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Doing the Math: A Small-Town Romance by Shae Sanders

In Peachtree Hollow, change rustles in the breeze with the arrival of accountant Dia Fontaine. She’s completely out of her element among the cows, corn fields, and dirt roads, but for the sake of her career, she’s determined to do the job she was hired to do: deep dive into the finances of a local family farm. Once she gets their books together, she’s on the first thing smoking back to Atlanta. Unless she falls prey to the town’s charms…

Melvin Hayes, Jr.–he prefers Vin–is the eldest son and reluctant heir to Hayes Homestead Haven. He yearns for a life beyond his father’s legacy, and awaits a quick sale that will allow him to cash out and leave Peachtree Hollow in his rearview mirror. Until Ms. Dia shows up…

They seem so different on the surface. But shared passion and tenderness cultivate a profound closeness they never saw coming. And as the seeds of romance begin to sprout, Dia and Vin find themselves harvesting unexpected truths about family, business, and the mysterious depths of their own hearts.


Your One (The Henderson Family Saga Book 19) by Monica Walters

Professional basketball player, Nate Guillory, has a good life. He enjoyed his childhood as the only child in a single-parent home. There is only one thing he feels he missed out on: knowing his father. Although he had a great upbringing, he feels that it is his right to know the identity of his father and why they weren’t afforded the opportunity to have a relationship. Because his mother isn’t as forthcoming with information, Nate seeks out rapper, Noah Brooks, who is the bonus son of his now deceased father. Getting to know him through Noah’s eyes only makes him resent his mother for keeping secrets. However, while visiting Noah, amid his recovery from heartbreak, his attention falls on Noah’s sister-in-law, Kenya Zenith. Although she’s in a relationship with someone, Nate makes it clear that she is the woman he wants.

Kenya Zenith tends to avoid the spotlight as much as possible. Being born to a famous singer and musician and having the same for a sister, she likes to keep a low profile. While she doesn’t remember her father, since he died when she was only four years old, she suffers emotionally from his absence, longing for a relationship she was stripped of. As she goes through the motions in an unfulfilling relationship, another man catches her attention. Basketball player, Nate Guillory, in all his glory, seems to be the type of man she’s longed for. However, she knows she has loose ends to tie up before giving in to his pursuit of her.

Drama is the last thing Nate or Kenya want to tolerate, but it finds their addresses. Situations arise that could cause their chemistry and attraction to suffer, not to mention issues from their past relationships. Doubt about one another’s intentions creeps in and tries to make them pump their brakes. Can Nate and Kenya move past their hesitancies and form something special, or will they allow baggage from their past to steer their future?


Take It Off by AshleyNicole

Thyri and Mar have been sampling each other’s goodies for a long time. Distance and time have made it easy to keep it from being more. Now, they’re in the same zip code, and things are changing— much to Thyri’s chagrin.

She’s kept him at bay for all these years, but it’s not so easy when she’s in his bed every night. Can she keep up this front to protect her heart, or will she have to concede defeat and let him love her?


Hail Mary (A Houston Skyhawks Mini) by Alexandra Warren

A short and sweet second chance encounter featuring a fresh set of Houston Skyhawks-adjacent characters.


Mister Sommelier (The Mister Series Book 8) by B. Love

Savvy businessman and lover of wine and fine dining by day, Antonne Walker has committed himself to the underworld by night for the last decade of his life. A protector by nature, Antonne values his ability to keep those he loves, and those he’s employed by, safe. After losing the woman he planned to marry because of his lifestyle, Antonne swore he’d never commit to a woman he cared about and put her life on the line—then he met Haley Thompson.

Haley Thompson thrives as a woman in tune with her sacral chakra. She loves all things sensual, creative, and expressive. As the youngest of two and admittedly spoiled, Haley has lived an easy and pleasurable life. The serial dater has never desired a man she couldn’t have—until Antonne Walker.

Bound by one of his best friends and her brother, Antonne and Haley find themselves walking a thin line between friendship and something more. As another man vies for Haley’s attention, Antonne must decide if love is worth the risk of death. During their blooming relationship, secrets and betrayal unfolds, and the pair realize they have more in common than they think…


Kleuless by Grey Huffington

“When all else seems to fail… break a fucking Lawe.”

