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Can’t Stay Away (The Loose End Book 5) by Tesa Erven

In the fifth installment of The Loose End series: After a whirlwind romance filled with uncertainties, hurt, and pain, Renee and Bradsen have finally got their happy ending. However, while Renee is getting everything her heart desires, her best friend’s world is caving in around her.

Sabrina’s longtime NFL boyfriend, Derrick St. Jermaine, finds himself involved in a scandal that has negatively affected the both of them. Desperate for help, Derrick seeks assistance from an unlikely source who may have their own agenda.

Can the lovebirds get through their rough patch and also get their happily ever after? Or will Sabrina choose to walk away?



The Sweetest Redemption (The Sweetest Love Book 2) by Grey

Redemption is self-served, but is the sweetest when administered by someone unsuspected during a time that you least expect it.
After four years of a staggering situationship, Earth finally comes to grips with the fact that her bedmate is uninterested in changing their status. In The Sweetest Revenge, Earth rids herself of Premise, her previous lover, through sweet, unintentional revenge.
In The Sweetest Redemption, Earth is blindsided when her life takes an unexpected turn and spirals out of control. Bad luck seems to be the only luck she’s granted for months on end. But, good fortune soon follows a steamy encounter Earth has with Dozier Marcellus, known as Doc to the world, of whom she thought would disappear from her life just as fast as he’d entered. However, she couldn’t have been more incorrect.
It was…
One event.
One night.
One look.
One connection.
One touch.
And one unforgettable exchange that leads both Earth and Dozier to a romance far beyond both of their fantasies.



Studio Sessions by AshleyNicole

Tali couldn’t care less about finding a man. Phone is getting cut off tomorrow. Rent is due next week. There are more important things to stress over. It’s high time something good happened to her, and an unexpected phone call offers just that.
Les is out here living his best life, making money and forgetting faces. There’s nothing he wants that he can’t have, and once his eyes land on her, he wants Tali.
A relationship is the last thing either is interested in, but once they fall in, fighting is pointless. Dark points from both of their pasts make it difficult to get on solid ground. She’s damaged, and so is he. Can they piece each other together enough to make this work?



Smash Into You (Entranced by You Book 2) by Shanicexlola

“You can’t just close your eyes and pretend I’m not here.” —Angrous

Naomi Jenkins’ parents warned her to be careful with what she asked for. Craving love and a dire need to be admired, she’d embarked upon the pressure of being utterly exalted. Angrous DuPont was a rarity she’d consistently dreamt of. Now that he was present and eager to love her, accepting everything that came with him was an ongoing battle she struggled to accede.

It was true that Angrous dabbled in more chaos than she was used to, however, nothing withheld as much importance to him than Naomi’s role in his life. Although he was desperate to do whatever it took to hold onto the woman he loves, her relentless actions to push him away could turn him cold, leaving him defeated. Will Naomi catch onto her self-sabotaging ways in fair time to right her wrongs? Or will she wind up losing the man she prayed for?



Just To Keep You Satisfied (Requited Love Book 1) by Sam J.

Vega just wants that old thing back… and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get it. But running back into the arms of her first love, Borne, and his newfound fame comes at a hefty price.

At the pinnacle of her career as the editor-in-chief for Fab & Flyy magazine, Vega struggles with complacency in a dying Fashion Journalism industry while juggling a paltry love life. Uncertainty appears to be the only thing guaranteed, and seemingly, all she has to hold on to until Borne returns to their old stomping grounds in the South Bronx on tour.

One night. One performance. One decade later…

The flame of a teenage love affair is instantly reignited when Vega decides to take fate into her own hands. Borne shakes up her present while highlighting the regrets of their past and shifts the gears of Vega’s life into full throttle mode, resulting in an unexpected turn.

Vega grapples with making a decision that may turn out to be more than what she bargained for…Is she willing to risk it all for the sake of believing in love again?

