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Promising Forever (Falling for a Rose Book 11) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

In the biggest wedding of the decade, triplets Eden, Jasmine, and Phoebe Alexandria Rose prepare to marry the men who’ve captured their hearts. Invitations have gone out, and The Who’s who in the city of Chicago will be in attendance, including, local and national media. However, after coming up with what seemed to be a brilliant plan for the sister’s wedding night, those ideas backfire and the ladies lean on each other for support in an effort to hold it together—all the way to the altar.

*Note – This is a novella and can be read as a standalone.



Color Me, You by Aubreé Pynn

Jamie Drayton is a man of standards and substance. In a world full of women with none at all, he is in no rush to give his attention to anything less than the vision of the woman he envisions. More than positive that he would never find the woman of his dreams, she unexpectedly crosses his sight. With his focus shifted, he stops at nothing to emerge himself in her presence, if it’s only for a night.

Hasina Payton is all about her business and she finds herself with no business at all. Trying to regroup her life, she takes a leap of faith that lands her in the right position for everything she never knew she needed. Giving her new life a jumpstart with the support of her friends, she finds that there is much more waiting on her than success.

Now that Jamie has seen her and she’s denied his entry into her life, the game is on and no bets are off the table. With Jamie on a mission to make Hasina his own and Hasina setting her eyes on the prize, will they find the colors they’re looking for or will the paint run dull on this canvas of love? Find out in Color Me, You.



Love’s Dance by Loni London

When Journey Mills returns to her hometown of Miami to help out an old friend and start a new job, she doesn’t expect to run into her high school crush, Reid St. Cloud. They never ran in the same circles back in the day, and she figured her schoolgirl crush was just that — a crush that would never amount to anything more.

Now, more than ten years later, she’s surprised to run into him back home. After all, with his track star reputation and movie star good looks, Journey expected Reid to be somewhere else, living a glamorous life and doing amazing things.

She’s also surprised to see her old feelings for him resurface. Instead of the self-assured dance school instructor she’s become, she feels like the old, shy Journey she always was around him.

When Reid sees Journey again after a decade, he’s shocked by the depth of his attraction for her. No longer the wallflower he remembered from ten years ago, Journey is now a confident, sexy woman who draws him in from the start. Although his Olympic dreams never materialized, he’s made a comfortable living for himself in his hometown and made peace with those old ambitions.

Despite their attraction to each other, however, and before Journey and Reid can forge a lasting connection, someone from his past comes onto the scene. Reid’s ex-flame has her eyes on him and she’ll stop at nothing to sink her claws into the man she wants.

Who will Reid choose? The comfort of the familiar or the woman who makes his heart dance every time she smiles?

LOVE’S DANCE is a STAND ALONE novel in the African American contemporary romance genre.



Soiled Sheets by Phoenix Ash

From the moment Dana Lawrence caught glimpse of Marshall Davenport’s intoxicating smile, she was smitten. A cool guy, Marshall was in command of his space. His essence persistently tugged at Dana’s heart and even when she was sure she had put the idea of Marshall behind her, there he was calling her name. Foregoing her intuition, mother’s advice, and philandering suspicions, Dana dives into the murky sea of Marshall’s love. Even better, his anxiousness to be swept up in her currents. Together they are empowered to be free of refinement, tangled in passion, boldly dismissing objections. However, when the winds change and the dust begins to settle, passion can easily become pain with the wave of a hand.



Indecent Arrangement (The Forbidden Series Book 2) by Brookelyn Mosley

Sex, lies, secrets… and blurred lines.

Karma – an effect from cause that can be transmuted, transformed, or even transcended. It has the power to bring about joy or pain…. based on the quality of one’s actions. If karma were a café, it would be a place where orders and menus are unnecessary. That’s because when patrons arrive, they are served exactly what they deserve.

One night. That’s all she thought it would be. A night set aside each year. A purge of sorts, to tame the sexual desires of guests in hopes to keep the peace in their marriages. The idea may register as absurd to outsiders but seemed ingenious to Joelle Victors.

Until she met Jordan Gabriel.

Joelle encountered Jordan several times during her visits to a local café but his attendance at an unusual annual couples event finally placed them both in the same path. Her decision to cross an already blurred line sends her life in a direction she would have never imagined it unfolding.

She broke one rule and her decision to break it became the catalyst behind an arrangement that challenges her bond with her husband Cameron.

But there’s more than what meets the eye with this agreement. Because what starts out one way, will land Joelle in a compromising position where she must gain an unlikely ally in an otherwise indecent arrangement.

*This book contains sexually explicit content, profanity, angst, suspense, and mild violence. If any of the above is of a sensitive nature to you, please browse Brookelyn Mosley’s catalogue of other stories to find the best fit for your reading experience.



For My Good: Torn Between The Two by Tanisha Stewart

Melanie messed up big time. Who waits until after she just got married to start cheating on her husband? Kylon is the sweetest guy – he’s treated Melanie with nothing but love and respect from the very beginning; he took her son Jeremiah in as if he were his own son, and his everyday actions show that he is serious about making their marriage work.

