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Until My Heart Stops by Mycah Edwards

“I never needed to be rich. I only needed to be happy.” – Kenzino Kennedy
Professional athlete, Kenzino Kennedy, had everything, then he had nothing. A trip to his grandmother’s hometown provides him with the freedom he needs to answer a simple question – if he strips himself of his ego, who will he be?
Park Carr was the small-town girl who saw life through a kaleidoscope. Everything was beautiful until it wasn’t. Despite having her heart broken, she’s determined to keep herself open to love, but there’s just one problem: she’s the victim of a vicious rumor that keeps her holed up at home.
He’s a retired NFL player with a desire to dance. She’s newly unemployed but hopeful. Together, they have the opportunity to put love to the test so long as they trust their hearts long enough to see that love can be unconditional when it’s done right. However, when done wrong, the damage can be just as fatal as when the heart stops.



Without You (Quicksand Book 2) by Delaney Diamond

When trust is broken, can it ever be repaired?

At one time, Terrence “T-Murder” Burrell had it all—a wife, three kids, and an extravagant lifestyle as one of the most popular rappers in the industry. Because of his cheating, he lost his family and knew his life would never be the same. But one night with his ex-wife changes his outlook, and he sees a chance not only to redeem himself, but reclaim the life he once took for granted.

Charisse Burrell divorced Terrence after he broke her heart one too many times. In a moment of weakness she gives in to her desires and makes a mistake that she soon regrets. Now Terrence wants her to believe that not only has he changed, they should try again. Her brain says she shouldn’t trust him, but will her heart give him another chance?

(Quicksand is a series of stand alone stories based on love, sex, and romance. Why Quicksand? Because love pulls you in. The more you fight, the deeper you fall. You can’t fight your way out of quicksand, and you can’t fight your way out of love.)



Maker of Sunshine: Only for Love (Lewis Family Book 1) by G Nichelle

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone- Bill Withers
How do you love when no one has never shown you how?
Nailah James is a social worker who has settled down in Dallas, TX after a life of city hopping and instability. Her mother left her when she was four, her father left her when she was ten, and her foster mother left her when she was sixteen. Because of her past, Nailah has never had a steady friend or lover. Opting to be alone, rather than hurt again, she purposely avoids long term relationships.
Tyriq Lewis is a doctor with an overbearing family that always has an opinion about his life. After a college knee injury, Tyriq’s chance to play basketball professionally is over, along with his serious relationship. Years later, Tyriq had almost given up on ever getting over his ex, and was resigned to living out his bachelor lifestyle forever.
When Nailah and Tyriq meet by accident, emotions run high and fast. Nailah literally runs away from Tyriq leaving the bachelor wanting more and gearing up for a chase.
Having a loving family and a forever partner is the ultimate goal as the two battle their emotions and their pasts to build a future together. The storms must come, in order to bring the sunshine.
This is a story about learning to ‘let go’ in order to receive more. Share moments of uncertainty, laughter, and love with the Lewis family in Maker of Sunshine by G Nichelle.



A Lesson on Love (Jenkins & Sons Construction Series Book 3) by Sharon C. Cooper

Some lessons are harder to learn than others.

Jerry Jenkins is a player. He loves women. Curvy women. Soft women. He’s unapologetically drawn to full-figured women. With all the beauties in the world, he has no intention of settling down with just one. Not until Rayne Ellison moves in next door. But the curvaceous beauty doesn’t fall for his charm. Still, she’s the only woman who has him willing to shred his bachelor’s card.

If there’s one lesson single mom Rayne learned over the years, it’s to avoid players. Been there, done that. Barely survived. No way will she fall prey to another ladies’ man. She has one focus—raising her daughter, but there’s something so magnetic about Jerry. Rayne agrees to be friends, but nothing more. At least that’s what she tells herself.

When tragedy strikes, Rayne is ready to give up, but it’s Jerry who keeps her afloat. He breaks down her defenses and, in the process, gives her a lesson on love.


Love Don’t Come Easy by C. Monet

Although heartbreak is a thing of the past for Kali Kyng, she is still dealing with the remnants of loving the wrong guy that told a couple of lies. Working and minding the business that pays her, Kali is closed off and not interested in having her heart toyed with again. It won’t matter how fine a man is, it won’t matter how well he can speak, it won’t matter his occupation because she isn’t interested.

Her ex-boyfriend, Deon, shows up fresh out of jail to make amends when a stranger steps in and saves her. Pardison is all for playing the game until he decides it’s not a game for him. Loving Kali harder than she’s ever been loved before is his new task and goal until she gives in.

Love won’t come easy for them both with Deon playing games and willing to tear anything that makes Kali happy apart. Loving a boy and a man are different, and Pardison is up for the challenge. Kali is fearful but gives in after a little persistence.

A connection is made, but just when everything seems perfect, he idea of the man she has given her heart to is altered. Will love come easy for Pardison and Kali? Or will the hardships of love and pain tear them apart?



Hearts Don’t Break Even by Brix McQueen

I wasn’t ready to date again.
Love another man and give him all of me again.
In fact, I was still dealing with the broken heart my ex-fiancé left me with.
Time doesn’t heal all wounds… hardly any if you asked me. What time did do though, was give me a chance to find myself. I thought I was madly in love when really, I just loved the idea of it.
I still do.
I’m a hopeful romantic and loved knowing that one day I’d be a man’s everything, get married and start a family of our own. It was on my list of things to do before I was called home. With the abrupt death of my Aunt, the realization of time stopping for no one hit me. I didn’t have time to sulk in my sorrows anymore.
And, Rashad wouldn’t let me.
He wanted me… baggage and all. To fulfill every need that had gone unmet with what’s his name.
He wanted me… smart mouth and all. Insecurities and all…
Because his heart had been broken too. So, we connected even though I wasn’t ready for us too. Sometimes, men were just extra baggage, and Lord knows I didn’t need that but was Rashad worth it? Could he and I possibly seal our shattered hearts together and master loving again? I was ready to take that risk and find out.