*This is a sweet romance novella and the ‘Requited Love’ series debut.*



Surely Goodness and Mercy Shall Follow Me (Davis Family Novella Book 2) by Janeva Gardel

Is it better to have loved and lost…
For Zavia Richardson, Xavier Davis is the love of her life, yet he has repeatedly bailed on her not only emotionally but physically. After several failed attempts to get in contact with him for the last year, she has given up on having a relationship with him. When Skylar invites her to Atlanta, she knows there is a possibility that she will see him, but she doesn’t have any intention of reconciling with him. Fiercely independent, stubborn, big-hearted, and all around loving, Zavia must decide if she wants to be with Xavier with all his flaws or remain single, brokenhearted, and scarred. Can he mend her broken heart?

Or is it better to have never had loved at all?
Xavier Davis has been deemed a playboy because he refuses to commit to any woman, but when he met Zavia, his world was turned upside down. Avoiding his feelings for her for the past year, has done nothing to quench the love for her that lies just beneath the surface. When he sees her again in Atlanta, it’s as if nothing has changed between them. It doesn’t take long for him to realize that he doesn’t want to be without her, but can he convince her to give him another chance? Can he put all his fears and insecurities to the side and go after the woman he wants?



Expect Moore (The All That and Moore Series Book 3) by Celeste Granger

One family. Eight sisters, tangled in romance. Daphne Moore, third eldest sister of the Moore girls has had tremendous success in her professional life. As the Founder and Head Mistress of Moore Academy for Girls, Daphne taught her girls to be smart, self-reliant and confident. Yet, with all the success in her career, Daphne struggled when it came to matters of the heart. Daphne spent three years of her life loving a man who didn’t show the same kind of faithful, unwavering love. The wounds Stephen left were deep, and Daphne wasn’t sure she’d ever recover. Nicholas St. John, preeminent real estate developer and multimillionaire, was much like Daphne, successful professionally. However, unlike Daphne, there wasn’t an unfaithful lover to taint Nicholas’ view on love, Nicholas simply never made time for it. But an accidental encounter between the two would change the trajectory of both their lives.



All That Matters: An Inspirational Novel (The Garden Series Book 3) by Gayle Phillips

In the End, All That Matters Is Love – Or Does It?
After divorcing her mentally and verbally abusive husband, retaining her maiden name, being re-united with her estranged son, and moving from Oklahoma to New Orleans, Jonelle Bennett had literally re-invented her life. To Jonelle, spending time with her son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter was all she wanted in life.
That is until one day, by chance, she runs into Dr. Marcus Gallagher, who, two years ago, treated her injured son. Her attraction to Dr. Gallagher was immediate and strong, and Jonelle hated to admit it, but just thinking about the handsome and distinguished doctor made her feel like a love-struck teenager.
Two years ago, Marcus Gallagher briefly met Jonelle, and that encounter left a profound impact on him, so much so, he never forgot her. Now, a chance meeting has re-kindled those feelings, which over the past two years, have resurfaced from time to time, and he vowed this time he would not let her walk out of his life.
But so many obstacles seem to prevent their relationship from blossoming. For one, the difference in their ages, because Jonelle simply could not see herself in a relationship with a man who was closer to her son’s age than hers. Second, the return of her ex-husband, who solicits Jonelle’s and her son’s help regarding his life-threatening illness.
Can Jonelle’s determination to help her ex-husband during his health crisis jeopardize her and Marcus’ relationship, or in the end, will they realize that their love for each other is all that matters?
Follow Marcus and Jonelle’s spiritual journey, who realizes that together, they can overcome the obstacles of betrayal, unforgiveness and insecurity, and bring them to the other side to faith and love.



A Younger Man by Cheryl Barton

Judge Sage Barr is coming up on her fortieth birthday and while her sisters and friends are all married with children, she still struggles with being a single woman who longs for the love and life with the man of her dreams.

Dr. Cordell Richie has always been a successful overachiever but not when it comes to his personal life. The moment he sets his eyes on the lovely Sage Barr, the immediate spark leads him on a path to the love he’s always wanted, but it’s not without issues. Though he and Sage have a perfect connection, she has problems with him being seven years younger than her.

Sage is caught off-guard by the strong connection she feels with a much younger, Cordell, but she can’t allow herself to forget about their age difference, an issue that only bothers her.

