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Check out these new releases from July 3rd-9th.

A Wife for Sale: An Emerald City Novella (LeFleur Mafia Book 2) by Aubree Pynn

There’s always a beginning at the end.
For Darina, she’s at the end of a failed marriage, and with the help of Aziel, the end of doubting her power. After her husband gambles their life away, the power is stripped from her grasp for the last time.
Aziel’s only purpose was to collect for the LeFleur Mafia and stay to himself. The moment his sights are set on Darina, he can neither look away nor let go. Determined to show her the power lying dormant within and that starting over is a part of life, he expands his closed heart to make room for her.
Will Darina step into her power or will her only claim to fame be the wife who was sold?


Where Is the Love (The Henderson Family Saga Book 16) by Monica Walters

Past trauma can be a beast to overcome, but Jessica Monroe has proven time and time again that she’s up for the challenge. Every hurdle thrown her way, she finds a way to conquer it and keep moving. After landing a successful career, she’s ready to settle down. However, it seems that love is missing in action where she’s concerned. It doesn’t help that she’s slow to express her feelings for fear of being hurt. Trying to overcome the hurt of a failed relationship has left her vulnerable, something she’s usually able to mask. When she runs into a friend from school, she’s reminded of how close they used to be and longs for that closeness once again.

Brixton Lewis has been intentional about everything in life. He’s a business owner and knows exactly where his life is headed until he gets the call that his dad has passed away. He makes the decision to go home and take over the family farm. That responsibility comes with a lot of unknowns. One of those unknown responsibilities presents itself and leaves him in a state of depression and despair. However, running into Jessica has changed everything. She’s the one that got away. Brixton is more than determined not to let her get away again.

When Jessica and Brixton see each other, their excitement can’t be hidden. They immediately try to pick up where they left off, although their personalities are somewhat different as adults. However, adversity rears its ugly head and threatens to ruin everything. Can the two of them focus on the possibilities instead of the problems and make a lasting relationship out of their reconnection?


The Convenient Husband: A Marriage of Convenience Romance (The Champion Brothers Book 8) by Tina Martin

Amira Champion has had enough of men – especially after she found out how her father treated her mother. She’s coasting through life solo and living drama-free, but a series of text messages from a stalker threatens her peace.

Dominick Summerlin is a highway patrolman intent on law and order. After losing his wife three years ago, he has sworn off ever loving another woman. But one traffic stop sets in motion events that may change his plans and his life.


Accidental Sweethearts (Honey Hill Book 3) by Joy Avery

Honey Hill residents have enough to gossip about without Happi Daniels and Sebastian Charles adding their drama to the mix. However, when details of their accidental Vegas nuptials are made known, the hairstylist and home renovation expert become the talk of the town.

Outside forces are hard at work to ensure Happi and Sebastian find the happily ever after neither are looking for. But will it be enough to ensure the two remain one?


Finessing Love in the Same Old Places (The Tennessee Whiskey Series Book 2) by Riley Baxter

“I’ve looked for love in all the same old places.” – Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton/T-Pain.

Not wanting to entertain her ex and his need to correct his decision to end their relationship, Harmonie Pace boldly and unexpectedly kisses a stranger. What she doesn’t realize at the moment is the jolt within her heart or the things she set in motion. All Harmonie wants to do is prevent an encounter with her ex. What are the odds of confirming the saying, like mother, like daughter?

Nasir Washington is caught off guard by the sexy stranger who kisses him with enough passion to set his soul ablaze. His world shifts and flips on its axis when her lips touch his. His heart and soul beg for another opportunity to be in her presence again, to feel the warmth of her kiss. Can a man really fall in love with a stranger after one kiss?

Join Harmonie and Nasir in this journey of love at first kiss. No drama… just two people finding love in a likely place.


Wasted Off You (The Tennessee Whiskey Series Book 3) by K.L. Hall

Danielle “Danny” St. Cloud is a genius in the tech field, but her love life isn’t so polished. The closer she gets to thirty, the more anxious she is to kiss the dating carousel goodbye and settle down with a real one. She’s had her heart set on Karon Harris since he walked into her statistics class and sat beside her. He was six foot three, dreaded, fine as frog hair, and desirable enough to have any woman on campus he wanted. Despite how his presence disrupts the rhythm of her heartbeat, she wouldn’t dare risk a decade of friendship, leaving her permanently in the friend zone. When a work trip lands her in the arms of another, she returns to Atlanta with a ring on her finger and her best friend’s older brother on her arm. 

