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Check out these new releases from July 17th-23rd.

Defensive Stance: Las Vegas Ramblers by Kasha Thompson

Deion McCabe is a veteran basketball player with an adversarial disposition. Following an altercation with a fan during a game, the league orders him to attend anger management. Deion’s behavior and subpar gameplay threatens to jeopardize his livelihood. He’s courting disaster and must demonstrate to the organization that he’s capable of turning his fate around. If not, he could face being traded or worse … the end of his basketball career.

Sloane Kaplan is a single mother and cocktail waitress who’s known to pack a mean punch. She’s earnestly trying to keep her life on the straight and narrow, but people around her seem to push the right buttons, igniting her short fuse. While she’s always been taught to go down fighting, her latest brawl lands her in an anger management course. Unbeknownst to her, this mandatory class will introduce her to a towering basketball player with a grumpy temperament and captivating smile.

Love is the only thing worth fighting for, even if that means not playing fair.


Under Love’s Command by Charity Shane’

Remi Wilson is a true Army brat. As the the daughter of a General, her life’s plan was set in motion from the minute she took her first breath.

The expectations are simple: Be the ideal general’s daughter and marry an Army officer. Not once has she considered deviating. Why would she when following the plan will lead to a blissfully bright further that mirrors that of her parents.

Trenard McAllen’s life has always been swept into the chaotic hustle known as survival of the fittest. The only plans that exist in his world revolve around getting to the money. The game and the players are constantly shifting, however the end goal is always the same, keep your head above water.

Eventually Trenard’s hustle lands him in a complicated situation. He can either spend the next five years in prison or he can join the military.

Fort Atkins isn’t ready for the recruit with a chip on his shoulder and neither is Remi. Her plans don’t stand a chance when she is captured by a charming and determined solider who won’t stop until he owns Remi’s heart.

Remi and Trenard get a hard fast lesson that life is full of surprises. When you’re under love’s command, plans no longer matter.


Love Assist: A Sports Romance (The Rookies Series Book 1) by J. Nichole

The rookie has returned home. 
Professional basketball player, Jared Mathis, is back in his hometown. Ready to prove he’s as good as he’s always been.  
But first, he must find a house. 

Real Estate is in her blood. Or at least it should be. 
Unfortunately, Amelia Forrest is nothing like her mogul mother though. 
If she finds a home for Jared Mathis, that could all change. 

Love Assist is a contemporary sports romance. 


Holding by Alexandria House

Childhood neighbors, enemies, best friends, lovers, enemies, Sires lineman Terrence Ford and his ex-wife, Krystle, have meant all these things to each other.

Once believing their union was indestructible, they find themselves unhappily apart.

Maybe what they see as an ending is really the beginning of a stronger bond and a deeper understanding of what love really is.

Holding is a novel that offers intimacy, healing, and forever.


Trust Me With You (Unexpected Book 3) by Tay Mo’Nae

Who knew one night in Vegas could lead to a life time of commitment.
Tori and Chase have 30 days to decide if they want to correct the accidental marriage between them or stay married. How will things play out between the two?


Claiming April (Hamilton Brothers) by Dria Andersen

Step one to claiming a mate…apply pressure.

April Beattie had one too many mistakes over the past year and was officially done with men. From now on, it was just her baby girl. But…something, something, best-laid plans…

Grant Davis was lonely…or rather had been until one enticing scent crossed his path. Claiming his mate would take every ounce of his charm, but he had a plan…and step one was to apply pressure.


The Fine Print by T’Lyn

If the plan doesn’t work change the plan not the goal.

Those words become the anthem to Soraya Gault’s life in ways she never could have imagined. Soraya sacrifices a lot to secure her future and take care of her family but it never feels like enough.

Zamaseon Hendricks works hard and lives by his own rules. There is only one woman in his life who he is willing to risk it all for. Even if risking it all means completely altering his life’s plan, what is required of him is as good as done.

Zamaseon and Soraya have common goals but their only option to reach the finish line means falling in line with an unconventional plan.

Reading the fine print is easy enough but as soon as the ink dries their worlds collide in the best and worst ways possible.