Luckily for Sage, Cordell won’t let his age keep them from the kind of happiness he knows they could have if she would give them a chance.



Allow Me to Love You by Asia Monique’

Riley Fortune is a free-spirited music teacher with a soulful voice. Like some of the most beautiful music ever written, Riley lives her life to the rhythm of no regret. Blessed with everything she could ever ask for—a loving and supportive family, and a fulfilling career—the only song Riley hasn’t been able to complete is one about love, which has yet to come her way. Being married with children is high on Riley’s priority list, and at the age of twenty-eight, she’s starting to wonder if the family she’s always pictured isn’t in the cards for her. Just when she’s ready to put down the pen, Riley meets Zaire, the father of a pair of precocious twins she teaches. With his uptight and serious demeanor, Zaire is the polar opposite of Riley, which proves to be a turn off at first. However, Riley becomes intrigued by the solemn Zaire, and is determined to find out why. The more time she spends with him, the more she realizes that he could possess the love she’s always wanted.

Zaire Holland is a revered graphic designer who has spent his entire life working hard to have it all, and at the age of thirty, his efforts prove to be successful. He has a beautiful wife, a set of beautiful twins, and is at the top of his field. Of course, no love story can prevail without tragedy, and Zaire is at the receiving end of it, losing his wife in a fatal car accident. Left to raise his one-year-old twins by himself, Zaire throws himself into taking care of them and making his job the spouse he sorely missed. His mother and brother attempt to make him slow down and heal properly, maybe even put himself out here, but Zaire refuses and spends the next four years of his life on autopilot. He doesn’t see himself dating or marrying ever again because he’s already lost the love of his life. She was it for him. Then he meets Riley.

Will Zaire allow Riley to break down that wall and love him like only she can? Or will he succeed in pushing her away for good?



Please ‘N Thanks by Vonna Joseph

When you know, you know.
When the ever elusive bachelor, Oliver Barnett finally settles down, it causes a shake up in every part of his carefree life. His closest ties are tested, leaving him questioning his timing. Will he stay or will he go? Will she? Will anyone ever be good enough? Only time will tell.



Phresh & Nykee: Loving You Past the Pain by Bianca and BriAnn Danae

For the majority of her life, Nykee James, 27, hasn’t had to question what her calling is on this Earth. Being a librarian and a self-made entrepreneur is what she lives for. Her parents and boyfriend Roland of four years however, aren’t as supportive of her dreams. When Roland does the unthinkable, Nykee is left with just the clothes on her back and is forced into a dilemma that her feisty mouth and alluring looks can’t save her from.

Handsome and business-savvy Cuban native, Thiago ‘Phresh’ Avila, 30, is focused on one thing only: making money. In a bind with one of the biggest Cartels, he and his brother Santino are grinding hand over fist to clear their family’s name. When Nykee runs into Phresh, he willingly offers help in exchange for her to keep quiet about a secret she that she becomes privy of.

Though Phresh and Nykee cross paths by accident, their attraction to one another is undeniable, and their chemistry is off the Richter scale. What was meant to be strictly business turns into much more and they find themselves almost completely open for one another. They’ll both soon learn that being too nice comes with sacrifices neither of them are willing or ready to hand over.



Taste by Reeta Symone

Shayla McCoy has what she’s always wanted: financial freedom. Along with her small team: Jess, the outspoken, vivacious beauty; Bev, her “Mother-like” administrative assistant and Lancy, quiet, laid back and in the cut. They’re all living their life on their own terms.

As Shayla starts to grow her small business, the popular food blog TASTE, she’s introduced to Tristan Best, the handsome real estate entrepreneur who indirectly makes Shayla rethink her wants and needs in her life. With longtime “guy friend” Brendon, who’s been ready to take their relationship to the next level, Shayla forces herself to make a decision on whether if she should choose the one that she knows she can have a real life with….or the one who can offer her the fantasy life she’s always wished for.

Follow Shayla on her journey of success and relationships as she accidentally starts to learn more about herself sooner than she anticipated. Leaving her confused, sexually frustrated and craving a TASTE for way more than she ever thought of.



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New Release Round-Up July 23rd-29th

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