LaToya Hudson and Simon Gibson were acquaintances during their time at Smith University. However, they became close after several encounters in New York. They started dating and eventually became parents. But due to their busy schedules, they haven’t had much time to be a couple, which makes them question their future together.

LaToya has always been afraid of commitment because of the issues she experienced with her parents while growing up. Although they are committing to their marriage, it is also due to her father’s illness. LaToya is going through a difficult time, with her new job, being a new mother to her daughter Misha, and worrying about her father. On top of that, Simon’s cousin, Tamar, is constantly getting herself into trouble, and Simon has to bail her out. LaToya is starting to wonder if she even fits into a relationship, or if she can be a good mother. She is worried that her issues will become too much for her to handle, leading her to do something drastic.

Simon deeply loves Latoya and will do anything for her and their daughter. However, he also loves another woman in his life: his cousin, Tamar. Simon sees Tamar as a sister and feels responsible for her. He knows she has had a difficult life after her parents disappeared, and his family took her in. While everyone else in his family has given up on Tamar, Simon wants to show that someone cares about her. But when an incident puts LaToya and Misha in danger, Simon is faced with a difficult decision. Will he be able to forgive himself, or will his actions make LaToya believe that love is just an illusion?

LaToya and Simon have a lot to deal with. Will they rely on each other to get through their problems, or will their issues tear them apart? Follow their journey in ‘Just Us’ the second story in the ‘Forever Love’ series.


New Release Spotlight – Just Us (Forever Love Book 2), by Sheena Binkley

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