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Why Don’t We Fall in Love? by Chelsea Maria

Nyla Monroe prided herself on never falling in love. She wore it like a badge of honor. Unlike her free-spirited friends, who freely loved, she created a rule book that gave her specific instructions to follow when it came to guarding her heart. Over the years, Nyla allowed her painful childhood to be a blanket of protection and reason behind being anti-love.

At thirty years old, Nyla finally grew tired of her Mother’s coddling ways and decided it was time for a change. Unsure of the first place to start looking, the person who has always guided her steps in and opens his home to her – her best friend Chea Bradley. Whenever these two are in the same vicinity of one another, a harmony of love encompassed them to the point of suffocation, but what can be done when one is determined not to fall?

Uprooting from all she knew, Nyla heads to Colorado with the intentions of getting her business off the ground. Along the way of expanding her brand, it seems Cupid has a bow with Nyla’s name on it ready to strike its target – her heart, causing her to be open and honest about her feelings.

Chea Bradley is a man of strength and determination. Every step he has taken in life has been calculated down to the house he would buy. Unlike Nyla, who is blind to their unmeasurable chemistry, Chea steps in and gives Nyla all the love and strength she never thought she needed. But will that be enough? Will these two best friends of eight years do the unthinkable and embrace the inevitable, or will the fear of falling in love keep them stagnate?



Romulus (A St. Claire Novel) by Tina Martin

Romulus St. Claire operates under the guise that he’ll never marry. In the back of his mind, he knows it’s a lie. He would marry if the woman was special enough – someone like his best friend, Siderra Monroe. He’s in no hurry to make her his. He’s still in limbo with his feelings and he doesn’t believe he’s ready for a woman like her, even though he has a feeling she’s in love with him.

Siderra has been in love with Romulus for years now and has grown tired of playing the friend role while watching him date other women. Figuring it’s time to move on, she limits her time with Romulus to start dating, but how can she really date when her heart belongs to her best friend?

Romulus can’t handle another man stealing her attention. He wants her, but he doesn’t want to hurt her by his history of being carefree and nonchalant when it comes to women. He’s a man conflicted. Confused. Tortured by his own emotions. He’s a man who’s on the verge of losing the only woman he’s ever loved.

* * *
The St. Claire Series



Take Me As I Am by Bianca


What is supposed to be a reconnection for her and the start of a new life for him turns into a steamy love affair on a luxurious Mexican resort.

With their marriage facing rocky waters, Avian Linzy decides that what her and her husband, Marcellus, need is a trip to Mexico to set their union right again. However, on the day that they are set to leave, Marcellus announces to Avian that he wants a divorce. Broken hearted, Avian isn’t sure that she should go through with the vacation, but with the urging of her best friend, Lakeisha, she boards the plane to Mexico, alone. Lakeisha believes this trip can help Avian heal, but Avian remains skeptic until she unexpectedly meets the handsome Casyrius Knowlton.

Casyrius Knowlton is a man of means and has no problem getting what he wants, including his current position as a sports agent. In Mexico, Casyrius is planning to marry his high school sweetheart, Kiami Green. Casyrius’s love for Kiami runs deep, but that doesn’t stop him from having doubts when it comes to their upcoming nuptials. The ties to their relationship are hanging on by a slim thread, but completely snap when a would-be tragic event lands Avian in Casyrius’s arms. Literally.

Over the course of a week, Casyrius grows closer to Avian, but after his reason for being in Mexico is revealed, Avian disappears without a trace, and he’s determined to find the woman he’s unknowingly given a piece of his heart to. It won’t be easy, but Casyrius learns that anything worth having, rarely is.

After getting her heart broken twice within a week, will Avian be able to find love again, or will she hold on to what could have been between her and Casyrius? If Casyrius finds her, will he be able to handle the secrets that she was hiding from him for so long?



To Build a Vow (The Vow Series Book 2) by Chencia C. Higgins

Lisa Sutton enjoys her simple but satisfying life in the southeastern Arkansas town that she settled in after graduating from college years ago. There, she met a man who enriches her life and makes her believe in fairy tales, gave birth to her sometimes too intelligent daughter, and curated a tribe of loving and dependable people. If there is a more perfect existence on the planet, she hasn’t found it. She isn’t just happy, she’s content.

All of that changes when she takes a weekend trip with her girlfriends.

For Jeremiah Hawkins, nothing could make his life more perfect than it already is. Well…almost nothing. The only thing missing from his life is an “I do” from his longtime girlfriend and the mother of his daughter. That, and another baby. This time, a son. He bides his time on one, and makes plans for the other, but things don’t always go according to plan. In the span of one evening, everything he knows is swept from underneath him and now he has to scramble to find his footing in a world that doesn’t make much sense.

