Cassandra Watson’s husband Elliott was a complete and utter royal pain in my butt. When the story began, he appeared as an absentee husband who neglected his wife and might have been having an affair. So, I was so over him at the first of the story, and the irrelevant feelings about him progressed deep into the story. I’ve mentioned this before, and it’s worth reiterating. If a character causes a severe reaction to the storyline, then the author did their job very well. Diana W. wrote the red out of this story and made the blue glow with an intensity like no other. Writers might be green with envy at the many accolades that I am about to bestow upon this story.

The story was well-written, excellently told and precisely executed. I am a sucker for a great storyline delivered with precision and refinement. The story is about a couple struggling to maintain their new normal and maybe getting back to who they used to be before the disconnection between them started. As the story progressed, I started to believe Elliott and began to have an inkling of doubt about his wife’s emotional self-worth. She had so much drama going on inside her head. The way she kept vacillating in her feelings for Elliott to later devolve into a complete mess was aggravating. Cassandra’s old flame coming back into her life had more red flags than a parade in China. Julian was no good, and it was easy to see he had his agenda when it came to Cassie. Everyone but Cassie could see his traitorous side. Then there was the white guy, the police officer. For reasons, I could not readily discern, but his presence was always off-putting. The too-good- to be-true always came to mind. No Spoiler here. You’ll need to draw your conclusions about both characters, including Cassie and Elliott. In the end, the story was what I expected from this author with a tight story about the couple’s strife and eventual coming to terms with who they were relationship wise. I gave this story 5 Stars. Great job Diana!

Review – Distorted Perceptions, by Diana W.

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