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And Then Life Was Beautiful (Hanson Family Book 1) by Asia Monique

Couri Mitchell

August Hanson was the silent type, the kind who spoke through his actions and not his words.

He possessed enough power to make me feel safe and secure.

I was ready to open up and share the parts of myself I’d never shared with another, and then I got hit with a truth that changed everything.

There was a slight chance he’d still want me, only he had to accept our baby, too.

August Hanson

Couri Mitchell was my type, the kind you married the first chance you got.

She possessed enough power to silence the chaos around me.

I was ready to grab ahold of her and never let go, and then I got hit with a truth that changed everything.

There was a slight chance she’d still want me, only she had to accept my daughter, too.


Rooted in Love: A Sweet Rapids Story by Té Russ

Patrick has no desire to find love.
All the widower wants is to focus on his two teenaged kids and his thriving plant shop.

Much like Patrick, Naomi isn’t looking for love either.
She’s more concerned about rebuilding her life after her divorce as she restarts her career as a surgeon in a brand-new state.

Though neither of them believes love is in the cards for them again, when their worlds collide, they quickly realize fate just might have other plans for two of them.


Hate Our Love by Kay Shanee

For the past several years, Jahzara Franklin has had the weight of the world on her shoulders. Her mother suddenly passed away from a brain aneurysm, making her the sole caregiver for her teenage sister because their father wasn’t in the picture. When she’s unable to find a job that pays enough for her and her sister to live comfortably, she swallows her pride and does something she never thought she’d do. When she meets a man who appears to have good intentions, she gives him a chance only to find out six months later that he’s a fraud.

Dakari Bentley has been angry for as long as he can remember. He regularly witnessed the man who carried half of his DNA beat the woman who carried the other half, so it was hard for him not to be mad. One day, Dakari snapped, and the trajectory of his life changed in ways he would’ve never imagined. He’s given a second chance to live his dreams and takes full advantage of the opportunity.

When Jahzara and Dakari meet, it’s not under the most ideal circumstances, however, the attraction they have for each other cannot be denied. Eventually, they give in to the feelings brewing between them, falling hard and fast for each other. While Jahzara is still trying to find herself, Dakari’s future is bright. No one thinks she’s good enough for him, not even her.

*This book takes place in a fictious city called Onyx City. It is a mid-sized city in one of the southern states which is not named in the book.


A Date for the Mayor: A Drayton City Novella (LeFleur Mafia Book 1) by Aubree Pynn

He didn’t need a date – he needed her. She wasn’t planning to stay long – but she got caught in his web… again. Universes clash again and what was lost is quickly found.


Revive Me: Part Three: The New Haven Series (Book #2) by JL Seegars


Hope is a dangerous thing. It holds you close like a lover, whispering promises it never intends to keep, and just as soon as you relax into its arms, it lets you go. Sending you spinning into an abyss of nothingness. When I sent him away four years ago, he promised he would come back to me, and even as I asked him not to, I hoped that he would.

Hope. I tucked it deep inside of me, underneath the scars of our before, beside the dreams of our after. Hidden like contraband. Guarded like a treasure. Broken like every promise that ever fell from his lips and hit my ears. Eventually, I got tired of hoping, of waiting for him, and I plunged my hands inside my own heart, ripping past scar tissue and muscle, veins and arteries to root it out.

Hope. He conspired with it to make a fool of me, and when I freed myself from it, exorcised that pointless dream, I promised myself that no one would get the chance to do that to me again. Then, and only then, did he appear.

My promise, a spell that conjured him. My determination, a challenge. My heart, the only prize he hopes to win.


Life without Mallory Kent has taught me that time doesn’t heal wounds. It turns them into scars. Jagged tissue that grows around your pain, covering it with raised skin that will never again be smooth to the touch. My first scar formed when I was just a child. Too young to fully understand what my mother’s loss would mean for my life but old enough to remember the echo of the pain inside my empty chest. It was a unique agony. One I never expected to feel again.

