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I Think I Might Want You (Love Sisters Book 3) by Christina C. Jones

Jemma Love is beholden to no one, and wants nothing more than to keep it that way. She’s built a lifestyle around the things she enjoys most – traveling, good food , and good… company.
She doesn’t need anything else.
Except… Levi Anders throws a bit of a wrench in those plans. He just might be the perfect compliment to Jemma’s way of life, and he’s definitely not shy about making his intentions clear.
He wants a place in her world, and wants her in his.
Simple, right?
It’s one thing to want something – and something else entirely to accept it.

(I Think I Might Want You is a novella, and the final installment in the Love Sisters series)



Monty (A St. Claire Novel Book 6) by Tina Martin

There are three things I know for certain about Montgomery St. Claire.
One, he’s FINE.
Two, he’s FILTHY (in the aspect of being rich).
Three, he’s a FREAKIN’ mean, arrogant prick with a lot of dough who knows he can do anything he wants. Have anything he wants. Be anything he wants.
We’re from different worlds. I’m modest and content. He’s rich and extraordinary. He’s a man who has it all, but if I’ve read him right, I see conflict in his green eyes. I recognize it so well because I have skeletons of my own. My life is complex and messy. So is his.
It’s our complexities that ultimately bonds us. He has something for me I didn’t think I was worthy of. I have something for him he thought he’d never want. Together, we have the power to heal each other. To live. To love. We have FREEDOM.
Apart, we’re broken. When our souls are in sync, we’re FIRE.

*The St. Claire novels are all standalone books about the St. Claire men. You do not have to read them in any particular order.

Book 1 – ROYAL (Royal and Gemma)
Book 2 – RAMSEY (Ramsey and Gianna)
Book 3 – ROMULUS (Romulus and Siderra)
Book 4 – REGAL (Regal and Felicity)
Book 5 – MAGNUS (Magnus and Shiloh)
Book 6 – MONTY (Montgomery and Cherish)



Black Love (The Excellence Series) by D. Camille

Welcome back to Grayling! The place where Excellence Lives…

Dr. Bryce Anderson serves as the town’s physician as the wave continues. Moving to Grayling to establish a nice, quiet life, Bryce’s past soon meets his future, as Grayling becomes the focal point of gentrification.

Dr. Angel Meyers has her life in order, except for the one thing she’s been searching for…little does she know that it’s going to take a perfect storm to create the wave that’s needed to bring the amazing power of black love into her life.



Fling: It’s Not Complicated (The Matthews Family Book 5) by Roy Glenn

A period devoted to self-indulgence; a casual or brief love affair.
Sparks fly immediately when Summer Matthews and Jabari Finney lay eyes on one another. After enduring a number of personal and professional changes, both are ready to move forward to the next phase of their lives. But, before continuing on life’s journey, each has decided to take a vacation at a singles’ resort in Antigua. Although they’ve agreed to that their time together be no questions asked and no commitments made, it leads to more than just a hot vacation fling. The chemistry is so strong, they find they just may have the makings of something wonderful.
But, are they ready for wonderful?



Love Disguised: A Christian Romance (Faith in Love Book 2) by Michelle Stimpson and Gina Johnson

Faith and Blaise are headed for the altar…maybe.

When Faith met the Blaise Hawthorne on a cruise ship, she thought he was too good to be true. But after their whirlwind romance, she finds herself drawn into a new lifestyle and a soon-to-be husband whose ideas about marriage threaten to unravel their commitment. Not to mention her own secrets that she struggles to share.

Blaise doesn’t consider himself a bossy person, but he does have some pretty strong ideas about family and marriage. Will his love for Faith clash with her independence?

This is book 2 in the novella series by Michelle Stimpson and Gina Johnson.



