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Changing Seasons by Chelsea Maria

I’ve always imagined love to resemble coloring outside of the lines. Our kismet fate painted in hues of violets and blues. Oranges and reds spearing the flames of heaven’s divine grace as it tied our souls. An obscure canvas covered by the colors we made. Dismissing traditional rules of falling in love by choosing a different beat of me and my lover’s nirvana-laced drum.

However, where there is love, there is pain.

Heartbreak snatched me out of my love cocoon. Chewing me up and spitting me out into a cycle of delirium. Still inhaling and exhaling the breath of my ex-lover. The cruelty of it left more scars than the claws of our enemies tiring themselves out to break what could never be unyoked.

Tasting the bitterness of heartbreak almost ruined me. He almost ruined me and I wanted revenge in the sweetest way possible. This was my moment to get the seven-year-long closure I’ve been wanting. The freedom to release myself from him. For him to release the hold he’s had on me – To get my heart back.


Rude Boss 2 (DePaul & Company) by Tina Martin

I wanted to keep Quintessa close to me because she’s special. She’s a girl from my past that grew up into an amazing, beautiful brilliant woman. I want to make her mine, but she doesn’t trust me fully because she doesn’t know who I am.

Therefore, the time has come to reveal my true identity before she finds out on her own, but things don’t always go as planned, does it? I know that firsthand. If life went by a plan, Quintessa would’ve been mine years ago. We would’ve been together. We would’ve been living our happily ever after.

But we’re not. We’re lagging behind. Playing catchup. Reminiscing…

I can’t risk losing her again after putting forth all this effort to ensure we found each other again. But who’s to say that won’t happen anyway, especially when I struggle with my own identity. When I fear that the person I’ve become is not a man she could love.

This is the conclusion to the DePaul & Company Series!


Shut Up and Dance by Tanzania Glover

After this dance, nothing will be the same.

Singer Theo Smith is no stranger to dancing so one look at choreographer Tempest Randall’s flawless moves has him instantly wanting to 1, 2 step into her world. And since she’s already his biggest fan he expects it to be as effortless as his falsetto only neither could have anticipated the many obstacles attempting to prevent them from dancing the night away.


All On Me by BriAnn Danae

With the odds against him, Aseer makes it his mission to come home from jail and remain on the right path. It’s a struggle, especially when everyone around you has their doubts, but he’s not giving up. With a son on the way, and a family to provide for, he’s ready to put it all on the line. 

No longer spending her pregnancy alone, Samora finds herself in a tough predicament that she highly regrets. She and Aseer’s relationship means everything to her, but one bad decision could ruin them for good. 

Navigating through their brief separation is harder than they imagined. Aseer was back home for good and he didn’t want to give Samora a reason to not ever have faith in him again. 

This is a short tale of love, forgiveness, and the rekindling of what was always destined to be.


Can’t Resist Her by Kianna Alexander

Two very determined women—in love, at odds, and risking a lot on a second chance.

After years away from home, Summer Graves is back in Austin, Texas, to accept a new teaching position. Of all the changes to the old neighborhood, the most dispiriting one is the slated demolition of the high school her grandmother founded. There’s no way she can let developers destroy her memories and her family legacy. But the challenge stirs memories of another kind.

On the architectural team revitalizing the neighborhood, hometown girl Aiko Holt is all about progress. Then she sees Summer again. Some things never change.

Neither can forget the kiss they shared at their senior-year dance. Neither can back down from her unwavering beliefs about what’s right for the neighborhood.

For now, the only thing Summer and Aiko are willing to give in to is a heat that still burns. But can two women with so much passion—for what once was and what could be—agree to disagree long enough to fall in love?


Pretend With Me by J. Nichole

Simone Lewis needs a date to her parent’s anniversary celebration. It should have been her boyfriend. But when he breaks up with her, and she doesn’t tell her parents, she needs a replacement.

When Simone asks Jackson Dickson to pretend to be her ex-boyfriend, he thinks the idea is crazy. But he’s up for an adventure. Not only does he have to pretend to be her ex-boyfriend, but he has to be everything her ex was not.