But that was before I loved her. Before I let things that had nothing to do with us cost me everything.

It’s been four years since I decided to honor her request to stay away. To move on with my life and give her a chance to move on with hers. And she might not agree, but it was more than enough time for us to try and do the impossible. The only thing our time apart has done is remind me that wherever she is, is where I’m supposed to be.

Now I just have to make her believe it.


The Elite Alliance: Daniel Thierry Laurent’s Introduction by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Born into a world rife with hardships, Daniel Thierry Laurent was forced to navigate life’s challenges without the guidance of his mother, who had been lost to him since his youth.

But as destiny would have it, Daniel’s journey from his chaotic life in Port-au-Prince would shift drastically when his talents are noticed by a man who is the head of the most powerful organization in the world – The Elite Alliance.


Kenneth’s Redemption (Best of Him) by Mila Hunt

Are you a fan of witty, heartfelt romcoms that explore themes of personal growth, second chances, and finding love in unexpected places? If so, you won’t want to miss Kenneth’s Redemption, the latest installment in the Best of Him series by Mila Hunt.

In this hilarious and heartwarming novella, we follow the story of Kenneth Burke, a rich businessman who’s fresh off a divorce and looking for some fun on a trip to Hawaii. There, he meets Avery, a successful dating agency owner, and after striking out with other women, agrees to become a client of Avery’s agency. As they work together to find Kenneth a suitable partner, they begin to develop feelings for each other. However, their past experiences and fears about relationships threaten to get in the way of their connection.

With a lighthearted and comedic tone, Kenneth’s Redemption will keep you entertained and engaged from beginning to end. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll root for Kenneth and Avery as they navigate the ups and downs of romance and self-discovery.

As part of the Best of Him series, Kenneth’s Redemption can be read as a standalone novel or as part of a larger interconnected universe of stories. Whether you’re a longtime fan of Mila Hunt’s work or a new reader looking for a fun and engaging romcom, Kenneth’s Redemption is sure to satisfy.

So why wait? Read now and join Kenneth and Avery on their journey to find love, redemption, and happiness.


The Streets Will Never Love Me Like You Do (Rose Valley Hills Book 1) by B. Love

“I prayed in that moment if I ever got to a level that was worthy of you, that God would deliver you to me… and that’s exactly what He did.”

After serving ten years in prison, Noah Gabriel isn’t expecting a friendly bet to lead to him conversing with the woman he’s always craved, but that’s exactly what happens. The moment Mercedes Avery reaches out and expresses interest in the godly gangster, he vows to do whatever it takes to make her his. Wining and dining her behind bars leads to face-to-face intimacy after he’s released, and Noah is confident Mercedes is his, but there is one major obstacle standing in the way of their happily ever after, and that is her fear of how the world will react to their relationship.

For Mercedes, being a part of the secret society has led to a life of perks, but when that same privilege can potentially keep her from having the love of her life, Mercedes’ loyalties begin to change. A romantic relationship with Noah Gabriel not only puts Mercedes’ life at risk, but it also threatens to expose the alliance between the secret society and one of the most copious drug families operating out of Memphis and Rose Valley Hills.

Stuck between the good and the gritty, Mercedes has to choose between her heart and the man who helped give her life.

Please note: These characters were first mentioned in Love Letters from Memphis. It is recommended Love Letters from Memphis be read first.


Unhand Me by Grey Huffington

Ember and Judah have loved each other since children, but business interests and family ties have kept them apart. While Judah is trying to protect his precious empire, Ember is trying to protect her heart -even if it means ending their long-term affair. Discover just how potent of a drug love is in this all-consuming novella that tells the journey of Ember and Judah.


The Lie Between Us : An Enemies to Lovers Romance by Riley Baxter

The worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves.

