High school sweethearts, Daxton and Bliss, have loved each other since the tender age of fourteen. Growing from best friends to lovers placed them on a solid foundation and they learned to support one another as hurdles challenge their preparations for the future. Once their plans to go off to college together begin to falter, they find themselves grasping for plan B. When Daxton goes off to school, leaving Bliss behind, life sets them on varying paths where pain and regret have space to fester.

Daxton Whiley is living his best life with everything he desires within reach, except, the one woman his heart longs for is anything but. When career advancement places him back in the city that he was trying to leave behind, he’s forced to face skeletons of the past.

Bliss Edwards is a wife and mother who takes pride in her roles, but she finds herself amidst a quarter-life crisis. Regrets of abandoning her goals to prioritize family plague her, and she begins to question all the decisions that set her on that path. When an old flame stirs up new feelings, she wonders if she can finally right her wrongs.

A walk down memory lane reveals new truths for Daxton and brings about hope for Bliss. He finds himself inclined to protect her but is she too far gone to save? Can their love survive the pain of the past, or will chaos get in the way of their future?


New Release Spotlight – Reach & Rescue Me, by Kayelle Gee

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