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Check out these new releases from January 22nd-28th.

Because It’s Forever by T’Lyn

Prynceton Masters has an envious life. Money, power and an endless supply of women is his exception .

Stacking money and charming ladies are the only consistency Prynce welcomes in his life, until a woman unlike any other catches his eye.

If you asked Prynce about love at first sight, he would tell you it only exists in the eyes of the same fools who believe they can take his top spot but, she, has him reconsidering.

An unexpected shift has Prynce moving his focus to a beautiful woman who has become his priority, with the understanding that the game has changed and so has her future.


One More Shot: A dual POV steamy second chance romance (Flights and Feelings) by Anise Starre

After a disastrous attempt at a one night stand, Eliott Rayne is content with never seeing the wildly confident and ridiculously handsome Dane Clarke again.

Two years later and she’s mostly pushed him from her mind when he barrels into her life once more as the best man at a wedding she’s been hired to photograph. Her first instinct is to run, cancel the job, and get as far away from Dane as possible. But Dane has other ideas. When Eliott reveals the embarrassing reason behind their failed night together, Dane is undeterred. Now he knows what went wrong two years ago, he’s determined to make it work this time around. But Eliott isn’t convinced.

After their bumpy start transitions into a genuine friendship, will the two give each other one more shot or will what they have be over before it’s really even begun?

A dual POV steamy second chance contemporary romance.


She’s Elite Cutz by Charity Shane’

For Nyla Holmes, life is never easy. Two steps forward always end up turning into ten steps back.

As the coldest female barber in Elite Cutz, Nyla wants to own her own shop. She plans for years and has set her sights on the perfect building. Disappointment settles in once again when she finds out that her dream has to be put on hold. The one person Nyla believes will never hurt her does the unthinkable. 

Aarick Landry knows what success looks and feels like. He’s the VP of the credit union and an active member of his fraternity alumnae chapter. Aarick also understands that life can sometimes be harder on some than others. His mother has struggled with addiction his entire life.

Nyla and Aarick are total opposites but after a few chance encounters they quickly discover one similarity-they need another.


Mercer (Berkeley Bred Book 4) by Grey Huffington

I’m not the n*gga you can creep with, Pretty. 

Smitten, I was, the day I stepped into your space, uninvited and unable to give a simple fuck. 

Aroused, I was, the second your lips parted and your words serenaded me. Without a doubt, I knew I would take the opportunity to part the lower pair and mark my territory with precision. 

Disheartened, I was to learn that you had vowed to another n*gga what should’ve been mine from the beginning, whether I’d stumbled into your world yet or not. The fact that you settled without meeting me first left a bitter taste in my mouth, forcing my hand. My mission was easily established, and I refused to rest until you were beside me. 
Whole, I became, the moment God answered those prayers I put in and blessed me beyond measure. From that day, my priority has been and will always be catering to your every desire because you deserve a love that doesn’t make you wonder, whimper, or worry. I’ve got that kind of love and I’m here to give it to you.


Vallei by Grey Huffington

An extension of Mercer.


Just Us (Forever Love Book 2) by Sheena Binkley

LaToya Hudson and Simon Gibson were acquaintances during their time at Smith University. However, they became close after several encounters in New York. They started dating and eventually became parents. But due to their busy schedules, they haven’t had much time to be a couple, which makes them question their future together.

LaToya has always been afraid of commitment because of the issues she experienced with her parents while growing up. Although they are committing to their marriage, it is also due to her father’s illness. LaToya is going through a difficult time, with her new job, being a new mother to her daughter Misha, and worrying about her father. On top of that, Simon’s cousin, Tamar, is constantly getting herself into trouble, and Simon has to bail her out. LaToya is starting to wonder if she even fits into a relationship, or if she can be a good mother. She is worried that her issues will become too much for her to handle, leading her to do something drastic.

Simon deeply loves Latoya and will do anything for her and their daughter. However, he also loves another woman in his life: his cousin, Tamar. Simon sees Tamar as a sister and feels responsible for her. He knows she has had a difficult life after her parents disappeared, and his family took her in. While everyone else in his family has given up on Tamar, Simon wants to show that someone cares about her. But when an incident puts LaToya and Misha in danger, Simon is faced with a difficult decision. Will he be able to forgive himself, or will his actions make LaToya believe that love is just an illusion?