Putting Love First by Lynda Martin

Vivienne Nolan, lovingly referred to by family and friends as Mama Vee, is a God conduit. Whenever prayer is needed, call Mama Vee, and she calls on the Lord. Always understanding, nonjudgmental, and comforting, she offers loving support to all who need it. When a distinguished gentleman enters her life and proposes marriage, the family’s God connection is threatened. Saying yes means a move from Oak Park to Phoenix—from all she loves and all who love her. Saying no means putting everyone else’s happiness before her own. With great reluctance and much love, her children encourage a resounding yes. As Mama Vee settles into her new home with a loving, handsome husband, the need for big-time prayer comes in threes. An unsavory con artist and rapist escapes from Joliet State Prison, a drug dealer / ex-con sets up one last score that could kill his wife and daughter, and an almost-aborted baby is born with little chance for life. The three are interlaced and suddenly thrust directly into the lives of the Nolan clan. The outcomes promise to be deadly. Do they call Mama Vee or get down on their knees?


The Allure of You: A Novella by Sidni B.

When Rayna Johnson’s life flips upside down in the most unexpected way, her best friend Harmony takes on the charge of kidnapping her for seven days of good food, drinks, and fun in the sun. Harmony’s plan derails when an oversight lands her and Rayna in the same space as two captivating strangers.

The only thing on Remington Anderson’s mind the moment he and his best friend Zahir land in Mexico, is to forget about the troubles waiting on him back home. The last thing he expected was to fall for the stubborn and headstrong Harmony Ward, especially when he’s already promised to another woman.

Rayna finds that Zahir Wilson is everything that she’s ever wanted in a man, but just as they both get the courage to take a chance on one another both of their ugly pasts resurface to destroy their happy ending before it can even get started.



Duke’s Regret (Heart Series Book 11) by Vivian Rose Lee

The “sisters of her heart” thought she didn’t notice how they tracked her every move with grave concern. Caitlin “Cat” Howard knew strange changes were happening in her head, but she couldn’t pinpoint the reasons. These strange happenings were reappearing more frequently, just like before, but with a vengeance. She realized making an appointment with her neurologist could no longer be put off when she found herself wandering around different places for no apparent reason. After her visit with the doctor, his prognosis had her stunned and petrified with her back up against the wall. How was she going to break this news to him? More importantly would he believe her? After speaking with his sister, Duke knew for sure that something was terribly wrong with his precious Cat who was the only women in the world for him. How was he going to approach the subject without her going into a frenzy? He had no choice but to make her aware even though he knew she was doing everything in her power to maintain control of her seizures. His biggest fear was if the seizures were worsening, could he lose “his heart of hearts” and remain whole?



Atonement: When It All Falls Down by Ash Ley

After her mother’s untimely passing, Juniper Tate left the only home she’d ever known. As the years pass, Juniper realizes the only way to truly move forward with her life is if she returns to the place that still holds so many painful memories. Being welcomed back with open arms makes Juniper think the rash decision is going to be the best she’s made yet.

Her desire to feel wanted and shake the loneliness that’s plagued her for so long results in her making one too many mistakes. When it’s all said and done, she finds herself struggling for redemption and being left to pay the price for all of her wrong doing.

Please note: This novella does NOT end with the traditional HEA.


Love Between Friends by Nycole S. Bailey

Judah Rossi knew there would come a time when he would want to settle down and start a family. What he didn’t know was that it would come in the form of someone he’s known for years.
Maddie Boyce has known Judah Rossi for most of her adult life. So, when he wants to explore changing their friendship to a relationship – she’s skeptical.
Can a great friendship become a great relationship?

The final book of the Sexy Secrets Series.



Worth The Fight (Love Under New Management Book 3) by C. Monet

In the final installment of the Love Under New Management series, we finish up with Belize – the youngest member of the crew but probably the most damaged.

Belize Osbourne has her own struggles that make a life of love seem unreachable. They say pretty hurts and as beautiful as she may be, she has some ugly truths that catapult her into a downward spiral. Dawn offers her a job she can’t turn down.

Dooney has been in her line of sight from the very beginning, and he too has trust issues and his own story of struggle. Dooney has baggage, and bringing Belize in to help him get to the next level of his boxing career is the last thing he wants to do.