The game of telephone has always been dangerous to play, intercept, or participate in. For Tashawna Austin, it changes the course of people’s perception of her. One lie caused a shift in her world. Coming face to face with the object of her antipathy isn’t something she’s prepared to do. Falling for him isn’t something she wants to do… ever. Yet, one encounter forces her to realize her mind and heart are at an impasse. Her mind wants to justify holding onto anger, while her heart is aching to surrender to the idea of forever. Which one will she succumb to?

Rashaad Miller relives the biggest mistake of his adolescent life and regrets his decision to repeat something he heard. At twenty-eight, he finds himself in hot pursuit of the one person who wishes he would cease to exist. He doesn’t prepare himself for the ice hardened around her heart or the coldness of her words, although he should have because he’s the cause of her anger. However, if she gives him a chance, he can also remedy her heart. All he needs is another opportunity to redeem himself. Then fate intervenes, and his shot is just within his reach. Will she allow him to correct the mistake, or will she penalize him forever?

Rashaad and Tashawna are on a slippery slope between enemies and hopeful lovers. Can the two overcome the sting of a single lie, or will the damage force them to forever remain at odds? What happens when the object of your destruction is the one you desire? Find out within the pages of this enemies turned lovers romance to see if love or hate is the ultimate end for these two.


Mr. Big Stuff: Baes of Juneteenth by Aja

Raymond “Mr. Big Stuff” McCullough didn’t just get his name from being one of Pittsburgh’s biggest most powerful names. He also had a certain quality about him that either scared a woman away or dared her to try him at least one time. That’s usually all they could handle—leaving Raymond lonely most of the time.

Tracey Copeland had been looking for something or someone to break up the monotony of her life and when that didn’t happen, she begins to feel like she was losing at the game of life. In one of her most impulsive moves to date, she changes her life for what seems like the worse. But fate intervenes and brings her into the path of a man so big, he shakes her life up, and all she can do is hope to land on her feet. Fearful of the consequences, she has to decide what to do next: run once again or stick to her guns and see what hand life deals her. Tracey did say she was looking for a challenge, and Mr. Big Stuff was exactly that.

In the Baes of Juneteenth multi-author series, we invite you to journey to different cities to celebrate Juneteenth with the men of Mr. Black, an organization honoring Black love, Black culture, and Black history.


Mr. Play for Keeps: Baes of Juneteenth by Kimmie Ferrell


As the director of a youth leadership development program and the Washington, D.C. Mr. Black Organization representative, I’m known for getting things done and making the impossible happen; like planning a four-day city-wide Juneteenth celebration. Losing a vendor is the last thing I need. Thankfully, my on-again, off-again, definitely on-again lover, Stephanie Arrington, is there to help. Now, if only I can convince her to see me as more than an occasional fling. I have my work cut out for me, but soon she’ll learn that in life and love, I play for keeps.


Being the owner of a holistic skincare company keeps me booked and busy. Until a devastating blow turns my world upside down. Uncertain about my future and in need of a distraction, I accept an invitation to participate in Juneteenth festivities in D.C. But not everything is as it seems. While I am working to rebuild my life, my one-night-stand turned FWB and knight in an expensive business suit, Nathaniel Reed, is working to turn our no-strings-attached arrangement into something permanent. In life, some things aren’t meant to be kept, like me.


Mr. Take Me As I Am: Baes of Juneteenth by Iris Bolling

He needs her…She wants him…What could go wrong?

Cameo Rawlings, the sexy new CEO of Palmer Innovations is determined to represent the city and The Mr. Black Organization with class. With his not-so-pristine past, it was imperative that he succeed in raising awareness of the rich Black culture of the city. He was going to need a polished look and a professional event planner to make the Juneteenth celebration a success. He knows who he needs, but…the last encounter with the woman was less than pleasant.

Syndia James wants the Manager of City Cultural Events position. As one of the city event planners, she needs something big to put her over the top. The Juneteenth celebration could be her ticket to the position of her dreams. Only, she had to work with Cameo Rawlings, with his Take Me As I Am or don’t take me at all attitude. Hell, she was going to have to forget that disastrous blind date and play nice to get what she wants.