LaToya and Simon have a lot to deal with. Will they rely on each other to get through their problems, or will their issues tear them apart? Follow their journey in ‘Just Us’ the second story in the ‘Forever Love’ series.


New Year With The Beauty Next Door : Vera Cruz (The State of Alamosa Book 14) by L’Amour Coulture

New Year’s Eve 2021…
Jeighce and Terrayne are next door neighbors.
Jeighce is in love with Terrayne, but she doesn’t know it.
Terrayne is in a failing relationship.
When Jeighce finds out, he wants more than anything to help mend her heart and show her that they both want the same thing out of life.
Real love.
Will Terrayne allow Jeighce to change her world for the better?


Marigold (The Love Flower Series Book 2) by Aricka Alexander

Winter Hughes has always known since she was younger that she never fit into the mold of the stereotypical girl. From the discomfort she’d feel if she had to wear girly clothes to the inability to develop a crush on guys like the other girls in her class, she knew that she was different. But that didn’t bother her one bit. Her family supported her and loved her unconditionally no matter what. Her life was great, but as she got older, she realized just how difficult being different could be.

After some traumatic experiences in high school and college, she sees just how cruel people can be. So, she decided to move away from her hometown for a fresh start.

Enter Autumn, a woman she’s instantly drawn to when they meet in the elevator of their apartment complex one day. There’s a connection and tension between them. The closer they become, the more Winter realizes that it is no coincidence that they meet each other.

This is a story about love. About upset. Passion. And the struggles and rewards of being yourself.

This is the story of how Winter and Autumn became one.


LOVE UNDER CONSTRUCTION: A Finlay Texas Short (Love In Finlay) by Sharae Teria

When Erica Shelton’s dreams of a corporate promotion fall through, she makes an impulsive cross-country move and buys a run-down bed-and-breakfast-inn needing extensive renovations. She immediately clashes with the rugged local contractor she hires, Remy Wallace. But as attraction simmers below the sparring, Remy comes to Erica’s rescue in a dangerous crisis. In nursing her back to health, secrets surface about Remy’s past heartbreak that makes him resistant to love again. Can these opposites find common ground, forgive the past, and build a joyful future together in Erica’s adopted small town?


The Seven Month Itch (Chance at Love Book 1) by Tanvier Peart

Seven days.

One relentless best friend.

singles’ retreat in the middle of nowhere my future ex-husband decides to attend.

What could go wrong?

Note to self: When your best friend of twenty years shows up at your door and tells you to pack, run. It’s an ambush, not your annual girls’ trip.

I wasn’t fast enough, so here I am. At a seven-day singles’ retreat in Vail, Colorado, 1,011 miles away from home and my comfort zone.

Emma knows I’m not ready to entertain the idea of meeting one man, let alone a herd of bachelors. No dating playbook for single women on the brink of divorce could prepare for this winter escape—or the man who descends from the elevator after we arrive.

My estranged husband.

A man I’ve loved since college.

A man who shattered my heart that’s yet to heal.

This is the first time we’ve laid eyes on each other since I left him seven months ago. Rage. Hurt. Betrayal. I feel it all. So why do my thighs clench at the memory of his touch?

Based on his gaze, I won’t survive the week.

A fast read full of shenanigans, The Seven Month Itch is a debut with laughs, tension, and steamy scenes. Perfect for fans of spice, banter, and drama with twists and turns.

Tropes include:

  • Second chance
  • Cinnamon roll MMC
  • Opposites attract
  • Dual POV
  • Singles’ retreat
  • Winter Hallmark setting
  • Close proximity
  • Heated scenes


Presumed Guilty (Serena Manchester Mysteries Book 4) by Tyora Moody

Controversial real estate developer Vic Meyers wants to hire private detective Serena Manchester. Despite warnings about Meyers’ shady associations, Serena agrees to take the case. She uncovers a startling revelation—a long-lost brother she never knew existed, may be involved in a brutal crime.

With her brother, now a prime suspect in a murder case, Serena embarks on a treacherous path to uncover the truth, risking everything for her newfound family. Will she bring the real killer to justice, or will her discoveries tear her world apart forever?


How the Wench Stole Christmas: a Silver Belles romance by T.A. Harshaw

Simi flees New York for Vermont when her boyfriend of twelve years announces that he’s met someone else and no longer wants to be with her. Heartbroken and humiliated, she finds some comfort in the company of her best friend, Myla, in a picturesque little town called Sylvan Hollow. But that comfort doesn’t last for long. When Simi comes face to face with Myla’s neighbor, Dexter Reid, she encounters yet one more reason for the season to be not so jolly.

