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When I Needed You (An Unlikely Love Book 1) by Tina Martin

Ahmalee makes candles. She never thought she’d spark a flame with Cain – a complete stranger. A story of compassion that turns into passion.

Ahmalee Hayes’ world is interrupted when a homeless man loiters around her shop – Ivy and Eden Candle Company. Just when the business owner thinks she’s run him away, he shows up at her door – not at the shop again – this time he’s at her house! Can she see through the flames to lend a helping hand to a complete stranger or is the interaction too risky for the small-town candle maker?

When I Needed You is Book I of a two-part story. It ends in a cliffhanger.


A Dangerous Dose of Love by Wynta Tyme

Derian Morales had been a successful pharmacist in his hometown of Panama for twelve years. Entirely submerged in his work, Derian established a cure for a disease too many lived with and not enough cared to demolish. After discovering his team wasn’t as solid as his remedy, Derian is forced to experience his foundation, his connections, and his freedom being snatched away simultaneously. 

Gaining motivation from the only friend who acknowledges him still being alive, Derian gets a job as a librarian and a new fondness for fiction is illuminated. One twisted romance suspense by author M.J. King, and the natural problem solver is sorting through ways to connect with the intricate source to dive deeper than the words on paper and beyond the walls he’s being wrongly placed behind.

Marlowe MJ King was born to write. Every slice of anxiety, passion, and even restlessness that came along with creating, she relished in. Firm on practicing independence, the thirty-year-old spent the majority of her time creating, however, the pleasure Marlowe’s work brought lacked the affection she’d started to feel was missing from her life. A slew of gratifying reviews from a long-time reviewer piques Marlowe’s interest, sending her on a trip to Panama and clutching her in the unconventional, stalker, lurking world she writes about.

Will Derian and Marlowe have the right words to write their way out of their own suspense story? Countless acts of sabotage and framework will surround them before the wolf in sheep’s clothing is revealed.


Infatuated With That Hood Love: A West Family Wedding (Forbidden Hearts Book 4) by Skye Moon

Slim made Elijah the happiest man in the world when she agreed to marry him, but their happiness doesn’t last long as wedding plans soon come to a screeching halt. Frustrated with his distant fianceé, Elijah begins to question if marrying her is the right thing to do, throwing Slim into a panic. She starts to come to her senses, but for Eli, it may be too late. Can these two pull it together? Or will they call it quits for good?

Josiah and Ember are living in bliss with his daughter, Avianna, and their son, Easton when an unexpected revelation suddenly causes turmoil between the two. Fed up with the past, Ember isn’t pulling any punches and makes it clear that if Josiah wants to travel down memory lane, she’ll gladly let him go.

Kaydence and Isaiah are both caught off guard when an expected situation throws them into a lane that they aren’t ready for. At least Isaiah isn’t, which he makes painfully clear. Kaydence is left questioning herself and her relationship, wondering where she stands with the love of her life.

Follow this crew one final time through their ups and downs as they fight to get through a West family wedding.


Capturing Her Heart by Cherish Amore

After meeting through mutual friends, Piper and Crewe are instantly drawn to each other. What was supposed to be a one-night stand quickly blossoms into something neither imagined it could be, however, they know they can’t let go of it or each other. 

Things are going good, and when it gets too perfect, sickness appears, driving a wedge between them. Though it was expected, neither is really willing to let go of their unexpected love. 

With an old flame on the scene, Crewe is still determined to continue capturing Piper’s heart one photo at a time. As he’s going through the motions, wasting time and warming his bed, Piper has a situation she’s revisiting, trying to fill her missing piece. 

The two run into each other again—literally—rekindling their relationship. While they gravitate back to each other, they find that self-placed odds are stacked against them. 

Death occurs, changing the trajectory of their love. Has Crewe captured Piper’s heart, or is it gone forever?


Lover’s Prayer: Lessons In Love Book 2 by Genesis Woods

Marriage counselor Dr. Lisa Moore has always prided herself on being the glue that can take any broken relationship and put it back together again. However, things were a little different when it came to her own personal love life. With two failed marriages and a boyfriend who is hiding a life threatening secret, can a written prayer to God detailing the type of man that she desires be the answer to her relationship woes?