Working together creates a sensuous atmosphere that neither knew existed. Cameo learns Syndia’s sassy, sophisticated way is the inspiration he needs. Syndia soon realizes Cameo’s arrogant, take-charge way is the love that she wants.


Mr. On Your Knees: Baes of Juneteenth by A.C. Arthur

Hotelier, Jared Desdune, is focused on planning Miami’s premier Juneteenth event when during vendor interviews, a blast from his past walks into his office. Desirae Kane is the distraction he doesn’t need in his career right now, but exactly what his heart might be craving.

Desi’s event design firm has been steadily growing in the past years but landing a high-profile celebration with a 5-Star hotel chain will open even more doors. If only she can resist the passion that’s still burning dangerously between her and the man who broke her heart.


Mr. One and Only: Baes of Juneteenth by Sharon C. Cooper

They come from two different worlds, but when the heart is involved nothing else matters.

Entrepreneur Noah Chambers, aka Mr. Black Atlanta, always gets what he wants. So when he falls in love with Genesis Savell and asks her to marry him, he’s certain she’ll say yes. She doesn’t. Instead, she insists they take a break from each other. That’s when Noah knows there’s something else going on, and he has every intention of finding out what.

Dating Noah, the owner of the company she works at, wasn’t one of her best decisions. But falling in love with him is even worse. Genesis is in the midst of planning his company’s annual Juneteenth Gala and Silent Auction charity event, but her past comes back to haunt her. Instead of focusing on the gala, her attention is hopelessly divided between two men. One who she loves more than life. The other—the man who saved her life years ago. Yet, when her world spins out of control, there’s no question who she’ll call for help—Mr. One and Only—Noah. But is it too late?


Mr. Tall, Dark & Unavailable: Baes of Juneteenth by Tina Martin

Falling in love with him was easy. Staying in love? Well, that’s proving to be a challenge…

When my husband invited me to an evening gala, I was elated. We hadn’t spent time together in ages. Finally, I thought he heard my complaints. But when he – the great Caspian Yearwood – was chosen to lead the Charlotte chapter of the Mr. Black Organization at this event, my heart sank. Don’t get me wrong…I was excited he’d get to showcase Black History and further the movement of ‘our’ stories. But two years into this marriage, I’m struggling. I didn’t marry to be lonely, but Caspian is always unavailable where I am concerned. What’s a woman to do to get her man’s attention?


According to Scarlett Weiss by Sierra M. Miller

Doe-eyed lover Scarlett had everything she could ask for in the Big Apple. A successful career, luxury apartment, and a sexy boyfriend. Her world soon gets turned upside down, forcing things to change. Can she adapt to her new circumstances?


Devour: A Vampire Novella: Book One by Evelyn Rich

Devour Pole Fitness is the hottest pole studio in Nirvana City and a sensual sanctuary for women from all walks of life. Its owner, Luna Devour, is beautiful, intelligent, and…. a vampire.

When Luna gets wind of some shady dealings within the paranormal community, she calls on her friend Omari Williams to investigate.

Omari has been crushing on Luna Devour for a while now. He’d do anything for her. Will Luna let her guard down and take a chance on the possibility of falling in love?


Whisky River: Season One by Shantaé

Welcome to Whisky River!

Oaklynn Brim and Sacred Munroe open up the series in what for them begins as a fake relationship. While Sacred hopes that pairing with a good girl will assist in polishing up his reputation, Oaklynn is using his popularity for business purposes only. At least that’s what she has to keep telling herself. Real or fake, the two are enjoying the friendship they’re building. Some might say a little too much. Find out if what started as a hoax, develops into much more.


Love and Flames (The LoveBirds Series Book 2) by Precious Osikha

Things are really never as they seem. Can he quench the flames to be with her? 

After a steamy one-night encounter with a stranger, Isoken Idehen catches the eye of Billionaire Ikenna Agu. But she is unsure if anything can happen between them as she begins to encounter strange occurrences and eventually discovers a dark secret that threatens to tear the two unlikely lovers apart.