Let Me Show You (Jones Hills Holiday Book 2) by Sedona Rose

Five Months after connecting at Sweet Kinks, Sonny & Cherish have been closer than ever before. Catching feelings first, Sonny does everything in his power to show Cherish that he’s worthy of her love.

*Please note this is the squeal to Sweet & Sour. To better understand the characters read that book first.*


Whatever You Want by L. Dodson

After turning thirty Kelia Metcalf decided college wasn’t the path, she envisioned for herself. Figuring out what she wanted to do outside of college became her main goal. Determined to prove she can be successful at bartending; love was the last thing on her mind.

Aden Gordon was content with the lifestyle he had grown accustomed to which was all work and no play. With the perfect career, Aden realized the only thing missing was the perfect person to share his life with. Who would have thought a trip to the laundromat would lead to a chance encounter that put Kelia at the top of his priority list.

All work and no play is how the old saying goes. But a little fun never hurt anyone. What happens when opposites attract, and liquor is added to the mix?

If you’re looking for an update on Rittany and Nehemiah from “Make Me Your Selection” look no further!

If you haven’t read “Make Me Your Selection” don’t fear each book can be read separately.


A Love That Saves by Jaimsss P.

Davi is just looking for some freedom. Her whole life, her dreams of being an elite fashion designer had been put on ice because her wealthy and controlling father, Carlton Westbrook, has his own plan for her life. Davi settled into the life of a pampered princess early—never going against her father’s wishes. She is ready for something different, and she finds it when she literally collides with the tall, peanut butter mystery that is Joseph Carver on her first day at Trudale University.

Joseph is a rude, good-smelling genius who wreaks havoc in Davi’s thoughts from the first moment she sees him. Joseph keeps to himself and handles his business. He doesn’t concern himself with love because he doesn’t believe it’s for him—he doesn’t believe he’s the kind of dude good things happen to. Joseph comes from darkness and resides there, until he gets a dose of Davi, who brightens up his entire world. As a man who doesn’t do relationships, Joseph is shook by the fact that the hazel-eyed, blonde-haired beauty has found a way into his every thought. Clearly, she was going to be trouble.

Will Davi defy her father to give her mystery man a chance? Will Joseph open his heart to the love that Davi desperately wants to pour into him? Or will the couple fall victim to their strongholds and miss out on a love that could save them both?


In The Heart of A Valentine : A Collection of Short Stories by Stephanie Nicole Norris

In this collection are updated stories from some of your favorite Valentines.
Weekend On The Isle – Hunter
Table For Three – Raphael
Reindeer Games – Kyle
A Love So Sweet – Lance


Love More Than Words: Unexpected Love Series 3 by W. Parks Brigham

Aubra Anderson was the perfect example of growing up living the typical middle-class life. She listened to her elders and did as she was told, but eventually lost sight of her life goals. As a result she began to make mistake after mistake which put her in a situation to depend on other people for the livelihood of her and her four children. That was not how she was raised and certainly not the way her life was supposed to be. Nonetheless, being a single mom due to her promiscuous carelessness, she was determined to make a better life for her babies. Aubra does what she thinks is the only solution to become independent and raise her children in a peaceful loving environment, run away. Okay, relocate!…
Skinny James Earl Bridges, a tatted thug with a nasty disposition was Sunny Side’s nemesis. Friends, he could count on his first three fingers. He could care less. Hell, he wasn’t put on this earth to be liked. All he wanted to do was tend to his business and do Skinny, as if the new sheriff was going to allow that to happen. It was bad enough he had to regroup and make changes in his life after the pandemic and the freeze…
Nonetheless, nothing compares to the changes Skinny and Aubra faces behind an accident and a phone call! 


Ready by Alicia Weathers-Grey

Savannah and Bleu.

After a beautiful beginning, can their love outweigh the problems that threaten to tear them apart?