After years of enjoying his womanizing ways, Simon Collins has finally decided to throw in his players card and settle down. He’s now ready to experience the type of love that his best friend R&B sensation Kingston DeVoe and his wife Lovie have shared for almost two decades. When his ex-girlfriend who also happens to be his first love re-enters the picture after years of being separated, Simon assumes that she is who he’s destined to be with. That is until his feelings for a certain therapist starts to open his eyes to the type of love that he yearns and has unknowingly prayed for. 

Love has a funny way of showing up when you least expect. Sometimes it’s in your face and sometimes you don’t recognize it until it’s gone, but when you take out the time to write a Lover’s Prayer, asking God to place the greatest love you’ve ever experienced in your life, will you be ready to embrace it or will past relationship, past hurts, and unnecessary doubts block you from receiving your blessing?

Lover’s Prayer is Book 2 in the Lessons In Love Series. Although this story can be read as a standalone, I do recommend that you read Love Hurts prior to reading this.


Liquor & Laundry: an erotic novella (Ampersand Stories) by Tasha L. Harrison

Hadassah’s high school crush Ahmad is back in town for his little brother’s graduation and she is avoiding him by working the night shift at her family’s 24-hour laundromat.

The last time she saw him, she got drunk and did some things still make her blush and make her cover her face with shame. The last thing she wants to do is relive that humiliating moment. 

But then Ahmad shows up with dinner and a bottle of Henny. Confessions slip from her lips and clothes hit the floor in Liquor & Laundry.

  • Unrequited love
  • High school crush


The Playbook (Hailey Family 2) by Shae Sanders

***Can be read as a standalone***

Basil Hailey is used to being adored. He’s Langston’s handsome, charismatic hometown hero; an ex-NFL player, current high school football coach, and the life of the party wherever he goes. He’s also single, a status he’s hoping to change soon. And it should be very easy for him. Everybody loves him.

Everybody except Asia Montgomery. 

She’s known the Hailey family for a long time and she’s had a crush on Basil since puberty. But now? She can’t stand him and the feeling is hella mutual. Except…well, she’s beautiful. Smart. A great mother. But for some reason, every time they’re in the same place at the same time, he says or does something to piss her off. And unlike the groupies and fans he’s used to, Asia isn’t easily impressed. He can’t seem to joke or charm his way into her heart–not that he’s trying to. He really can’t stand her either.

And he can’t stop thinking about her.

***The Playbook is a steamy, enemies-to-lovers romance. It can be read as a standalone***


Extended Play (Noëlle and Ezra Book 4) by Harleigh Rae

as fast and as far,
to the edge of yourself. 
Love will meet you at the end.


Tease (Sweet Spot Shorts Book 1) by Aja

Charlie Fox works as a successful accountant by day and shifts to a devoted football mom by night … and on the weekends. Her son A.J., could use some more detailed instruction on the field and his new coach, Chaz, is happy to help when he notices the young man’s athletic potential. Unable to ignore the boy’s fine and foxy mother, Chaz begins to wonder if Charlie could use his help as well. He’s all for providing one on one coaching on how to play and win the game of love.

The Sweet Spot Shorts are all about quick, hot, romance that knocks each couple off their feet because love & desire must have their way. 


Revenge of the Brokenhearted 2 by Kayelle Gee

Rayne has forgiven Nasir for his countless wrongdoings, but she is finally fed up with being the perfect wife-to-be. Loving a man who seems to be battling commitment issues leads her down a path of self-sabotaging behavior. But she makes one too many bad decisions, and it changes the entire dynamic of their relationship. 

After discovering the double-life her husband, Russell, has been leading, Wendi tries to pry herself away from a loveless marriage. Though her heart is no longer in it, she isn’t ready to let go of the lifestyle that comes with their relationship. She finds herself searching for reasons to stay and pushes the man who truly cares for her away.

Can Rayne salvage the love she’s fought so hard to keep? Or will her shot at revenge backfire in more ways than one? Will Wendi walk away from her broken home and finally put herself first? Or has she grown too accustomed to both the money and the pain her marriage provides? When old and new relationships are challenged and hidden truths come to light, can anyone walk away with their hearts still intact? And how much is Rayne and Wendi willing to sacrifice for the men they claim to love? 


