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Just Wanna Mean the Most to You by Grey Huffington


Advance Reviewer’s Thoughts

“I loveeeee it! It’s beautiful and sexy af.”

“Everyone needs a Wolfe!”



My Heart is Your Secret by Chelsea Maria*

I can’t breathe.
And I don’t want to breathe.
I don’t want to breathe my air.
I’d rather embed our veins together so his oxygen can flow into me.
I’d rather us be one…

Keatyn had no idea how much I needed her. With each passing day that went by without touching her… kissing her… I became more ill.

Atlas fell in love with me when he thought it was impossible… I fell in love with him knowing it was guaranteed.

I wanted Keatyn to be so in love with me that I became a second pair of skin to her. So engraved in her that she was unable to breathe unless I exhaled first… But I had secrets. And she had silent insecurities. With everything combined, we were a disaster waiting to explode…



A Kiss at Midnight by J. Nichole

New Year’s Eve is not complete without a midnight kiss.

Unfortunately, for Kayla, she’s at her company New Year’s Eve party — dateless.

After the party she ends up in an empty elevator with her co-worker, Ben, and she gets her kiss.

What will they do Monday morning though?  Act as if nothing happened or  try their luck with an office romance?



Hoodmantic: The Sweetest Thug Love by A. Marie Johnson

Temptation can easily become the devil’s advocate when lust, money, and greed are involved. For Kaizen Trenton, he’d always strayed from the allure of the street life until he crossed paths with Zah’Ria Montgomery. Sparks flew the very first time their eyes met and a devious plan to come-up on a large amount of cash formed the moment they were introduced. When temptation is in the picture, downfalls are also usually sure to follow.

What will be theirs?



I Didn’t Mean to Fall in Love by AshleyNicole

Falling in love with the wrong person can be disastrous. When you find the right one, though, celestial bodies will literally line up to smooth your path.
Siani’s mercury has been in retrograde for what seems like forever. She loves her job, but her boss is a lazy jerk. Family is a foreign idea, and her love life sucks. There’s also a new tenant in her house… but we won’t go there.
Tris has spent the last five years paying for a mistake he didn’t make. Going forward, all he wants to do is get his life back on track and stay out of Siani’s way.
However, things don’t always work out the way we want them to.
He’s sort of a hero, and she kinda needs saving. Can they hold each other up without falling in love?



Love Will Never Do Without You by TaKisha Trenean

Lorielle “Elle” Fox is at the height of her career. Building Elle Bell Events from the ground up, she is excited when her company begins to garner attention from celebrity clientele. Content with her meticulously planned out life, Elle believes that she has everything that she needs until her life is turned inside out when her newest client, her ex-boyfriend and pro football star Omari Jones enters the picture with one goal in mind. To win over the heart of the one that got away.

Omari Jones, former bad boy of football is at the tail end of his career as the wide receiver for the Magic City Thunder. His career has afforded him the lifestyle that he’s always wanted, money, cars, fame, and women. Feeling trapped in a relationship that is based on convenience more than love he has grown restless in his current situation.

It has been almost fourteen years since the last time Omari laid eyes on his best friend and former lover Lorielle. That is until he discovers that they have friends in common and sets a plan in motion to right his wrongs and do whatever he needs to do to finesse his way back into Elle’s life and ultimately her heart. He works to put in overtime to finally get his act together and recover from fumbling with Elle’s heart. With the both of them involved with other people and no longer being who they once were in college Elle refuses to be hurt again but is unsure of how long she can hide the feelings that Omari has reawakened within her. Will Elle choose safe over passion or will she be able to forgive and let love take over?



The Way I Love You by Tosha Damaya

Carmina “Mina” Roberts has a typical teenage life. She gets good grades, works part-time and has the love of her two parents. Her life takes a turn when she meets D’Angelo Cruz, a college football star. He turns Carmina’s world upside down, affecting her friendships and family. As she starts to develop a relationship with D’Angelo, Carmina realizes she has feelings for her best friend, Reese Washington. Eventually, Mena finds herself in a love triangle and doesn’t know who to choose- her childhood friend or the college star.

Follow Mina’s story as she goes through the most challenging year of her young life.



Love Unexpected by DeeAnn


Four best friends all connected through love, but when one best friend disconnects from them willingly and the other in a tragic situation, the two left alone discovers unexpected love that just may complete them once again.

Dr. Moesha Kyle is a young, successful pediatric surgeon who is going through a divorce that gets stickier with each passing day. After her third miscarriage, her soon-to-be ex-husband, Aaron Kyle, steps out on her, and in result, gets his side-piece pregnant. Moesha drowns herself with work to avoid her emotions, stumbling upon Mr. Skylaire Watson. Skylaire is a single father whose son, Jacob, is suffering from brain cancer. Him and Moesha connect through Jacob, and they end up being each other’s unexpected peaceful distraction from their chaotic worlds. Peace never lasts long. A shocking turn of events with Jacob leaves Skylaire unsure of his newfound feelings for Dr. Kyle.

Dr. Omery Steele is one of Moesha’s best friends and Aaron’s. Feeling stuck in the middle of their divorce, she leans on her husband, Adonis, for support. Ultimately, she sides with Moesha and steps back from Aaron. Omery is one of the top OBGYN’s in Houston, specializing in women of color. Her life is what some would call picture perfect. She has the job, dream house, support system, and mostly, the love of her life. Adonis treats Omery like any woman deserves to be treated, but he’s keeping one, life-threatening secret from her. Their world turns upside down once the secret is revealed, but the couple refuses to let it interfere with the foundation they have built.