Kleu continues claiming her title as the glue that effortlessly holds the Berkeley crew together. Her roles in the women’s and men’s lives are not up for question. She loves each one of them as if they share the same blood, which ultimately requires her to make a decision that leaves the man she’s chosen to love in a state of delirium. In return, he leaves everyone she’s come into contact with completely – Kleuless


A Justified Love Affair: A Billionaire Baby Romance Spin-Off by Kimberly Brown

Emmanuel Santiago has thoroughly enjoyed his bachelor lifestyle. With money, a life of luxury, and women at his disposal, he seems to have it all. He has no immediate plans of settling down with one woman and starting a family. Then he meets her. What was supposed to be a one night stand quickly turns into a love affair that neither of them saw coming. She taps into his vulnerability and without even realizing it, Emmanuel is falling for a woman who should be forbidden.

Racine Bradley thought she had a happy marriage until her husband’s ugly truths find their way into her home. She discovers he’s been having an affair and now, she wants out. Her husband, however, refuses to sign the divorce papers. Heartbroken and angry, Racine’s petty attempt at getting her lick back lands her in Sullivan’s Coffee Tavern where she meets a man she has no intention of seeing again after a night of passion and pleasure.

When tensions arise and emotions come into play, Racine finds herself entangled in the web of the temping stranger who is so much more than meets the eye. Emmanuel discovers a side of himself that no one knew existed, not even him. While two wrongs don’t make a right, everything growing between these two feels just that. Will Racine and Emmanuel fall victim to an affair that shouldn’t have been or will the love grow and prevail through it all?


Always My Forever by T’Lyn

Happy Valentine’s Day from JV and Lani.

*this is a story update so for the full experience of these characters, please read Only If It’s You*


Legacy Revealed by Monica Cox

After a whirlwind romance, Dr. Miranda Childs, a gifted professor-turned-engineer, says yes to the charismatic business tycoon Lucas Bennett III’s proposal of marriage. On the happiest day of their lives, little do they know, a mysterious letter and a series of cryptic social media messages are about to cast an ominous shadow over their newfound happiness. As the carefully concealed history of Lucas’s famous father’s past comes to light, the newlyweds find themselves at the heart of a brewing media storm that claws at the doors of their private lives and threatens to dismantle their budding empire.

What impacts will national scrutiny have on the Bennett legacy? Are the shadows of a hidden past more potent than the vows of new love?


Loving You Still: Second chance romance (Let’s Do It Again Book 1) by Obsession

It’s the summer of 1993 in the heart of Chicago. Two young souls are drawn together by something indescribable.

Vadeem, the hottest coach in the NBA, and Kess, a gifted sports psychologist, were just ten years old when their paths first crossed. Little did they know their love would be short-lived, not by choice, but by a grudge between their mothers.
For years, Vadeem and Kess were forbidden from seeing each other, forced to conceal their feelings and move on.
Then, by a twist of fate, Vadeem and Kess crossed paths again. The connection that had been buried for so long resurfaced like it never left. Unfortunately, the same family secret threatens to once again tear them apart. Will Vadeem and Kess find the strength to defy destiny and hold onto the love that has haunted them for a lifetime?

“Loving You Still” is a tale of love’s enduring power between two hearts that refused to forget a love that simply couldn’t be denied.


Stix City Paranormal Love (BLP Fairytales Book 18) by Tisha Andrews

Goldie Lane lives in Yellowstone… a town where there are no strangers and life is simple. She’s raised by her loving yet protective grandmother who has planned her life down to her remaining in town and one day running the family boutique, Golden’s. The only glimpse of excitement was the rugged boy across the street with long dark golden hair. What soon evolves from a friendship to a young tender love abruptly ends. Life as she knew it, safe and stable but mundane, becomes her existence yet again—until one night she and her friends sneak off to Stix City. 

Lennox “Locks” Forest, the youngest of three brothers, loses his first love—his mother. When tragedy strikes again, they venture off and start life anew. In Stix City, where others like their kind exists, Locks has his wealth and plenty of women at his disposal but no peace or happiness since the day he’d met Goldie Lane while sitting on his front porch. He’d all but given up hope on finding love again until she walks into his club and right back into his life.

Will Locks be able to share his identity without losing the only woman he’s ever loved, or will someone interfere, forcing them to choose a life where the other cannot exist?


Everything North (Everything Series Book 1) by Harlem Nichole

Heartbroken running from her past North moves to Forest Cove, near her sister in hopes of a new peaceful life.

Fox, a wild boy from the mountains, lays eyes on North one time and can’t stay away. Everything about North was unordinary for him.

Sometimes things are better left unsaid. His lifestyle isn’t one that involves love. He doesn’t trust easily. Yet he can’t stay away. North is sunshine. North is everything.

What happens when North’s secrets follow her? When Fox finds out what she did? Will North run like she always does or will she fight for love.

