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All I Want Is You (Dupree Sisters Book 1) by Dara Girard

Be My Love…

A name that once inspired the fantasies of men and the envy of women
A mysterious, elusive international icon of exquisite beauty
A woman named Monica Dupree who disappeared years ago.
She now lives a quiet life buried under secrets that continue to haunt her. Until JD Rozan, a seductive stranger running from his past, shatters her cold heart with a hot passion she can’t resist.
But when JD uncovers Monica’s secrets, she may be forced to disappear from his loving arms…forever.


Pushing Thirty by Necole Ryse

29-year-old viral TV blogger Zaahira Ramsey has it all, except peace. She’s built a fortress of protection around her heart as big as her coily hair. But when Chris Samuels enters her life, ready to unpack everything she’s been carrying, will she put up a fight? Or will the scrappy know-it-all fold under the pressure?

Camille Downing has lived most of her 29 years in the shadows of other people. As a top-notch executive assistant, she makes the impossible possible while taking none of the credit. But when she meets flashy and outgoing Jemel Jones, he makes her question why she’s been constantly selling herself short. Can she let go? Or will he push her too far out of her comfort zone?

Terry Baldwin can’t even. With three kids under her belt at 29, and a husband who acts like child number four, she’s slowly losing her mind. With her family falling apart at the seams, Terry decides to get a job. Can she be a full-time employee and mother? Or will the weight of adulting finally send her over the edge?



Dilemmas of a Damsel: Part III by Monique Elise

Kara Stevens has had her fair share of disappointment when it comes to matters of the heart. For as long as she can remember, she’s always struggled with finding a man that wasn’t into playing games or afraid to commit. Frustrated and at her wit’s end, she swears off dating and vows to focus on herself for a while. With a job promotion and new apartment to keep her busy, things are finally starting to look up. That is until Omar Winston comes into the picture. Omar is handsome, charming, and highly successful; making it hard for Kara to resist. The only thing – he’s her very much older and married boss! To make things more complicated, an old love has reemerged eager to give things another shot.

Sick of always being the fool, Kara’s ready to make the tables turn. But can she truly play the game that she’s fall victim to so many times before, or will she end up getting played? In the third and final installment of the “Dilemmas Of a Damsel” series – you don’t want to miss out on this exciting tale of love, lust, and scandal!



Rushing to Distraction: from the Heartbreak Diaries Series by The Black Dahlia

How do you know when to give up? Farrah is focused. She knows what she wants until she meets Jamie. He shows up giving her the possibilities of having it all. But when it’s all a game, she loses everything fighting to make the possibilities a reality. Farrah’s in too deep to move on. Pushing for the romance that is in her mind instead of accepting what is and letting go.

From the new series the Heartbreak Diaries.
​Heartbreak Diaries is a collection of short stories of women experiencing different levels of pain in Loveland. Sometimes they get their heart broken, sometimes they break hearts of others, and sometimes they break their own hearts. It’s up to you to decide. Heartbreak Diaries is filled with love, lust mistaken for love, love lost, and love regained. The self-reflections of where one goes wrong when deciding who to love and how to prevent it from ending. Holding on to what is meant for you and letting go of what is not. Dive into these stories of women who are strong, naïve, selfish, and sometimes, just plain pathetic. Are you ready for the Heartbreak?



Spirit Lake by Tamarria Denga


A small town in northern Arizona where the people are as charming and beautiful as the town itself.

Meet Teylor and Jamie; Teylor and Jamie have been inseparable since eighth grade, when Jamie defended her from the school’s bully. Now, seventeen years later, they still remain the best of friends; that is, until Jamie returns home from a two week stay in Paris bearing the news that he’d recently proposed to Carrie; his girlfriend of six months! In the wake of that revelation, Taylor’s world is shattered, and what was supposed to be the most exciting time in Jamie’s life thus far, has become a turbulent roller coaster for the two best friends.

And to add to the chaos, Taylor has been hiding a secret of her own. Will the two find their way out of this emotional maze before it ruins their friendship? Or, will their bond die once she reveals the hidden truth she’s kept from him for seventeen years?

Fall in love with Spirit Lake as the author takes you on a romantic adventure to a town filled with tests, trials, and most importantly, love…



She From the Jungle 2 by Deshon Dreamz

They say it’s not about where you’re from or where you’ve been…it’s about where you’re going.

Deja, Britain, and Ariel are all in completely different places in their young adult lives and trying to find balance is easier said than done.

After the shooting, Deja struggles with getting back to her old self. She begins to question life and the curves she has been thrown in the years of her adolescence and beyond. Her life has become a web of lies that seem to have her caught up with no route of escape in sight.

Britain’s life is on an uphill climb. With the news that she delivered to Cordell about her father’s indiscretions where she is involved, she can see that Cordell is a ticking time bomb. The secrets between them, topped with the long distance strain on their relationship create questions that neither of them is prepared to answer.

Ariel finds herself at peace even after having her heartbroken at the hands of Jacques. She’s since moved on, focused on the captain seat on the team now that it has been vacated. But with a new man comes new struggles, especially since she finds herself constantly having to fight the need to want that old thing back.