Be My Lady: A Make It Marriage Short by Nia Arthurs

Micah and Sav met as young lovers, but a terrible secret tore them apart. Now Micah is back, ready to fight for his love. Will Sav be able to forgive him or is it just too late?

This is a VERY short story featuring Savisha from Be My Darling. If you love flawed heroes, sassy heroines, and pet chickens, this is the read for you.



Concealed Skill by Casseola Marie

Christopher Montgomery, former Marine now CIA special ops agent, is convinced that women are only good for one thing…sex. In his line of duty, there is no room for significant others. His work came first, and his handpicked team needing him was more important than satisfying his own needs. Christopher’s life satisfaction came from the rush of killing, gun smoke, and taking down terrorists from around the world. A new assignment given to him by the director of the CIA was out of the norm for him and his team of highly trained professional agents. Chris and his team have been assigned to guard the renowned famous scientist, Alexandria McNeil.

Alexandria McNeil, well known scientist, has it all. She is no nerd and is learning how to own her sexy – finally. Alex worked hard to get to where she is. There was never time to enjoy the fortune she had made over the span of her career. Work has finally turned into play for Alex when her best friend books them a trip to Tahiti. Little did Alex know, this trip was going to be life changing.

After meeting Alex in a Tahiti resort gift shop, Chris is determined not to let her sexy appearance detour him from figuring out the details of this assignment. In a short amount of time, Chris and Alex are diminishing love at first sight rumors. Their attraction for each other is undeniable.

Can Chris have it all? Will he be able to juggle work, acknowledge his love for Alex, and save her life before it’s all too late?



Kissing the Mic: Episode 2 by Thai

The ladies are back with even more drama than they left us with, in this episode…
Queen is now on a journey to draw closer to God, and rediscover who she is without Los in her life. After returning to LA from an amazing trip to Phuket. Queen will learn just how strong she is with the help of Roland. She appreciates how he’s been there for her mind, body and soul. If Queen didn’t know what a real man was before she does now. With Roland by her side and an even stronger support system Queen knows that she has nothing to fear.
Princess being the hopeless romantic that she truly is, has been swept away by Dylan’s romantic gestures. Even though she’s feeling Dylan; Princess can’t help but wonder if he’s too good to be true. With a jaded outlook Princess will have to learn how to trust again. She hopes that Dylan can help with that as they venture deeper into their bond.
Dutchess never thought that she’d be caught between two people she cared about. Armani and Don had both been there for her in many ways. Dutchess knew deep down that she wanted to try things with Don but didn’t want to lose Los in the process. Then the thought of giving herself completely to a man for the first time scared her. Dutchess for once, will have to face her problems head on.



You Got Me Feeling by Kelly Marie

Our story begins with twenty-year old Dove who, although is young, believes that she’s found her prince in street clothing – Ariyon. The two know what they feel for each other, and not even their parents can stop what they believe is inevitable. Until a tragic accident happens and rips them apart.
4 years later, and Dove is a changed woman, happy with her new life and new man, Jasper. But when she comes face to face with a past she thought was gone, she finds that she starts feeling things she can’t explain. She has a decision to make. Does she run with it or run away from it? But in the end, will she get a choice? And is Ariyon as free as he thinks he is?

Kemonie thought she had everything figured out when it came to her life and relationship with Ivan. Until he asks her to do something that shows her that he never loved her. She walks away, but there is a cost and 4 years later, her life is no longer the same.
Still, she rolls up her sleeves and gets on with life, despite her horrid past. Her defence is to feel nothing for nobody outside of her family. It works for years until she crosses path with the handsome and dominating, Deasha. The two start off as friends but in the midst, Kemonie finds feelings surfacing that hasn’t happened in years, and so she runs from Deasha. But he’s not willing to let her go. She gives in to her feelings and is hit with a love she never thought was possible. But Ivan comes back dangling her past and in doing so, he undoes all the hard work Deasha put in to get Kemonie to trust him. And the result is devastating!

And finally, we meet Ro’Myah. The beautiful but troubled twenty-one-year old. Even though she’s young, she feels like the mother because of the troubles her mother brings to their doorstep. She prays for a way out of the hood and a way for her mother to stop. And then there is a knock at the door that changes Ro’s life forever. She’s thrown in the midst of a couple – Exodus and Constance. What should have been an easy job and easy money, turns into everything but that. Feelings that she knows she shouldn’t have, come full force and she finds herself in the arms of Exodus. Who after a relationship breakdown, finds that he needs Ro just as much as she needs him. And just as the two come to terms with how they feel for each other, Exodus finds himself stuck between two women. But who does he chose?

This book is about love and what happens when you meet someone who has you feeling things you can’t explain. Do you run or stay?



The Good in Goodbye: A Novella by Ash Ley

A bond between brothers shouldn’t be easily broken, but for Copeland and Tommy, the years have proven otherwise. While Tommy has settled down with a loving wife and built up a successful life for them, Copeland has struggled finding his balance. With them both embarking on the same journey towards fatherhood, they realize it’s time to try mending things as the struggles they face leave them in positions neither expected.



If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

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New Release Round-Up January 20th-26th

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