Will Fox honor everything North?


Better Mann by Tracy Gray

Kitari Miller has a past that is shrouded in mystery and despair. It’s obvious to those around her that something or somebody hurt her deeply. But Kitari will never tell. Her secrets are too painful and too shameful to share… even with those closest to her. 

Omari Mann is the definition of laid-back. He’s been in the league for fourteen years, and he’s at the point in his career where not much fazes him. Not being traded. Not starting over on a new team… in a new city. Not even riding the bench. He’s chilling… riding the wave. Until Kitari is assigned to him as a “player liaison”. 

Now, he’s intrigued… by both Kitari’s beauty, and her light. But the dark cloud hanging over her head can’t be ignored. He wants to know all about her heavy burdens. What makes her cry? What makes her laugh? While Omari is willing to put in the effort to get the answers to his questions, can Kitari be open to the possibilities? Can she trust Omari not only with her biggest secrets, but also with her heart?


Bella & Her Beast 2 by Belleza and M. Craig

If only for one night…

Arabella and Knight share an electrifying night of passion, fully aware that it was meant to be just that—one night. Despite the intense chemistry, history repeats itself and a startling discovery unveils a threat to Knights fated mate. As Arabella & Knight navigate the aftermath, the looming fear of consequences and the potential collapse of their worlds hangs in the air, challenging the boundaries they dared to break.


Swimming With The Shark: A Man of the Month Club Novella: A small town, second chance romance by Imani Jay

It’s time to get my guy.

I fell in love with Lincoln Barrett when I was just a girl. But as we grew up, and he stayed distant, I lost faith in my dream of a happily-ever-after for us.

Years later, I bump into Lincoln, and my childhood crush is all-grown, all man…

Read along for a steamy small-town romance between the shy boy who grew into a delicious mountain of a man, and the curvy girl ready to give him a run for his money.

Tag along for a sweet & spicy second chance romance with no cheating, no cliffhanger, a guaranteed HEA!


Southern Sizzle by Selena Brooks

A Category 5 hurricane is headed for the Coast…and it’s not coming from the Gulf!

Southern Sizzle captures the unwavering bond between first cousins, Saniyah Walker and Reese Dixon, as they navigate the triumphs, trials, loves and losses of early adulthood on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Saniyah is an aspiring chef who experiences a whole new world of liberty, opportunity, and harsh reality when she leaves her hometown and the watchful eye of sheltering parents to pursue her dreams. Reese, Saniyah’s roommate and life-long best friend, is a hotel receptionist who masks a deep fear of commitment with materialistic motives and sexually-uninhibited behavior until her internal struggle is put to the test by a triangle romance with life-altering consequences. On virtually opposite paths, Saniyah and Reese find themselves being pulled apart by men, ambition, and repercussion.

In the wake of a Southern storm of of romance, success, and personal discovery, betrayal, abuse, and self-destruction, all things are possible. But one thing is certain…holding tight to their bond will see them through to the dawn!


A Christmas to Remember: Omari & Krysta by Taniece

They say money can’t buy happiness, but for Omari, that isn’t the case. It’s the holidays, and his mother begs him to come home to visit since he’s been dodging them the last couple of years. After his breakup with his longtime girlfriend Kendra, he throws himself into his photography work. The sudden invite home, with great news attached to it, turns into his worst nightmare.
Krysta has been doing whatever necessary to stay afloat. That includes being one of the top paid escorts in Atlanta. When she goes on a date that’s supposed to be like any other, it quickly turns into an all-expense paid trip to New York.
The more time they spend together, feelings began to prosper between Omari and Krysta. Secrets unravel, leaving this to be A Christmas to Remember. 


Mountain of Desire: Curvy Girl Paranormal Romance: Bear Shifter (Alphas Love Curvy Women Book 1) by Melody Lynch

Anastasia has hit rock bottom; she is flat broke, and her lights just got cut off. Just when she’s about to give up, a mysterious client offers her a lifeline – a photoshoot deep in the woods.

Excited to finally have a lead, she rushes out and gets caught in a violent rainstorm. Anastasia’s car gets stuck, and her situation seems helpless until a grumbly stranger finds her and offers refuge for the night. Sparks fly between the two of them, and Anastasia soon discovers that the handsome stranger is more than human.


