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Make it Last by B. Love

Can someone be capable of protecting their partners heart when they’ve recklessly mishandled their own?

Twenty-nine-year-old Vanity “Sunflower” Meadows has taken to a life of solitude. Life and love have both dealt her a bad hand. A hand that has turned the bets she’s placed on both into a debt she has been unable to pay. When it seems as if she’s drowning in her alcohol induced sorrow, she meets Tokyo, and he shows her that her life isn’t as bad as it seems.

Tokyo “Toke” Key isn’t living the life he thought he would be at thirty-one-years-old. While his career and business is thriving, every other area of his life has become stagnant. A prominent loss to his family rocks them all to their core, and Tokyo is left wondering to whom does forever really last these days. He’s had absolutely no desire to find out, until he crosses paths with Sunflower.

Two hearts that have been shattered, now half-healed and still bruised, collide when they need love most. But just as they are drawn to each other like magnets emotionally, they are repelled by each other and repulsed by the thought of love mentally. Will they be able to make it last forever this time around, or will this too be an added excuse to not see love through?



Match-Made Christmas by Daria White

From the outside, Adrienne has everything any woman could want. However, she knows what real happiness is, and it isn’t having a good job and a condominium. Traveling home to her small Texas town for a friend’s wedding, Adrienne is hit from all sides with the happiness she hasn’t found for herself—her long-married parents, her joyful sister and brother-in-law and their two children, and her childhood friends. They all think she has it all… all except one.

Trace has been a nemesis since grade school. Always ready with a quip and happy to squabble over even the smallest thing, Adrienne dreaded seeing him when she came back for the wedding. So why does it seem like Trace is the only one who really knows her, who sees her for who she is?

Losing his parents to a plane crash and his uncle to cancer, Trace is not too keen on losing anyone else close to him. If only she didn’t skip town after graduation. He didn’t have time to tell her how he felt. There was a reason behind all his teasing. He loved their banters. It meant spending time with her. He could hear her voice. Now she’s back, but her leaving is inevitable. He’d have to risk his heart by asking her to stay. He can’t take another loss.

Working to save their friends’ wedding brings Adrienne and Trace together. The clock is ticking, and it’s the worst blizzard Lakeshore, Texas has seen in years. Will these two match their friends or end up matched themselves?



Liquor Lyrics Love: A Hip Hop and R&B Romance by Abiegail Rose


Chantelle Brown’s Las Vegas wedding was supposed to be huge; we’re talking Bridezilla big! After sacrificing her own dreams to be with her high school sweetheart, she is left standing at the altar in the worst way. Trying to numb the pain, Chantelle and her best friend hit the town and decide to enjoy the rest of their time in Sin City to the fullest. Waking up the next day, she is hung over, sporting the biggest rock ever on her finger, and lying next to a man with tattoos on his face!


Chantelle’s mystery man turns out to be one of Hip-hop’s resident bad boy’s, Ace. Chantelle is convinced their one night in Vegas is a complete mistake. Ace, however, thinks that Chantelle could be exactly what he’s looking for to bring some calm to his hectic life. He’s on a mission to prove to her that they can make sweet music together.


Scrambling for balance, Chantelle has to figure out what will happen next, then put the pieces of her life back together. Along the way she’s faced with the tasks of handling meddling ex-girlfriends, undeserving ex-fiancés, unrelenting paparazzi, and figuring out if she has what it takes to stay wife to one the hottest rapper’s alive!



She’s Coming: A Novella by Mycah Edwards

Once upon a time, a girl returned home with the desire to rekindle an old flame. She’d kept her heart in hibernation only rousing when the opportunity to offer her heart to him presented itself again. At odds they were, because though apart, the time only forced him to love her more. And he despised it. Neither are content with who the other has become making it difficult to allow love in. He doesn’t understand why she had to leave and she never fathomed he wouldn’t let her return. With no choice but to let what is be, the two are forced to navigate through the terrors of their hearts. She’s coming for him all the while he’s running from her. A chase like no other and a love that feels more special than breathing. Enter if you dare.

Disclaimer: She’s Coming is a twenty thousand something word novella. It also serves as tale one of the Grimm Brothers collection.




The Beauty of Finesse by Kat Cole

Fallon Smitherman doesn’t live the average life, but that’s only because she isn’t the average woman. Since she was younger, she’s been surviving the best way she could by finessing.
Casino is a handsome, smooth talking man, and while most women would just see his looks, Falon sees money bags. Her ‘get it how you live’ attitude ends up getting her into something she can’t get herself out of.
Will this be the end of her finessing days or will she keep doing the only thing that’s bringing in money?



Devastation or Destiny???: The Settled Heart (The Heartbreak Diaries Book Series 3) by Blakk Dahlia

Choose the Love of Your Life, OR the Life You Love?
Tanya found her happy ending, but it wasn’t the one she wrote. A lover of adventure and exploration found the heart of a hard-working traditional man. Kenneth is unwilling to take on her dreams, however, he gives the greatest love with no reservations. As their wedding day approaches, she finds herself thinking of what could have been. Did I give up on what I REALLY wanted too soon?

Fearing that she’ll miss out on a chance of true love, Tanya gives in. But, the deep yearnings never end. The universe hears the inner cries of the life she wanted, as she prepares to take on a new life with Kenneth. Life eventually gives her want she truly wants but with a cost…Devastation!

Thrown into dismay, Tanya finds herself starting over. Will the devastation be worth it? Or should she have been grateful for the “once in a lifetime love”?



Keeping Promises (The Promise Series Book 1) by C.E. Benson

I loved Jason. And he loved me back. That should have been enough. But some promises are just too hard to keep.



