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Shots Not Taken (Nymphs & Trojans Book 1) by Nicole Falls

“If there isn’t a risk, is it worth wanting at all?”

Starting Forward for the Tennessee Trojans Nikolas Verette hasn’t always lived the golden life. After personal setbacks placed barriers in his path to professional basketball superstardom, he took to approaching life with the motto “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. Following his passions leads him to an opportunity of a lifetime, but he is in need of a slight bit of assistance to achieve his goal.

Enter Jayde Turner, a smart-mouthed, straight shooter who is grappling with her own set of roadblocks that are in her path as she tries to achieve her childhood dream of becoming a popular country singer. Moving from her tiny hometown in rural Tennessee to Nashville was supposed to be the major key to her success, but instead she consistently faces narrow-minded individuals and stereotyping based on her appearance.

A common interest and shared goal eventually causes Nikolas and Jayde’s paths to converge. Both of them are operating with a single-minded focus that is consistently detoured by the underlying current of…undeniable chemistry between them. The further along the road they travel, the more their individual goals morph into a singular focus—maintaining their sanity and connection in a world that constantly threatens both.

Set in “The Athens of the South” Nashville, Tennessee, The “Nymphs & Trojans” series is a sports romance collaboration by Nicole Falls and Alexandra Warren that follows two fictional professional basketball franchises – the Nashville Nymphs Women’s Team and the Tennessee Trojans Men’s Team.



The Right One by Kristin Hurd

Maxine Blackwell is a boss and wears that hat well but she is tired of spending her nights alone. She decides to do something about it and try her hand at online dating and other unconventional methods of finding her Mr. Right. After being Catfished and running into men with too much baggage, Max makes finding someone difficult with her list of “must haves”. In walks Connor Bridgeman to shake up her life in ways, she never imagined. Will Maxine miss out on love by being stuck in her ways and stunted by her past? Or will she decide to throw caution to the wind and let love lead her to The Right One?



When The Night’s Over by Chelsea Maria


He didn’t care that we were strangers. He didn’t care that it was rude and borderline stalkerish to follow me to my hotel room. He didn’t care that I was afraid to love him. All he asked for was one night, and one night was all I had to give.

He’d lied to me.

He said one night, and one night turned into five. And then, he left me. Only to come back and shatter my world by revealing his connection to the past that I’ve run away from.


She told me she didn’t know the first thing about love, and I promised to hold her hand through the motions. When it became too much for her, she gave me one day to rid her out of my system. Greedy after one taste, I took five days, and her heart along with it.

She blamed me for being dishonest.

I blamed her for doubting my love for her. I only needed her to trust me. To trust that my actions corresponded with my words. To trust in my love instead of a jealous family member from her past.



Honeymoon with a St. Claire (A St. Claire Novel Book 7) by Tina Martin

Honeymoon With a St. Claire: A Monty & Cherish Novella
* A Follow up to MONTY. You must read MONTY before this book*

Monty and Cherish are off to the exotic Seychelles Islands where they have time alone to learn each other and explore their complexities. She has some insecurities about being with a man whom she describes as EVERYTHING. Monty’s goal is to show her that she has nothing to worry about.
He’s all in.
He’s committed.

The St. Claire Series:
Book 1 – ROYAL (Royal and Gemma)
Book 2 – RAMSEY (Ramsey and Gianna)
Book 3 – ROMULUS (Romulus and Siderra)
Book 4 – REGAL (Regal and Felicity)
Book 5 – MAGNUS (Magnus and Shiloh)
Book 6 – MONTY (Montgomery and Cherish)
Book 7 – Honeymoon with a St. Claire: A Novella (Montgomery and Cherish)


Belong To Me by Jimi Gaillard-Jefferson

Drug dealer Tony is sure of himself and where his life is headed until he meets rich girl LeAndra- and one of them is willing to kill to protect their love! This bad boy meets good girl romance will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Tony runs the drug business in Strawberry Fields- the housing projects that he grew up in-and the rest of the City. He’s worked hard to find success and stay alive and even if he isn’t always happy, at least he’s content. Isn’t that enough?

LeAndra is passing time. What else is she supposed to do? She’s got a trust fund, she’s got a boyfriend, and soon she’ll have a law degree. Or at least that’s what she thinks until she meets Tony right outside of her professor’s office…

You met them as Mr and Mrs in The New Money Girls. Meet them when they were just Tony and LeAndra, two people drawn to each other and ready to turn their worlds upside down to be together.



Catch Him If You Can 2 (The Chase) by M.L. Moore

Two friends: Amaya is known for her reserved outlook on life. She is the girl you can count on to keep things sweet and peaceful. On the other hand, Zarina is murdering her career despite her ability to be overly promiscuous in- and -out of the office. Although she has brains, she’s never been known to offer more than the treasure downstairs that defines her. One man, and a night out at the bar produces a bet to test the waters. It sends both women down a rabbit hole neither felt they were prepared to enter while encouraging them to up the stakes, despite their friendship hanging on the strings.

