One lie unravels it all.
A forbidden love is no longer complicated. It has now become a dangerous affair…

Before their happily ever after can even begin, Desiree and Derrik are involved in a near fatal car accident that leaves them both fighting for their lives. Weeks later, Desiree discovers Derrik survived, but is dealt an unsuspecting blow—he can’t remember she’s more to him than just a friend.

Desiree is determined to show Derrik how their friendship evolved, and how they became lovers, but she underestimates the chance of history repeating itself. There are unforeseen forces threatening to sabotage their relationship. With jealousies brewing, greed growing, past lovers scheming, and chaos coming from all directions—will Desiree and Derrik finally be together?

When the darkness from Desiree’s past collides with her future…it may prove deadly. 

This is the conclusion to the Enough series.


New Release Spotlight – One Is Enough (The Enough Series Book 3, by Mo Flames

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