Harrison and Willow were in the middle of a 20-year relationship when suddenly the wheels fell off and strange situations thrust Harrison and Willow staggering in the aftermath of a decision that would change things quickly in their story. As much as the couple cared deeply for one another that did not alter the initial sting. Later, when things went array with Willow’s returned from a trip with her friends with a new attitude, their issues started in earnest.

Although she loved being a wife and mother, after her trip with her friends, Willow’s life felt mundane to her. Willow began to struggle with whether her current life as wife and mother was enough.  I know. I know. How on earth does a woman in possession of a Holmes complain about her man? I thought this thing was crazy. Was Willow nuttier than the Professor? My next thought surrounded the idea that Harrison was free to come to hang out with this momma.

When Harrison did the unthinkable and followed his wife’s wishes by giving her what she asked for, I was flabbergasted.  Willow called the shots when Harrison had no idea what the heck was going on in their relationship. It seemed he was trusting to the highest power. He also gave me the impression that he thought if he let Willow have everything she asked for they could get back to their old lives quicker. The story was emotional and stressful with his families’ situation.

For two-thirds of the story, I was upset more times than not. I kept urging Willow to give up her quest to be a new person. The other third of the story, I was praying for Harrison to get some chutzpah and be the man they both knew he was deep down. Parts of Willow’s problems made sense to me, and other areas were frustrating. I knew in the end; the Holmes charm would bleed through, and Willow would come to her senses. Whether they had a glitch or mid-level crisis, a problem real or imagined could certainly damage a relationship on many levels. I was hoping Harrison’s ideal vacation for him and Willow was a great way to get things back on track, even with Willow having reservations. When they finally made it past all the drama, their love connection was realistic. The Holmes Series and the men are by far my favorite Farrah Rochon novels, and this story was a perfect addition to my collection. Five fabulous stars!

Review – Cherish Me (The Holmes Brothers Book 7), by Farrah Rochon

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