Reach & Rescue Me: A Second Chance Love Novella (The Tennessee Whiskey Series Book 9) by Kayelle Gee

High school sweethearts, Daxton and Bliss, have loved each other since the tender age of fourteen. Growing from best friends to lovers placed them on a solid foundation and they learned to support one another as hurdles challenge their preparations for the future. Once their plans to go off to college together begin to falter, they find themselves grasping for plan B. When Daxton goes off to school, leaving Bliss behind, life sets them on varying paths where pain and regret have space to fester.

Daxton Whiley is living his best life with everything he desires within reach, except, the one woman his heart longs for is anything but. When career advancement places him back in the city that he was trying to leave behind, he’s forced to face skeletons of the past.

Bliss Edwards is a wife and mother who takes pride in her roles, but she finds herself amidst a quarter-life crisis. Regrets of abandoning her goals to prioritize family plague her, and she begins to question all the decisions that set her on that path. When an old flame stirs up new feelings, she wonders if she can finally right her wrongs.

A walk down memory lane reveals new truths for Daxton and brings about hope for Bliss. He finds himself inclined to protect her but is she too far gone to save? Can their love survive the pain of the past, or will chaos get in the way of their future?


Barroom Blues: Last Call For Love (The Tennessee Whiskey Series Book 10) by Amber Ghe

Zara King is taking a leap of faith and embarking on a journey to discover who she truly is. Her quest for self-discovery leads her to New Orleans, where she finds an apartment above the famous Barroom Blues. Here, she meets Mojo Johnson, a captivating saxophonist who ignites her creative and romantic passions, leaving her heart ablaze. But their burgeoning love is threatened by a dark, ominous presence lurking in the shadows, stalking Zara’s every move.

Then, things turn unexpectedly when Mojo is sued for child support for a secret baby. As secrets come to light and hard-hitting truths unravel, Zara’s life spirals out of control. She begins to question whether love is worth the risk when her safety and heart are on the line. But when things seem like they can’t get any more complicated, Mojo’s past comes back to haunt him, pushing the couple’s relationship to the brink.

Zara and Mojo must fight to hold onto what they built before the chaos. Will their love survive the trials that threaten to tear them apart?


The Warmest Place on Earth (The Tennessee Whiskey Series Book 11) by Erika B.

Brandy Daniels is a social media influencer whose only focus is having fun. Her cousin is getting married, so there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. With only four days until the wedding, Brandy’s life takes a drastic turn when she runs into the man who is a star player in her dreams.

Jameson Woodford, a youth pastor, is slowly losing his grip on everything that makes sense. His younger brother’s upcoming nuptials open old wounds that only a warm glass of brandy can heal. Nothing makes sense, especially when his dream girl becomes a reality.

Brandy and Jameson are relentlessly doing everything they can to avoid one another. Every effort has failed them. Will Jameson and Brandy make it through the weekend unscathed, or will they find themselves lost in love?


Smooth Savior (The Tennessee Whiskey Series Book 12) by Bree Wright

Tennessee whiskey must go through a charcoal filtering process, which mellows the whiskey’s character….

Ezra Hightower a truck driver, struggling with depression due to a failed relationship, accidentally embarks on a life-changing journey when he arrives in the charming town of Little Holly Hill. While in a bar drinking away his sorrows, Ezra’s path crosses with Kay Kiser, a resilient woman who has also endured her share of heartbreak.

Kay, having experienced a tragic loss that left her broken, found solace and a fresh start in Little Holly Hill. Kay recognizes Ezra’s pain. She takes it upon herself to help him find purpose and joy. Together, they embark on an extraordinary adventure that promises to transform their lives forever.

With heartfelt conversations, laughter, risky moments, and honey whiskey, the two find comfort in each other and a friendship is developed. However, when the past starts to become present, and futures come into the play, how will the friendship withstand? Or will more become of the two over a shared glass of whiskey?


Only Love I’ve Known (The Tennessee Whiskey Series Book 13) by Monae Nicole

One night of pleasure can turn into a lifetime commitment. Wendi White learns that lesson very quickly after having a carefree night of fun. Thinking she would never see her fling again, she’s faced to make his acquaintance when she finds out he’s her daughter’s basketball coach.

Torian Valentine has taken a few L’s in his life. From coping with the loss of his son, to calling it quits with his wife, Torian’s only fulfillment in life is staring at the bottom of a bottle. All that changes when Wendi lets him in on her little secret… A secret that holds his shot at redemption.

Will learning of Wendi’s pregnancy help Torian face the choice of sobering up to become the father and man he dreamed of, or will he spiral out of control due to a past he can’t fix?