Karon Harris is a known southern playboy with the name heartbreaker tattooed on his reputation. After almost thirty years of playing the field, he’s tired of the game and ready to hang up his jersey. None of the women on his roster seem worth going the extra mile for, except Danny. In all the years they’ve been friends, he’s never thought about laying a finger on her, but seeing her in the arms of his brother, Kairo, ignites feelings he doesn’t like. The ATL skirt chaser soon realizes there’s more to his friendship than he thought. 

An impulsive kiss leads to a gut-wrenching love triangle, proving there’s a thin line between friendship and family. Falling in love with Danny could unravel their friendship, but losing her to his brother might be more than he can bear.


Their Sweetest Love (The Tennessee Whiskey Series Book 4) by Mya

“You’re as sweet as strawberry wine.” –Chris Stapleton

Varia Arrington experienced a heartbreak so severe, she swore off love forever. Life was cruel, men couldn’t be trusted, and she’d rather spend her days as a traveling nurse than settle down and give another man the key to her heart.

Millionaire Sommelier and bar owner, Theodore Armstrong, was a man with a plan. He enjoyed life as a bachelor for over ten years, but as his thirtieth birthday approaches, he’s hit with the realization he doesn’t want to be a playboy for the rest of his life. He’s ready to settle down and give all of his love to one woman.

A night of drinking and bar hopping allows these two souls to cross paths. A one-night stand quickly turns into a whirlwind relationship neither one of them ever expected. Will the wealthy wine expert charm his way into the heart of the reserved and guarded travel nurse, or will the romance fall short of a happily ever after?


Kindred Spirits by Shanel

It’s been said that you only get three loves in your life. But who has ever been lucky enough to find three loves? It’s a miracle if a person runs into one person that they can share the emotion with.

Love at first sight is a matter of perception, and for Ashland, he never really believed in the authenticity of it. Not until Kenya walked in and stole his breath away. He wasn’t looking for love, never even wanted to feel love, and yet…here she was.

Kenya’s attraction to Ashland was immediate and couldn’t be denied, but he was by far the most complicated man she had ever come across. How do you break down the barriers of someone who won’t open up? How do you begin to explain what you don’t understand yourself?

Between the two of them, the idea of love seems more and more difficult to wrap their minds around, but the feelings won’t go away, and their connection only gets stronger.

Will Ashland and Kenya be able to maneuver through this complicated journey, or will their fears be enough to stop them from pursuing what could be the greatest moment of their lives?


The Bridge: Adonis & Tempest by M. Monique

Tempest Franklin wants nothing more than to escape the clutches of her ex-husband. Raising two children with a man like her ex is daunting. Although a woman of faith, Tempest has little hope that her life will ever be peaceful.
Adonis Stallworth is a single father, with a love for his community that spreads far and wide. The same city he once wreaked havoc in, he now commits to restoring. A man who prides himself on family, Adonis isn’t afraid of love or committing to the one woman he believes was made for him.
Life allows these two to collide in one most sacred and innocent moment. Will a woman bent on never being hurt again cause her to sacrifice a man who’s bent on fully loving her?


Until We Love Again by Rosè Dior

Can the flicker of a love not fully expressed but sparked years ago gets reignited?

To Juri Thomas, Angel Moore was her shield and strength against any and everything life threw her way. The young boy who turned her dark days light had set the tone for how her heart should beat.

Angel Moore saw every good possibility in the shy, quiet Juri Thomas. She was pure and special even when she couldn’t recognize her own potential.

Life took them in different directions, tested their once close bond, and brought them back to each other. Angel knows his intentions once Juri ignites dormant feelings, and Juri feels the same, but will their once unspoken love finally be articulated to its recipient? Or will the burning passion once felt stay in recluse?


Hard For The Next by Nek Mills

Polygamy is a real thing, but do the relationships work?
Can a man really love on and please two women equally?

What happens when one person from the trio wants something that wasn’t part of the deal?
You’re going to either love Teflon Davis or really hate him.

Either way, he’s going to make it hard for the next man when it comes to loving you.


Love And All That Bullsh*t by Mariah C. Bond

What is the reason a perfectly extraordinary woman would get entangled in a string of imperfectly extraordinary relationships?

For Lovely LeBlanc, a single, thirty-something transgender woman, it could be anything. It could be her sassy attitude. It could be her checkered past. It could simply be pure bad luck. It could be that she is still just not good enough. It could be that she has spent too much time doing the wrong things with the wrong men.

Despite finding the strength to become the strikingly beautiful and impressively successful woman Lovely was always supposed to be, she still has not been able to navigate one thing involving– love… and all that bullsh*t.

Lovely spent her early life on a troubled journey of growing up poor, Black, and queer in a small town outside of New Orleans, and later enduring the equally tough path as an adult becoming her genuine self in the same place. Lovely continued to work towards dispelling all the narratives transgender women are given and to erase any boundaries that do not value her in the consideration of race, friendship, social class, family, work, or most importantly, her path to womanhood.

