I want to play in the streets with this good-looking man. Let me get that declaration out of the way so that I will be able to review this story without having to take deep breaths to focus. The story was a finely crafted story of deception, corruption and a father’s love for his children.

Sienna Jameson was a brilliant physician with a half-sister from hell, and a father who lived on the outskirts of lawfulness. Because she’d known all her life about her father’s business ventures, Sienna chose to keep her distance. Her half-sister Sonia/Mickey benefitted from her father’s fortune, yet she decided to be a total b-word towards him and Sienna. Sonia was a Medical Resident at the same hospital where Sienna was the Chief of Medicine for her department. Sonia was no better at work than she was in private.

When Sienna met Streets; she was instantly attracted to him, but she was not willing to admit to the attraction because he was part of her father’s world. Later in the story, you’ll discover the intricateness in the story involved a tight plot twist that made the story even more fascinating.

Savion Jameson was Sienna’s brother whom the murderer used as a retaliating for something that will be revealed later in the story. Savion and Sierra were very close, so his death was a massive blow to her heart, this, in turn, made her more resentful of her father’s lifestyle.  Savion’s murder was the puzzle piece that will help solve the mystery.  Will his death explain the connection between Crime Boss Jameson and the father of Sienna Jameson?

Once Sienna and Streets started to hang out in earnest, this was after she got over her disdain for him, she could not restrain herself from falling for the man. He appeared to be more than the guy on the surface he presented initially to Sienna. She realized, he was not the crime bosses second in command, he was a loving and compassionate man beneath the cold exterior he showed the fleet of criminals in her father’s organization. Sienna came to know Streets as a generous man, who not only loved his mother with a deep abiding love, he was sexy, and a perfect match for her hearts desires.  Sienna wanted to hate Shannon, but she loses the battle. Their first sexual encounter, wow, Ashley described it to the hilt. The need to use WebMD to explain the level of arousal he had with Sienna was too much for my heart.

Avid Ashley Nicole fans will agree, that any chance to see Jayson and baby girl, is always a treat. Later in the story, after the plot thickened and Streets had to change course, Jayson made his presence in the story, much to my happiness. A lot of stuff was going on, and Streets had to phone a friend for help. In walked my hero with the big ‘J’ on his chest.  While Jayson waited with Sienna for instructions, he showed Sienna his video of Laiyah spinning until she was dizzy. Layiah is always too funny. I love Jayson’s relationship with his little person. She feels like a real baby to me. I know! Don’t tell anyone I said that. Okay…  So, by now you see some things have changed in the stories dynamics, and Sienna and Streets were not in a good place. Her father’s culpability revealed a lot, as well as the plot twists I promised at the start of the story. The conclusion was as heartwarming as I had hoped. Sienna was able to have closure with her brother’s death. Her father, and her ratchet sister, you’ll have to wait and see. Streets, yes, he had a happy ending. And Jayson was handsome as ever. I’ll leave it there. By the way you guys, Ashley knows how to tell a fantastic story! 5+ Stars.

Review – Love in the Streets, by AshleyNicole

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