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ENVY (The Love Is Cure, Vol 1. Vices & Virtues Series Book 4) by Brookelyn Mosley

She’s an egocentric journalist, enkindled with envy for earthly possessions belonging to others. He’s knowingly kindhearted, kin to a journalism king, and has an immense respect and duty to kinship. In any other circumstance, they would never have crossed paths, but when they do, it becomes an enlightening tale of when opposites attract.

Mykal Jones

“I hated Desmond when we first met because he stole my hopes and dreams. He waltzed right into my life and jeopardized the fruits of my hard work. That shouldn’t surprise me though, because this always happens to me. I should be used to coming out the loser in this game of life, especially when it involves matters of the heart. So, yeah, I hated him. With his perfect smile and his perfect existence. Desmond’s name alone is a golden ticket in print media and I can’t help but to hate him for that too. But what I hate most of all is that his heart is so pure he can have every and anything he wants because he deserves it. So what does he want with me?”

Desmond Ellis III

“I hated how Mykal and I met. She formed a negative first impression of me almost immediately where there need not have been. My intentions were never to be drawn to her or anyone, anyway. I was on a mission to carry out my father’s dream and to bring his vision to life, but I suppose God had a better plan to feed two birds with one seed. Because the way Mykal waltzed right into my life and stole my heart, took me completely off guard. And what’s worse is her stealing my heart and jeopardizing my plans is something she doesn’t realize she’s done. She is perfectly imperfect with raw potential and that makes her perfect for me. But how do I get her to see for herself that I’m perfect for her too?”

Many know envy as a sin of the heart, potent enough to cause unhappiness. It’s the most socially acceptable out of the seven deadly sins because envy is deeply rooted in human nature. If love is kind and also patient, can a virtuous love save an envious heart from self-destruction?

*This book contains sexually explicit content, parental illness, and instances of verbal abuse. If any of the previously mentioned are triggers for you, please browse my catalog to find another story that will fit the reading experience you desire.

**ENVY is a standalone and the fourth book in The Love is Cure, Vol. 1 – Vices & Virtues series. Seven books make up this series. GLUTTONY is next…


I Could Fall in Love by Kimberly Brown

“I hear you but hear me out. I have a proposition for you.”
“A proposition?”
“An offer you can’t refuse.”

Lavish Chamberlain has lived a life of hurt and disappointment. From birth, she couldn’t remember ever experiencing genuine love from another person. A child of the system, she thought that she had finally found love, happiness, and a sense of family when she married Keith Chamberlain. But the life she shared with him was anything but the fairytale ending she had longed for.  

Fresh out of her divorce, she travels to New Orleans to celebrate, even with the impending doom that she would have nothing when she returned. Her life changes drastically, the night she meets Mitchell Keonig, a wealthy bachelor who presents her with the offer of a lifetime.

Mitchell Keonig has lived a life of privilege. His father is a world renowned technical genius worth billions of dollars. Even with all of his riches, his father had remained a humble man, something he tried to instill in his son. Forever the showoff and ladies’ man, Mitchell lived life by his own rules and without regrets. When his father threatens to cut him off, Mitchell takes drastic matters to ensure this doesn’t happen.  

He meets Lavish Chamberlain, and his world is turned upside down. Will the man who once only cared about himself be able to ward off her beauty for the sake of going through with his plan?


Something So Sweet (Honey Hill Book 1) by Joy Avery

A devoted small-town mayor confronts an old flame over the fate of a historic inn in this delightful romance from author Joy Avery.

Honeybees, history, and small-town charm are what Honey Hill, North Carolina, is all about. Its mayor, Lunden Pierce, will stop at nothing to protect the town’s historical landmarks and distinctive character. She’s Honey Hill’s greatest champion.

But everything changes when Lunden’s childhood sweetheart, Quade Cannon, returns to town. Though Quade has fond memories of his summers in Honey Hill, he has no use for the historic inn he’s inherited—or the honeybees living in its yard. His plan is to sell the inn and reap the rewards.

