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Last First Kiss by Nicole Falls

Despite her own dumpster fire of a love life, Calista Franklin is a hopeless romantic. Unfortunately, her life is filled with an amount of busy that precludes her from dating and finding Mister Right. Her best friend’s sudden nuptials, however, place an unexpected opportunity for love within arm’s reach.

Kirk Langley is suddenly thrust into being a single parents upon the untimely demise of his brother and sister-in-law. Balancing caring for his six year old niece in addition to running his own business leaves little time for dating. But when his closest friend drops the bomb that he’s getting married, Kirk’s forced to spare some time to get to know the maid of honor.

Neither were looking for love, but their close proximity during the wedding planning process draws Calista and Kirk close, allowing them to find in the other what they didn’t know was previously missing.



Love is All we Have: A Short Story Anthology by The Authors of B. Love Publications

In “Love is All we Have” the Authors of B. Love Publications come together for five highly entertaining, emotional, and edifying love stories that are guaranteed to leave you wanting more!

Authors included are:

A. Marie Johnson
Chelsea Maria
A. Jones
Alexis Cñe

Foreword by: B. Love



Inn Love (Lessons in Love Book 3) by Bailey West

The great thing about losing something is, if you retrace your steps, a lot of the time, you can find it…

Charlene Kearns spent her teenaged years planning a future with the person she would spend the rest of her life with. She dreamed of the day their plans would become their reality. Then she heard those dreaded words: “It’s not you, it’s me.”

Wesley Philips, all-American baseball talent soared through the ranks of his college team, got drafted to a Major League Baseball team and left his life in his hometown of Ragston behind.

WestFalls High School fifteen-year class reunion puts these high school sweethearts back in the same city where they have to face some harsh truths, deal with a hurtful past and find a way to move forward.
Can they move forward together?



Our Type of Love by Chelsea Maria

The depths of his love became the remedy to heal my broken soul…

On stage, rapper KC demanded the attention of his fans. With lyrics that captivated the hardest thug to the nerdiest geek, he mastered the art of appealing to a diverse crowd.

Once KC left the stage and recording studios, he became Kellon Cambridge, the devoted family man. While his purpose was to encourage people through his lyrics, his passion was to make sure that his wife, Delilah Cambridge, never went a day without knowing how much he loved her.

Celebrating seven years of marriage, the happy couple is determined to show that the seven-year itch was nothing but hocus pocus. But, all that changed the minute a blast from Kellon’s past ends up on the couch in their home revealing secrets that Delilah prayed weren’t true.

Fresh off tour and healing from a devastating loss, Kellon and Delilah are left figuring out if their love was worth fighting for. Will the couple remain standing, or allow past transgressions to rob them of their happily ever after?



When Souls Collide (The Collide Series Book 3) by Millie Belizaire

BOOK THREE of The Collide Series (MUST be read in order)

After waking up at the hospital last year, dreams of conversations I’d had in my coma were not the only thing that visited me at night. On the nights where I didn’t dream of Kain, nightmares ate away at my peace of mind constantly. Most of the time, it would be a vivid reliving of that awful night in July, when I felt my life slip through my fingers like sand.

I died that day.


There was this chunk of time that went blank between the moment I heard the cracking of the gunshot and then waking up sixteen days later, gaunt, scarred, and childless. Clearly, I went to hell. And I relived that night in my nightmares at least once a week for the past sixteen months.

Book three is told in both Lauren and Kain’s points of view.



À la Carte: The Complete “Coffee Date” Novellas by Nia Forrester

(with BONUS novella ‘À la Carte)

‘Coffee Date’

You can find out a lot about yourself in the course of a single day.
On the anniversary of the most tragic event of his life, Randall “The Rocket” Reese must face down paparazzi outside his house, a big sister who won’t stay out of his personal life, and a coffee date with an “old classmate” from high school whom he barely remembers.
His plan is to wallow in solitude, but Fate has plans of its own.

‘Just Lunch’

Randall “The Rocket” Reese is beginning to reclaim his life both professionally and personally, with a new outlook, and a new woman, Dani Erlinger, by his side.
Rand and Dani are in a comfortable groove that suits them both, but an unexpected invitation ‘just for lunch’ and a calamitous weekend excursion have them questioning whether they’ve become much too comfortable, much too soon.