His Weakness Her Strength by Charleigh Harper

Her strength was her greatest asset and biggest obstacle. That was until she met him.

As a man of means and power, weakness didn’t exist to him. Until he met her.

What happens when one night of pleasure turns out to be more than they bargained for?


The Takeout Menu: A Rodes Sisters Novelette Book 1 (A Rodes Sisters Novelette Series) by Wynta Tyme

After being released from confinement following a three-year bid, Ashland Rodes has sworn off men. All her interest lies in a chance at redemption and peace, but she gets more than that when she takes a job as a Takeout date. 

On her first night on the job, Ashland is placed in front of Eno Bells. After just one date, the successful and wealthy screenwriter is intrigued by the full figured beauty, and he’s a complete goner. 

Eno is willing to do anything to keep Ashland’s eyes on him, but is she ready to let her guard down? Or will the past, along with a string of unconventional robberies, intervene?


Thighs, Pies, and Spies: A Rodes Sisters Novelette Book (A Rodes Sisters Novelette Series 2) by Wynta Tyme

Claire Rhodes’ only goal has been to open a pie café with her sister in her mother’s memory. After months of being a Takeout member, she’s !nally earned enough money to do so. Six months down the line, her business is thriving, and Claire is starting to breathe easy.
Running the café is hectic enough as it is, but one night, things change for thirty-year-old Claire. She is caught o# guard when she !nds a sexy and mysterious man lying injured in front of her car. She quickly jumps into action to help him, but discovering he has no memory of his life takes them both down a rabbit hole, unforeseen.


If Tomorrow Never Comes (Lies Series Book 2) by Mariah Kingsley

I am a king. A man with blood on my hands. I take what I want and never have regrets about it. Until Nevada. She is pure and beautiful on the inside and out, but she is not to be had by a man like me. A man that takes the lives of my competition. For small moments in time, I can stand in the warmth of her light, and then I am forced back into this cold world. A darkness that I was used to, until her. Now I dream of the time when I can have her close to me, but not too close, because people that stand in my darkness don’t always survive.

Sometimes I stand next to Kyle just to breath him in. To the world he is a dangerous man, but I see past that. To the heart of him. Kind, loving, and gentle. I wish I could have him for myself, but he wouldn’t want a woman like me. A woman with baggage that weighed me down with cruelty. I don’t know who I am, but I do know that when I am close to him, I feel whole for those moments. I can smile and it reaches my heart. He has no idea what he does to me. How he is the star of every fantasy that I have ever had. If only he knew what I would do to have him.

Two hearts that have beat as one since the moment they met will have a chance at love. But what will it cost them?


Just for the Cameras by Viano Oniomoh 

Sex worker couple Kian Kalu and Jordanne Daye decide to fantasise about their hot, untouchable flatmate and best friend, Luka Prince, just once. Just to scratch the itch. They totally don’t want anything else from Luka—not his body, nor his heart.

The last thing Luka expects to come home to is his two sexy flatmates and best friends getting frisky underneath their blanket on the living room sofa. And for the first time in a long time, Luka lets himself want. 

It was supposed to be one video for Jordanne’s and Kian’s subscribers.

One video. No strings attached.

Except now, Jordanne and Kian don’t know how to let Luka go, not after they know how fucking perfect he feels between them. And Luka feels like maybe he can risk getting his heart broken again, if it means he gets to have Jordanne and Kian forever.


Simeon: Book 3: The Flex Series by Celeste Granger

Teagan Montgomery, an independent acquisitions curator, enjoyed negotiating for her clients and returning those prized possessions to the people those treasures belonged to. With a fulfilling balance between her business and her family, Teagan’s life feels complete. She firmly believes in leaving the past behind, convinced that it should remain where it belongs. But when Simeon Banks’ involvement challenges the status quo, the past is suddenly the present, stirring long-dormant emotions within and challenging her resolve to keep history at bay.


The Infiltration: A Knight’s Tale Romance by Simone Bradshaw

A chilling and suspenseful story of two federal agents, deadly secrets, and hot passion that could destroy them both.

Agent Kaitlynn Dawes is either dead or a traitor, or so everyone believes. When agent Jason Stone is sent out on a mission to expose the rogue agent, he quickly discovers that nothing could have prepared him for the beguiling and sexy Agent Kaitlynn Dawes, who comes into his life in a desperate attempt to prove her innocence and take down those responsible for framing her.

