When I first discovered Synithia Williams, she was with a different publishing company. After the switch to big-box publishing, I wanted to be assured, the same quality of work as I’d begun to expect from this author. I am happy to report; things are well and good on my account.

In this story, we’ll meet Angela Bouler, an auntie, student and hard-working woman, struggling to make ends meet and take care of her newly appointed charge in her nephew, Cory. Cory’s mother decided she was no longer able to care for her child after his father’s prison sentencing. Not wanting her nephew to go into foster care, Angela took Cory into her home. Stressed and a little bewildered by her circumstance, Angela worked by day as a children’s counselor and a bartender in a gentleman’s club a few nights a week. Angela never wanted her two worlds ever to meet. She’d accomplished this until the Jacksonville Gators won the championship and the good-guy star player was in the club that night. Isaiah Reynold was always considered to be a super sweet guy. After meeting her that night, he later burrowed his way into her life, turned it upside down and quickly warmed Cory’s heart in the process. The only way to be in a relationship with Angela would mean having a friendship with Cory. Coincidentally, Isaiah coached the kids at the center where Angela’s kids were participants. Cory was one of the kids given a spot at the camp by the board.  Coaching Cory and being around him was the opportunity for Isaiah to get to know both Cory and Angela better. Isaiah wasted no time with the challenge.

Angela’s financial problems soon spilled over into her relationship with Isaiah. And because he had the resources, he chose to do some things out of the goodness of his heart, which would later backfire. There was the question as to whether Isaiah thought less of Angela because of her second job? Did her other job pose a problem for the good-guy professional athlete?  The story was a lovely piece about family commitment, learning to be humble and finding love despite trying to fight it. The few intimate moments don’t take away from the story. There was enough of a connection to be happy with how the story flowed. Their happily-ever-after warmed my heart. A perfect read. 5.0 Stars.

Review – Overtime for Love (Scoring for Love), by Synithia Williams

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