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More Than A Crush by Chelsea Maria


He asked me to tutor him in the eleventh grade. That was the first time my young heart fell out of rhythm. By senior year, we were best friends, and my unconditional love for him had awakened. By the time we finished college, I experienced my first heartbreak.

He’d chosen another. Someone that wasn’t me.
He’s still my best friend. I love him. All I need is for him to love me the way I’ve always loved him, but now I’ve embarked upon another problem…

I’m falling in love with someone else.
Is it too late for us? Why can’t he see me? See that I’m the only woman who can love him efficiently.


The first time I laid eyes on her; time stopped. I vowed to never let her go and accepted the tormenting role of being her best-friend. I wanted to be her lover.

I courted others unwillingly, because she sought men that weren’t me.
She’s the air that I breathe. No one else compares to her.
Am I invisible? Why can’t she see me? See that I’m the only man who can fill her hollow places.



Because of Love (For Keeps Book 1) by D. Rose

Nina Wilkerson had a strategic plan for her life. She was following in the footsteps of her parents by becoming a physician and would eventually start a private practice. So far, everything had gone according to her plan, until she met and fell head over heels for the rapper, Mecca Watson.

Like Nina, Mecca Watson was solely focused on his music and providing for his mother and little sister, Mariah. Falling in love was the last thing he wanted to do, especially at such a pivotal point in his career, but once he fell for Nina, his priorities shifted.

What started as a summer affair led to Nina and Mecca falling into a relationship neither were prepared for. A year later, they were still trying to find balance within their work and personal lives. With work, family, and school consuming their time, the one thing that seems to keep them grounded was their love for one another.

But was love enough?

When it seems everything and everyone is pulling them apart, will the undeniable bond they share be enough to keep them together?

Note:This is novel is a follow-up to New Year Kiss: a short story but it can be read as a standalone.



Stay For Awhile (What the Heart Wants Book 1) by BriAnn Danae

She wasn’t supposed to stay.

In fact, had she not missed her flight, Brya Mills would have settled on the life she had in Miami, Florida. Settling… it’s what she’d been doing while dating a male acquaintance. Wasting time when what she really desired was a man who was just as invested in her as she was him. Over the months, Brya had become stagnant, but not anymore.

Not when the ever so charming, Arsenio Kingston, was determined to provide her a weekend she wasn’t accustomed to. Show her a side of his world that he too had closed off for so long. Some normalcy and tranquility of not forcing anything. Letting things flow as just was their motto, but with feelings involved, the duo finds themselves back at square one. Doubtfully, regretting the time they shared… and wishing they could stay. If even for a little while.



Her Naughty Suitor (Falling for a Rose Book 10) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

For Eden Alexandria Rose, being under the microscope, as a triplet in one of the wealthiest families in Chicago—didn’t compare to falling in love with the city’s most notorious bachelor. While one came with the invasiveness of a celebrity’s lifestyle, the other was a receipt for possible disaster, right down to the destruction of her heart. But knowing him from their close upbringing, drives a wedge between appearances and the truth. Now all Eden had to decide is if she was willing to risk it all for love and the thought of being naive stirred her gut and kept her running.

As Chicago’s top real estate mogul, Derek James Clark has lived up to his public persona as The Don Juan with his no strings attached lifestyle. He’s never been unsatisfied with his reality, until Eden Alexandria Rose eased into the groove of his soul—ruling not only his thoughts, but the intimate rhythm of his heartbeat. What was once a mere physical attraction, has spawned into a desirous craving to explore everything about her. And when Derek gets Eden within his grasp,
his passionate claiming of her mind and body will seek to make sure nothing comes between them again.

*This story can be read as a standalone*



Two Nights in Paris (Brooks Family Book 5) by Delaney Diamond

Two nights. One undeniable attraction.

To prove to his mother that he can be responsible, Stephan Brooks takes a job at her firm and promises to be a better son. But one glimpse of Roselle Parker, her up-and-coming protégé, and all his good intentions disappear. All he has to do is conduct himself in a professional manner, but a trip to Paris with Roselle proves too big of a temptation.

Roselle knows Stephan Brooks is nothing but trouble. She’s heard the stories, and her brief contact with him confirms they’re all true. But two nights in Paris and her inhibitions crumble beneath his seductive touch. They plan to leave what happened in Paris, in Paris. But the best-laid plans often go awry.



Her Mended Soul by Kyeate

It could all be so simple if freedom was easy to latch on to as to burying planted pain. From girl to woman Isis has struggled with oppressed pain from the hands of men.

