A story of twin brothers that have literally shared everything from DNA to women – one shares a very free, very steamy relationship with his wife, and the other shares a fun but reserved life with his but wants to walk on the wild side – they find themselves in a tangled love triangle that was meant for fun, but has become so much more than each one accounted for.

Zuri is a 28-year-old lawyer from Oakland, California. She met her husband Amir while completing her undergrad. Zuri is a strong independent woman, but she loves hard and she wants to please her husband. Amir is a successful 30-year-old electrical engineer from Charlotte, NC. He has loved and supported Zuri from the moment they met; he takes good care of her, but he has grown bored with the status quo and is seeking to be adventurous, to peak the adrenaline level in his life, per se.

Emmitt is Amir’s twin brother. He enjoyed some very wild college days, where he met his best friend and wife Elandra. He went to the military for 4 years after college and is now the owner of a special forces security firm. Elandra is an outspoken 25-year-old real estate agent that is wild, fun, and free. She is definitely down for whatever, and she and Emmitt are two peas in a pod; they have been that way since they met in college and became running buddies.

Success, smarts, and love will not always keep you from making decisions that have the potential of derailing your life. Everything that glitters ain’t gold, and everything that’s good to you, ain’t always good for you, but some lessons must be learned the hard way. Hurt people, hurt people, and everyone’s journey to healing is different. To come out on the other side, you must have a will to win and the determination to overcome. What started out as casual fun may have long term effects. Every relationship will be tried by fire and some will not be able to withstand the heat, relationships will be severed and bonds will be broken, even the bonds that are supposed to be unbreakable, like the Love Between Brothers.


Book Spotlight – Love Between Brothers, by Maya

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