The Coach’s Daughter by Marie Payne

Kandi Apple Patrick is the Marketing Manager for the Metropolitan Capitals professional basketball team. She’s also the head coach’s daughter still living off of his wealth. Giving up her dream of being an athlete, Kandi has supported her father in every way possible until now.

Derrick Maxwell is the hottest free agent in the league. For the most part, he stays out of the spotlight. When he meets Kandi at the Hall of Fame Banquet honoring her father his world is turned upside down.
Kandi still has some old flings not ready to let her go and Derrick is not prepared for the drama that’s about to erupt in his laid-back lifestyle.
Will new love prevail for Kandi and Derrick?
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Say He’ll Make It Real (The BLP Say He Series Book 7) by Ash Ley
After an unusual first encounter, two complete strangers simply trying to escape their harsh realities by vacationing on a beautiful island find themselves in a situation neither bargained for. As their short time together begins to dwindle, neither can help but wonder if them crossing paths was merely a coincidence or a twist of fate meant to pull them together. In this sizzling novella, Moira and Chance have nothing to lose, but so much to gain. Will they be able to continue on with what started as an innocent fantasy, or will reality be better than their fantasies causing them to want more?

Sweet Love & Because of You (Hunters of Sacramento Book 2) by Sheryl Lister & Elle Wright


Surgical nurse Alisha Hunter lives for her children and her career. At a party, she meets a man who vows to broaden her horizons. Former military officer Jabari Sutton is ready to settle into civilian life—with Alisha. And she can’t deny the desire that ignites with a single kiss. But the reappearance of her ex throws her world into chaos. Is Jabari as perfect as he seems—someone Alisha can trust with her heart?


The sexy stranger Bailee Sanders invites back to her New Orleans hotel room makes her totally forget the relationship she just ended. She never imagines they’ll meet again…until Dr. Ian Jackson shows up at her brother’s wedding. Their chemistry’s off the charts, but Bailee’s wary of trusting another man. As they forge new career paths, can she and Ian find a way to live—and embrace love—on their own terms?




What the Heart Wants & Sealed with a Kiss (The Grants of DC Book 1) by Donna Hill & Nicki Night

What The Heart Wants

Genius surgeon Franklin Grant needs only three things—work, work and more work. But when a family anniversary party leads to a date with Dr. Dina Hamilton, Franklin knows he’s in trouble. Dina is gorgeous, brilliant…and Franklin is her supervisor at the hospital. An affair could damage his reputation. But when their relationship is exposed, could Dina be the one behind the sabotage?

Sealed With A Kiss

Actress Kendall Chandler is determined to succeed on her own terms. But sexy producer Tyson Blackwell sends her “no on-set romance” rule up in flames. An affair with the CEO of Blackwell Communications Group could destroy her career. Experience has taught Tyson to protect his heart, even as Kendall breaks down his walls. Can these lovers find their own Hollywood ending?



Love in New York & Cherish My Heart (House of Thorn Book 3) by Shirley Hailstock & Janice Sims


Completely captivated by his new employee, André Thorn is about to break his never-mix-business-with-pleasure rule. But amateur photographer Susan Dewhurst is concealing her true identity. Although she’s falling for the House of Thorn scion, she can’t reveal the secret that could jeopardize far more than her job at the flagship New York store. Amid André’s growing suspicions and an imminent media scandal, does love stand a chance?


Zoologist Petra Gaines can’t believe the gorgeous stranger who shared her bed is the investor she needs to continue her vital research. New York media mogul Chance Youngblood understands how important saving endangered animals is to Petra. Now Chance wants her to star in a television show—and turn their sizzling affair into a permanent partnership. But Petra is wary of the spotlight and wonders if their love is worth every risk.



Southern Seduction & Pleasure in His Arms (Once Upon a Tiara Book 7) by Carolyn Hector & Pamela Yaye


Before he takes over as president of Southern Style Glitz Beauty Pageants, Caden Archibald needs to refresh the company image. The PR job can eventually build Maggie Swayne’s media profile, though it means working for the commitmentphobe who walked out on her years before. When their history threatens the company’s reputation, Caden declares that they’re engaged. The fake proposal might save his career…but will the consummate bachelor finally lose his heart?


The video about her one-night stand with Hamptons bad boy Chase Crawford could make YouTube sensation Demi Harris an even bigger social media star. The catch? The beauty-and-lifestyle expert must pretend they’re a couple to promote Chase’s new dating app. But business becomes pleasure when desire reignites. Will past heartbreak and an ex with an agenda shatter their dreams of a real-life love affair?



Sweet Heat (The Blue-Collar Lover Series Book 3) by Zuri Day

The Blue-Collar Lover Series

They don’t wear suits, but the five Carter brothers work hard to earn a day’s pay—and keep the right woman satisfied . . .

No one turns out luscious pies and to-die-for cakes like Marvin Carter. Few outside of the family know about his baking skills, but working as a restaurant line cook is getting old fast. Now he’ll do whatever it takes to win start-up money from a major cooking contest and launch his own business. But his prime competition is making things hot for him in—and out—of the kitchen . . .

Naomi Carson is as savory as her soul food and has twice the spice. This confident, large-and-in-charge beauty also has high aspirations, and will work all her skills against the tasty Mr. Marvin to take first place—and stop living with Grandma. As their attraction burns hot, the other contestants can’t take their heat nor their talent, and threaten to burn their dreams to ash. Will the desire be doused—or can Marvin and Naomi find common ground and fire up the chance of a lifetime?



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New Release Round-Up July 1st-7th

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