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Mine (Falling For a Rose Book 7) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

When it came to the grueling challenges of a courtroom, Phoebe Alexandria Rose could win her case on any day. As one of the lead attorneys at Rose and Garnet LLC, Phoebe enjoyed collecting information, breaking down the facts, and sealing her victory with an airtight litigation. On the outside looking in, Phoebe appeared to have it all together, but it was her personal life that she struggled to manage the most. Being in love from afar with her brother’s best friend had been a prison sentence for as long as Phoebe could remember. And unfortunately for her, this sentence might be one fight she’s not prepared to go up against.

Business tycoon and fitness expert Quentin Davidson was considered off limits when it came to matters of the heart. Even with the trail of women lined up to be his next leading lady, Quentin made no promises of anything more than a late-night rendezvous. But when it came to his best friend’s sister, Phoebe, all bets were off. Trying to stay away from her hadn’t lessened the crescendo of emotions that fluttered through his core and heated his blood with just the mere thought of her. And when Quentin decides to throw caution to the wind to pursue Phoebe, he’ll risk everything to prove he has what it takes to seal her happiness for all time.

The Falling for a Rose series follows each member of the Rose family as they explore this thing called love. However, each book is just as enjoyable if read as a standalone as it is if read in the series order.



Syx and The City (Situationships Book 2) by Grey*

The second installment of the Syx and the City series. In this piece, Syx is fighting the possibility of depression due to carelessness on her end, while indulging in the most freeing period of her existence. Life has never been more complicated, yet she’s never felt so alive in all of her days. Her most shameful moment of weakness happens to be the most gratifying and beneficial experience that she just can’t seem to shake. Tag along as Syx continues on her journey through the city.

******THIS IS A NOVELETTE!******



Donovan’s Woman by Angelia Vernon Menchan 

She heard about him and knew who he was but felt he was out of her league. She worked at the hospital as a nursing assistant and everyone knew he was a scientist. Not a science teacher, but an actual research scientist working for NASA. It was 1970 and that was virtually unheard of. Also, there were other components that made her leery, he was tall, brown skinned and distinguished from a family full of educated folks. She was dark skinned and considered fine and free with no pedigree at all. She wasn’t what anyone would consider appropriate for him, not even her.
Donovan saw her as soon as he walked in the darkened nightclub. She was standing at the bar, seemingly staring into space, stirring her drink with a swizzle stick. Her beauty beckoned him. Her skin was flawless ebony and her shoulder length tresses so black they appeared blue under the light. She was also bountiful the way he loved women, thick and shapely with big legs.
“Man, instead of staring, go talk to her.” His friend Charlie Banks said. “I hear she’s a good time and she looks really good. She’s also checking you out. Make moves.” Donovan didn’t say anything but squared his shoulders. Many thought him a square but what they didn’t know, they didn’t need to know. He was going to talk to Anita Rivers and she was going to be his.
Glancing up, Anita saw Donovan approaching the bar. Surprise filled her when he stopped in front of her, smelling of bay rum fragrance.
“Hello Anita. I’m Donovan, Donovan Vane.”
“I know who you are, Mr. Vane. The question is, how you know me?” Anita asked her voice low and husky.
“I don’t know you, I know your name. I’m willing to get to know you, if you allow it.” Donovan said, causing Anita to smile, a small gap showing between her large, white front teeth. He suddenly wanted her to bite him.
“Really? Buy me another vodka and tonic and I’ll give you the down and dirty.” Her dark eyes held his light brown ones in thrall. Anita fascinated him and he wanted her.
After ordering four drinks, two for each of them, he led her to a small table for two, tucked away. She knew he paid the bartender for the table. He reeked of education and class.
“There’s not much to tell… I graduated high school in 1962; I’m twenty-seven, never been married and have no children. I change beds and bedpans and make a dollar and ninety cents an hour. Better than minimum wages but not by much. Thankfully, I live with my sister and my room and board is cheap.”
Donovan listened and took in her outfit of dark blue sweater set and skirt and knew it wasn’t cheap. Either all her earnings went for clothes or someone financed her.
“A man provides for his woman. If I had a woman, I earn enough for both of us and then some. I also own my home outright.” He said before lifting his glass and taking a hefty swig, his eyes never leaving hers. “And before you ask, I don’t currently have a woman because I haven’t been looking. I’m twenty-seven and was getting educated and working. I’m ready…” He said.
“You taking applications?” Anita asked nothing coy in her tone.
“Only if you’re applying.” Donovan said and was graced with another smile and a hint of tongue.



Sugar Rush: A Novella by A. Jones

How does it feel when you’re finally able to live the life you’ve always dreamed of? Blissful? Amazing? Peaceful?

Melanie Moore is beautiful, smart and miserable. For years she’s given up on her dreams to keep peace within her family, but now she’s ready to pursue the life she wants. With one small window of opportunity she’s given room to do just that, however, not everyone is happy for her. Facing the repercussions of her decision from her family and a surprising diagnosis that’s threatening everything she’s been working for leaves Melanie wondering if her dreams were ever supposed to be anything more than a dream.
Then enters Kamali James – a natural born nurturer and a man who has been a giver and lover all of his life… until he crosses paths with the beautiful Melanie Moore. Melanie doesn’t have time for a relationship, let alone the emotional strength to deal with everything she’s going through. Will she let Kamali in to be the rock that she needs and continue pursuing her dreams, or will she give up on everything… including him?



Reverb: The Adventures of Marz Banx by Ran Walker

Marz Banx, the legendary MC, is lamenting what it means to be in the rap game at the age of forty. Feeling like the game has passed him by and becoming more focused on his daughter, Jazz, he decides to interview for a job as a college professor in Nashville to be closer to her.

While Marz is planning his escape from New York, he also finds himself trying to help his daughter get through her Sweet Sixteen, while she deals with her own issues. This, coupled together with his unrelenting feelings for the married mother of his daughter, only makes the birthday weekend that much more potentially explosive.



Be My Valentine (McClendon Holiday) by Sean D. Young

Patrice McClendon wants to create a signature scent for her family’s aromatherapy and day spa this Valentine’s Day. The holiday is crucial for the family business, even if Patrice has never been a hearts and flowers kind of girl. But creating the fragrance isn’t easy, and Patrice needs help. She gets that and more when she meets successful perfumer Jacques Germain.

There are instant sparks when Jacques meets Patrice, but she’s asked him for professional help, and mixing business with pleasure is a no-no. But they soon realize that none of the rules apply when love is involved, and Jacques is determined to show Patrice that Valentine’s Day can bring gifts more precious than anything money can buy.

Each book in the McClendon Holiday series is STANDALONE:
* A McClendon Thanksgiving
* The Christmas Promise
* A Husband by New Year’s
* Be My Valentine



Because of You by Shanicexlola

“If you need someone who is willing to learn how to be there for you, allow me.”

Healing could be found in love, but twenty-five-year-old Mia Alexander was against it. Her outlook on love and being cared for was tarnished by generational curses and broken promises. Possessing a natural beauty that she doubted often, Mia was her toughest critic whom neglected the necessity of self-love.

Stumped that a woman as delicate as Mia struggled internally, thirty-year-old Keese Hattan couldn’t help that he was drawn to her brokenness. Deeming her mean and rude as ever, sticking around to save a woman who denied she needed help became impractical.

Love harbored a mighty will to suffice the loneliness Mia felt suffocated by. However, if she wasn’t inclined to accept the blessing that approached her, she could miss out on a substantial opportunity to officially heal.
**This is a novella.**



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New Release Round-Up January 8th-14th

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