‘Table for Two’

After taking a high-profile position, Rand Reese’s visibility is once again on the rise; but returning to the public eye also means revisiting some of the uglier parts of his past. That past has Dani questioning whether anyone can make a relationship work under the glare of fame and notoriety. Even two people committed to making it work.

‘À la Carte’
A ‘Coffee Date’ BONUS Drop-In

An unexpected visitor up-ends the rhythm of the new life Rand and Dani are building together, reminding them of the consequences of Rand’s difficult past, and raising even tougher questions about their future.



Armed But Not Dangerous: to love (Cops in Love Book 2) by B.L. Wilson

A doctor, Dionne Harris, falls for a seemingly indifferent homicide detective, Ashley Williams. After they sleep together, Dionne discovers the detective works for her brother, who is the police lieutenant. Dionne, who has broken several years of celibacy due to a relationship gone bad to sleep with the detective, wants a relationship with her. Unfortunately, Ashley’s motto is love ‘em and then leave ‘em, especially since she’s on a personal crusade to clear a bottom drawer case – a child kidnapping case that went cold years ago. Their major opposing viewpoints should end the relationship, but they don’t.

Will the two women work out their differences and become a couple? Will Dionne’s family stop interfering with their budding romance and let it happen? Will Ashley’s inability to solve her cold case cause a rift between Dionne and her, causing Ashley to lose all she has worked for? Will Ashley open her heart and let Dionne love her? Find out in Armed But Not Dangerous, to love.



The Way She Loves by Candace Harris

Meet Nhalia Graves. She murdered her mother’s boyfriend at thirteen and ended up in juvie until just before her eighteenth birthday.
For Nhalia, it’s just one hell to the next, until one day everything changes. She’s called into the warden’s office and told something that shakes up her entire world. She’s getting released and that’s all thanks to the father she’s never met.
It isn’t until she’s released from the jail that she finds out that she’s the daughter of Carter Graves; the king of all kings and top dog of every street, and neighborhood within the Beltway 8 of Houston, Texas. Finding out that she has the blood of an untouchable linage, Nhalia is sure that she has found the only family she’ll ever need in this life.
That is until she meets Benjamin King.
Benjamin ‘Benji’ King is a Christian rapper with lyrics so dope that Nhalia’s immediately captivated. But he’s her mark. And her father’s counting on her to take him down.
On a mission to spread the word of God, and change how the world looks at his lifestyle, Benji can’t understand why his heart is drawn to a girl like Nhalia, and even ignores all the warnings he’s received about this beautiful little hood princess.
After the sudden death of one of Nhalia’s most beloved family members, life heats up for her in a major way as she starts to unravel and uncover secrets about her family that shakes the very foundation of everything the Graves Empire was built on; family, loyalty, and love.
Now, Nhalia must make a decision that could alter her life forever. The way she loves just may break her, and when the dust settles, and all is said and done Nhalia discovers that love is more than just a word. And someone’s nothing more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Note to Readers:
This series is one that I consider unconventional Christian Fiction. There are no derogatory words of offensive sexual scenes, but every character isn’t saved. If you’d rather not read urban story-lines that feature struggling souls making unusual choices skip this read! I have other books that offer more traditional Christian Fiction story-lines 🙂



Election Day (Decades: A Journey of African-American Romance Book 8) by Keith Thomas Walker

Despite legal efforts to integrate schools, black students continue to struggle with separate and unequal environments in 1970. Leo Sullivan, an ambitious mayoral candidate, seeks to close a dark chapter in Overbrook Meadows’ history, but the opposition is fierce. Falling for his campaign manager was never part of the plan. Leo and Carla must fight for their love, their safety, and the future of their beloved city.


They Call Me Mello by Brookelyn Mosley

Over the years, Romello “Mello” St. Claire’s good looks and unapologetic playboy charm has helped him to amass a mental Rolodex of women. He was schooled on the art of seduction before the age of 19. And as a result, he finds juggling the attention of the opposite sex to be as simple as blinking.

On the outside looking in, he’s got it made. Mello’s street smart, business savvy, well-paid, and a smooth-talking Casanova. But there’s a side to him he’s kept hidden… until now.