My Fighter (My Lover Book 2) by Kerubo Jones

Every relationship has growing pains–can Chauncey and Eve fight through them?

Life has gotten intense since Chauncey’s team won the football championship. His tireless quest for racial justice and equality has started to bring the country together, but it’s tearing his relationship apart.

Eve grew up poor, and dating Chauncey has turned her on to the finer things in life. But when he travels out of town to join a new football team, the distance only breeds mistrust and suspicion. Eve fears the worst as Chauncey plans for the rest of their lives together. Can the couple hold on and make it to the other side?



My Time in the Sun by Naleighna Kai

Kari barely survived a horrific ordeal when she was forced to take drastic measures to protect an innocent child. Years later, she’s put the past behind her, owns a successful business, and is married to a wonderful man who loves her like no other. All the sordid secrets that she’s managed to keep hidden, even from her husband, resurfaces with a vengeance when Terrence Henderson announces to the entire congregation, “The first lady was a prostitute.”

Tony Kimbrough’s plans for the saints to “take the church to the streets” is met with staunch opposition by the board, deacons, and members who believe that staying on the “safe side” of Chicago’s police brutality and gang problems suits them just fine. When Terrence uses strong family ties to the church to publicly disgrace Kari, as a sure-fire way to take over, a media firestorm ensues and heated membership split soon follows. Tony makes strategic moves to protect his wife from anyone and everyone coming against her—including members who are so “heavenly” minded that they’re no earthy good. When the smoke clears, no one will ever be the same.



Trick or Treat: who’s my sweet? by B.L. Wilson

When wealthy, bossy, arrogant Delisa Winston discovers Nicky Gates, the man she just married as part of a business arrangement, is a woman pretending to be a man, she loses it, starting their marriage with a bang.

Nicholas/Nicolette Gates, a business person with varied tastes in women, mistakenly thinks that since Delisa is a lesbian, she’ll appreciate the revelation that she is gay as well.

Both parties think that they will continue on as before their marriage, dating who they want and enjoying the rewards of their merger. However, Nicky’s disclosure to Delisa has opened a whole new can of worms…and feelings.

Now it’s a question of what to do with the information Nicolette revealed to Delisa. Can the two women keep it a secret until they figure out what to do? Will they manage to stay married and keep their secret? If the secret gets out, what will happen to Nicolette and her company’s merger with Delisa? What will happen to Delisa’s companies and is she culpable? Do the women have a future together?



Feel Good (Bad Romance Book 1) by Cindi C. Rose

Ariana’s fresh out of college and impressing everyone in her new marketing position.
The problem is she’s also become infatuated with her boss. It’s okay, though. She can be a good girl if she tries really hard.
But being good doesn’t really come easy for her.
Ari’s always been a risk-taker. So why not get Darius Good to see things her way?
She can be very persuasive.

Originally intended as a short story, Feel Good is the first novella in a 2-Part Series.



90’s Kind of Love – The Remix by Sharbree Robertson

Liza would never love anyone else after the heartbreak that she experienced over a year ago. She had never let her guard slip and the one time that she did, it backfired on her. The stupidest part of it all, is that she hid this from her best friend Henny and her boyfriend Knox. The worst part of it, was that he was also Knox’s best friend.

Nic was the ladies man, and he knew it. But the one person that he could fall weak to, had already been hurt by him and refused to allow him in. Liza was his world but she didn’t really know that because he ruined any chance he had with her by breaking her heart.

What happens next is up to fate and the love of good friends and family to make the two see that they love each other and are bound to be together. Or will they?



6 Weeks: (Crimson Nights Book 2) by Keina Daniece

For over three years Yvette Richardson loved Tarik Hunter with all of her heart and now she was ready for their relationship to move to the next level. She wanted an engagement ring and she was not willing to wait any longer. So, Yvette gave him an ultimatum. Tarik had six weeks to propose to her or she was leaving him.

Tarik did not want to get married and he made that fact evidently clear to Yvette early on in the relationship so he didn’t understand why she was giving him an ultimatum about it now. He was not changing his mind—no matter how much he loved her.

One decision would change their lives and there was only six weeks to make it. Was Yvette going to get what she wanted or was Tarik going to hold his ground and risk losing the woman he loved forever?



Unjust Love (A Bennett Affair Book 2) by Donnia Marie

Benjamin Bennett leads a lifestyle that many could only dream of. He’s a star quarterback, well educated, and he knows how to get what he wants. But what he stays clear from is love because his ambition and goals don’t align with it.

“I am a single man with laser-sharp focus on and off the field. Nowhere in that equation am I thinking about being in a committed relationship.” ~Benji~

Riana is sassy and all about herself. Her world consists of her career as a musician and she doesn’t see anything outside of it.. Though her intentions are good, she battles issues from the past that hinders her from truly moving forward in life, especially in the love department.

Benji and Riana think they have things figured out until heartbreak shatters each of them leaving no choice but to rebuild themselves. But will they rebuild together?

One important thing they learn is no matter how much money you have or how many people wish for your life, some things can’t be avoided.

Is it possible for them to move forward in a relationship or is it best to focus on themselves? Are the circumstances they’re being forced to confront too overwhelming to work through? Most importantly, will Benji and Riana be able to fight against an Unjust Love?

A Bennett Affair is a series based on successful brothers delving into their own journey of life. Ironically, love comes for each one of them at different times with different experiences.



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New Release Round-Up January 28th-February 3rd

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