Insert Jarvis, Melanie’s ex.

Although Melanie and Jarvis broke up shortly after their son Jeremiah was born due to Jarvis cheating, Melanie secretly always wondered if she should have given him a second chance. He was, after all, the father of her child.

With two good men, and neither of them willing to let her go, Melanie finds herself in the middle of the biggest battle of her life. If that’s not enough, there is another secret she has been harboring, but she’s too ashamed to come clean.

She’s doing both of these men wrong and she knows it, and the truth is bound to be come out eventually… But what’s a girl to do, when she’s torn between the two?



Used to Love Her by A. Bryant

Do you believe in love at first sight? Is it possible to know everything you need to know about a person in a few dates? Do we really need to date for years in order to know whether you can spend your entire life with a person?

Jackson J. Owen is a successful businessman who knows what he wants and when he wants it. He fell for Lena the minute they met, but how can he convince her that this was forever? Some call it a fixation, he calls it love at first sight.

Lena M. Oliver was in love, with herself. She practiced everything you’ve ever heard about self-care and self-love. She’s been burned before and thinks she can avoid falling in love with anyone else if she focuses on herself. Besides, it’s impossible to love more than one person at a time… right?



Sweet Deception by Patricia Sargeant

Sweet Deception

Only he could unlock her secrets …

Opposites attract in this secret identity contemporary romance.

Can desire and obligation …
No one would expect that modest minister’s daughter Joan Brown has a secret identity. But to her many fans, Joan is the author of a popular erotic romance series. And to fellow writer Ronald Montgomery, whom Joan met at an author panel, she is every bit the seductive diva. While their passion ignites instantaneously, Joan has another life to return to.

… Come between love and passion?
Ron Montgomery has been burned one too many times by love and can’t help but harbor a grudge … until he meets sensual Joan Brown. And while he longs for her touch, he’s not sure he can trust someone who is living a lie. When inhibitions become too much to bear, Ron and Joan find themselves locked in a romance from which neither wants to ever escape.This secret identity romance in which opposites attract brings together a couple in a contemporary love story.



Maid to Love by Gigi Gedeon

Long-term commitment-phobic, Cedrick Parker lived his life on his terms. The self-made multi-millionaire real-estate developer was on a fast track to becoming one of New York City’s wealthiest entrepreneurs. All was going as planned until his meddling Nana brought a quiet, effortless beauty into his life who challenged his stance on committed relationships and urged him to face a past he’d hope to keep buried.
Life-altering tragedies made Keisha Harris even more determined to continue her hustle and grind to see her dream of becoming a lawyer come true. She was ready to knock down any and all obstacles that stood between her and that pot of gold at the end of her elusive rainbow. Things quickly get complicated and sparks start to fly between her and Cedrick, her six-feet tall, ripped, and oh so sexy new boss.
With a past threatening to resurface, and a woman who possessed the power to fracture his protective wall; Cedrick faced a choice between allowing himself to be vulnerable and open to love or keep up the protected infrastructure he’d erected around his heart.
Will the two take a leap of faith and trust that they were made for each other? Or will their painful past continue to hold them back?



My Man by Nini Brandon

My Man is a collection of romantic poetry featuring Her and Him. Follow them through various moments that make a relationship special.



Tainted Fruit: Book 1 by Courtney Irving

Thuy Campbell is young and trying to flee the pain that consumes her, however, she is pushed into a world that she is neither prepared nor ready for. Instead of finding the solace she seeks, Thuy lands into the bed of Lucifer himself. She finds herself surrounded by dangerous powerful men, fast cash, and the only gateway out seems to end up in death. Ready to do anything in order to survive this new world, she is willing to sacrifice herself, yet, something changes when she meets him.

Rashad Turner is the man that women dream and pray to the heavens for. His good looks, charm, laid back personality, street and book smarts, and humble character seem to have any woman in his path fall at his feet. After returning home, Rashad finds himself at a crossroad to take advantage of his second chance at life. When she waltzes into his life, he is captivated by the danger like a moth to a flame, but will she be the one who burns him?

Two people from two different worlds constantly find themselves crossing into one another’s path. Fate or coincidence? Only time will tell. Will taking a bite of this forbidden fruit land the two into a world wind of trouble much like it did Adam and Eve, or a blossoming chance at real love and redemption?



She Was His Best Friend: Always Friends Before Lovers by Robin


Pretty Lancer and Dexten Brown were the true definition of self-made. After being forced into a foster home in their younger years, the two built a bond that could never be broken. Dex didn’t have too many aspirations, but after hearing about Pretty’s dreams of wanting to become a barber, he wanted in, and her dream became his as well. He wanted to invest in her talent, but a chain of events forced both of them to put their dreams on hold.

Pretty was always into hair and fashion since she was a little girl. As she got older, she realized cutting hair was her gift. But when her family left her on her own at a young age, she was forced into foster care, feeling unloved. Through all her rough times, she knew her business as a barber would pull her out of her misery.

