Melaina was one of the few characters by this author it took a while to have a warm and fuzzy feeling abour.  Her partner Darien reminded me of a momma’s boy who carried a colossal pacifier in his mouth when his mother was around. His mother Tonya was the worst kind of vile witch I’ve met in an AC Taylor story. With that said, I still loved the story.

What I liked about this story were the problems Melaina gave Darien when he tried to get back in her good graces. Her fortress was up for a much briefer period than I would have preferred, but he was quickly able to get back in her good graces and eventually into her heart much too soon.  I liked that after a brief episode Melaina began to get under Tonya’s skin, and I was happier than a whore all alone in a high-end gentleman’s club waiting for a quick hit from a hottie.

Darien had to fight less time than I wanted him to have to suffer, given all the disgusting things he allowed his mother to do and the stuff he believed just because his crazy momma made a claim.  His mother’s perpetual interference was maddening.

But let’s talk about the chemistry between Darien and Melaina. Yes. Let’s. Once Darien made his way back into Melaina’s  good graces, I knew it wouldn’t be long before their chemistry pushed them over the edge once again.  Their history had so many facets I understood, and others that made me scratch my head in confusion. Melaina needed to have the man she loved in her life to enjoy the full-on love connection they’d made in the beginning.  I realize it’s difficult to leave the man you care about cold-turkey. The feelings and compassion won’t quickly blow away merely because you want the emotions to disappear. Darien was that man for Melaina, and their relationship was lovely to witness once all the chemistry burst into flames throughout the story.

I’ll admit, I still wasn’t feeling them being together with all the things they’d endured.  But in the end, if they kept the toxic tsunami toilet trinket named Tonya away from them, their relationship had the chance of survival.  Tonya irked my chicken most of the story, and Darien ran a close second. Overall, Darien proved he planned to do better for the woman he sincerely loved. Life gives us all kinds of obstacles; this author took this couple on a journey and back again. She painted a glorious picture, with solid lines, slopes and beautiful valleys, and in the end, the portrait was a marvelous creation worth four and a half stars.

Review – Everything to Lose (Everything Series-Book 3), by A.C. Taylor

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