Just as most women Lovely wants true love, but she feels like the chance at it is steadily fading. After years devoted to a string of one imperfectly ordinary relationship after another, now even her past has started to be a threat. She’s tried it all, and still nothing has worked, or has it? She has to make the right move because the time is ticking… Lovely’s chance at true love depends on it.


One Is Enough (The Enough Series Book 3) by Mo Flames

One lie unravels it all.

A forbidden love is no longer complicated. It has now become a dangerous affair…

Before their happily ever after can even begin, Desiree and Derrik are involved in a near fatal car accident that leaves them both fighting for their lives. Weeks later, Desiree discovers Derrik survived, but is dealt an unsuspecting blow—he can’t remember she’s more to him than just a friend.

Desiree is determined to show Derrik how their friendship evolved, and how they became lovers, but she underestimates the chance of history repeating itself. There are unforeseen forces threatening to sabotage their relationship. With jealousies brewing, greed growing, past lovers scheming, and chaos coming from all directions—will Desiree and Derrik finally be together?

When the darkness from Desiree’s past collides with her future…it may prove deadly. 

This is the conclusion to the Enough series.


Make You Mine (Infinity Series Book 1) by Mo Flames

Tanya Ryan is the smart and attractive talent acquisition agent for one of Atlanta’s most popular socialites. Tanya can’t risk losing her highest paying client lusting after her brother.

Yet, her client’s brother is unwavering in his pursuit to get Tanya to acknowledge their attraction. 

Maxwell Winters, Jr. also known as MJ, is a successful sports lawyer who wasn’t looking for love. Until, he shook hands with Tanya. He knew from the moment their fingers touched she would be his.

However, MJ’s past of being a womanizer comes back to haunt him. Will he be able to put aside his old ways and win Tanya’s heart?


Jordan: Sindicate Towers Series by Jade Royal

When love, infidelity, and power collide, the consequences are deadly.

Jordan is the ultimate alpha – the eldest of three brothers, and the backbone of their family. Driven by an unbreakable determination to secure their future in a cutthroat and unforgiving world, he’ll stop at nothing to succeed. As the streets of Chicago become increasingly dangerous, Jordan is ready to take charge and demand the respect necessary to dominate. But when an alluring vixen re-enters his life with his daughter whom he didn’t know about, Jordan finds himself torn between his ruthless drive and a passion to regain what he once had before they both threaten to consume him.

Mia is a temptation he can’t resist, but their past continues to haunt their future. Will Jordan be able to make up for his past transgressions and convince Mia to let him into their daughter’s life? In a world where power is everything, Jordan is a force to be reckoned with – but will it be enough to keep him from falling too deep?

Series Blurb

Welcome to a world of ruthless ambition, forbidden love, and dangerous alliances. This explosive multi-author mafia series delivers heart-pounding standalone stories that will leave you breathless. Meet the alpha billionaires, the forbidden lovers, and the dangerous enemies who will stop at nothing to get what they want. From second chances to forced marriages, from instalove to enemies-to-lovers, this series has it all. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of passion, power, and intrigue that will keep you turning pages long into the night.


Goddess of Beast 2: Love, Death, Blood Oaths & Kings (Goddess of Beast: The Introduction) by J. Peach

Although a war is brewing in their world, Kobo and Sebastian can’t seem to find balance with each other being a part of NaKiyah’s life. They can’t stomach the idea of her loving them both, which fuels their hatred for one another.

Jackulius, a Royal vampire, was stolen from his realm, Athai, by the witch who wants to end her world. All Jackulius wants is to return home and put everything that transpired in Surian behind him.

That was the plan until his gaze set upon the beautiful NaKiyah. One taste of her set his entire soul ablaze. From that moment forth, he knew his fate would forever be intertwined with hers.

As NaKiyah tries to navigate her ever growing powers, play peacemaker between Sebastian and Kobo, while figuring out her newfound feelings for Jackulius, on top of uncovering the witch’s identity, she becomes overwhelmed.

NaKiyah’s frustrations soon get the best of her, resulting in unforeseen circumstances that will alter their lives for eternity.


The Love She Hates: A Grumpy-Sunshine, Workplace Enemies to Lovers Romance Prequel (Love On The Way) by Elani

One night at a bar changes everything.
Omari Smith and Lora Chase have worked together at an advertising agency for years. To her, he’s the biggest threat to her career. To him, she’s much more than a rival. She’s the woman he’s been secretly wooing for years. When a work celebration leads to them going back to her place together to check on her dog, Lora is forced to consider that the rivalry she’s fed off of for years, might actually be a front for something else. Something better. Maybe everything she’s hated about Omari Smith could be exactly what she loves most.