Israel (The Brothers of Ali Book 2) by Celeste Granger

World-renowned archaeologist, Dr. Cairo Davis spends most of her time digging in dirt uncovering secrets, hidden things that remind us of a past long since forgotten. Although famous, Cairo is not one for the glitz and glam that infamy offers. She’s not impressed by private jets and five-star hotels. She likes to keep things simple. 

Israel Ali, Director of Acquisitions for Ali International, his family’s business, is two sides to the same coin. He enjoys the perks of being one of the hottest eligible bachelors in the Southwest region, women dying to be on his arm, red carpets, five star everything. Yet, Israel is just as happy on an excursion to unearth buried treasure. 

An expected encounter brings the two personalities together on a collision course destined for love. Yet, Cairo has a secret she would much rather keep to herself. Israel is determined to unearth the treasure that lies inside Cairo. She resists his pursuits sending the duo into an emotional entanglement that nearly costs them, real love. 


It Takes Two to Tangle (The Brothers of Chi-Town Book 5) by Cheryl Barton

Councilman Tucker Glass, a native of Chicago, has set his eyes on the biggest prize, that of Mayor of the city he has loved all of his life. At thirty-nine, his career spans back many years as a City Council member and then most recently, as City Council President. His resume reads like a ratings-topper novel full of accomplishments that make him more than qualified for the job, but what he wants to avoid is the drama that could block his path to the Mayor’s mansion. He’s always been a strait-laced politician, but his personal life could spawn a real-life reality show complete with hair pulling, tongue-lashing and accusatory finger pointing which would all occur in the first episode.

Tucker wasn’t expecting his past to come back to haunt him just as he’d found the woman who was making his life complete. He would do anything to keep her in his life, but is he willing to give up his run for the Mayor’s office to keep that love in-tact?

Nichelle Michaels didn’t know that love could be so right until she met and fell in love with Tucker Glass, a man fourteen years older and wiser than her, but who showed her how a man should treat a woman, and that’s after she spent the past year testing the water between how a man loves and how a woman loves. Now that she knows what she wants, a woman from Tucker’s past could ruin her perfect love.

Tucker and Nichelle are in love, but is he willing to risk his chance at being Mayor because his ex-wife, or the woman he thought was his ex-wife, wants to now be First Lady of Chicago? Was he really ready to tangle with a woman who specialized in drama every day on television as the star on the nation’s number one reality show? 

Tucker may be ready for Chicago, but is Chicago ready for the drama that comes along with the popular politician?


Held Captive by a Criminal’s Heart by B. Love

Silky, a High School Guidance Counselor, has never known love like what he’s experienced with his wife. Tender, intentional, and devoted… one look in her eyes and the world stops turning — until he’s hauled away in the middle of the night, arrested on murder charges. When those telling eyes begin to drip with doubt, love doesn’t look the same.

Siara, a CPA, has her world rocked from the bottom when the love of her life is accused of murdering his ex-wife. Holding true to her vows, Siara stands by his side until the day he is released from prison, however, home doesn’t feel the same. Trust is no longer certain but becomes a lingering question. 

Did Silky kill his ex-wife? And if he did, is Siara in danger of meeting the same demise? Or will another truth arise and allow them to reclaim their love?


Steel Roses by Tisha Andrews

Rose never saw it or him coming. It being love and him being Diesel, a stranger who had somehow forced his way into her life. And somehow into her world. 

With college and working tirelessly just to get by, Rose’s only focus is becoming a renowned physician and providing a better life for her and her father. Never having any luck when it came to love, Diesel’s unsettling presence in her life is not only foreign but a recipe for disaster if she dared to entertain him.

Diesel, a local mechanic, could have anyone he wanted and did over the years. Now… he wants Rose. An intoxicating hunger won’t let him expel her from his every thought, every desire, to have her. He knows it’s dangerous, deadly even. Especially since he’s from another world called Etan, a world where history just might be repeating itself.

While Diesel struggles to play it safe, his best friend, Getty, prefers being a rebel. He’s rude, reckless, and anxious to get into all kinds of trouble. Being a musician who could swoon the undergarments off a woman doesn’t help… until he crosses paths with Zara, Rose’s best friend. She comes with brains, beauty, attitude, and worse—a fiancé. A fiancé who might be the reason for all of their demise.

As each becomes entangled in a web of deception in their quest for love, skeletons from their pasts birth a vicious need to seek revenge born out of a scorned and forbidden lover.


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New Release Round-Up July 13th-19th

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