Isis current relationship with Kodi has brought her to do something she should’ve done and that’s run. Running into the arms of a angel, Isis meets Sahmara and the two begin a sisterly bond.

Sahmara isn’t sure why she was called to help Isis but she does. Helping Isis regain standing on her own two feet, Isis slowly tries to piece her life together.

Soon as things seem to be running smoothly Isis is hit with a life shattering discovery. Shook up with emotions and a battle within herself Isis must figure out how to differentiate the right and wrong in her newfound discovery.

Will Isis be able to move forward in life and focus on Her Mended Soul?



Juice: The Love Drought Series by Nako

Could a baby keep a man? Tia didn’t know and she never would.
Refusing to become another one of his baby mamas…she vowed to create a life outside of him. A life that she could be proud of, whether he was in the picture or not.
Small-town girl in a big world, that was Tia DiCaille, native of Hammond, Louisiana.
In a city that she knew nothing about, he made her familiar.
Jamari “Juice” McAfee seemed to have climbed the ladder of success overnight. In the prime age of his twenties, he’s the manager to female rap superstar, Mahogany. Juice struggles to balance his growing career, the love of his life and his multiple children.
Tia chose for him. She found a way out and never looked back.
In Love Drought II, Nako shows you what it feels like to waste precious time on a man that God didn’t intend for you to be with.
She delves deep into trusting your gut and not allowing your emotions to lead you down paths that you were never destined to be on.
Tia will lose her way and find it time after time, until one day realizing that her love was in a deep drought.
Did Juice wait until it’s too late to see that she was truly the ONE?
He didn’t know her value until she took herself off the market.
Sometimes, you had to push the love of your life out of the frame for him to see the full picture. Will Juice get it together or will he be forced to see Tia live happily ever after with another man?
Love Drought II is guaranteed to take you on an emotional roller coaster in this thought-provoking, heart checking novel.



Tana’s Heart: Bent, but Not Broken by Mel Dau

Montana “Tana” Rosa Smith is all grown up and college bound. Be a fly on the wall as she navigates through her college experience and learn lessons she never thought she would. With her best friend Xena Monroe beside her she will learn the ups and downs of becoming an adult. With certain choices come certain outcomes. Will some of those outcomes blossom her forward or destroy the woman she is meant to become?
Find out what happens when Tana Smith’s heart is tested.



Promise Me Moore (All That & Moore Book 6) by Celeste Granger

Physical therapist, Aubrey Moore, is growing her private practice, heavily courted by coaches from every major sport as she continues to become a household name. Focusing exclusively on her business, Aubrey has made little time for matters of the heart until retail store mogul and multimillionaire, Brett Quinn catches her eye during a charity basketball game. No one woman has captivated Brett’s heart but that fleeting encounter ignited a spark, and when they meet again, the seed of attraction that captivated them before blooms, leaving them both to wonder if their reunion could be their second chance.

The All That and Moore series follows each sister in the Moore family as they navigate through the entanglements romance brings. Each book can be enjoyed if read as a standalone or if it’s read in the order of the series



Grand Opening: A Novella (The Boutique Series Book 1) by Tonya Rice

After four years, Eden Harper’s esteemed fashion boutique is getting a makeover, an overhaul actually. Not only is she excited, so are her dedicated customers, the city, her family, and her beloved Nelson Donnelly, son of one of Hollywood’s golden era. While the work’s being done, Eden discovers a major deficit in the renovation budget. The money had been stolen from her bank account. So, in addition to worrying about who stole it, concerns about paying for the work weighs her down more.

When the opportunity for getting the money repaid arises, she’s grateful, but she also discovers the additional costs for the boutique and her life with Nelson as she knows and loves that come with it are too much for her to bear. How much of that price is she willing to pay?

Some suggestive language, content.


The Heart Of A Champion (The Champion Sisters Book 1) by Donnia Marie

How does a man handle the risk taker, a no-nonsense type of woman such as Zafirah? The one who seems so well put together on the outside but won’t let anyone within an inch of discovering what’s inside. Without a doubt, Zafirah is a daddy’s girl and in her eyes has the perfect role model as a father which makes it hard for any man to compare. Is her heart even capable of allowing another being to direct her steps? Does she even want to be handled? Her passion for designing clothes and opening a boutique is all she’s worried about until her heart takes a turn when she realizes the chemistry that she and Troy share.

