Aniyah Lane Walker has Cinderella dreams with her soon-to-be husband and prince charming, Da’Quel Williams, aka Quella. She is ticking down to her winter solstice wedding in 15 days and all she can do is smile and embrace her new lifestyle with open arms. With a baby in her belly, a wedding ring on her finger, peace in her heart, and a lawyer on her arms, her happily ever after is finally secured and nothing or no one can stop it. Or so she thought.

If it ain’t one thing it’s another.
She receives a vicious phone call that she is HIV positive and her eyes only know one direction to turn towards the deception; her own prince charming.
This myriad tale of dramatic twists, turns, and secrets has Aniyah hunting down the age-old question: Who is she?

What do I do?
How do I protect my child?
Who can I trust?
Will Quella give her the truth? Or will she have to find it out her own on how she became infected?


New Release Spotlight – Infected: Betrayed By True Love, by Felix Cunningham III

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