Between the pages of this novelette, find out how far each girl is willing to go to prove she has what it takes to catch a man.



Giving Him The Best That I Got by T. Nicole

Hailey Armstrong, a Chicago writer, appears to have everything under control when it comes to her career. Determined to build a classy life for herself and put herself in a position so that she no longer had to depend on her boyfriend KJ, who at every chance he’s given, reminds her that he’s the one bringing in the money and is taking care of her financially, Hailey decides to write a hot and juicy fiction based, tell all book revealing some of her own juiciest secrets as well as the scandalous secrets of her friends in hopes of making it on the Best Seller’s List finally giving her the recognition that she feels she deserves and a true reason to leave her old hood life behind her along with all her hood friends behind.
Feeling the pressure of her publisher to deliver results, Hailey must complete this book before going to New York to attend two of her closest and best friend’s wedding, but as time ticks away, Hailey finds herself not only struggling to complete her manuscript on time, but she finds herself in a real life battle that could either cause her to lose everything that she’s been working hard for, or possibly lead her to the one thing that she’s been secretly longing for, her true love.
What Hailey doesn’t know is that one of her friends got a copy of her book, and on the eve of the wedding tempers are flaring and the contents of her book is revealed leaving them all reexamining their relationship with Hailey and as well as with each other.
With all the secrets, lies, and scandals being exposed, bonds are being broken and friendships are facing what possibly could be their ending of one or two of their lives forcing Hailey to live in her own truth, and make a decision that she thought was impossible to make that spins her life completely around.
Could Hailey finally take responsibility for her wrong doings, and fix what she has broken? Could these best friends stay true to themselves and remain as close as they were before, or would Hailey’s book be the key to ruining the lifetime bond that they have created?



Show Me You Still Want It (Behind Closed Doors Book 3) by Monica Walters

Life and the results of bad decisions have thrown Ashahve Glasper a curve ball. She’s pregnant and doesn’t know which man has fathered the baby. There’s Dr. Elijah Coleman, her professor with whom she’s had an on again off again affair with and Omari Watson, the love of her life, but also the one who hurt her the most. Depression is threatening to take her down, because it seems she’s in this thing alone until God shines a little light on her. While having company through the process makes it easier to deal with, the fact still remains that she doesn’t know which man is the father of her child. While Omari is the man she wants to be the father, she also knows that Elijah would be a good father. The paternity results will reveal who the father is, but will Ashahve be able to handle the results?

Finally in a good place in life, Omari Watson knows what he wants… what he needs. Ashahve Glasper is at the top of that list. While they had an extremely difficult breakup, he accepts responsibility for it and wants to make amends. He feels that he can now be the man she needs now that he’s gotten his anger issues in check. Therapy has also taught him how to emotionally express himself as well. He knows he can be a great man to her, but will she give him a second chance?

Elijah Coleman just wants to know when life will treat him like his is worth living. From one issue to the next, he struggles to get past them. However, his tenacity won’t allow him to give up and wallow in regret. With his career and reputation on the line, Elijah does his best to get through the ordeal. While all of these problems stem from his involvement with his student, Ashahve Glasper, he still wants to be in her life, especially since he knows she could possibly be having his baby.

These three lives once again intertwine. A pregnancy could connect two of them forever, but which two? Ashahve is a nervous wreck, begging God to let one of them in particular be the father. They all know of the possibilities and they are prepared to deal with the outcomes, but can they hold it together until those results are bestowed upon them? Will the results be favorable for all parties involved?



Good Enough (Good Enough Novels Book 1) by Vonna Ivory Joseph

What happens when a regular girl risks being loved? Good Enough is a messy, but real love story that challenges the adage, “Love knows no barriers.”



Feign For Me by Ivy Laika

Christela Cherilus is overworked, overtired, and under loved.

When circumstances force her to reevaluate her personal life, her younger sister, Dada, suggests that she goes to Boston to have a weekend to herself. It’s Christela’s first chance to be selfish and put herself first.

What she was not expecting was to meet Mac. Mac Pierre vows to love her for a weekend. To be selfless so that for once in her life she can be selfish. As a result, they form a bond that seems unbreakable.

After a weekend full of lust and love will the two stay together or leave the other feigning for what they shared?



The Lovers Heart (The Brotherhood Series Book 4) by Vivian Rose Lee

Symone McKenzie aka Symone Reed was scared, barely making ends meet and tired of looking over her shoulder. It had been over a year since she left Atlanta. No, the truth was she had fled Atlanta after her father made demands she wasn’t willing to entertain or obey. So, she did what was best for her own well-being. She got ‘ghost’. She had been the star, and principal dancer for Roselee Thorn’s Dance Company. Now she had to turn her back on that part of her life which she loved most. And just when she thought she could stop looking over her shoulder, in steps Xander Campbell. Xander Campbell took on the mission to locate the runaway Symone McKenzie. A mission with barely enough information to go on. Her father demanded she be found immediately and returned home. His instincts told him there was more to this case then just some runaway. Xander wasted no time locating her. He saw straight through her disguise. Mission complete. But, what he didn’t realize was that the mission wouldn’t be completed until he accepted fate and handed over ‘his lover’s heart.’