Mr. Champion, Zafirah’s father regards Troy as his son. Will the close-knit relationship they share be a stumbling block for Troy and Zafirah? Is Troy what Mr. Champion envisions for his daughter? Will Zafirah and Troy go against the grain to be with one another?

Troy Cunningham is an example of a man that can overcome any obstacle and still succeed despite the statistics. He went from dealing in the streets to owning a successful business and his growth as an evolving individual shows daily. However, hardships later plague him and his heart is on the line. Will he continue to win in the game of life?

“Please… When you have me all to yourself, you don’t know what to do.” ~Zafirah~
“I missed you too Zee, so stop flexin’ all the time.” ~Troy~

The Champion Sisters is a series spotlighting four sisters with very different personalities that are conquering their own world, in their own way, at their own pace. Join them on their journey as they navigate through family, careers, and life. Discover how they all end up coming out as champions.



For Your Love (Loving You Book 2) by Vanessa Miller

Second book in the Loving You Series

Toya Milner was smart, resilient, accomplished and reclusive. After dealing with her ex-boyfriend, the psycho kidnapper, Toya no longer wanted to deal with the outside world and had panic attacks whenever she tried. She wanted to blame her ex for all of her fears, but Toya’s loss of faith in God’s ability to keep her safe had something to do with it also.

Jarrod Reed has loved Toya since grade school. When they were kids, Jarrod protected her from guys who tried to take advantage, but now he is determined to not only protect, but to love her for a lifetime. If only he can convince Toya to give their love a try.

As Toya’s faith in God grows, her heart begins to dream of love again. But is she meant to love Jarrod or have they missed their moment? Toya doesn’t want to make another mistake, especially when there were too many obstacles in their way. But Jarrod knows that their love is not a mistake and for Toya he will risk it all to make her believe in their love again.



Control (The New Money Girls Book 5) by Jimi Gaillard-Jefferson

In the final book in the New Money Girls series, O’Shea, Nadia, and Delia will be tested in ways they never imagined. It’s a good thing they have each other…

Nadia has Fine. She has a ring. She has to deal with her mother, Fine’s ex, and the challenges and complications that come from being in a relationship. But she can handle it right? She handles everything. But should she have to? Should she always be the one to say sorry, to make sacrifices?

O’Shea’s life has taken a turn she didn’t expect but she’s happy, she can handle it, she’s excited about it. Until Zion walks back into her life and turns it upside down.

Delia is in love. She’s happy. Isn’t that enough? Can’t she have a moment of peace? Why does Colton have to push for more?


Giving You My Love by Brittany Nicole

Kennedy Strong is a gorgeous twenty-one-year-old college student that had one bad relationship with her high-school sweetheart, Tristian, and it made her want to just focus on herself. Being a full-time student and working a full-time job, she doesn’t have a lot of time to spend with the opposite sex. A chance encounter with an old teenage crush, Zaire Hart, brings back old feelings that Kennedy didn’t know still existed. In a short time, Zaire sweeps her off her feet, and she gives him the free time she only had reserved for herself. The only problem is that while Kennedy is giving almost all of herself to Zaire, he has a lot of secrets that he isn’t so forthcoming to share.
Tasiaa Mitchell is Kennedy’s best friend since childhood. She’s also a beautiful twenty-one-year-old college student, but also add young mother to the mix. Tasia is in a relationship with her longtime boyfriend, Michael Hart, who also happens to be Zaire’s younger brother. Tasia and Michael have been together off and on for eight years. It seems after they had their daughter two years ago that they finally got their stuff together and were in a blissful relationship. While Tasia is on cloud nine and admiring the father and boyfriend that Michael is, she doesn’t know that he is keeping a secret that could break her heart and ruin their relationship forever.
Joinn Kennedy and Tasia on the ride of their lives as they go through the best and worst time of their lives together. Will they be able to make it out on top, or will the crap they’re about to endure break them down all together?



Love Lifted Me by Lisa Washington

Danger lurks around every corner for career military man and government, secret operative Nehemiah Bolden. When he continues to have nightmares of an assignment gone wrong, he decides it is time to retire from the military and find another career path. Just one thing stopping him, a ghost from his past.Nehemiah meets an attractive woman while on vacation and has an overwhelming need to protect her. He soon discovers that meeting her is more than a coincidence. Over the years, he has kept her safe but now their pasts may put their lives in jeopardy again. They need to both trust in a love like no other.



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New Release Round-Up June 10th-16th

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