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One Click for Love: Instant Chemistry Series by Taylor Love

Sexy-Modern-Romance! *Completed Series*
Will a spur of the moment decision to update a dating profile, change her life forever?

Brihanna Lorde female relatives consider her “un-girly”. When the truth is she’s a modern young woman just trying to live her life. With her brother in newly wedded bless, her family ups the pressure for her to “catch a man.” Which is easier said than done for a semi-loner who so a videogame programmer. Her quirky and independent personality seems to rub men the wrong way. However, she can admit to wanting a real relationship of her own. Taking a chance on a new “match” online, might net her a guy that doesn’t scare easily. All the while exposing her to desires she didn’t even know she had!

Lawrence Townsend is a laid back unassuming guy, on the brink of turning thirty. While not looking for love exactly, he’s definitely ready for more than the “hit it and quit it” hook-ups that define the modern dating scene. As an IT Manager his job is constantly hectic and unpredictable. So it’s no wonder he likes to take control in the bedroom. The sexy profile of a woman with a twinkle of mischief in her eyes intrigue him. While her unique personality heats his passions as well. He’s up for the challenge of bending her to his will. But it’s a battle that may bruise both their hearts.



Worth The Wait (Hightown Series Book 2) by A.C. Taylor

“I’ve waited my entire life for a woman like you. You’re the only thing that makes sense in my world, and I don’t want that to ever change.” –Channing

Channing and Solé weren’t confused about the spark between them. It had been there since the day they started working together. But over the years, it had intensified. Their attempts to keep things professional had gradually turned into a wasted effort.

Now, they were stuck. Stuck doing this dance, going back and forth with each other without saying how they truly felt. She would give in to him. He would give in to her. Then, suddenly, one of them would pull back. But life has a way of making sure the heart gets exactly what it wants. Will Channing and Solé fully open their eyes and follow the path that brings them together? Or will they allow the opinions of others to trick them into believing that they’re better off as friends?



Haunted in Your Love (Murder She Wrote Series Book 1) by M.T. Dixon

She fell in love with multiple things: her husband, her career, and her money-maker. Little did she know that one of those things would go up in flames as she reinvented herself. Escaping a tragedy, James Knight-Waters fell in love with a newfound soul but a ghost continued to linger around her life. Haunted for all of her past transgressions, James strives to start a new life full of love and beauty.

He was a star NFL player in his hometown – New Orleans. On his way to the start of a new season, his agent persuaded him into a new money venture. Coming across the vivacious James Knight-Waters on multiple occasions, King St. Patrick slowly realizes that his heart is running faster than his head. He was falling deeper than he anticipated and there was no escape.

With tantalizing relationships, agonizing secrets, and mischievous choices can James and King successfully ignite their love with no interruptions?

*This novel is a modern black gothic romance.*



One Last Shot (Nymphs & Trojans Book 2) by Alexandra Warren

“I’ve always trusted you with the ball in your hands. But can I do the same with my heart?”

As a professional basketball player, Selena “Sharpshooter” Samuels seemingly has everything going in her favor. Playing for her hometown, playoff-bound team, the Nashville Nymphs. Playing under a knowledgeable coach who she adores. Playing for a franchise that’s well respected and family-owned. But the potential dynasty she’s trying to build comes under threat when a new assistant coach is hired; an assistant coach who she may or may not have had a huge crush on growing up.DeAndre “Dre” Leonard hasn’t had it easy. After being banned from the league as a player for violating the drug policy, his world came crashing down. But now he’s back and ready to rebuild his reputation, starting with a coaching opportunity with the sister team of his beloved Trojans that includes one of the best women’s players in the game; and arguably the finest woman he’s ever seen.

Selena and Dre both want the same thing; to have a successful season. But as they spend more time together chasing a championship, that shared goal slowly begins to change from a title… to each other.

Set in “The Athens of the South” Nashville, Tennessee, The “Nymphs & Trojans” series is a sports romance collaboration by Nicole Falls and Alexandra Warren that follows two fictional professional basketball franchises – the Nashville Nymphs Women’s Team and the Tennessee Trojans Men’s Team.

