You guys should remember quirky man Romulus from the last series,  Regal and Royal’s brother. Romulus was the one I could never get a clear vision in my head. The guy on the cover certainly helped to draw me into the story. The cover picture made him less starched, and more refined, maybe? In the previous novels, Romulus emoted stuffy and buttoned-up. In this story, he was not as standoffish. His personality reminded me a lot of an articulate genius savant; a more distinguished version of Russell Crow’s Beautiful Mind character.

I knew Romulus’ story would be dynamic and quite complex from his small parts in the previous books. Romulus was the hardest brother to gauge his emotional composition. His relationship with his long-time friend Siderra Monroe was the delightful story I longed to hear more about and the author delivered a lovely story. If you are looking for a buttons, bows and butterflies stories, this is not the story. If you are looking for a story about complicated characters falling in love, then you are in the right place.  Buckle up and get ready for an exciting tale about two amazing people.

In this story, Romulus and Siderra’s friendship lasted for ten years with each placing the other in the friend zone, even though they each had powerful feelings for one another unbeknownst to the other. Everyone could see the pair loved one another; they were the only ones with blinders. Romulus’ detached personality made it difficult for him to express his true love for his best friend and Siderra was too afraid of losing Romulus, to make her feelings for him clear. I was so happy when Romulus decided to seek help with his personality flaws so that he could love Siderra fully. This pairing was one I’d hoped would happen sooner rather than later. It arrived in due time.

We also get the chance to visit with Royal and Gemma, Gianna, Regal, and Felicity. The St. Clair family feels like a real family. The next story on deck should be about Felicity and Regal’s love connection. Regal and his antics make me laugh so hard; it should be a crime. I am ready to see what this author will do with this rare man named Regal who pines for a strong-willed woman named Felicity. I hope he wins her heart.  4.5 Stars Good.

Review – Romulus (A St. Claire Novel Book 3), by Tina Martin

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