A Lesson in Love : Gemma & Kingston by Thea

What happens when one decides to live it up and enjoy one night of passion? For Gemma, that means an unplanned pregnancy with a sexy stranger. However, as time goes on Gemma is faced with a dilemma as a blast from her past Kingston comes back into her life. He is willing to accept all of the baggage that Gemma comes with but she is conflicted with a lot ofhard decisions. Will she continue to choose to make things work with her baby daddy or will love conquer all in this second-chance romance with Kingston? Find out in this novellette, ALesson in Love: Kingston and Gemma’s story.


Crossing The Line: An Enemies to Lovers Novelette by Systematick

“You’ve made my work life a living hell,” I growled in her ear. “If I got you in bed, I’d take a year’s worth of frustration out on you. It would be a miracle if you were able to walk afterward.”

It was not Patrick Hall’s intention to give his fiery coworker, Mya Ibekwe, an attitude adjustment. But when the monthly team-building dinner ends with him in her bed, that’s exactly what she gets.


I Thee Wed by Ayelle Burke

** This story was previously on Kindle Vella. The story is the same and no new content has been added.

He’s a CEO in the making, and she’s an aspiring attorney. Both are teetering on the edge, about to lose everything they’ve worked so hard for.

Aden, the heir to the largest real estate firm in the state, has everything – except the board’s trust. His playboy image stands between him and the CEO chair..

Jordan, on the other hand, is on the brink of being booted from law school, thanks to looming tuition fees and a fast-approaching deadline.

As their worlds teeter on the brink, an unexpected ally hears of their plights. More than just offering a solution, she crafts a master plan that changes everything.


Call Me, When You Need Someone (Lakeview Book 1) by Jatia Eley

Who do you call when you have next to no one?

Skyla Roberts asks herself that exact questions when the one person she has in her life commits the ultimate betrayal. In her thirst for revenge, Skyla finds herself on a path of self-discovery and possibly love.

Rio is a fixer, whether it’s his problem or someone else’s. He is nothing, if not confident until he runs into two things he can’t fix his broken engagement and the loss of his father. Left grappling with the aftermath, Rio’s boundless confidences wavers. He’s only sure of one thing it’s that he has sworn off serious relationships and anything that doesn’t make him money.

Skyla and Rio struggle to manage the stress of life while fighting their way through loss and love.


No Time To Love (Crimson Hill Series Book 11) by Brenda Barrett

Garwin Silver did not do romance. He had never been in a romantic relationship in his life, and frankly, he had no time for any of that sort of thing. He was a busy chef with a full life. So why was he so obsessed with Silver Spoon’s newest hire, the beautiful and captivating Erin McMillan?

And better yet, why didn’t she like him? Everyone liked him, but Erin was determined to keep him at arm’s length. Which was too bad because he was thinking of making an exception for her in his stance on romance.

Erin was running from her ex-fiancé, Rafi Chan, and Crimson Hills seemed like the perfect place to hide out until she was sure that Rafi had moved on. Her only problem while she laid low was that Garwin Silver, her childhood crush, was not good for her peace of mind either.


Love Prey (Love Notes Book 6) by Tidimalo Motukwa

Past experiences made Amogelang close off to love and people. However, after losing her job, circumstances force her to open her home to new housemates. They become sisters who help each other navigate the tribulations of life. Soon, she secures a new job, and there’s a possibility for romance when she meets her new boss, Thobo. But old habits die hard. Will she finally release her fears and allow herself to take a chance on love?


The American Queen by Vanessa Miller

There is only one known queen who truly ruled a kingdom on American soil.

Transformative and breathtakingly honest, The American Queen is based on actual events that occurred between 1865 – 1889 and shares the unsung history of a Black woman who built a kingdom as a refuge for the courageous people who dared to dream of a different way of life. As seen on Good Morning America: GMA 15 New Books to Read!

Over the twenty-four years she was enslaved on the Montgomery Plantation, Louella learned to feel one thing: hate. Hate for the man who sold her mother. Hate for the overseer who left her daddy to hang from a noose. Hate so powerful there’s no room in her heart for love, not even for the honorable Reverend William, whom she likes and respects enough to marry.

But when William finally listens to Louella’s pleas and leads the formerly enslaved people off the plantation, Louella begins to replace her hate with hope. Hope that they will find a place where they can live free from fear. Hope that despite her many unanswered prayers, she can learn to trust for new miracles.

Soon, William and Louella become the appointed king and queen of their self-proclaimed Kingdom of the Happy Land. And though they are still surrounded by opposition, they continue to share a message of joy and goodness–and fight for the freedom and dignity of all.

The American Queen weaves together themes of love, hate, hope, trust, and resilience in the face of great turmoil. With every turn of the page, you will be transported to a pivotal period in American history, where oppressed people become extraordinary heroes.