After a poor decision put Mello in the crosshairs of NYPD detectives, he’s forced to leave New York.
What city does he run off to?


He planned for the move to only be temporary. But Mello’s escape from New York quickly evolves into something that challenges his original plans.

Mello arrived in Miami with one agenda: to lie low in the sunny south until police interest in him went cold up north. He expected the warmer climate. But he never imagined love being in the forecast.

Rayelle Bell, an exotic pole dancing instructor, saunters into his life as quickly as he arrives in town and circumstances draws him to her just as suddenly.

Unlike the women before her she doesn’t make it easy for Mello to make a place in her world. It’s not like she’s high-maintenance, difficult to please or anything. In fact, she’s the total opposite. But the emotional wall she’s built around her heart that’s thicker than New York City concrete keeps her on guard and immune to his game. It creates a challenge for Mello… and intrigues him at the same time.

He’s learned everything there is to know about women. What they like, what they want, how to offer all of that to them in a way they couldn’t resist and that would have them willing to do anything to keep his interest.

Well, after meeting Ms. Bell, he must forget all that he’s been taught.

To earn her affections, he must assemble the puzzle that is him and dig deep to deal with the side of himself he hates the most… the demons of his past. But is Rayelle worth him dredging all that up?

*They Call Me Mello is a standalone novel and spinoff from the novella series No Fraternizing. It also serves as a continuation of his short story in Forbidden. It is advised that readers read the series and Mello’s story in the anthology before really getting to know the man behind the name.



One Perfect Moment (The Taylors of Temptation) by A.C. Arthur

He thought he’d escaped his notorious history—

Now she could thrust him back in the spotlight…

TV producer Ava Cannon is stunned to discover that the secret lover who briefly shared her bed is one of America’s most famous sextuplets. But Dr. Gage Taylor now shuns the spotlight. As they rekindle their sizzling affair, will Ava have to choose between a game-changing career move and the man she loves?



Campaign for His Heart (The Cardinal House) by Joy Avery

The Perfect Candidate

Former foster kid Lauder Tolson is running for North Carolina state senate, but his bachelor status makes him look less than family oriented. He needs a lady love—just for the campaign. The ideal candidate is childhood nemesis Willow Dawson. But he once broke the beauty’s heart and barely has her vote! Still, to fulfill her own dream, she agrees. Suddenly, they’re a devoted couple in public. But neither expects how hot it gets in private.



Betrayed by D.E. Eliot

Utessa James is not your everyday good wife… but what she learns is that some affairs can lead to more than just murder. When she discovers her husband (who is a police detective) is investigating the man she is having an affair with, her entire world gets turned upside down.



Room Service (The Innkeepers) by Rochelle Alers

Bestselling author Rochelle Alers’ heartwarming and seductive series follows four very different women risking second chances deep in the sultry heart of New Orleans . . .

New Yorker Jasmine Washington had a successful interior design business, a high-powered marriage, and a chance at motherhood—until her perfect husband betrayed her big-time. Now starting from scratch, the Asian and African-American stunner is tackling a lifetime opportunity: co-managing her friend’s new luxury inn about to open in the Garden District. The last thing Jasmine needs is romance. New Orleans’ most eligible bachelor, investment banker Cameron Singleton, begs to differ.

Cameron challenges Jasmine’s cautious ways, teases her back into having real fun—and makes one sexy, utterly irresistible Mr. Right Now. But their passionate nights soon result in a surprise bonus. . . . Even though Cameron insists on being there for Jasmine, can she really believe his love is the real thing? Can she shake the past and design a completely new life? And is there really only one way to find out?



She Paid Her Dues by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Blocking the living room door with his tall, muscular body, Khalil looked down at Deya, his wife of eighteen years. He loved her as much as the day he married her, though he hated the short blonde haircut and how young it made her look. They were both forty and married right after college but with that hair Deya looked ten years younger, than forty. She could easily pass for her late twenties without makeup.

“So, you’re just going to leave, Deya? All this and me?” Khalil asked, his hand waving like a masculine Vanna White, pointing out their lovely home and all they acquired together.
For Khalil, it was always about acquiring, even acquiring her and controlling who and what she was because she loved him and their son. Their son, who two weeks earlier decided college wasn’t for him and went to Kuwait of all places to work on computer websites and internet services. Deya applauded him but Khalil had been pissed, because Keb had blown off college and his alma mater, though it changed nothing. Keb was gone and Deya was leaving.