Book 1 – Shots Not Taken
Book 2 – One Last Shot

*Note: These are standalone books that can be read in any order.


The Kissing Game (Love Alive Book 1) by Anita Davis

Reserved and career-focused Miriam Caldwell didn’t get to where she is today by half-stepping her efforts. But when her best friend convinces her to participate in The Kissing Game, a new social experiment, it just may be the first thing she shirks away from. She’s convinced there’s no way sparks can fly with one kiss. Except the architect is in for a pleasantly rude awakening when she goes through with the experiment only to find out that she’s just kissed the enemy. Shawn Lafayette can’t believe that the woman who literally stole his breath with her passionate kisses is none other than Miriam, his buttoned-up co-worker and rival for the huge promotion he’s been trying to land for years. Forgetting Miriam’s soft lips proves harder than he ever expected and he soon realizes that the best way to get over his attraction to his intriguing competition, is to stop fighting the feelings he’s always had in his heart. Miriam may not want to take their relationship to another – once deemed forbidden – level, but Shawn is willing to prove to Miriam that they can build something great with the foundation they already have.



Love Touched Me by Pamela Campbell

Mila’s feelings changed for her controlling fiancé, Baris, and she were no longer happy. Mila called off her wedding a week before the wedding date and ended her relationship Baris, who worked for her family’s law practice Benson Law. Mila struggled with her decision, and prayed that she made the right choice.
Logan moved in next door to Mila, and sparks flew immediately between the two of them, but Mila felt like it was too soon to get into another relationship. It was also who Logan was that made Mila think twice about getting involved with him. But that didn’t stop Mila’s best friend, Taj, from going after Logan.
When they finally go out, Mila opens herself up and begins to feel things that she’s never felt before for a man.
When an emergency threatens their future together, it’s Logan’s touch that makes all the difference in the world.



For Love: Buchanan Sisters Book 3 (Buchanan Sisters Series) by Shantaé

Three sisters. Three Novellas. Three beautiful love stories.
Harmonie Buchanan. The first born. Daughter of Claudia and world renowned soul singer, Rayford Buchanan.
Nearly four years ago Harmonie Buchanan married the love of her life and since then has been living a fairy tale she never even dreamed was possible. However, the fact that she hasn’t been able to share her happiness with those close to her prevents her from enjoying her union with Udai to the fullest. Out of nowhere the couple encounters a snag of epic proportions and that single event sends Harmonie fleeing the only home she’s ever known as well as the man that she loves more than life itself. After almost a year of separation Udai unexpectedly arrives in Atlanta demanding that his wife return home and she agrees. Unbeknownst to him, she’s returning with a secret that she feels will officially destroy their union should the truth ever come out.
Once all is said and done, will the handsome sax player be able to forgive the sultry songstress and pick up where they left off or will her final act of betrayal close the book on this love story for good?



When Love Becomes The Reason by Tay Mo’Nae

After having her heart broken five years ago, Autumn is still on the hunt for her prince charming. Being a hopeless romantic and wanting the same love she saw her parents have, she doesn’t let one heartbreak stop her from finding love.

Maurice finally got what he wanted, to be in NBA living out his dream. One would think that would be enough, right? Having fame and the career is cool, but what do you do when one thing is missing?

Even after their messy breakup Maurice comes back into Autumn’s world to reclaim what he lost, but is Autumn willing to allow him? She wants that happy ever after but will she have that with Maurice or will she hold on to the heartache he caused her years ago, and finally allow someone else to come in a fix what he broke? Find out if love is enough to repair this broken couple in the standalone novel.



If Forever Was An Option by S. Rêver

If forever was an option, would you take it?

The crew is back, with more twists and turns to accompany them. With Blake now away on deployment, will Langston keep his promise to wait? Or will the unexpected happen turning both of their lives in a direction they never expected?
Blair and Kofi truly believed that what they shared was only meant for the moment, but what happens when someone from their past comes in and shakes things up forcing them back together? Will they stop fighting what fate put together or will they miss out on their forever, for good this time?