Love and Flames is a standalone paranormal romance novelette, in The Lovebirds Series by the international bestselling author, Precious Osikha.


Because You Don’t Know My Name : A Potomac Falls Novella by K.L. Hall

Six months ago, Indigo Reid committed an unspeakable crime. A crime that, if caught, she could spend the rest of her life behind bars. Attempting to avoid an orange jumpsuit, she runs, leaving behind everything, including her real name. She plans to start over in the small city of Potomac Falls before the police or anyone else uncovers her secret. When she arrives in the buzzing town saturated with its share of scandals, she quickly falls for the picturesque cascading waterfall and the promise of a peaceful, solitary existence while rebuilding her life. Although damaged by her past and gun-shy about men, Indigo finds her warmest welcome in Potomac Falls native and business owner Donovan Saintsbury. She’s hesitant to pick up the pieces of her broken heart, let alone open it again, even to someone as captivating as Don.

With seductive brown eyes, a winning smile, and over six feet of cut, honey-brown muscle, Donovan “Don” Saintsbury is a masterpiece in his own right. The business-minded bachelor works hard as the only family member left in the city to oversee the operations of his family’s historic diner. As the youngest of four siblings, keeping the family legacy intact has been his sole focus until he meets Indigo.

Despite the eruptive chemistry luring them closer, Indigo knows that becoming attached to a handsome stranger is risky, especially since her identity is hidden and her past is deadly. When Indigo reveals the truth about her former life, what happens when she finds out the man of her dreams is more linked to it than she imagined?

Welcome back to Potomac Falls, a small city filled with daring encounters, explosive characters, and succulent scandals.


A Love of Convenience by Adesuwa O’man Nwokedi

Ezioma is finally marrying Dili, the man she has loved for almost all her life. Except it’s not a real marriage, but one arranged for Dili to get his Green Card. It all seems straightforward…except for the fact that Ezioma is still head over heels in love with him, while his heart is with his fiancée back home in Nigeria.

It is a recipe for disaster.

Or is it?


The Spirit that Surrenders to Grace: A Christian Romance Story (Surrendering All Book 3) by Nikki Smith

Can a person ever really and truly change?

Eve has been to fashion design school and has the skills to prove it. She has a BIG dream to someday own a high-fashion shop that carries clothing with her name embroidered on the tag. She’s a woman after God’s own heart, so the Lord has blessed her accordingly. Yes, Eve finally has a clothing shop that’s close to the one of her dreams, but she soon begins to think that something’s missing in her life. It doesn’t take Eve long to realize that the something that’s missing is a significant other and a family of her own. In walks Sean Bell. Sean is a hot-headed blast-from-the-past who shows up in Eve’s present. In the end, will Eve be able to surrender to grace and forgive Sean for a slew of misdeeds? If she can successfully undertake that task, she and Sean just might have a shot at the love they’ve both been yearning for.


Black Femme Magic: Only Her Touch Will Do by Mood Boost

Love comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and genders. Anyone who’s ever been in love knows you can find love in the person you least expected. Follow these four friends as they journey their way through life. Going from chasing after the love, they think they want. To being blind sided by the love they need.

Harper likes her women Instagram beautiful, with a bougie attitude. She’s been having fun with her cuddy buddy Krystal for a while now. Tired of begging Krystal for more, will Harper finally find the courage to let go of the familiar and chase after the unknown? Or will Harper’s cluelessness to approaching a real woman dig her a hole she can’t climb out of.

Avery is both sexy and successful. A true gentleman she has women falling for her left and right. She is tired of dealing with a crazy ex-girlfriend who refuses to let go. One night at dinner, Avery unexpectedly meets the woman who will leave her speechless and drooling. Intrigued by the thick beauty, Avery waste no time chasing down this woman and claiming her as her own. But will Avery’s ex be willing to let go?