Despite his training and orders, Jason is determined to help Kaitlynn escape those who are out for her, whether she likes it or not. With enemies closing in, the law hot on their trail, and death lurking around every corner, Jason and Kaitlynn must form an alliance to survive and prove Kaitlynn’s innocence from those that set her up. The thing that they cannot escape, is the ill-timed heat and romance between them.

Kaitlynn must fight to protect herself and her secrets, but also fight to protect her heart from Jason, his alluring touch and irresistible charm.

Will they be able to resist the passionate pull between them, when the clock is running out on either of them escaping alive?

As they battle against overwhelming odds, Kaitlynn must do whatever she can to protect herself and her secrets–but most dangerously, she must guard her heart against Jason’s magnetic charm. Enjoy book 1 in this exciting new series: Knight’s Tale Romances.


Tainted Love by TN Jones

Sexually entangled with a well-known hood figure, Vamarious Reed didn’t desire a romantic relationship. Living his best, carefree, and private life as a bisexual man, Vamarious never fathomed stumbling upon a woman who made him not think twice about having a relationship. Neither did he believe her deployment would leave love residue cruising through his pores, opening his mind and heart to being romantically involved with the street figure. While trying to find his footing with Jayah and Tech, Vamarious landed on a deranged person’s path. A person who would do anything to cease Jayah from breathing.

Needing to understand herself and what she wanted from relationships, a proud military soldier, Jayah Morris, sworn off relationships and casual fornication. Within moments of meeting an alluring, well-loved family man, Jayah’s mind was suddenly filled with carnal desires. Those desires traveled with her, suffocating her on the many months’ journey overseas. Back on the land that started it all, Jayah has a decision to make, but first, she must clean her hands. While doing so, Jayah’s pulled back to where her life really began—bringing forth the pain she ran from and pulling Vamarious closer.

This novel contains graphic sex scenes (male-on-male & male-on-female), vulgar language, and briefly touches on grief.


Breaking Point: Chandler’s Choice by Carlotta Ardell

Breaking Point: Chandler’s Choice is Book 2 in First Responder Fairytales
Chandler Gray never imagined during her journey to earn a nursing degree, she would encounter a distraction, in the form of firefighter, Moses Lawson. With the chaos of supporting her mother after her father’s passing and completing her internship and practicum, Chandler had no time for a relationship. However, Moses’ persistence, charisma, and rugged good looks made her think again. Perhaps a summer fling with no strings attached was just what the doctor ordered.

Unfortunately, their situationship became much more than she bargained for. Now Chandler wants Moses to switch things up to be in a committed and monogamous relationship. His response causes Chandler to react in ways she may come to regret.

Years later, when their paths cross in very different circumstances, Chandler will have another decision to make.

Can she look beyond her own hurt to give of herself and heal another past their breaking point?


The Billionaire’s Fake Match: An Opposites Attract Romance by Azani Leshay

Settle down or inherit nothing; the billionaire status and the ultimatum brought me to consider a fake relationship.

Taking over the family business isn’t appealing, but I’m being pushed to get serious about my future.

I run into Kanijah looking for work but I was in a hurry.

When I see her again, I realize this is my opportunity to change my destiny.

She needs money and I need a fiancée: it’s the perfect match.

Keeping her regular routine and job gets old but this isn’t real, I have to focus.

We’re fooling everyone but the way her body speaks to me is not a game.

Every time we come together; sparks fly beautifully.

A fling from the past threatens our bond but if we can just hold out a little longer.

I understand now, money or not; there’s no more pretending.

I’ll do anything to keep her, I need her to know she changed me forever.


Promises by Tymecka Smith

When young handsome, athletic, and smart senior Marc Carter Miller meets sweet and beautiful freshman dance major Maya Marie Dixon, a budding romance occurs however the popular senior who is not ready for a commitment finds himself intertwined in a never-ending love triangle amongst two coed’s who both vie for his eternal affection. Forced to decide between them when things get serious, who will he choose?


Off-Limits Matchmaker Protector: A Sweet Small-Town Second Chance Romance by Jamila Woods

I lost faith in love until I enlisted in matchmaker
Jackson Haye…My Ex.

Jackson Haye. Matchmaker. Chameleon. And my high school sweetheart.
Jackson can take on the personality of whoever he’s talking to.
He’s charming, charismatic, and an attentive listener.