Dex is unprepared for Simonette Peyton. She’s cold, difficult, and inconveniently beautiful. After one bad marriage and a strained relationship with his only child, he’s neither looking for love nor expecting to find it, and he certainly doesn’t have time to waste on a woman so determined to dislike him.

But all their rubbing each other the wrong way feels deliciously right, and Simi presents too tempting of a challenge for Dex to pass up. Once he finally convinces her to have only one date with him, she has four more, and in just one week, they are well on their way to the merry kind of Christmas that neither of them had anticipated.

But will the fire they’ve built stay so delightful?


Saving Sunny by Emem Bassey

If anyone had told Philip Idim that a few days after his wife and son’s remembrance he’d be mixed up with an abandoned woman spotting a fresh C-section scar and her baby, he’d have scoffed. As he wasn’t a people person, keeping to himself a lot, how was that supposed to happen? Yet, it did. Despite his own struggles, he grudgingly helped the woman called Sunny. He did everything personally even though he was capable of paying people to handle the situation. That should’ve been all, but Philip found himself smiling again and painting more than his late wife’s face after three years. He believed he’d only ever love his late wife, yet, he couldn’t explain the insistent pull he had towards Sunny. Was it still help if he wanted Sunny and her baby permanently?

A Christmas At Home by Allyson Collins

ora Ashton plans to spend a quiet holiday at home with her daughter, Laura who returns from
college during Christmas break. It is the first Christmas they celebrate together following her
husband’s untimely death.

Laura learns that Professor Trevor Steele is planning to visit her hometown for the holidays.
Thinking he would be an excellent match for her mother, she immediately springs into action
and invites him for Christmas dinner. Much to her surprise, Laura learns some unexpected
personal details about him.


Bros: A Black Lesbian Story by S.J Mitch

Bros: A Black Lesbian Story follows the story of Janice, also known as “J,” a typical masculine-presenting lesbian who struggles with the love and betrayal of those close to her. J runs a successful business with her colleague and best friend, Toni. But Toni’s jealousy threatens to ruin everything they work so hard to build. While J struggles with finding love after a toxic divorce and situationship, Toni works overtime, unbeknownst to J, to hurt and cause pain in any way that she can.


The Redemption Bride: A Blizzard Brides Companion Tale by Parker J. Cole

Outlaw Cain Blackwood is haunted by his sins. He lives his life among the dregs of society, losing his soul with each unlawful act he commits. Until his eyes captures the gaze of one of his victims during a stagecoach robbery. Without thought of anything else, without even knowing why, he steals her away.

Ottilie Banner takes one look into the dark, pain-filled eyes of the man who kidnaps her and knows he’s a wounded spirit like herself. Though fierce, big, and filled with fury, she can tell he’s searching for something to ease the heartache within him.

When unforeseen circumstances force them to wed, Cain finds himself torn. Should he let the woman he kidnapped go? Or hold on to his bride of redemption?


Her New York Minute (The Friendship Chronicles Book 4) by Darby Baham

Eyes on the prize…

Her career—or her love?

From the moment Brit Olivia Robinson lands in New York City, she’s single-minded in her ambition: take America by storm and become the best portfolio manager the New York office has ever seen on her way to a big UK promotion. Romance? No way. But after a chance airplane connection with handsome Thomas Wright, the instant spark that ignites is unlike anything she’s ever felt. Thomas’s role is clear, especially as Liv settles in to her temporary new life. She needs a friend—nothing more. If ambitious Liv pauses on her zoom to the top, though, can she find room for Thomas in her heart and her life—permanently?

From Harlequin Special Edition: Believe in love. Overcome obstacles. Find happiness


A Stalker’s Prey (West Investigations Book 8) by K.D. Richards

Her biggest fan
…has a fatal obsession.

Hollywood actress Bria Baker has all that comes with worldwide fame…including a stalker who’s followed her to a New York City film set. To assure her personal protection, the superstar hires bodyguard Xavier Nichols—the man whose heart she once broke. As the stalker’s threats escalate, so do Bria’s feelings for Xavier. But the stalker has a special role for Bria: his and his alone.

From Harlequin Intrigue: Seek thrills. Solve crimes. Justice served.


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up January 22nd-28th

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