For Lunden, though, the threat to Honey Hill’s history means war. Determined to change Quade’s mind, she immerses him in the town’s charm and its honeybee culture. But while he’s falling for Honey Hill, he falls for Lunden, too—and the feeling is mutual. As their summer romance heats up, Lunden has a choice to make: the town she loves or the man who threatens to change it.


Feels So Right by Pamela Campbell

Avery Gardner desperately needed a fresh start two years after the world as she knew it was shattered. On the outside, she looked as if she was coping and managing the death of her fiancé, Sean, and her miscarriage while trying to carry on with her life. But on the inside, she was barely hanging on.

She nervously decided to leave her family and relocate to a place where she didn’t know anyone, and no one knew what happened in her life. Falling in love again was the absolute last thing she expected. Avery thought that she could never give her heart to another man after Sean. But that’s exactly what happened when she met Bryson Hayes. Her attraction to him was nearly impossible to shake off.

Bryson suffered a terrible loss and hadn’t been living his life to his full potential. He needed Avery to help him move on just as much as she needed him.

These two met broken. But can Avery find the courage to move past her guilt for love and happiness?


New Year Ever After (Sensual Shorts Series) by ShanicexLola

Ten years have passed since they last saw each other, and suddenly…
All the memories…
All the pain…
All the passion…
All the love…
It all rushed back.

Is their run in just another awkward moment to add to their long book of memories together? Or will the stars finally align for them?

Find out in New Year Ever After.


Uncovering Her Cravings (Big City Small World Book 1) by Rae Shawn

One night she called a mistake, but he’s never forgotten… 

Leilani Mitchell is obsessed with happily ever after … as long as it comes in a book, so becoming a social media manager for a publishing company was a no-brainer. It’s safer and less complicated than real life. Seeing her dad alone after her mother’s death made her promise herself the best way to never lose love was to never go looking for it in the first place.

But when her friend asks her to be her maid of honor and partners her with the man who turned her world upside down in one night, the next six months will be torture.

Alexander Rutherford has crushed on his older sister’s best friend for more years than he cares to mention. But even after sharing one passionate night together, she still keeps him at an arm’s length. Now that he’s a successful business owner, he’s out to prove he’s worthy of her heart.

Leilani does her best to stamp out the fire his touch kindles in her, but the more time she spends with him the more she craves a happy ending that doesn’t come from a book.

*Previously published as Little Hidden Cravings
**transformed into a dual POV
***New beautiful cover
CW on website https://www.loveraeshawn.com


Clear Water by Nina

Birthed from a beautiful ocean given by a rough tide with uncontrollable waves 
Two head on collusive bodies of water flooded with debris 
Through hard travels, sunny days, and even colder nights 
Birthed a new wave. 
Birthed a new life. 
Birthed a new embodiment of the ocean and its harsh waters. 
Made of pure love’ conception through rhythmic deception. 
Another Porter. Clear Water.


The Kronic: The Mogul Series Book Four by Kenya Goree-Bell

He was told he couldn’t have her…NAH…F*ck That

She wasn’t for him. He knew it. Fuck. But he give anything, his career, his awards, his surfboard, his very life if he could just touch her again. Taste her lips. However chaste. Just one more time…

A groan escaped him before he could quell the sound. Her eyes darted to his away then back again.

We can’t.

I know.

I promised.

I know.

His lips crushed hers anyway…


  • Carefree
  • Neurodiverse
  • Sensory Seeking
  • Loves Green


  • Biggest Star in the world
  • Alpha but not a A-hole
  • DGAF
  • Cuddle bear

What happens when the Biggest Star in the world falls for a carefree Autistic Girl?

Miracle’s favorite scene ever was Morris Chestnut’s intro to the Best Man her brain clicked to that the moment she saw Kristantinos “The Khronic” Kryrikos striding toward her at the premiere. This was exactly the same but instead of coming toward a group of friends from college, the biggest star in the world was coming towards her. The sea of people parted because he was undaunted. His eye never left hers. It had been months. Tonight. He only wanted her.

