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Brave Hearts (Holliday Sisters Book 2) by Nicole Falls*

Faced with the possibility of losing one of her closest friends, Valora Holliday finds herself
In the very unique position of offering a solution to his problem and a way for her friend to remain in her life.

Francisco Mora is blindsided with a clerical error that places life as he knows it in the balance. When Valora offers the perfect solution to get him out of this jam, he’s hesitant, thinking it’ll ruin their bond.

But, what’s a little marriage between friends, right?



Something Special by Tiffany Patterson

I can’t stand him.
Jamal Holmes.
My best friend’s cousin.
So what he may be able to help me finally make the move to get my business off the ground. He’s a pompous jerk and judgmental to boot. At least, those are the very excuses I tell myself to avoid his help at all costs. Now, if I could just get my silly body to stop reacting every time he’s near. If I could manage to control my erotic thoughts whenever he opens his mouth or tosses one of those goofy grins my way, everything would be just fine. Only if he didn’t look so damn good in everything he puts on…

I can’t stand her.
Gabriella, Gabby for short.
She’s brash, snarky and seems to have it out for me. A damn she-devil.
I don’t give a damn how great her legs look in the tight jeans and leggings she wears. Or, how appealing her mid-section appears in the halter tops she frequently dons. Nor do I care that her smooth, brown skin always looks good enough to taste. She’s a pain in the ass. At least, I thought she was until I started getting to know her. The real Gabby, and not the defensive, sarcastic, she-devil she initially hid behind to put up a wall between us. Slowly, I start to realize I get under her skin just as much as she gets under mine. And once we finally begin to break those walls down, we are both surprised by what’s underneath. Neither of our attitudes, or our pasts that come back into our lives can come between what’s inevitably … Something Special.



My Heart Was A Fool: Esmin and Greigh’s Story by BriAnn Danae

“You made me fall in love, girl. There ain’t no leaving me.” – Esmin

Though he never tried to fight it, Esmin didn’t think his initial attraction to Greigh would be anything more than what she tried to make it; forbidden. Up against a battle to keep her heart, and keep her brother’s out their business, he’s also coming to terms with becoming a dad. A role that his own father lacked in due to incarceration and one Esmin wanted to conquer regardless of his shortcomings.

The undeniable connection Greigh felt with Esmin from the beginning, is much more than she expected it to be. She vowed to never cross the dangerous line that he walked on and went for playing it safe, but those lines were quickly blurred when she became pregnant. Learning to not only love him and the new life growing inside her, Greigh finds herself struggling to balance her life and their relationship.

Falling in love and staying there isn’t an easy task. In fact, falling in love will be downright agonizing for this couple. When life throws a curve ball their way, Esmin and Greigh both must come out swinging at the perfect angle. But, at what price does love cost? And, will it be worth all their efforts in the end to fight and forgive or to let their hearts wander?



Just One Night: (The Temptation Series) Book 1 by Keitra Crooks

Danaya and Kenyon were best friends who longed for more but they never stepped over the edge because there was one reason that would not let Danaya do it. So when a job came up in New York, Danaya hastily accepted and moved away from Houston, TX; leaving Kenyon in her wake.

But now two years later, Danaya was coming back for their best friends’ New Year’s Eve wedding and Kenyon was not going to let her leave until they talked about their feelings. Although Danaya still loved Kenyon, the reason they could not be together was still standing in between them. But seeing him again was making it harder for her to ignore the attraction that was still there.

Kenyon had four days to spend with Danaya before she was to go back to New York so he decided if he could have her for Just One Night maybe he could convince her that they were meant to be together forever.



Ex-Ray: Book Two of the Until Ray Trilogy by Cheryl Robinson

In this journey into second-chance love, author Cheryl Robinson invites us to ponder whether we would rekindle a romance with someone who had broken a promise to forsake all others.

Meet Ray and Sarita Saint. In 1987, they pledged to love, honor, and cherish each other until death. When Ray goes missing a year later, Sarita wonders whether he’s dead or alive. While she was dreaming of their happily ever after, Ray was exploring greener pastures, a new relationship. Sarita—a virgin until marriage—took her vows seriously and believed Ray did, too. Instead, he left their marriage and their life in Detroit to reinvent himself. Sarita always held out hope that he would return one day. And he does. It’s twenty-seven years later, and Ray is determined to find his one true love. What he discovers has him question everything he thought he knew about Sarita, as well as himself.