Unleashed by Fate (Because of Her Book 4) by Lex C. 

One Fire.
Their Fate.

Reckless, stubborn, and guarded. Those three words might as well be Harlow Knox’s first, middle, and last name. It’s who he’s been at the surface, and down to his core since the building burned down that he and his groupmates, that are more like brothers, lived in. When the woman whose existence seemed to stem from that fire returned to their lives, a fated domino effect ensued that Harlow thought he’d have a choice in when it came for him.

Siarrah “Ari” Lewis is a woman who can put up a hell of a fight for the lives of people she’s never even known when those scrubs of hers are on. Caring for others is all she really knows and that’s how it’s always been. It’s ingrained in her, but it developed at the cost of her losing herself, piece by piece. Tragedy after tragedy.

When fate threatens to shake Harlow so hard it may prove to be his downfall, Siarrah finds herself not only on the outskirts but connected to it all. Fate holds no time restraints, nor does it leave a voicemail if you aren’t ready to receive it. Find out what happens when these two lives are bonded by fate’s call, it just might change it all.



Tears I Cry In Private by Ashley Marie

The last relationship Renee’ was in left her lost, confused, and ready to give up on love completely. Tired of the constant failed relationships, she decides to seek counsel with a highly recommended shrink. Together, they devise a plan to look deeper into her past hoping that sorting out personal issues from her childhood, can give more insight into choosing a better suitor.

Tremaine may just be that suitor, but again, maybe not. He too has unresolved issues in the relationship department, and after a failed long-term stint with a cheating ex, the fragility of his own heart may leave him too tainted to develop anything with Renee’ while she’s in such a vulnerable state.

Hurt people hurt people, and who better to drag into an already complicated situation than the wife of a friend.

Steve has been married to Niya for over ten years and he’s been cheating for at least nine of them. Tremaine being aware of how his arrogant friend treats his wife creates a tension in their friendship . After a night of embarrassment from her inconsiderate husband on his birthday, Niya seeks comfort in the arms of his friend; Tremaine.

What was supposed to be one night of consensual misjudgment quickly turns into a mind blowing bomb being dropped when Niya discovers that she is with child, and the father is not husband.

Follow along in this unconventional love story of pain, forgives, acceptance and love. Will Renee’ and Tremaine’s budding romance stand a chance, or will the drama concerning Niya and Steve stunt their growth before it even has a chance to sprout?



INFAMOUS by Michelle Mitchell

Simeon doesn’t want her life’s story to end with her being known as a murderer. She wants to start a new chapter—but the road to redemption won’t be easy. Death threats, physical attempts on her life, and the sudden emergence of a stranger who looks like the man she killed all serve as a haunting reminder that no one has forgotten and someone won’t be satisfied until she’s gone.

Who wants Simeon dead? Her personal assistant, who seems to always be around when there’s trouble or someone from her victim’s family? The attacks could be coming from anyone. Fearing for her sanity and her life, she has no choice but to dig up her victim’s past to discover who wants her dead.



Expectant Hearts (Timber Hearts Book 3) by Tetonia Blossom

Jack and Nina Spear’s happily ever after is once again threatened when, despite Jack’s greatest efforts, the couple learns they are expecting. For Nina the news is a dream come true, but for Jack it’s the realization of his worst nightmare. They’re both aware of the risks the pregnancy poses to Nina’s failing heart and it doesn’t take long for the usually inseparable pair to find themselves adrift. Jack’s distance and disengagement ignites Nina’s fears of abandonment and failing at yet another marriage. Their bond is tested even further when faced with the devastating choice between Nina’s survival or their child’s.Book three of the Timber Heart’s series continues the journey of the lovable Jack and Nina along with their family and friends as they face new challenges in unconventional ways



Could This Be Love? 2 by Kay Shanee

In part one of “Could This Be Love” Nia Simpson and Raffiel Jeffries fall for each other, hard and fast. Although Nia was initially cautious about the pace at which their relationship was moving, she finally opened up her heart to love. Then she’s hit with what seems like the ultimate betrayal.

Raffiel is certain that Nia was made for him. At every turn, he receives confirmation that she is the one. But there is something that he doesn’t know about Nia that could change how he feels about her.

Is the omission of information the same as lying? If so, Nia and Raffiel are both guilty. In the finale, secrets are uncovered that will rock their world. Is this newfound love strong enough to see them through the hard times?

People are going out of their way to ensure that these two don’t get their happily ever after. This couple will be tested and find themselves questioning if this could be love.



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New Release Round-Up July 15th-21st

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