After meeting through mutual friends, Piper and Crewe are instantly drawn to each other. What was supposed to be a one-night stand quickly blossoms into something neither imagined it could be. However, they know they can’t let go of it or each other. 
Things are going good, and when it gets too perfect, sickness appears, driving a wedge between them. Though it was expected, neither is really willing to let go of their unexpected love. 
With an old flame on the scene, Crewe is still determined to continue capturing Piper’s heart one photo at a time. As he’s going through the motions, wasting time and warming his bed, Piper has a situation she’s revisiting, trying to fill her missing piece. 
The two run into each other again—literally—rekindling their relationship. While they gravitate back to each other, they find that self-placed odds are stacked against them. 
Death occurs, changing the trajectory of their love. Has Crewe captured Piper’s heart, or is it gone forever?


New Release Spotlight – Capturing Her Heart, by Cherish Amore

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