Robin is got a thing for white girls, and no one can change her mind about it. Being half white and half black, Robin grew up with her white side. So, she has no interest in black women. Being told all her life of how her mother abandoned her Robin’s idea of black women has already been shaped. But what happens when she meets a feisty black woman who has her second guessing her stance? And could the mystery woman claiming to be her mother. Who tells a different story of Robin’s childhood be telling the truth?

Kelsey is the smallest and the quietest of the group. She’s been living a secret that she doesn’t feel she can share with her friends. But what happens when her lover is tired of being a secret? What happens when Kelsey is forced to share the skeletons in her closet. Will her friends stand by her? Or is Kelsey’s web of lies to much? Can she keep her lover and friends?
Find out on this roller coaster ride of emotions in the first book black femme magic.


Notice Me: A College Romance by LaKeisha Chenault

While most college students find the perfect balance between work and play, twenty-one-year-old Poet Anderson has chosen one over the other. Completely drowning herself in her schoolwork, she’s completely given up on any concept of fun.
That’s until Semaj Jackson comes barging into her life, literally. After a few encounters with this handsome stranger, Poet somehow finds herself in a luxury Penthouse with her best friend and this irresistible man.
Little does she know, Semaj has had eyes on her from the moment he saw her, hoping that one day Poet would notice that he’s the man she needs in her life. He finally gets the chance to put the moves on her when he learns she’ll be staying at his family’s penthouse for spring break. However, it might not be as easy as he thought.
When a jealous frat brother and a former fling threatens to get in his way, Semaj wonders if it’s meant for him and Poet to be together. Will he win the heart of the woman who barely knows he exists? Or will he continue to be ignored?


Shades of Romance by Patience Agadaga

Introducing “Shades of Romance,” a captivating and unforgettable tale that sweeps readers into a world where love knows no boundaries. Journey alongside Emma, an adventurous American photographer, as she embarks on a wildlife expedition in the breathtaking Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. Little does she know, her lens will capture more than just the captivating wildlife.

When Emma crosses paths with Kelvin, a passionate local game ranger, their connection is immediate and electric. As they navigate the majestic landscapes of Africa together, their hearts are drawn closer, despite the professional roles that keep them apart. But their love story is far from a fairytale.

Separated by continents, Emma and Kelvin face the daunting challenge of a long-distance relationship, tested by the vast ocean that divides them. As they strive to bridge the gap between their worlds, they find themselves grappling with the prejudices of their families and communities. Can love truly conquer all?

From the bustling streets of New York City to the vibrant tapestry of South Africa, “Shades of Romance” takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster, exploring the complexities of cultural differences, the power of acceptance, and the resilience of love. Emma and Kelvin’s journey is a testament to the extraordinary heights love can reach, even in the face of adversity.

As their story unfolds, prepare to be swept away by the breathtaking landscapes, the palpable chemistry between Emma and Kelvin, and the soul-stirring momecnts that will leave you breathless. Will they overcome the obstacles that threaten to tear them apart, or will they succumb to the pressures of their divergent worlds?

With each turn of the page, “Shades of Romance” will captivate your heart, leaving you yearning for more. Immerse yourself in this beautifully crafted tale of love, sacrifice, and the resilience of the human spirit. Don’t miss your chance to experience a romance that transcends borders and reminds us all that true love knows no boundaries.


Remember Me Infinitely by Cherish Amore

With her own businesses, Halo finds herself moving about daily life without mishap. Things are going good for her and Malik—her cousin. Life is comfortable… at least for the moment. 

Though a leader in his own right, Law is presented with a task from his father—nothing out of the ordinary. Despite doing things as normal, circumstances change, and he’s faced with a decision to make.

Serious dating nor love are on the table for either. And even though neither are looking for the other, that’s just where they end up. 

When things go haywire but ultimately lead to a favorable place, what is Halo to do? Having to choose, what will Law’s decision be?


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up June 12th-18th

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