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Sinful Enforcer: A Forced Proximity Mafia Romance (Mafia Misfits Book 6) by Asia Monique

Gaia Wilson

I wanted nothing to do with him.

His eyes were lifeless.

His demeanor cold.

His actions too harsh.

Ricardo Carter wasn’t the kind of man you fell in love with, he was the kind you ran from.

Ricardo “Rocco” Carter

I wanted everything to do with her.

Her eyes were full of life.

Her demeanor soft.

Her actions thoughtful.

Gaia Wilson was the kind of woman you fell in love with, she was the kind you ran toward.

Note: Sinful Enforcer is book six in the mafia misfits series and can be read as a standalone. This story includes depictions of violence; may be sensitive for some readers.


Ryker’s Last Salvation: A Mafia Romance (Crowne Legacy Book 8) by Sherelle Green

When you’ve seen the worst in life, can you ever find the good?

Every family has a fixer. The person who is always expected to solve every problem. Even as a kid, I knew the role I had in my Crowne family would force me to live a life in solitude, surrounded by people, yet alone in many ways. After convincing myself that I was fine on my own, I finally found my person. A man buried so deep in my soul that it broke me a little inside every time we connected. As I was always reminded though, my role was to fix others. Not become the one who needs fixing.

For her, I became a fixer. But my nature has always been to destroy. I promised myself I’d always be there for her, even after she pushed me away. But even I can’t deny that if she lets me in again, there’s no guarantee how it will turn out. I could be her salvation mind, body and soul. Or on the other hand, I may just be the final piece in her story that finally pushes her over the edge of darkness. She shouldn’t want me… But she does. Who knows, maybe darkness is where we both belong.

For years, these adopted siblings have lived by the code, Know Thy Enemy. However, what seems too good to be true usually is. Some say mafia. They say family. Can they trust their allies and defend the Crowne legacy? Or will they realize that loyalty, love, and honor are luxuries they can’t afford?


Don’t Play That Song: A Royal Romance (The Royals Book 4) by Shameka S. Erby

Tamika Royal is the quiet, organized, number crunching Financial Director who makes sure the Royal Brand stays firmly in the black, but her true passion is singing. She keeps her dream hidden, the fear of failing, and letting her family down making her afraid to consider it. But Jackson Porter not only makes her want to sing, he makes her want everything.

Jackson Porter is a songwriter/ producer hiding out at the Royal, trying to work without interruptions. After family drama knocked down his rising star, he needs this upcoming opportunity to propel him back to stardom. But Tamika Royal proves to be the best kind of distraction.


Anything Necessary for Her: A Satin Hills Novelette by Talena Tillman

In the bustling streets of Satin Hills, Passion, a resilient 25-year-old single mother, struggles to find her footing amidst the chaos of motherhood. Juggling the demands of raising her newborn baby and navigating the treacherous terrain of her daily life, Passion is determined to create a better future for herself and her child.

One fateful night, as Passion finds herself out and about, she unexpectedly crosses paths with her best friend’s older brother, Treymane. The chemistry between them, which has always been there, ignites a fire within them, setting off a series of events that evokes all the feels.


Backroads & Sweet Tea: A Nashville Sunny Fields Ranch Novella by Kyeate

In the heart of Nashville’s mystic backroads, Sunny Fields, a proud ranch inheritor, crosses paths with Grant Tomlin on a stormy night. What begins as an act of shelter soon ignites a passionate connection between them. However, their love is tested by the flames of jealousy when Sunny’s farmhand, Eric, discovers their bond, threatening to tear them apart.

Unbeknownst to them, Sunny’s ancestral ties hold supernatural powers, embodied by her grandfather’s fabled sweet tea recipe. This elixir of hidden truths and spectral energies becomes a catalyst, unraveling many secrets.

“Backroads & Sweet Tea” weaves a tale where fate intertwines with the ethereal. Love and betrayal entangle amidst the shadows, drawing readers into a world where the ordinary and extraordinary collide, and the mystic enchantment of Nashville’s backroads sets the stage.


Love and Legacy by Rowdy Rooksy

Jewell Driskel, the ambitious and career-driven heir to the family-owned Nectar Cosmetics company, never expected to fall for the charming and confident playboy Ameer McCray, the heir to the rival Skintight Beauty company. But when they meet at a charity gala in Paris, their chemistry is undeniable.

As their attraction deepens, they realize that their family rivalry goes deeper than just business, and their relationship is forbidden. But they can’t deny the pull they feel toward each other, and they start a secret romance.

But will it last?

With Jewell’s mother being hellbent on securing a marriage for her that will solidify the family legacy, her mother’s hatred for the McCrays, and the threat of losing her inheritance, will Jewell and Ameer find a way to bridge the divide between their families and stay together?


Smooth Transition into Your Heart (The Tennessee Whiskey Series Book 14) by DeeAnn

“You’re as smooth as Tennessee whiskey.” Chris Stapleton

Asa Simpson endured mental and emotional abuse in her previous relationship, making it hard for her to desire to love and be loved again. A year and a half has passed since the breakup, and she’s having a hard time finding the beauty in herself again. That is, until she meets Liam Garner, through her best friend’s joint bachelor/bachelorette trip.