In this finale, follow your favorite three dancers into their sophomore year of college where more drama, confusion, and love awaits them.



Lady Guardians: Onyx Rides by Celeste Granger

When is love not love? Onyx Malone, the owner of Café Laquette, a favorite eatery in downtown Atlanta, thought she was in love with Dillon Long, an entrepreneur in his own right. However, when the relationship failed, Onyx was prepared to move on. Dillon wasn’t. Dillon refuses to let Onyx go, and his definition of love turns ugly. Onyx finds herself on the defense, shadowed and stalked by the man who once claimed undying love for her.

Multimillionaire Egypt Anderson is not only the CEO of his own construction and development company, but he is also the President of the Down South Riders, a motorcycle club. Egypt spends his days in the boardroom and his nights on the back of his classic Harley Davidson. Egypt and Onyx don’t travel in the same circles and at first, glance, seem to have very little in common. However, a chance encounter with a ruggedly handsome Egypt changes the trajectory of Onyx’s life and redefine what love really is.



Love and Stardom by Nicki Taylor

Tasha was tired of the men doing their same old tricks. For once, she would like to meet a man who was as serious about a relationship as she was. Tasha was tired of the lies and games. She wanted something new.

Andre A.K.A King B was an upcoming rapper. A true story about a man rising out of the hood and making something of himself. All he ever wanted was to make his momma proud, and he did just that. He had acquired money and fame but there was still something missing in his life. The king was missing a queen.

Join King B’s journey as he tries to balance Love and Stardom.

Can he flourish as an artist and still keep his woman happy?

Will Tasha learn to trust again and allow herself to be vulnerable?

One way to find out.

Book one of the Love and Stardom series.



Torn-Maxwell and Cayla by Vivian Rose Lee

Cayla Sherman is distraught over the recent loss of her incredible husband, but before she even has time to fully grieve, she is dealt another harsh blow that almost brings her to her knees. However, Cayla is motivated to “get back up again” in order to weather the storms of deception and destruction.
Maxwell Washington had been best friends with Jonathan Sherman since childhood. But when his best friend dies, Max is emotionally lost and spent. Somehow Max must pick up the pieces and find Jon’s missing wife, Cayla, so that he can keep his promise of watching over her through her sorrow and pain.
Will Cayla and Max find more than friendship? We can only imagine.



Obstacles and Uncertainty by Viola Santiago

Marisol, was raised in a Panamanian culture. She went through life enduring many obstacles, that consisted of being homeless, and suffering emotional, verbal, and physical abuse. Through it all, Marisol was able to achieve her independence, while being a single mom with four kids. Determined not to let anything deter her focus, love was not on her agenda. Love for Marisol came and went as rapidly as the seasons changed. The only thing on her mind was being a mom, a Nana, and dealing with the life-threatening issues that surrounded her daily. Until Alfonso came along determined to break down the wall Marisol has built around her heart? Will he be the missing piece to her Puzzle motivating her to give love a try, and finally exhale? Join Marisol on her amazing journey through Obstacles and Uncertainty.



He Came To Me (an urban romance) by Smokey Moment

Pebbles, Paula and Penny Allen were the hot “Allen Sisters”, well known in their old neighborhood where they grew up and their schools, for their striking beauty and killer bodies. Penny was the beautiful and promiscuous one, a serial non- committer, who changed men the way she changed her clothes. Paula was the stable one who excelled in school, determined to escape their humble roots. She was ashamed of their upbringing and was determined to escape their poverty-stricken life but she harbored a deep secret. Pebbles was known as the “prettiest” Allen girl. She was more laid back and private than her sisters and valued family and friends above all else. Drama between the sisters plagued them most of their childhood and young adult life.

Fast forward ten years later when the girls are now women who each have a story to tell. Penny continues down a path of self-absorbance and is too busy partying to get her life in order. Pebbles has her career on the right path but is desiring a more fulfilling love life. And Paula’s life seems to be filled with the most life has to offer, money, a sexy handsome husband and a son she adores. But when circumstances cause Paula to reach out to her estranged sister Pebbles a shocking secret is revealed that sends Pebbles scrambling and struggling to make sense of it all. Will the love of a man tear these sisters apart?

This is an urban romance fiction about secrets, lies, deceit, sex and selfish agenda’s that could tear a family apart…



How Much Can a Soul Take by Tammy T. Cross

Shay Bradley was a beautiful young woman with problems in her marriage like lots of couples in the world today. When her husband, Mitchell, starts to forget the vows he made, Shay begins to search for her own comfort in the arms of an old friend. Will the familiarity of this old friend help or further damage the marriage she takes so seriously or is the damage already done? Life throws Shay another curve ball when she runs into her Godsister Jenny at a reunion. The revelation is a big one, one that could change her family’s life forever. Will this family be torn apart by hidden secrets and yearning hearts? Or will they allow God to step in and work it out before it’s too late? There’s only so much that a soul can take…before it gives out.



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New Release Round-Up July 16th-22nd

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