“I’m always surrounded by people. I know who I am, what I bring to the table but it has always been different with you. The moment we met and you finally got over yourself…” He gave a soft chuckle, his eyes lighting on her like the softest of caramel. “I felt seen. Me, Kris not ‘The Kronic.’ With you, the noise falls away and it’s just us. You say I make you feel safe and secure but you don’t want to get lost in me. That’s just it. I will always want to get lost in you. Always, Miracle. “


Right as Reign by J.B. Vample

Can a woman who has spent her life hiding her feelings between the pages of a notebook, gain the courage to bare them to the one she’s meant to be with?

Reign Price has always had a good head on her shoulders. At thirty-two, she’s an editing supervisor, in the process of purchasing a home, and when she’s not journaling her deepest thoughts into one of her notebooks, she’s making time for her loved ones. Reign seems to have it all together—on the outside.

That’s because Reign’s ability to suppress her feelings is unmatched. Putting on a brave face while uttering the words “I’m fine” is a skill she has mastered. While her relationship of six years is on the verge of crumbling, Reign tries her best to remain stoic. However, after a devastating betrayal, she’s forced to face her emotions head on.

Through it all, she rekindles a once-close friendship with Chase Williams—her best friend’s older brother. Leaving a dead-end relationship of his own, Chase realizes that being close to Reign again is what he wants.

As old feelings resurface, and new desires reach fever pitch, Reign finds herself faced with a dilemma: be honest about how she truly feels, or risk losing the best thing that has ever happened to her.


Sweet Love by CaSandra McLaughlin

Life after heartbreak isn’t always peachy keen and Yachri Moore was still feeling the effects of the day her boyfriend of three years, Derrick Lanely, allowed her to run away without chasing her when he was the one deciding to walk away. A single’s retreat with her bestfriend Eva, a vow to remain celibate until marriage, her ex Derrick, and her new date Theo Jackson, all led to Yachri experiencing just how life could really be after heartbreak and all he twist and turns that leads to the path of healing, love, and happiness.


In My Mind by Thai

Juliana is a Professor at Pannal University whose life revolves around her job and students. Being an introvert with extreme anxiety doesn’t help and has killed any real relationship Juliana’s ever tried to build… until a man comes through shining his glowing light in her dim world.

His bewitching good looks and captivating soul take Juliana on the most exhilarating ride of her life, leaving an impression too deep for Juliana to wrap her mind around. When those feelings start to hit hard, Juliana finds herself in situations she never imagined, driving her to become someone she fights hard not to be. In this novel, you’ll see why love can make you do some crazy things.


Ride With Me: A tale of Black Love by Asa Imat

A shootout in small-town suburbia. An unfulfilled woman, wandering through life. An illegal immigrant that’s desperate to escape his captors. 

To escape the scene of a crime, Ayanna and Rakim band together and hide out in an empty house. An undeniable attraction sizzles between them, pulling them into an unexpected bond. Although they are eager to give each other a chance, both Ayanna and Rakim need to keep the details of their past lives discreet – details that could destroy any chance of a happy ending for them both.

Will Ayanna gain the wings to fly towards the life that she’s always dreamed of? Will Rakim find a way to rebuild his life after a devastating attack? And will they be able to work their way through a complicated and dangerous situation to find love in each other?

For Ayanna and Rakim, the path that leads out of trouble also leads them into each other’s arms.

This story explores Black Love through connections that cut across cultural boundaries and borders. It contains steamy scenes and descriptions to celebrate black bodies and physicality, and as such, is suitable for adults only!


Rescued by a Billionaire by Queen Keishii

Tortured soul Malaysia Abrams only knew what heartache felt like. From her parents giving her up as a baby, to growing up in foster care and being subjected to abusive relationships, Malaysia never seemed to obtain happiness. After another heartbreak, reaching her breaking point left Malaysia feeling dejected. During this time, she runs across Torren, who could very much change her life. Will Malaysia receive her happily ever after, or is it only true in fairytales?