Baby, Be Mine: A Short Story by Alexandria House

What do the lonely do on Valentine’s Day?

That’s the dilemma Pia Harris faces for the second year in a row. But maybe this year will be different. Maybe, just maybe, she’ll find another lonely heart to share it with.

***This short story contains profanity and sexual content. If you do not like those elements in your romantic reads, this is not the story for you***



Hope: Mae Sisters Series by Iesha Bree

Camille is the oldest sister of the Mae Sisters, and something like the matriarch of the family. After coming face to face with her birth father. Can Camille get past the nightmares and fears from her past that continue to plague her. As her family tries to mend some of the tares that have wrecked there family. Camille has decided she is going to put herself first for the first time in love and life.
Noah Derrick is a Cruise Mogul who has finally met his match in a woman who doesn’t fall for his addicting charm, so now he is focused on a way of showing her he’s everything she needs. But with unforeseen problems continuously trying to break them apart. Can the hope of a future he has set with Camille come to fruition in this last installment of the Mae Sisters Series.



Awaken Me (The Holmes Brothers Book 6) by Farrah Rochon

As the baby of his family, Reid Holmes has happily played the role of the Charming, Irresponsible One. But as his 30th birthday approaches, Reid wonders whether he should be doing more with his life than working as a plumber for Holmes Construction. Now he has the chance to shed his carefree playboy image and go into business for himself, but is leaving his cousin’s construction company a sign of growing up, or the ultimate show of disloyalty? And with the arrival of Holmes Construction’s gorgeous new site coordinator, Reid isn’t sure now is the best time to jump ship.

When her father is forced to close the family’s longtime handyman business, Brooklyn LeBlanc sees her chance to break free of the job she’s been stuck in since age 15 and finally pursue her dream of writing comics. But responsibilities—and her secret role in the demise of her family’s business—forces Brooklyn to again put the career she truly desires on the back burner. At least her new job at Holmes Construction comes with a hot plumber she can spend the day fantasizing about. But what happens when her harmless workplace crush awakens feelings that aren’t so innocent?



Something Old? Something New? (Something About Love Series Book 1) by Marlee Rae

Dawn is sad, emotionally broken, and recovering from a recent family tragedy when she meets a handsome new neighbor. The new neighbor, Macon, is kind, chivalrous, and determined to win Dawn’s heart. But, what will Dawn’s boisterous and overly confident best friend, Dre, have to say about this new neighbor. Will he embrace her new love interest or will he want her for himself? Travel on the highs and lows of Dawn’s journey as she decides if someone old or someone new is best for her.



If We Could Do It Again by A. Marie Johnson

“Nothing can go on between us. You can’t come in town and just sweep me back into your arms, Noble.”
“I can’t? Because that’s exactly what I plan on doing. Starting right now.”

Noni Clark never imagined living her life without Noble Preston by her side… until she had to. Their high school sweetheart love came to an unwanted end when Noble graduated and moved to California, leaving her behind in their hometown. With no other choice but to move on, Noni finished her final year of high school alone and continued to find her way through life without him… until he came back.

Riding on the upside of a promising acting career, Noble Preston has never been more satisfied with life, but there is one thing missing to make it complete; Noni Clark. After nine years without seeing her, fate finds a way to bring them back together through his younger sister, Avery. Avery needs a wedding planned, Noble is going to stay for the planning and fund it all and Noni is the best wedding planner in the city. The chance for Noble to win Noni back and keep her for good seems promising… until trouble pops up.

A mother that never wanted to see the two of them together, a man who has already made a place in Noni’s life and an enticing vixen from Noble’s very recent past makes it hard for the unforgettable lovers to truly reunite. Can a love that never seemed to fade win? Or will the destiny that first set them apart continue to trump all?



Well-worn Dreams by Dara Girard

Candice prefers fantasy to real life.
She fantasizes about a better life but mostly about the stranger she sees at the library.
The stranger fulfills all her dreams.
Until one tiny action threatens to change that. 
Forcing her to face reality in a way she never thought she could.



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New Release Round-Up January 22nd-28th

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