Goldie Lane lives in Yellowstone… a town where there are no strangers and life is simple. She’s raised by her loving, yet protective grandmother who has planned her life down to her remaining in town and one day running the family boutique, Golden’s. The only glimpse of excitement was the rugged boy across the street with long, dark golden hair. What soon evolves from a friendship to a young, tender love abruptly ends, and life as she knew it, safe and stable but mundane, becomes her existence yet again until one night she and her friends sneak off to Stix City. 

Lennox “Locks” Forest, the youngest of three brothers, loses his first love—his mother. When tragedy strikes again, they venture off and start life anew. In Stix City, where others like their kind exists, Locks has his wealth and plenty of women at his disposal but no peace or happiness since the day he’d met Goldie Lane while sitting on his front porch. He’d all but given up hope on finding love again until she walks into his club in his city and right back into his life.

Will Locks be able to share his identity without losing the only woman he’s ever loved, or will someone interfere, forcing them to choose a life where the other cannot exist?


New Release Spotlight – Stix City Paranormal Love (BLP Fairytales Book 18), by Tisha Andrews

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