From the moment Liam lays eyes on Asa, he deems her to be his. He does all he can to ensure the transition into her heart will be a smooth one by learning her love languages and helping her dig up the beauty she forgot lay within her.


Till It Runs Dry (The Tennessee Whiskey Series Book 15) by Crystal Collier

Rheem Bishop’s life has been characterized by a series of unfortunate events. Born into a family where he never felt a sense of belonging, all he wants is to feel like, for once, he’s accepted. With the only living and known extension of his bloodline being his daughter, when his access to her is threatened, due to a bitter ex-wife, he’s willing to do anything to get her back—or is he?

After yet another setback, Rheem is still optimistic that things will look up in his favor. When that proves to be untrue and life continues to kick him while he’s down, his calvary becomes his downfall.

Shiloh, also experiencing her own setback in life, tries to be exactly what everyone else needs. As a substance abuse counselor, there isn’t much she hasn’t seen, but life is teaching Shiloh that trying to be everyone’s savior while neglecting her own needs can be detrimental. When she’s up against the biggest battle of her life, will she learn to prioritize herself, or will she succumb to her people-pleasing tendencies?

One thing Shiloh wants most in life is to experience unconditional love. A love so strong, there are no limits or boundaries. But fighting a broken heart proves to be more than she can handle, keeping her from allowing love to enter her life. Will her broken heart be mended, or will it cause Shiloh’s demise?


Bringing You Back to Me (The Tennessee Whiskey Series Book 16) by B. Moni

Lyric Sutton has her life all planned out until suddenly, tragedy strikes, sending her down a road full of grief and heartbreak. Just when she thinks things are looking up, life decides to throw her another curveball and a situation lands her behind prison bars. Years later, she returns home, hoping for a fresh start, and she finds herself crossing paths with her secret crush.

Zeus ‘Zoo’ Jackson knew from an early age that his goal was to make it to the NBA. Twelve years later, he’s at the height of his professional career until another injury sends him to the bench. With his career now in limbo, he’s unsure of what the future may bring. An impromptu trip back home seems to be exactly what he needs, especially when he lays eyes on his high school crush.

With the two crossing paths, feelings from the past resurface and possibilities of a future emerge. Lyric and Zeus are both eager to figure out what’s next, but is it possible fate has already mapped out their journey? Can the two step out of their own way and finally allow things to unfold as they should?


Used To (The Tennessee Whiskey Series Book 17) by Compton Carlotta

A tale of love and redemption unfolds, as Jo, once trapped in a life she never chose, embarks on a journey that challenges societal norms and defies the odds. USED TO is a captivating urban romance that explores the power of love and resilience.

Jo, known sometimes as Jolene Bishop, and sometimes as Olivia Reese, was raised in a world of shadows, groomed for a life she should have never had to endure. For years, she navigated the delicate balance between her true self and the facade she wore working as an escort. 

But fate had something unexpected in store for her.

When Jo meets a client unlike any other, a man who sees beyond the veneer she projects, a spark ignites between them. Their connection goes beyond the boundaries of their arrangement, and love blossoms amidst the clandestine encounters. Yet, their union is plagued by a daunting obstacle—his family. They come from a world that would never accept Jo, regardless of her choices.

Despite the odds stacked against them, Jo finds the strength to break free from the life that had defined her for so long. Determined to prove herself and silence the doubters, including her mean and hateful father, she sets out on a journey of self-discovery and reinvention.

Unexpectedly, Jo crosses paths with the man she once loved, her client, Hawthorne Wright, former Heavyweight champion of the world. But time has changed them both. Jo has moved on, embracing a more mundane existence, while Hawthorne has found companionship with another.

Yet, their hearts remain tethered to one another.

As they rekindle their connection, Jo and Hawthorne must confront the trials that surround them. The people they are with are not who they appear to be, and the universe conspires to keep them apart. Despite their unwavering love, the forces of drama and destiny threaten to extinguish the flame that burns within them.

In USED TO, Jo and Hawthorne are the essence of young love and its unwavering determination. Will they overcome the obstacles that fate has thrown their way? Or are they destined to forever be two souls longing for each other, caught in a web of uncertainty?


Thick of Love by Danielle Marcus

“I gave you fifteen years, two kids, and my everything. You still chose to give a woman you barely knew the ring, the house, and my happily-ever-after.”

Dallas once believed in forever love, but that was before her marriage had hit a dead end. When Trenton Smith walks into her life, he’s ready to love her the way she deserves to be loved—only Dallas’ walls are up. In time she will know if he is merely history on repeat, or the kindred connection she’s been praying for.

Sasha wanted nothing more than to have a baby with her fiancé, Hunt. After years of trying to conceive, she’s finally concluded that a baby may not be in the cards for her. Sasha begins to question her womanhood, and before long, it sends her into a fit of depression—until she finds comfort in the arms of another man.

