The story had a splendid feeling. I could not entirely discern the writer’s voice, but I adored this story. Naima Russell was the focus of this story, along with her leading man Derrick “DJ Most” Jackson. The leading man was the crooner who wrote lyrics too sexy to ignore. So, when he set his sights out for Naima, the trip down the romantic lane was filled with emotional connections. The story began with a trip to one of Tahiti’s very exclusive resorts and the events took place during this wondrous stay. The author described the couple’s escapades as a two-night romantic adventure, which was an accurate assessment. I adored this couple very much.  Once they decided to become romantically involved, it was a melodic musing. There were times, like the trip to the spa, I can’t recall without laughing. That was one of the many events in the book where I laughed out loud. The boating trip was also another humorous moment.

Derrick gave up performing live after some events in his past left him emotionally disconnected to his music and less desirous to perform on stage.  The two-night sex-escapade with Naima was the start of his desires to once again perform on stage, and hopefully his chance to have a command performance in her bed over and over. The melodies he made with Naima brought a new wave of energy to get back to his old self again.

Naima’s point of view was so much fun to witness. I liked the way she self-coached herself through a situation.  Fascination was the best way to describe how her college friends took the storyline to a whole new level of enjoyment. Leah was the instigator, and Yuri was sometimes the voice of reason. In total, they were a triple threat in the book. Anytime Leah was on board the antics were funny as all get out.  Her sharp wit was refreshing. I hope she and Yuri will have their stories told. I’m putting in my requests now to the author.

Overall, this was a sweet well-told story with many layers and facets. The author’s voice is unique, yet enjoyable. Give this story a try. A good novel worth 4.5 Stars.

Review – Naima’s Melody, by Olivia Gaines

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