Prequel to the Love on the Way Series, The Love She Hates is a first person present, single POV, workplace rivals-to-lovers, grumpy-sunshine, dog lovers steamy romance. Lora and Omari will appear in Love On The Way Book 2, The Love She Needs.


Broken…But Not Shattered by Domonique Martin

A simple life. Deena Sparks wanted that more than anything. But from an early age, she knew her life was not destined for that white picket fence. Bouncing from one abusive situation to the next seemed to be the only thing she was good at. After experiencing a traumatic event, Deena realizes she must get out of her dark circumstances or they would kill her. Her road to change takes her through a tumultuous road to redemption and rediscovery through an unexpected meeting with Jerald Perkins. On the surface, Jerald is the perfect man. Kind, giving, understanding, and an all-around perfect gentleman. But Deena has been burned before, and vows to never be blindsided again. As her new life forces her to face her demons, the fear of budding friendships and relationships threaten to erase all the progress she’s made. Deena must ask herself is she ready to find out who she really is? Will she like who she discovers? Is she destined to remain broken? Deena will have to take more risks than ever before to put the shattered pieces of her life back together and truly find happiness.


Illustrious Solitude by E. Nigma

After a life filled with heartbreak, loss, and trauma, famous singer-songwriter, Serena, has retreated to a secluded mansion to live in solitude. Her music speaks to the pain and struggles she’s faced, but no matter how hard she tries, the past continues to limit her as anger and hate fill her heart.

That is until she hires a new publicist, James Cade, to help settle disputes and maintain the seemingly perfect image to the prying media eyes. Cade is everything Serena isn’t – outgoing, confident, and unafraid of a little work. But despite their differences, the two find themselves drawn to each other in a way they never expected.

As their professional relationship turns personal, Serena’s past continues to haunt her, threatening to destroy the fragile trust she’s built with Cade. Can she fully open up her heart to him and let him into her world, or will her fears and insecurities keep them both locked in solitude forever?

With emotional depth and raw honesty, this novel explores the power of love to heal even the deepest wounds and the courage it takes to let go of the past and embrace the present.


Fade to Black by NEA


The beautiful and talented Destiny Brooks is in Los Angeles to sign the deal of a lifetime as a young singer with true promise. While there, she encounters more than she bargains for…LOVE and ROMANCE, which were never in her plans. The diamond in the rough is able to resist temptation, but for how long?

Soon the unthinkable happens and her world comes crashing down. The only sure footing she finds is in the arms of a handsome attorney—in a fight of his own.Xavier Thomas has arrived at an intersection in his highly successful life. The wrong turn could lead to destruction and take everyone he loves along for the ride, including Destiny.

Life turns into high-stakes gambling.
Will the cards be in their favor?
Or will the outcome equate to REGRET, FAILURE and DEATH?


Yours For The Weekend by Queen Rae

One weekend…
Four days, to be exact, can feel like an eternity, or it can feel like a glimpse into an eternal connection.

When a person is everything you’ve ever wanted…
You do the necessary and the unnecessary to keep them around, even if it jeopardizes everything you have with someone else.

When an abrupt connection is everything you never knew you needed…
Outside obligations become trivial.

For Donnavan and Aris, their connection is something that catches them both by surprise. It’s too fierce to be ignored. Despite the obstacles, they connected with the promise of a weekend together. Putting an end to the possibilities, they experience the unexpected. It only leaves them to wonder if they can walk away. Some promises are meant to be broken… 

This is a novella.


For The Love Of You by Kaige Keira

Taryn Bell has bitten more than she can chew as she continues attracting the same kind of men she seems accustomed to. After swearing that Davion Thomas was off limits after Cabo, she found herself in hot water taking a pregnancy test after falling back into tainted waters with the forbidden. Now she has to deal with the consequences of her decisions and needs to decide whether history is repeating itself or will the outcome be different. 

Arielle Carmine tried her best being cordial with Jace Thomas after a disastrous conclusion on their cruise months prior. At first, she decides to only let him be around when he reaches out to her. But things change when she is right back to where she dreamt of being since her vacation. With Jace back on her side, Ari must come to terms with her inner demons before she loses the one thing that may keep her afloat. 

Stakes are higher than ever as the women make one decision after the other to get to the finish line. But this race comes with obstacles that neither of them have ever gone through. Secrets are exposed one after another, hindering them from continuing the course. 

Will love be able to prevail? Or will it be the one thing that destroys the last little bit of hope they have for each other?


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-up July 3rd-9th

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