After dating the momma’s boy, the thug, and her ultimate favorite—the tired brother with good sex but no money, Candace finally finds her knight in shining armor. Things are going well until she discovers the roommate he conveniently failed to mention. When Sasha’s brother, Diego, decides to help mend her heart, Candace soon realizes that her soul mate may have been right under her nose the entire time.


A Walk In The Park by Rebekah Weatherspoon

Two hearts on the mend and one adorable mutt get a new leash on love in this romantic short story from award-winning author Rebekah Weatherspoon.

Andre Monroe is ready to move on from heartbreak, and the first step is bringing home his rescue pup. He’d bonded instantly with the playful Zeus and was already planning their first adventures. But one thing he definitely hadn’t daydreamed about was Zeus accidentally being promised to someone else – or that he might go home empty-handed and brokenhearted all over again.

Janelle Johnson is not giving up her claim to Zeus. He already has a hold on her heart (and his own Instagram handle). After the year she’d had, she needed this dog. But when she sees the disappointment of the big, burly handsome man who’s clearly just as in love with the dog as she is, she proposes a deal to Andre – for one month they’ll co-parent the dog. How hard could it be?

Both of them agree to the unusual arrangement. Sharing a dog with a complete stranger isn’t quite the walk in the (dog) park they imagined, but as they work together to give Zeus a loving future, their four-legged friend might not be the only one who’s found a happily ever after.


Love Lifted me Above my Flaws: A Christian Romance Novel (Faith.Flaws & All Book 5) by Taretha Jones

Nobody’s perfect, everybody has a flaw or two, right? Yep, Olivia Johnson knows this all too well, but at the same time, she knows that some people carry flaws that are more burdensome than the ones that others are carrying. Seeing that Olivia has ADHD and is nowhere near as quick-thinking as her smart-as-she-wanna-be sister, Lyric, Olivia understands this fact more so than most. However, being a woman of faith, Olivia also wholeheartedly believes that God never puts more on a person than they can bear. So, with the help and love of her closest friends and family members—well, most of them—twenty-something, Olivia, has managed to make molehills out of the mountains that have stood in her way in life. What Olivia wants most is the career and husband of her dreams. With God’s love and a pinch of faith, maybe she’ll end up with both!


The Love She Wants: A Two Worlds Collide, Love After Divorce, Healing Family Trauma Romance (Love On The Way Book 1) by Elani

Love is on the way to help them heal—and expose their secrets.

Nya Adams

My father died and my husband left me. I’ve been spiraling since. Then I met DeVaughn Harper, a lowly mechanic struggling to protect his niece from the streets. From that first day he towed my car and I met his unfiltered niece, I’ve sought their light to escape my darkness. The plight of his niece reminds me of my passion: to help others in need. DeVaughn sees my pain and wants me anyway. But if he ever finds out that I’m a liar, he won’t.

DeVaughn Harper
Carter Adams has everything I’ve lost. The money, the luxury, the marriage. But that isn’t why I hate him. Our secret is one of two I’m determined to take to the grave, and his recent bid for mayor is messing with that.
When I meet the grieving wife he left behind to rekindle an old flame with a dangerous woman, I can’t resist the temptation to take something away from him too. Nya Adams fills a void in my niece’s life where my addict sister should be. She’s capable of giving us the family we both need. But if her cop brother keeps snooping around and finds out what Carter and I did, I’ll lose her forever. I’ll lose everything.


Embracing Destiny III Faith and Jeremiah by Vivian Rose Lee

When Jeremiah Holmes moved to Tullahassee, Oklahoma, in 1884 with a wife he didn’t want, he didn’t know what his life would be like. He’d left his heart in Philadelphia with the lady whose heart he had to break. Years later, he discovered the truth about his unwanted wife and divorced her, sending her packing, transforming him into a hard, cynical man vowing never to load himself with another woman again. Then, many years later, the woman whose heart he broke comes to Tullahassee. Will Jeremiah rekindle his love for the woman he loved but lost a long time ago?

Faith Abbott, a young widow with two children, was on the run from a cruel and ruthless man who wanted her children. With only the clothing on her back and a single satchels, she fled North Omaha, Nebraska, with the children she would risk her life to protect, with just enough money to start over in the town of Tullahassee. Will Faith find happiness in a town where she didn’t know anyone, or will the man who wants to steal her children find her?


Will You Say My Name: A Potomac Falls Novella Book Two by K.L. Hall

Neema Ellison and Donovan Saintsbury should have been the perfect match.
Both wrecked by their pasts.
Both striving to reinvent themselves in a city dripping with secrets.
She quelled his demons.
But according to the name on her real driver’s license, he was related to hers.

All it takes to unravel someone’s life is a secret… or two.
And by the time Enzo Reid showed up in town, it was already too late.
Suddenly, the peaceful Potomac Falls is anything but safe, and Indigo finds herself playing a terrifying game with the one person whose gaze she thought she’d never meet again.
How far will she go to protect her secrets? After all, the person she’s pretending to be isn’t real.
But her feelings for her brother-in-law are.


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New Release Round-Up July 24th-30th

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