Catch up with Blake, Blair, Langston, and Kofi as we find out if they finally got their Happily Ever After.

*Please note: This is a follow up to “If Only For A Little While.”




Barefoot (Mallory Hooker Series Book 2) by Lela Alize

Book one, Left With Shoes: After her marriage of 21 years failed, Mallory Hooker jumped, feet first, into an exciting, passionately physical affair with Heath Morgan—the much younger, mysterious, wealthy, entrepreneur who was also her client and the biggest account at Thyme Travel. Mallory knew Heath could give her everything missing in her life. But his secrets and unwillingness to open up ended their romance.
In Barefoot, Heath is back, offering Mallory his lavish world if she will only take one more chance on him and submit. Mallory steps out of her comfort zone to meet Heath’s kinky desires and is left questioning what she really wants, and whether Heath is willing to provide the one thing he hasn’t given any other woman in his erotic relationships: love.
More than anything, Heath needs to possess Mallory, to control her, and he is prepared to deliver all that her heart desires. But the lovers soon realize that old habits are hard to overcome and escaping past guilt is even more challenging. Then there’s Lola—determined to drive a wedge between Mallory and Heath. Mallory has always taken life as it comes, avoiding conflicts, but must now draw on her newfound inner strength. With the support of her best friend and close-knit family, Mallory discovers how to stand on her own two feet—with or without her Louboutin’s.
Barefoot is the second installment of a trilogy which contains romantic, adult situations, sexual content, and some strong language—and quite a few laughs.
There’s language in her eye, her cheek, her lip;
Nay, her foot speaks . . .
William Shakespeare, Troilus and Cressida



When Love Mends (Life Cycles Series Book 2) by Che Moon

What Layla did was unforgivable in Lorenzo’s eyes. They spend most of their time co-parenting their daughter or adjusting to their new relationship status. Dating seems to be great but are they really happy without one another? What will happen when they find out the grass is NOT greener on the other side? Happiness looks good on Raelynn. Jaxon makes sure of that. He marks his territory and nothing can get in the way of that… Unless it’s his family. Raelynn has a hard time opening up and when his family frowns upon her she shuts right back down. Leaving him to choose, His girl or his family. Losing a job happens, right? Not for Reighm. He refuses to be in a financial bind for a wedding and Dru can’t figure out how to be there for him. Dru can’t figure out why he keeps pushing her away. Uncertainty comes crashing down in their lives and they are both left, unsure and confused. The trio is back at again, can love mend what’s within?



The Work Spouse by Bien-Aime Wenda

Nadia McPherson enjoys working as a full-time Retention Specialist at an Atlanta call center. The constant adoration and attention she receives from her attractive colleague, Devin Washington, is just icing on the cake…especially since her marriage has been on the rocks. Seeing as Nadia and Devin are both already married to other people, the staff consider their relationship as both cute and harmless, dubbing the two as ‘work spouses’. What happens when one of the two crosses the line and refuses to accept no as in answer?



Labyrinth’s Maze: A Cinnamon Conflicted Book by Angelia Vernon Menchan

By the end of the first semester of college, Labyrinth was feeling a part of school if not of Center City. The classes kept her busy and she did book-keeping for her father, Jesse’s, company. She and Jesse were growing closer, but he wasn’t easy to know, and he was watchful. Alexandra, her aunt and Jesse’s sister was very ingratiating, but both allowed no negativity about Cinnamon, her birth mother. The relationship with Cinnamon was tenuous, mostly because for three months Cinnamon and Malcolm had traveled extensively, and Cinnamon was writing a book and publishing another. When they met it was usually at Cinnamon’s childhood home. There was conversation and Cinnamon was open to questions, but she was still wary.

Labyrinth was closest to Muhammad, though Aura and her had dinner or lunch at least weekly. She had been on a few dates but nothing worth her time. Earline, her aunt had returned to California and most nights she was lonely. It was time to mix and mingle.

Messiah, who broke up with his girlfriend had penned a song, If You Were My Woman that shot up the charts and was having a release party Friday night and she planned to be there. Messiah intrigued her.



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New Release Round-Up July 22nd-28th

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