Intoxicated (Late Nights & Early Mornings Book 3) by T’Lyn

Kelise Brewster is surviving. Grief has been a recurring theme in her life and she finds it impossible to trust anyone enough to pull her into a happy space. Bonds can be misleading because they never seem to last forever.

Giovanni Hicks and Kelise share something in common, Grief, but instead of allowing grief to consume him, Giovanni is hopeful that the perfect situation exist but on his terms. He is more than willing to give happiness a chance but only when it comes to a physical connection.

Broken souls have the ability to heal, but only if both parties are willing to accept that healing is possible. Sometimes you have to let go in order to find your footing but with Giovanni and Kelise letting go isn’t as easy as it seems.


Only After Dawn (After The Pain Book 3) by Zarkia

Karma has her own way of serving up a dose of unforgettable revenge. Along the destructive path of Dawn Manning, she managed to burn bridges with just about everyone close to her. The only thing Dawn wants to do is let go of her old life, move on from her terrible habits and finally live the life she feels she deserves.

Only After Dawn is an emotional spin-off from the series After The Pain. Dawn’s tale will take you on an unforgettable ride through the ups and downs of finding her way back to the one person who matters most.


His High-ness by Ruby Wright

What is love?
Cleo isn’t sure, but she knows one thing: She doesn’t believe in it enough to give it much thought.
Hating to be disappointed, she has little faith in people, and absolutely none in the opposite sex. All of that changes, however, when she’s forced to be in the presence of a man that mimics her sentiments exactly. Feeling challenged by his bad rep, she gets the urge to find the good in him, which in turn helps her find the good in herself.
Can two broken people fix each other?


Forehead Kiss by Jessica Terry

“How I met Cam – the love of my life, whether he knew it or not – could either be considered really cute or really embarassing.”

Ever since Cam came to Nyla’s rescue, they’ve been best buds. Only thing is, Nyla keeps having various fantasies about her buddy that are anything but platonic.

When Cam starts dating her new roommate, Nyla starts to wonder if she should even continue the friendship, since seeing (and hearing) him with someone else is just too hard. She wants him to see her as a woman, not just the friend he feels obligated to protect. 

But severing ties with Cam is way easier said than done. And there is a chance that she’s wrong about how he sees her. Will Nyla keep chickening out, or will she finally go for what she wants?


The Last Sad Love Song by Kimberly Brown

“When wounds are healed by love, the scars are beautiful.” —David Bowles

Calliope “Callie” Palmer is one year fresh out of a relationship with a heartbreaking end. Since she decided to focus on herself and her bakery, the last thing Callie was looking for again was love. When her best friend recruited her for a photoshoot with her fiancé, Callie had a feeling she was being set up. Her initial apprehension is replaced with immediate attraction when she lays eyes on the handsome Thane St. Thomas.

The thirty-two-year-old headmaster is instantly intrigued with his future sister-in-law’s best friend. Single for two years now, Thane is no longer looking for a girlfriend. He’s looking for a wife. His initial attraction to Callie is based off their natural chemistry and vibes, but once he pulls back the layers, he discovers she’s everything he’s been praying for.

Join this couple’s journey with a sweet, drama free love story, sure to leave you swooning and wanting more!


What a fool Believes by Chandea Smith

Sydni Madison is a single thirty-five-year-old successful author and real estate entrepreneur living the dream life. Her books are best sellers and she runs a multi-million-dollar real estate company. On a chance meeting on an autumn afternoon in downtown Memphis, Sydni was immediately enamored with handsome basketball superstar Jason Jordan. Their whirl wind romance took them both by surprise, coupled with the fact Sydni is five years older than Jason.

For the both of them, the attraction was immediate. After their first date, Sydni is apprehensive about continuing this budding romance. Being a Christian and a celibate woman for nearly four years, she is afraid of the sexual tension growing between them. She is pleasantly surprised to find out that Jason is also a Christian and celibate.

Over the next few months, their romance blossoms but comes to an abrupt halt when Jason’s past threatens to end their relationship. Will this new revelation cripple their relationship or make them stronger? Sydni loves Jason but is it enough to carry her through the fire.


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up July 18th-24th

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