How can something so innocent cause a chain reaction of events?



Unexpected Attraction by Francheska Lashae’

Law school prospect Jazmine is in desperate need of an internship. When her roommate and best friend Tandi suggests her uncle’s law firm, she jumps at the chance.

Nic is an accomplished attorney. He knows that a great internship looks good on a law school application which is why he agreed to help out his niece’s roommate.

When these two meet, they are both hit by an irresistible attraction. Will they give in to the passion brewing between them or will this be one motion that they both deny?



Electric Impulse: Love, Life, and Sex (Book One) by Angel Hilson

In this New Adult Romance, Aria Davenport is a girl with a plan. Meet the family. Graduate from college. Get engaged. And it’s happily ever after. Only that’s not quite how things work out. Preparing to walk across the stage, snag her diploma and make her mark on the world, she can’t wait to experience adulthood bliss with her beau. But unbeknownst to her, he has different plans. She’s blindsided when, the day before graduation, he dumps her in front of everyone at his family gathering.

The traumatic breakup reignites her once forgotten childhood issues of abandonment. She graduates with a dismal outlook on life. How can she recover from such a stunning blow?

In walks Phoenix Prescott, a Forbes-celebrated real estate mogul. He just so happens to be a VIP, seated at one of the tables she waits on at Club Lotus. The moment he sets eyes on Aria, he can’t turn away. Her unassuming beauty and fiery personality make her a magnetic allure that Phoenix wants to possess. And he’s used to getting what he desires. Being a wealthy playboy comes with its share of perks.

Just entering his air space is enough to send her hormones into a frenzy. The mutual attraction between them is explosive and their sexual chemistry overrides good sense. As much as Aria tries to ignore it, she finds it insurmountable. And running into him outside of work doesn’t make it any easier. Her curiosity becomes more than she can bear, as the slightly older, more sexually experienced businessman begins hijacking her fantasies and dominating her thoughts. He’s the perfect package. He knows how to have a good time. And it’s no secret, he’s mouth-watering eye candy.

Will she let down her walls long enough to take another chance on love? Will his secrets or her insecurities end it all before it’s begun?



Lawlessly in Love by Mercy B.

Life without love is conventional for Sosa Law, a prominent figure and primal source for the city’s drug supply. The lack of attachments to anything other than the money that he liked to spend, unapologetically, assisted him in reaching his pinnacle. Women were a commodity that he frequently indulged in, but he never stayed too long or afforded them with too much attention.

With an empire under his fingertips, his money and time are valued more than any aspect of his hectic life. The lone night, the one that fate leads him to the shared location with lowered lids and an elevated state due to the influence of marijuana, begins to decompose his perspective on the forbidden emotion.

Gauge Morrison is simply looking for her forever, impatiently waiting for Mr. Right to show face. She’s gotten his occupation, demeanor, and beliefs figured out in that pretty little head of hers, yet she never expected her knight to wear red religiously, find comfort in his lonesome, avoid attachment, run a lucrative drug empire, tote a gun or two, or be one willing to risk anything for both his freedom and paper. She hadn’t imagined him being so lawless. She hadn’t fathomed he’d be Sosa Law.

Happiness is accompanied by pain, and joy is the next of kin to sorrow. The venture to acquiring love for Sosa and Gauge is unmatched, undeniable, and unlawful. Gauge is forced to accommodate Sosa’s ruthlessness, as it begins to affect her personal life, while Sosa questions her loyalty and everything they are trying to obtain.



Comfort Me With Your Lies by Erica Franklin-Carter

Nyisha was an intelligent, loving, caring woman, but there was just one problem…she didn’t have a backbone. She was in a relationship with Johnell, and had been for the past three years, but he never gave her the respect she deserved. The main problem is that she never forced him to. Out of love, she stayed with him, allowing him to consistently mistreat her. Nyisha’s nights were filled with loneliness, sleepless nights, and crying until there were no more tears left to fall. Still, she couldn’t find the strength to leave.

Johnell may be handsome, but he was definitely not what you would consider a lady’s dream man. On a daily basis, he let his actions show Nyisha that she wasn’t his main priority. Flaunting other women in her face and always coming home late, if at all, were his indiscretions. However, the heartache Nyisha displayed was never enough to deter him from messing with other women.

Will Johnell ever change his cheating ways? Will Nyisha ever get enough and move on with her life? What will happen between this couple when cheating is a habit, love is a downfall, and a change is on the horizon? Which one will make the ultimate change? Walk with this couple on their journey to find out.



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New Release Round-Up June 18th-24th

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