With Belize being pushy and knowing she’s the best one for the job, she pushes and inserts herself into his life against his wishes. Eventually, he sees how special she is and lends a helping hand to fight her demons but tragedy hits and causes them to hit pause. The tables turn and both have to find themselves alone so they can be dangerous together. Find out if love will knock them down but be so strong that it also picks them back up.


Love At First Sound by Amaka Azie

Heartbroken after discovering her fiancé’s double life, Emem Akpan ends the relationship and moves into an apartment at the other end of Lagos, determined to get her life back on track with no more diversions.

However, a massive dose of distraction bumps into her in the form of Yomi, a sexy younger man who has set his sights on her and will stop at nothing to get her attention.

Yomi Oladipo has always harboured a crush on Sasha, the anchor of his favourite radio show …. who happens to be none other than Emem, his new downstairs neighbour. Enthralled, he wants to get to know her better, but just when she decides to give them a chance, a troubling secret about her shatters his heart.

After experiencing a savage betrayal by someone he once trusted, will Yomi be able to overcome Emem’s devastating revelation?



Game Changer by N.V. Promise

How hard it is to make a plan and stick to it?
Three enticing paths are about to cross, and when they do, all hell just may break loose.

Jamal Mason is rich, famous, and can get any woman he wants. He’s worked hard to become a top Wide Receiver in the NFL, so why not enjoy the fruits of his labor? He doesn’t lie to these women, so it’s not his fault if someone gets hurt. He’s got plans to live the good life, with no strings and no attachments. Fate, however, might have very different plans.

Amber Jackson is smart, sexy, and determined. When she meets Jamal, it’s lust and love at first sight. He’s everything she ever wanted and exactly what she deserves. There’s no way this perfect, sexy, back breaking, man is slipping through her fingers. With thoughts of putting it on Jamal so good he puts a ring on it, Amber won’t let anything or anyone stop her. She’s ready to lock this one down, but can she?

Landis Ellis is successful, beautiful, and busy. She’s got work to do, and no time for games. She’s had a streak of bad luck with love and might just decide to do without it. It’s starting to feel like more trouble than it’s worth. She’s still reeling from the ups and downs of the break up with her NBA ex, and isn’t interested in going back to the Pros. She crosses paths with Jamal, but of course nothing with them ends up as expected.

Everyone has an end goal, but not everyone can get what they want. Even with the best laid plans, it only takes one Game Changer… and then all bets are off.



You Just Might Get It (Behind Closed Doors Book 2) by Monica Walters

They say experience is the best teacher, but apparently, Ashahve still has more to learn. After falling for who she believes is the man of her dreams, familiar patterns and habits start to rear their ugly heads. Determined not to take any chances, she chooses to do something about it early on. However, she wonders if she made the right decision. Her heart won’t let her move on, and it tends to care about past acquaintances far more than it should.

Struggling his entire life to cope with traumatic events, Omari has yet to see so many things go wrong at once. Before he can fully recover from one thing, he’s hit with the next. Revealing his true emotions has always been a problem for him, so he does what he knows to do regarding them. It doesn’t help that he still doesn’t know how to handle past disappointments. When new issues arise, they only compound on top of old ones, threatening to make a lethal combination.

Finding peace and learning from past decisions has Elijah living a renewed life. He’s been able to come to grips with his choices and their consequences. There’s only one problem; he still loves the woman he was forced to leave in the past. Despite the advice of others and trying to move on with someone new, he can’t seem to leave her where she belongs. Unfortunately, she doesn’t make this decision easy for him to make. While his attachment to this woman nearly caused his ruin once before, he’s willing to take that risk once again.

Three totally different personalities find themselves weaved into an ugly web, that they never fully made it out of, one of them barely escaping by the skin of their teeth. Unable to control their desires, they find themselves in compromising situations that threaten to take them captive. Who will overcome and come out on top this time?



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New Release Round-Up June 17th-23rd

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