Plug’s mother added more humph to the story. Additionally, Rowe and Roc’s story was hot, hot, and hot. I was hoping the friendship would not be in jeopardy because Rowe caught Roc with her girls face in his lap.  Rowe and Roc having a fling with Carsten entirely-not on my things to wish for in this story. Later having him to leave without a word, I was about to head to his town to offer to help Rowe with his beatdown.  Thankfully, Mercy chose to save him from my wrath. I’m also hoping their story will be next. I’m keeping my strength and money for airfare just to be safe. Watch out, Roc.

Kierce Huffington, the chemist, the Plug, had an admirable persona in this story. A kind gentleman who happened to develop unhealthy products for the masses. I could not even bring myself to hate him for some reason. Go figure. The gentle way he cared for Reign and searched nightly for his mother, and cared for the homeless was heartfelt. The homeless people in the story were unique and added depth to the storyline.   So when Reign went back to Kierce’s place after her encounter with Fabian and his whore; I was hoping Meek and Bella wouldn’t have to bring out the big guns, once they heard about Fabian’s indiscretions. The shit hit the fan; once Meek had to tell his daughter about the role of Kierce in their organization. I did not expect the outcome to be as it was. This story made me love this couple even more at the end of the day.

In another part of the story, Roc and Rowe’s love interest grew, and I couldn’t describe how happy this made me. The way this portion of the story happened will make the transition to Rowe and R’s story easier.  The wait was worth it. The story lived up to the promise and delivered in gangster fashion. The story was a nicely told urban tale of love, reconciliation, and redemption. 5.0 Stars.

Review – The Plug & The Privileged 2: The Story of Reign Baylee Jones, by Mercy B.

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