The story was a highly evolved story with a lot of emotional baggage. Although Dawn Theron, described as a highly successful businesswoman with confidence to spare, the version of her in this story did not exude the needed chutzpah as the person the author described in the synopsis. Dawn was the owner of the hottest strip club in the area. Initially, I side-eyed her for owning a strip club until I read further and saw the way she handled her business. The club was about empowering women and giving back to the community. Then one day a cocky/arrogant man named Andre Caine came to her establishment with plans to steal her business. Andre’s real business interest was never explained in this story. I suppose the vagueness was supposed to be self-explanatory to readers. It wasn’t a big issue for the story’s progress. Later, Caine’s need to acquire her business took a back seat to his desire to have her as his woman. She rebuffed him initially and continued to keep him at arm’s length for several months. Andre slowly worked his way into her heart, and later the two would have to work together to keep her business intact when another outside source targeted Dawn’s club. His former flame and her previous relationship also impacted their plans for happily ever after. In the end, the couple was able to get past each of their obstacles to have a genuine relationship after their former nemeses tried to break Dawn and failed. A good read- 4.0 stars.

Review – Breaking Dawn (Love Under New Management Book 1), by C. Monet

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