Avery Gardner desperately needed a fresh start two years after the world as she knew it was shattered. On the outside, she looked as if she was coping and managing the death of her fiancé, Sean, and her miscarriage while trying to carry on with her life. But on the inside, she was barely hanging on.

She nervously decided to leave her family and relocate to a place where she didn’t know anyone, and no one knew what happened in her life. Falling in love again was the absolute last thing she expected. Avery thought that she could never give her heart to another man after Sean. But that’s exactly what happened when she met Bryson Hayes. Her attraction to him was nearly impossible to shake off.

Bryson suffered a terrible loss and hadn’t been living his life to his full potential. He needed Avery to help him move on just as much as she needed him.

These two met broken. But can Avery find the courage to move past her guilt for love and happiness?


New Release Spotlight – Feels So Right: Avery & Bryson, by Pamela Campbell

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