Lyric Sutton has her life all planned out until suddenly, tragedy strikes, sending her down a road full of grief and heartbreak. Just when she thinks things are looking up, life decides to throw her another curveball and a situation lands her behind prison bars. Years later, she returns home, hoping for a fresh start, and she finds herself crossing paths with her secret crush.
Zeus ‘Zoo’ Jackson knew from an early age that his goal was to make it to the NBA. Twelve years later, he’s at the height of his professional career until another injury sends him to the bench. With his career now in limbo, he’s unsure of what the future may bring. An impromptu trip back home seems to be exactly what he needs, especially when he lays eyes on his high school crush.
With the two crossing paths, feelings from the past resurface and possibilities of a future emerge. Lyric and Zeus are both eager to figure out what’s next, but is it possible fate has already mapped out their journey? Can the two step out of their own way and finally allow things to unfold as they should?


New Release Spotlight – Bringing You Back to Me, by B. Moni

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