Torren Gore has had his share of heartache. Losing his mother and father in an unthinkable act, he was forced to pick up the pieces of his life. Being raised by his uncle and his girlfriend, Torren learned that trouble didn’t last always.

Tragedy strikes and Torren must move on with his life. Giving up on love, he closes himself off and focuses on his work. Having a chance encounter with Malaysia at her lowest, may just test all of his beliefs. Could this be love or is he merely fantasizing about the possibilities?


A Happy Place by Shani Smith

After enduring a tumultuous few weeks following her father’s death, Kema Daniels is feeling confident and content. She has her dream job and now owns fifty percent of Sweet Daddy’s Fashions, her late father’s clothing store. In addition, she is dating Victor Pennington, a handsome lawyer, who is doing all the right things to maker her happy. Kema’s world is turned upside down when she faces challenges in her new position and love life. These challenges make her question if working in the corporate world and having a relationship are what truly make her happy.


Late Nights & Love Songs by Raymond Francis

Zera is an aspiring R&B artist while Khalan is a paralegal at ATL’s largest Black owned law firm. Love falls into their laps through a chance meeting, but will trust issues and haunting pasts stand in their way on the course to happiness? Like any Raymond Francis book, Late Nights & Love Songs plays out classic scene by classic scene; full of everything from passionate, wet, steamy sex scenes to unpredictable drama.


Six Feet Away by Marvin Mason

Alvin ‘Hawk’ Hawkins and Tanya Robeson are two grown and sexy people ready to take their relationship to the next level. They only have to win the approval of their toughest critics – Tanya’s three middle school-aged sons.

Tired of sneaking around and blocked by the protocol of the virus, the two lovers finally decide to stop hiding their feelings for each other and reveal their affection to her three boys. Still navigating through life as their father is doing a twenty-five to life bid, the boys assumed they were the only men in their mother’s life. Now they must recover from the biggest enemy they have ever known, their middle school Instructional teacher, Hawk Hawkins.

Hawk must break down the defenses of these three young men if he is to ever successfully plan a future with their mother.
For Hawk, this could be the weekend from hell.


Rose Gold: Part II (He Loves Me She Loves Me Not Book 2) by J. Danielle

After the ultimate blunder committed by Marley, Lyncoln shut the door on his relationship with her. Lyncoln knew Marley had some insecurities, but he never imagined betrayal would be the reason for the ending of their relationship. As much as it pained him to let her go, Lyncoln severed ties with the woman he loved but now didn’t trust.

Marley is devastated about her failed relationship and upset with herself after making what she deems as the dumbest mistake of her life. After losing the man she finally realizes she loves, Marley knows it’s time for her to do some soul searching and figure out what’s really going on the inside.

Does Marley have the determination to “do the work” and find the root of her insecurities? Will Lyncoln exercise forgiveness, and let Marley back into his life? Find out, in the conclusion of Lyncoln and Marley’s love story!

Author’s Note: This is Book 2 in the series. Please read Rose Gold Part I before reading this story.


Uncovered Intentions by Kaleah Rashaad

Inspired by an Ancient Egyptian love story, this sequel continues following a modern day Isis, Osirus, Ma’at, and others on a journey parallel to the one that they lived over six thousand years ago. These timeless stories of love, betrayal, loss, redemption, and healing allow us to learn from the past about what happens when secret intentions become uncovered.

Weeks after a traumatic experience, both Isis and Oz are trying to heal. Isis is trying to heal psychologically and Oz is trying to heal physically. Though they both have the same goal, to be together as a family, the more time that passes, the more obstacles that are placed in their way. They must overcome struggling dreams, failing health, pre-teen hormones, and old ghosts to uncover their own intentions and the intentions of those around them.

But, there are people that want them dead before they can start their life together.


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up January 17th-23rd

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