So when I was ready to jump back into the dating world, Jackson came to my aid.
It turns out he’s emotionally unavailable.

After I revealed a hidden secret, he went on a tirade, causing a rift between us.
I hope this doesn’t mess up my second chance at love.

Only time will tell.


It’s All Brand New by J.S. Harvey

Two souls that are destined to be.
They meet, share a moment.
A woman who doesn’t know what real love is …..
A man who’s ready to give love.
Toxic relationships.
Will it work out?
Or will they let their trial come to an end?


Enemies We Love: Urban Paranormal Romance (African American Urban Shifters Book 7) by Melody Lynch

Yolanda is trying to come to terms with the end of her and Raheem’s relationship. Never in a million years did she expect to hate the man who once healed her heart, but love without respect is something she swore she would never deal with. But she’s not alone; the ladies of Stonehill have her back, and together, they are picking up the pieces to build something new. But when sleeping wolves refuse to lie and someone she loves is put in harm’s way, Yolanda refuses to turn a blind eye. Will her loyalty cost her her life? Find out in this pulse-racing season finale.


92′ (The Kendall Family Book 3) by Alicia Weathers-Grey

The world is my playground and whatever I say goes. You are only what I say you are.
Don’t play wit’ it.


Mind of a Writer by Tosha Writes

Amado Williams is a bestselling author of many bestselling books. He wrote his way out of the hood while starting out as a hustler with his boys in Parkside. However, his alter ego, “Low Key” has been interfering in his young adolescent life and caused a strain and break-up with his first love, Zola, who is now his baby mama. Amado has been monitoring his actions trying to keep his other side under submission over the last seven years while still raising his son. His ten-year-old son, Junior (Amado Jr.) is watching his dad’s every move while growing up trying to be just like him. Zola has moved on and is now happily married, while Amado co-parents Junior with Zola and her new husband. Junior sees the sadness in his father’s heart and tries to help Amado find love again. Will the success of Amado’s businesses be enough for him to continue with his life as it is? Or can Junior find him a compatible woman that can match his dad’s fly and heal the sadness that Amado hides?


Committed by K. Reshay

When Maxine, a married woman craving something more, meets Anthony, an attractive and mysterious stranger, she quickly finds herself in way over her head. With her husband, James, trying to make their marriage work and a secret that could ruin her life, Maxine must grapple with her own desires and the consequences of her actions.

Set in a small city, Committed takes readers on a thrilling journey of Love, Lust, Betrayal, Murder, and Deception. With a tone of drama and eroticism akin to the works of Zane and other premier fiction authors, this novel will draw readers in with its unexpected plot twist and keep them enthralled until the very end. Committed is a must-read for anyone looking to be taken on an exciting and intense journey.


Coven of Sorrow: African American Urban Fantasy (Trinity Jones: psychic paranormal investigator Book 5) by Melody Lynch

Trinity is nursing a broken heart, and she is on the brink of becoming a recluse until her ex-best friend, Towanda, shows up, begging for her help. A copycat killer is on the loose, targeting the Sisters of Clarity Coven and claiming they are guilty of a horrible crime While broadcasting their trials and executions on live television. The assailant promises to stop the attacks if the coven apologizes for the crime, but the only problem is that none of the coven members know what their transgressions are. To add to the confusion, Trinity has to work alongside the beautiful witch, Neemashe struggles to resist the powerful attraction between them.

As Trinity navigates through the evidence, she uncovers secrets that the coven wants to keep hidden. Can she help solve the mystery while resisting Neema’s charms, or will she be consumed by the flames of passion and the threat of death?


Better Days by Nicole Parker

Natasha Lee is beautiful, strong, and intelligent—she just doesn’t know it yet.

Trailing behind her poor choices in men are the scattered pieces of her confidence. She flees to Los Angeles in hopes of starting afresh. Struggling to find her own identity and regain a sense of self, she trudges forth on the newfound journey of singlehood.

At the peak of her career as an editor for a prominent magazine, Natasha decides to push professional boundaries.

Finding herself entangled in a situation she promised to ward off, her new relationship blissfully unfolds and is short-lived when secrets of her lover’s past resurface.

Natasha is faced with a choice to take yet another chance on love, but is the truth really stranger than fiction?


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up July 17th-23rd

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