The Queen of Sugar Hill: A Novel of Hattie McDaniel by ReShonda Tate

Bestselling author ReShonda Tate presents a fascinating fictional portrait of Hattie McDaniel, one of Hollywood’s most prolific but woefully underappreciated stars—and the first Black person ever to win an Oscar for her role as Mammy in the critically acclaimed classic film Gone With the Wind.

It was supposed to be the highlight of her career, the pinnacle for which she’d worked all her life. And as Hattie McDaniel took the stage in 1940 to claim an honor that would make her the first African-American woman to win an Academy Award, she tearfully took her place in history. Between personal triumphs and tragedies, heartbreaking losses, and severe setbacks, this historic night of winning best supporting actress for her role as the sassy Mammy in the controversial movie Gone With the Wind was going to be life-changing. Or so she thought.

Months after winning the award, not only did the Oscar curse set in where Hattie couldn’t find work, but she found herself thrust in the middle of two worlds—Black and White—and not being welcomed in either. Whites only saw her as Mammy and Blacks detested the demeaning portrayal. As the NAACP waged an all-out war against Hattie and actors like her, the emotionally conflicted actor found herself struggling daily.

Through it all, Hattie continued her fight to pave a path for other Negro actors, while focusing on war efforts, fighting housing discrimination, and navigating four failed marriages. Luckily, she had a core group of friends to help her out—from Clark Gable to Louise Beavers to Ruby Berkley Goodwin and Dorothy Dandridge.

The Queen of Sugar Hill brings to life the powerful story of one woman who was driven by many passions—ambition, love, sex, family, friendship, and equality. In re-creating Hattie’s story, ReShonda Tate delivers an unforgettable novel of resilience, dedication, and determination—about what it takes to achieve your dreams—even when everything—and everyone—is against you.


The Mayor of Maxwell Street by Avery Cunningham

“A debut novel everyone will be talking about,” Avery Cunningham’s epic love story is “a triumph” and “a tale of intrigue, racial tension, and class warfare, set against the glamorous and gritty backdrop of early 20th century Chicago.”

When a rich Black debutante enlists the help of a low-level speakeasy manager to identify the head of an underground crime syndicate, the two are thrust into the dangerous world of Prohibition-era Chicago.

The year is 1921, and America is burning. A fire of vice and virtue rages on every shore, and Chicago is its beating heart.

Nelly Sawyer is the daughter of the “wealthiest Negro in America,” whose affluence catapulted his family to the heights of Black society. After the unexpected death of her only brother, Nelly becomes the premier debutante overnight. But Nelly has aspirations beyond society influence and marriage. For the past year, she has worked undercover as an investigative journalist, sharing the achievements and tribulations of everyday Black people living in the shadow of Jim Crow. Her latest assignment thrusts her into the den of a dangerous vice lord: the so-called Mayor of Maxwell Street.

Born in rural Alabama to a murdered biracial couple, Jay Shorey knows firsthand what it means to be denied a chance at the American dream. When a tragic turn of fate gave Jay a rare path out, he took it without question. He washed up on Chicago’s storied shores and forged his own way to the top of the city’s underworld, running Chicago’s swankiest speakeasy, where the rich and famous rub elbows with gangsters and politicians alike.

When Nelly’s and Jay’s paths cross, she recruits him to help expose the Mayor and bring about lasting change in a corrupt city. But Jay also introduces a whole new world to Nelly, one where her horizons can extend beyond the confines of her ivory tower. Trapped between the monolith of Jim Crow, the inflexible world of the Black upper class, and the violence of Prohibition-era Chicago, Jay and Nelly work together and stoke the flames of a love worth fighting for.

Debut author Avery Cunningham’s stunning novel is at once an epic love story, a riveting historical drama, and a brilliant exploration of Black society and perseverance when the ‘20s first began to roar.


A Valentine for Val: A Short Instalove Holiday Romance by Kimolisa Mings

All Val wants for her birthday is a Valentine…

Did I mention that her birthday is also St. Valentine’s Day?
And not once in her dating life has Val ever had a Valentine.

So when her boyfriend of six months breaks up with her the month before, Val returns to a secret family tradition of spending the day at an all-inclusive beach resort.

And she aims to make the best of her birthday.

But when Val meets the charming yet reluctant Aaron, her birthday wish may come true.

Or is that wishful thinking?

A short Valentine’s romance that shows that it’s never too late to get what you truly want. Fall in love with Val and Aaron in this holiday romance by clicking the Buy Now button.


New Release Round-Up January 29th-February 4th

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