Dex is a young man from New York. After his father got caught in a loan shark scheme, he was forced to flee to California with his mother after his father was murdered. Once he and his mother moves to California, his life takes a turn for the worst, leaving Dex alone and learning how to survive without his family. That’s until he befriends Pretty, and they become the best of friends.Find out what happens in this suspenseful romance with two best friends striving to be the best they can be in a life full of turmoil.



Her Mattress Buddy by TN Jones

“She was pleased to have him come and never sorry to see him go.”- Dorothy Parker

After dealing with family hatred and an abusive ‘now’ ex-husband, Patrice Eaton cared less about having love in her life. All she wanted was to have someone to fulfill her sinful sexual fantasies. That someone was her handsome, well-educated, and wealthy boss, Criminal Defense Attorney Chavez Calloway. All of that changed the second she became his lover. Knowing that she’s not ready for another serious relationship, Patrice tried her best to keep things strictly about pleasure; yet, Chavez made it hard to do so. Will Patrice allow Chavez to open her heart and fill it with unconditional love?

“Love is an ice cream sundae with all the marvelous coverings. Sex is the cherry on top!”- Jimmy Dean

Chavez Calloway preferred booty calls with a selection of women over being tied down to one woman. All of that changed the moment he pursued and conquered his beautiful paralegal, Patrice. Being in her presence, professionally and romantically, Chavez realized that he had to have her, not solely for his bed but as his wife. Will Chavez have what his heart desires from a union with Patrice?



Urban Nights: Saint & Narlei (Tales from the Hood S1) by Mercy B.

Southern Heights, first presented in the classic, “Urban Tales,” is commonly referred to as Southside. Legendary for its notorious kingpins, needle-pushers, high-profile crime, poverty-stricken households, elevated teen pregnancy rate, high school dropouts and front page worthy drug lord, the forbidden complex maintains its relevancy and continues to supply the community with endless stories to gossip about.

In the new novelette series, “Urban Nights,” Mercy highlights the current state of Southside, bringing forth stories of its residents.

Within the first installation, Narlei is the newest addition to Southern Heights. Hard times landed her in the projects and she’s fighting daily to return to the life she once was accustomed to. Unfortunately, luck isn’t on her side and blessings seem to be few and far apart.

Though she despised the life she’d been reduced to, it proved to be worth suffering through after a heated encounter with a handsome, wholesome gentleman by the name of Saint. One night was all he requested of her. It was all he needed to turn her world right side up and finally give her something to thank Southside for.



Indigo Haze: Thug Love is the Best Love by Aubreé Pynn

Indigo Sims is fighting to break the curse of his environment and not be a product of the streets. Every time he pulls away, something goes array and sucks him back in. A natural born leader and peace maker, he gives himself two months to be free from the streets while saving every dollar he can to fulfill the promise he made to himself.

Taj Ali Adams has a bright future ahead of her and an undeniable light that everyone around her wants to protect, especially her older brother. With tragedy lingering around her, the light that shined so bright goes dim.

Taj is forced to adjust to a whole new world after her father packs them up and moves unexpectedly. In a haze, Taj questions everything. Then fate steps in and guides two souls to each other. But the question is, will fate play fair and bring back Taj’s light to be a guide or will it diminish forever?

Find out in Indigo Haze: Thug Love is the Best Love.



Taste: A Vampire Quickie by Nikki Clarke

Li is a nearly two-hundred-years-old. A vampire who has no knowledge of who made her or how she came to be, she’s relegated herself to a life of careful indulgence. She has given up on the idea that there is another like her who can give her what she really needs, companionship and salvation from a life of loneliness, but, maybe, just maybe, she can make him.



A Heart Surrendered by Joy K. Massenburge

As the teenaged pastor’s daughter of New Hope Church, Sharonda Peterson knew finding comfort in Carl’s arms was a mistake. But how could the only night she ever felt beautiful be wrong?

When Carl leaves town to pursue an acting and singing career, Sharonda relegates herself to a life of church service–and solitude–rather than face the pain now associated with that one night.

Carl Ray Everhart has been caught up in the fast pace of fame … and female adoration. But a near-death experience has him questioning everything and vowing to set things straight … starting with the love that got away.

When Carl returns home to serve as the worship leader at New Hope, Sharonda finds that it takes every ounce of her resolve to resist his pursuits … not to mention memories that threaten to overturn the delicate balance she’s created. Can she finally surrender the one thing she’s tried all these years to protect: her heart?



The Officer and The Bombshell by Francheska Lashae’

Levi and Khloe are two damaged souls who meet under unpleasant circumstances. Circumstances that force them to develop an instant dislike to each other. However, fate seems to have other plans. It brings these two together in unconventional ways, brewing an attraction that neither is sure they can deny. Will they give in to their feelings or will the pains from the past forever hold them hostage?

Chemistry is their offense and their hearts are under arrest….



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New Release Round-Up July 8th-14th

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