“I am Khalil. My son is overseas following his dreams and I’m going in search of mine. I loved and cared for you and our son for almost half my life, working as a legal secretary while I wanted to do other things. During that time, you did as you chose, even other women.” Deya uttered emotionless, her light brown eyes clear and free of censure. She actually felt very little, she had done all the crying and begging she could do to save her marriage. Cringing, Khalil glanced away. She was right, at least until recently but he never didn’t love her or provide for her and Keb.

“I love you Deya. Only you, it’s always been you.”

“I love me now too Khalil. Only me, so we have that in common.” Grabbing the handle of her suitcase, Deya walked around her husband and out the door. She waited until Keb was settled. Her dues were paid.


His Soul, Her Heart: A Story of Lust, Love and Forgiveness by Lisa Marbly-Warir

***short story***

After being estranged from his family for years, Damian Sheppard is surprised to learn after his father’s death that he is next in line to pastor his family’s mega church. The life he’s lived has been less than stellar. Years of drug dealing and messing with women’s hearts and minds comes to a head when a woman from his past challenges him to be the man he was destined to be.

…He knew he was a hot commodity—a tall, fine, straight, actively working Black man with no baby mama baggage.
As if on cue, there was Sasha and Monique waiting for him….



No Love in His Heart: Part One by B. Love

After being in a committed relationship for ten years with the man of her dreams, Blue’s life becomes a nightmare. In her youth, she was okay with not having children or getting married, but now that she’s close to thirty her desires have changed. With only two choices, Blue must choose between staying with Messiah or leaving and starting a new life and love with someone willing to give her every desire of her heart – including marriage and children.

For Kiylee, the bad boys are no good and the good guys are no fun. Settling for no commitment and the occasional bed buddy has gotten her through most of her adulthood until she meets Bianco and Indie. Bianco, a classic street hoodlum, vies for her attention just as strongly as Indie, the good guy you’d want to bring home to your mother. In this love triangle, Kiylee’s heart is pulling her in one direction while her mind tugs her in another.

Tamara spent most of her late teenaged years seeking the attention of Alante. She wanted his sight, even if she wasn’t the woman in his vision. After finally winning him, Tamara realizes just how big of a mistake it was to pursue a man instead of waiting on the one that was truly meant for her.

Each of these women are left with a choice, and although the answers seem easy at first… the consequences are hard enough to have them all changing their minds and the love within their hearts.

Please note: The characters in this series were first introduced in “No Love in his Heart: The Preface”



Friends With Benefits: My Deadly Addiction by Linette King

After the secret life that Aubrielle has lived, she can’t fathom allowing any man to get close enough to her to actually know her so she settles for having a friend with benefits. But, the mystery that is Aubrielle causes Kyle to want to know more as he falls dangerously in love with her.

Kyle refuses to see Aubrielle with anyone if he can’t have her and he’s willing to kill just to show her how serious he really is. As the story unfolds, he’s faced with a choice that will change the lives of everyone involved.



Sweatpants Season by Danielle Allen

He has a big…smile.
It was the first thing I noticed that day until he stood. His grey sweatpants hung off his hips and I didn’t want to look. I really didn’t.
I’m a feminist.
I don’t believe in objectifying men. I don’t catcall men. I don’t ogle the bodies of men. I don’t view men as objects of my affection rather than complex people with feelings, wants, and needs of their own. I don’t treat men the way society often treats women.
I treat men the way I want to be treated as a woman—with respect!
So, when Carlos ran into me while I was reviewing my interview questions in the park, it surprised me to see my photography classmate out of context. I was also surprised to see as much of him as I did.
It wasn’t just that it caught my eye. It was the fact that it held my attention.
It wasn’t just that it was large. It was the fact that it was visibly large.
It wasn’t just that it was Carlos Richmond. It was the fact that I am Akila Bishara.
And I am not seduced by anything other than intelligent conversation, witty rapport, and meaningful actions.
I am not seduced by a dick print.
I am not.
Seriously, I’m not.



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New Release Round-Up July 30th-August 5th

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